Note that for better table arrangement "Episode Number (Japanese)" and "Episode Number (English)" have been reduced to "J#" and "E#"

J# E# Japanese title English dub title Plot Ability Guest Character Majuu/Monster
1 1 It's Here! The Pink visitor Kirby Comes to Cappy Town Dedede's monster, Octacon, wreaks havoc until Kirby comes to the planet and saves the day. Fire Octacon
2 2 Oh no! The Search for the Soldier's House A Blockbuster Battle Dedede and Escargoon try to foil Tiff and Tuff's attempts to find Kirby a home. Stone Rick Mini-monsters, Blocky
3 3 What?! Battle with Sir Meta Knight Kirby's Duel Role Dedede commands Meta Knight to challenge Kirby, but Meta Knight instructs Kirby in swordmanship to beat Bugzzy. Sword Chess monsters, Bugzzy
4 4 Secret of the Star Warrior Dark and Stormy Knight Tiff learns about N.M.E., the Warp Star, and Kirby's mysterious background from Meta Knight. Sword Generic monsters, Kracko
5 5 Angry! Whispy Woods Beware: Whispy Woods! Kirby and the gang get stranded in Whispy Woods until Dedede chops it down to make a golf course.
6 6 Check it out! Channel DDD Un-Reality TV Dedede brainwashes the Cappies to turn against Kirby using the power of television. Umiushii
7 7 Revenge! Dynablade Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure

Dedede tricks Kirby into eating the Dyna Blade's egg, but Kirby really hatches it.

8 8 Curio's Ancient Pupupu Civilization Curio's Curious Discovery Mr. Curio confesses that he planted false artifacts to validate Dedede, and one transforms into the Dedede Stone. Stone Dedede Stone
9 9 Lololo and Lalala Melody of Love The Fofa Factor Fololo and Falala learn of their origins while Kirby is temporarily divided into a Kirby-A and Kirby-B. Cutter Lola/Fofa Kittari Hattari/Slice n' Splice
10 10 The Renewal of Police Chief Borun Hail to the Chief Tuff and friends create crimes to give the deposed Chief something to solve, and Chief winds up a hero.
11 11 Court Chef Kawasaki The Big Taste Test

Popon comes to town disguised as Chef Kawasaki's mentor, Shiitake.

Cook Cook Oosoka/Chef Shiitake, Zebon Popon
12 14 Ghost of Dedede Castle Escargoon Squad

Escargoon avenges Dedede's pranks by rigging Urameshiya to rile up the inhabitants of Castle Dedede.

Flapper Urameshiya
13 29 Pupu Village's Year-End Fireworks Party Cappy New Year Sasuke threatens to destroy Kirby and ruin Cappy Town's New Year's celebration. Fire, Parasol Sasuke
14 13 Face of the Dream Pillow Demon The Pillow Case Dedede orders magic pillows filled with Noddies that turn everyone's dreams into nightmares about Kirby. Noddy
15 12 Birth? Kirby's little brother? Kirby's Pet Peeve Kirby receives a robotic toy dog as a present—the only flaw is that N.M.E. manufactured it. Robot Puppy
16 15 The Fish Who Loved Me A Fish Called Kine

Kine, a fish, falls in love with Tiff; meanwhile, Dedede tries to seize the Rainbow Coral Forest.

Tornado Kine, Kany, Flotzo King Dedede's Submarine
17 94 The Ring Story of Parm and Memu The Thing About the Ring Sir Ebrum wants to present Lady Like with a ring, but inadvertently loses it. A comedy of errors ensues. Noseman/Honker Stomper
18 16 Sleeping Pink Ball of the Forest Flower Power Kirby swallows a Noddy and catches sleeping sickness, but only the evil Pukey flower can save him. Needle Noddy, Pyukii Flower/Pukey Flower
19 17 Knuckle Joe Arrives! Here Comes the Son Knuckle Joe avenges his father's death; Kirby "mirrors" Joe to make him realize his monstrous ways. Fighter, Needle Knuckle Joe, Knuckle Joe's Father Generic monsters
20 18 Goodbye, Snowman Chilly Dedede's Snow Job The Ice Dragon brings winter to Dream Land and Kirby befriends a monster named Chilly. Ice Chilly Ice Dragon
21 19 Princess Rona's Holiday A Princess in Dis-Dress Tiff befriends Vee (who is Princess Rona in disguise); Kirby fights Susshi after Dedede duels Vee. Sword Princess Rona, Commander Vee, Princess Rona's Grandpa Susshi
22 20 Decisive Battle on a Solitary Island: An Old Soldier Never Dies Island of the Lost Warrior A typhoon strands Tiff, Tuff and crew on the island of Kit Cosmos; Kirby vanquishes Dedede's villain, Tornadon. Tornado Dakonyo/Kit Cosmos Tornadon
23 21 Stray Dynababy The Empty Nest Mess Dedede kidnaps Dyna Chick with hopes of injecting it to create a monster; Dyna Blade gets even. Imohmushii
24 22 Visiting Ninja, Benikage! Ninja Binge An ancient scroll is Benikage's ninja report card; Kirby must battle Yamikage, a ninja hired by Dedede. Ninja Benikage Generic monsters, Yamikage
25 23 Escargon, in Mother's Eyes Like Mother, Like Snail / Escargoon Rules Cappy Town pretends that Escargoon is King when his mom visits; Dedede unleashes the Drifters. Parasol Escargoon's Mom Floaty the Drifter
26 24 Loyalty! Sword and Blade Sword and Blade, Loyal and True / Hour of the WolfWrath WolfWrath injures Meta Knight and Blade and Sword must now defeat him with Kirby's help. Galaxia Chilidog/WolfWrath
27 25 Whispy Woods Falls in Love The Flower Plot Whispy's flower friend, Lovely, is kidnapped by Dedede and transformed into a monster that Kirby must defeat. Cutter Lovely
28 26 Dedede's Terror Factory Labor Daze Dedede tricks the Cappys into working at a factory, where they unwittingly assemble parts for the Ice Dragon Robot. Ice Ice Dragon Robot
29 27 Burning Hot! Family Restaurant War The Hot Shot Chef / A Spice Oddysey Dedede orders a monster chef, Goan, to out-spice Kawasaki; Goan tricks the Cappys into wanting to eat Kirby. Cook Monsieur Goan
30 28 Kirby's Mysterious Egg Hatch Me if You Can Kirby raises a newborn called Baby Galbo; Baby must choose between Kirby and the evil monster, Galbo. Fire Baby Galbo Galbo
31 30 Viva! Welcome to Dede-Vegas Abusement Park Dedede transforms the castle into an evil amusement park and Kirby retaliates with a karaoke attack. Mike Generic monsters, Walky
32 95 A Ridiculous Toothless Story A Dental Dilemma King Dedede and Tuff suffer from toothaches and have to see Dr. Yabui and have their teeth drilled Tornado Cavities Hardy
33 34 What?! The Universe's Dumping Grounds Junk Jam A spaceship dumps interplanetary trash over Cappy Town and FireLion is supposed to incinerate it. Fire Aliens (they also mention Supernova) Fire Lion
34 33 Ultimate Iron Man: Cook Oosoka A Recipe for Disaster Chef Shiitake returns as Kawasaki's mentor and Kirby makes "popcorn" out of Dedede's monster, Cobgoblin. Cook Cook Oosoka/Chef Shiitake Morokoshii/Cobgoblin
35 31 The Glorious Pupupu Grand Prix - Part I The Kirby Derby - Part I

In Part 1, Dedede downloads an evil racecar to use in Cappy Town's Grand Prix; Kirby races, too.

King Dedede's Limousine
36 32 The Glorious Pupupu Grand Prix - Part II The Kirby Derby - Part II In Part 2 of the Grand Prix, Kirby's vehicle is sabotaged by Dedede and the Mayor is ultimately victorious. Wheel King Dedede's Limousine
37 35 Crush DededeWide in the Afternoon! Watermelon Felon Dedede uses Channel Dedede and his personal newspaper to frame Kirby and propagate lies about him.
38 44 Read it! The Wondrous Million-Seller A Novel Approach

Dedede's monster is an imposter author of the Pappy Pottey book who transforms into the Broom King.

Clean Rowlin Broom King
39 36 Forgotten Escargon Escar-Gone Escargoon swallows Erasem in his sleep and awakens to find that no one recognizes him anymore. Boukyakku/Erasem
40 37 Demon Hunter Knuckle Joe! Monster Management Knuckle Joe returns disguised as an evil N.M.E. agent, but he's actually a monster hunter after Masher. Fighter Knuckle Joe Mini-monsters, Masher
41 38 Mabel's Big Prediction - Part I Prediction Predicament - Part I Nightmares of a fireball-like Kirby plague Dedede, so he downloads Fridgy to permanently cool off Kirby. Fire Reizou/Fridgy, Gerath
42 39 Mabel's Big Prediction - Part II Prediction Predicament - Part II Gerath is about to destroy Dream Land, but Dedede reverses their fortune by finally building a playground. Gerath
43 40 The Sheep's Rebellion Sheepwrecked Amon turns a mindless flock of sheep into a herd of wolves who seek revenge on all of Cappy Town. Needle Amon
44 41 Whispy Woods' Friend: Acore War of the Woods Whispy's friend, Acore, is in danger until some animal friends help Kirby and friends fight the forces of nature. Cutter Acore
45 52 Midsummer Night's Scream! - Part I Scare Tactics - Part I The Cappys plan a fun Spook Out in Whispy Woods, but Dedede replaces the fake ghosts with real ones. Particle Ghost
46 53 Midsummer Night's Scream! - Part II Scare Tactics - Part II Tiff and Tuff are stranded in a haunted house designed by Nightmare Enterprises in which Dedede sets a trap to capture Kirby. Fire Particle Ghost, Sharbon, Gabon
47 42 Come Home, Dear Waddle Dee Pink-Collar Blues Dedede fires the minons and orders Domestic Servant Robot; ironically, it's the minions who protect his vault. Stone Domestic Servant Robot
48 43 Pupupu Land Sightseeing Tour Tourist Trap The king wants to put on a show for the tourists, so he downloads Flame Feeder meant to destroy Kirby. Fire, Ice Tourists Fire Jelly/Flame Feeder
49 47 New Animation: Dedede of the Stars Cartoon Buffoon Dedede opens an animation studio in order to produce a TV program starring Kirby as the villain. Fire Dedede, Majuu Kirby
50 48 Save up! Cursed Bank Don't Bank on It Dedede distributes Dedede Dolls fashioned in his likeness to brainwash Cappys, but the plan backfires. Dedede Doll
51 49 Sentimental Kirby Kirby Takes the Cake It's Kirby's one-year Anniversary of landing in Cappy Town, but Denjaa crashes the celebration. Bomb Denjaa
52 45 Demonic Chocolate Capsules! - Part I Snack Attack - Part I A candy-toy craze is sweeping Cappy Town when N.M.E. sells a line of 3 Color Fighters disguised as Chocolate. Knuckle Joe's Father, Dakonyo/Kit Cosmos, Arthur, Falspar, Noisurato, Dragato (Mini-figures) Yamikage (Mini-figure), 3 Color Fighters
53 46 Demonic Chocolate Capsules! - Part II Snack Attack - Part II Kirby takes on Dedede's rare fighter models in a battle tournament. Fighter 3 Color Fighters, Kung Fu Lee, Boxer Dyson, Karate Kid, Old Taikyoku, Yankee Sekitori
54 54 Over-the-top Knight! Kihaano One Crazy Knight A crazy knight crashes near Cappy Town and attacks kirby, thinking he is a demon monster. Mirror Quixano/Sir Gallant, Princess Raia Kazeguruu/Windwhipper
55 55 Dedede's Certain Love Sweet & Sour Puss An accident happens while Dedede tries to order a monster that turns him from bad to good. Needle Togeira
56 56 Selfish Pet, Scarfy Dedede's Pet Threat Dedede's new pet Scarfies go on a hungry rampage after he ditches them in the woods. Hammer Scarfy
57 57 Those Who Laugh at Pie, Cry in Pie! A Half-Baked Battle When Dedede gets hit in the face with a giant pie, the whole town gets into a pie fight. Bomb Power Stomach/Belly Buster
58 58 Demon Teacher Punishment Service eNeMeE Elementary When all the kids start making fun of Dedede by painting silly pictures of him on the walls, he decides to start a school for young children to learn to respect him. Fighter Kyoushii/Teacher Creature
59 59 Greatest Program, Direct Hit! Dinnertime The Meal Moocher When Dedede gets tired of the same meals over and over, he starts a cooking show that haves him going to Cappy Town's homes to eat their meals. Cook Crab
60 60 Sacred Sword! Galaxia Crusade for the Blade Sirica comes down to Dream Land in her spaceship and attempts to steal Galaxia from Meta Knight in order to avenge her mother's death by the hands of the great beast, Kirisakin. Sword, Galaxia Sirica, Garlude, Photoron/Photron Kirisakin
61 61 Fattening Disaster! Snack Junkie Fitness Fiend When Dedede and Kirby gets fat from eating too much snacks, He hires a fitness instructor from N.M.E. to thin them out. Mike Mr. Macho/Max Flexer
62 62 It's Only Fortune Telling, Nothing Serious Mabel Turns the Tables When Mabel stars on Dedede's latest program, Her fortunes start coming true. Tornado
63 63 The Bitter Cold of December Something to Sneeze At When everyone catches a cold before the new year, Dedede tries to catch one because of a rumor. Cold Virus
64 64 New Year Kirby Quiz Show The Kirby Quiz Everyone kicks off the new year by having a quiz show.
65 65 Knuckle Joe Escaped! Masher 2.0 An injured Knuckle Joe arrives after trying to defeat the revived Masher, who also came to defeat him. Fighter Knuckle Joe, Knuckle Joe's Father Generic monsters, Powered Masher/Masher 2.0
66 66 The Wandering Pengi The Chill Factor Winter comes yet again when wandering pengis visit Cappy Town. Ice Pengy
67 67 Demon Teacher 2 The School Scam Dedede hires some punks to blame Tiff for bad education in Cappy Town. Fighter Gure, Yota, Bancho/Dirk, Kirk, Smirk, Banchou/MT2
68 68 Knockout! Delivery Era Delivery Dilemma Kawasaki starts a delivery service for his restaurant, but kirby is sorely tempted to eat his food. Jet Delivery Man
69 69 The Eco Tour of Whispy Woods Trick or Trek While on a hike through Whispy Woods, Dedede and Escargon set fire to the forest. Tornado
70 70 The Legend of Lord Tokkori Buccaneer Birdy Mirror Captain Kick, Lord James Coleet Mole
71 71 Glued! Whale-Watching A Whale of a Tale Parent Whale, Child Whale, King Dedede's Whaling Ship
72 72 Waddle Dees for Sale Waddle While You Work Unnamed Monster Spirits (Ep.72-100, only seen in the Japanese opening for these episodes)
73 73 Turn! Revolving Sushi Dedede's Raw Deal Spark Squishy
74 74 Revenge of Mosugaabaa! Caterpillar Thriller Twin Nuts, Mosugaba
75 75 Dream of a Dinosaur Paradise! - Part I Fossil Fools - Part I Doctor Moro, D-Rex
76 76 Dream of a Dinosaur Paradise! - Part II Fossil Fools - Part II Crash Doctor Moro, Dinosaur Army, Kirbysaurus
77 77 Royal AcaDededemy Dedede's Monsterpiece Paint Paint Roller
78 78 Launch! Robo-Escargoon Right Hand Robot Bomb Robo-Escargoon/Escar-Droid
79 79 Bad Bonkers! Goin' Bonkers Hammer Bonkers Demon Bonkers
80 80 Robust! Drink Rhapsody Power Ploy Stone Red Viper
81 81 Startling! The Woman Who Doesn't Clean Up A Trashy Tale Clean Duston/Trash Basher
82 82 Combining Robot CookingerZ! Cooking Up Trouble Spark CookingerZ/SlicerDicer
83 83 Demon Teacher 3 Teacher's Threat Sword Mr. Chip Nekketsu
84 84 Mr. Curio's Secret Treasure? Mumbies Madness Bomb Mumbies
85 85 Mysterious Ultraviolet Rays! A Sunsational Surprise / A Sunsational Puzzle Jet, Bomb Ozone Hole Monster
86 86 Pupil Showdown! Cook Nagoya A Chow Challenge Cook Cook Nagoya/Chef Nagoya, Cook Oosoka/Chef Shiitake Ebifryer
87 87 Attack! Selfish Crow Army Waste Management Wing Crowmon
88 88 Escargon's Nudity Shell-Shocked (Pre-empted by This Week in Baseball when it first aired) King Dedede wants to see what's under Escargoon's shell, so he cracks it open with his hammer. After Tiff demands him to fix it, Nightmare Enterprises sends a trick shell over, turning Escargoon into Maimaigon. Hammer Maimaigon
89 89 Geek Anime! Fumu-tan of the Stars Tooned Out King Dedede orders an anime group called Otakings from NME, but they backtrack him and do an anime show about Tiff instead, so Dedede decides for a 1 on 1 when he orders Anige disguised as Dis Walney! Spark Anige
90 90 Blast run! Dedede's Race - Part I Born to Be Mild - Part I Steppenwolf (silhouette) Beat/Fang, Axel/Rip, Turbo
91 91 Blast run! Dedede's Race - Part II Born to Be Mild - Part II Wheel Steppenwolf Fang, Wheelie
92 92 Waddle Dee's Great Food Cultural Revolution Hunger Struck Cook Mou Takusan/Fryclops
93 93 Kirby Appreciation Day! D'Preciation Day When the Cappies try to throw a party to show how much they appreciate Kirby, King Dedede thinks they're trying to start a rebellion, so he trashes their party. Parasol Escargoon's Mom Chuckie
94 96 Escaped Demon Beast PhanPhan Cowardly Creature Throw Phan Phan Monster School (Dogon, Boomer, Hot Head, Yaban, Mr. Frosty, Whiskers, Jukid, Training Clowns, Poppy Bros. Jr.), Hittei/Whippy
95 97 Devil Kirby! Frog Wild Kirby becomes possessed by a Demon Frog who uses his powers to cause chaos in Cappy Town. Fire Devil Frog/Demon Frog, Heavy Anaconda
96 50, Movie Crisis of the Warpstar - Part I Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I King Dedede kidnaps Tiff and Kirby is attacked by a gang of Air Riders. Kirby has to battle them. Phan Phan (Phan Phan is seen briefly with Whispy Woods in this episode. That part was cut out from the dub.) Destrayer, Formula Star Rider, Rocket Star Rider, Winged Star Rider, Devil Star Rider/Shadow Star Rider
97 51, Movie Crisis of the Warpstar - Part II Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II Baton, Water, Iron, Top, Crash Destrayer, Formula Star Rider, Rocket Star Rider, Winged Star Rider, Shadow Star Rider
98 98, Movie Launch! Battleship Halberd Cappy Town Down Meta Knight reveals his secret weapon, Battleship Halberd, and, with the aid of several Cappies, begins the journey to Nightmare Enterprises' fortress Dakonyo/Kit Cosmos, Phan Phan (Phan Phan is seen briefly with Whispy Woods in this episode) Destrayer
99 99, Movie Destruction! Nightmare's Huge Fortress (Formerly known as Breaking In! Holy Nightmare Company!) Combat Kirby Kirby battles Heavy Lobster to protect Halberd, and the Halberd, aided by three friendly Destrayers, begins its assault Cook, Ice Dakonyo/Kit Cosmos, Knuckle Joe, Sirica, Arthur, Falspar, Noisurato, Dragato, Nightmare (Nightmare is seen briefly at the end of the episode) Destrayer, Heavy Lobster
100 100, Movie Fly! Kirby of the Stars (Formerly known as Decisive Battle! Nightmare) Fright to the Finish (or Fight to the Finish) Kirby falls asleep and battles Nightmare once and for all. Bomb, Fire, Star Rod Dakonyo/Kit Cosmos, Knuckle Joe, Sirica, Arthur, Falspar, Noisurato, Dragato, Nightmare Destrayer, Formula Star Rider, Rocket Star Rider, Winged Star Rider, Shadow Star Rider
Special Special Kirby of the Stars Special Episode: Take it Down! The Crustacean Demon Beast Ebizou Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Special Episode: Take it Down! The Crustacean Monster Ebizou The short is about eight minutes long, and features the never-before-seen monster named Ebizou. Fire Kirby makes a special appearance, as does a new Kirby ability exclusive to the short called Kabuki. Fire, Kabuki Glowing Human with a Kabuki Stick Ebizou
Pilot Pilot Kirby of the Stars Pilot Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Pilot To celebrate the release of Kirby Air Ride in Japan, a special Kirby DVD was released with a popular video gaming magazine. It had clips from episodes and different games, and also a short 'pilot anime' that seems to be an early form of the show. Ice, Spark Nightmare Captain Stitch, Meta Knight, Ice Dragon, Dark Matter, Master Green, Blocky, Efreeti, Haboki, Sweet Stuff, Mr. P. Umpkin

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