This is a list of episodes for the anime television series Kekkaishi. The series was adapted by Sunrise from the manga Kekkaishi by Yellow Tanabe. It was directed by Kenji Kodama with character designs by Hirotoshi Takaya and music by Taku Iwasaki. The opening theme for all episodes is "Sha La La -Ayakashi Night-" by Sayaka Uura. There are four different ending themes: "Akai Ito" by Koshi Inaba (episodes 1–15, 38, 40), "Sekaijyuu Doko wo Sagashitemo" (世界中どこを探しても?) by Aiko Kitahara (episodes 16–23, 39, 44), "Mai Mirai" (マイミライ My Future?) by Saeka Uura (episodes 24–30, 41), and "Kyuukei Jikan Juppun" (休憩時間10分 10 Minute Break?) by Saeka Uura (episodes 31–37, 42-43, 45).

It was broadcast for 52 episodes in Japan between 16 October 2006 and 12 February 2008 on Nippon Television, Yomiuri TV, and Nippon Television Network System,[1] in the "golden" timeslot of 7 p.m. Monday.[2] During its initial broadcast, episodes were frequently among the top ten rated anime television shows, sometimes as the only original (non-sequel) show to do so.[3][4][5] It was later rebroadcast in Taiwan on Taiwan Television, in Malaysia on 8TV and NTV7, in Hong Kong on Cable TV Hong Kong, in Philippines on Hero TV,[1] and in Indonesia on antv. The anime has been licensed in North America by Viz Media,[6] which began broadcasting episodes online through in January 2010. The series started airing on Adult Swim on May 30, 2010, in the United States.[7]


# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 Scars
"Migi Ude no Kizu" (右腕の傷)
October 16, 2006[8] May 30, 2010
Age 14, Yoshimori Sumimura is a kekkaishi (barrier magic user) and reluctant heir to his family. Together with his neighbor Tokine Yukimura, age 16, he is responsible for defending their school from ayakashi (demons) attracted to the spiritual energies of its site. When they are found chatting, Yoshimori's grandfather and Tokine's grandmother chastise them for talking with someone from their hated rival family. That evening, Yoshimori traps an ayakashi but is tricked into not dispelling it until it grows too strong for him, and Tokine is injured while saving him. As she recovers, Yoshimori vows to never let anyone else get hurt by ayakashi, and five years later continues defending their school with his full strength.
2 Yoshimori and Tokine
"Yoshimori to Tokine" (良守と時音)
October 16, 2006[8] June 5, 2010
This episode follows Yoshimori and Tokine on a typical day, showing Tokine being a smart and popular student, while Yoshimori is a slacker who sleeps through class. The two main characters personal lives are delved into a little more as well showing their relationships with their close family. Yoshimori's obsession with making pastries, and specifically castles of cake, is first seen in this episode.
3 The Beautiful Demon Tamer
"Utsukushiki Onitsukai" (美しき鬼使い)
October 23, 2006[8] June 12, 2010
When an ogre-user and member of the Urakai named Yomi who knew Tokine's father arrives in town, Tokine is forced to remember her fathers death. Even though the Urakai have been introduced as being on the side of "good" Yomi is strangely suspicious, and not completely trusted.
4 Her Treasure
"Kanojo no torejā" (彼女のトレジャー)
October 30, 2006[8] June 19, 2010
The fight between Yoshimori, Tokine, Yomi, and Yoki continues, as this episode delves into Yomi's past around the time when she received Yoki as her ogre. Shigemori and Tokiko rush to the aid of their grandchildren, but will they make it in time?
5 The Sweet Ghost
"Okashi na Ningen Rei" (お菓子な人間霊)
November 6, 2006[8] June 26, 2009
This episode begins where the last ended with the Kekkaishi cleaning up the mess created by Yomi and Yoki at karasumori. Shigemori explains to Yoshimori that within the Urakai is a group of users called the Yagyou who are an operations squad of the Urakai, and that the leader of the Yagyou is Yoshimori's older brother, Masamori. The episode continues to follow the story of Yoshimori's dealings with a ghost that is having trouble passing on.
6 Night Blooms of Karasumori
"Karasumori no Yoizakura" (烏森の宵桜)
November 13, 2006[9] July 3, 2010
Because of the power of Karasumori a huge cherry tree blossoms in front of the school completely out of season. The tree attracts curious students as well as power hungry Ayakashi.
7 The Best Cake in the World
"Saikō no Kēki!" (最高のケーキ!)
November 20, 2006[9] July 10, 2010
This episode continues where the last left off with the spirit of a pastry chef that refuses to pass on. Yoshimori helps him throughout the episode to fulfill his dying wish so he can pass on in peace.
8 A Day in the Life of Yoshimori
"Yoshimori na Hibi" (良守な日々)
November 27, 2006[9] July 17, 2010
Yoshimori trains a lot and tries to best Tokine as usual. His grandpa, Shigemori, mentally remarks how much power Yoshimori has. Yoshimori at the end breaks a boulder... and the garden.
9 A Dangerous Teacher
"Kiken na Kōkō Kyōshi" (危険な高校教師)
December 4, 2006[9] July 24, 2010
A handsome teacher shows up secretly attacking students. Yoshimori is suspicious of the guy when he sees Tokine happily walking next to the guy and thinks about warning her of him being a possible dangerous player. At night, they sense an abnormality inside the school and they discover it is the teacher with three snakes wrapped around him. The teacher is actually a person with special powers but they still sense an ayakashi. It turns out that he was possessed by a parasitic ayakashi and they destroy it. The teacher is distraught that he attacked a student and is really nice by nature although he is still slightly perverted.
10 Shikigami Chocolate Battle
"Shikigami Choko Batoru" (式神チョコバトル)
January 15, 2007[9] July 31, 2010
Yoshimori as a cake lover is obsessed with the legendary chocolate cake that his dad mentioned to him that is offered secretly to only 7 people at 5 AM at a specific cake shop. In order to hold a place in line, Yoshimori sends his shikigami but he is tired out and can't focus when fighting an ayakashi at Karasumori. Tokine worries about him but when she finds out the reason she becomes angry. Yoshimori then discovers that Shigemori ate his share of the chocolate cake much to his dismay. The next day Tokine reluctantly calls Yoshimori for help to kill a cockroach. Yoshimori manages to do so after Tokine accidentally pushes him on the ground smashing it. Afterwards, Tokine continuously avoids him but eventually gives him a thank-you gift: a T-shirt and the legendary chocolate cake.
11 Koya and Madarao
"Kōuya to Madarao" (鋼夜と斑尾)
January 22, 2007[10] August 7, 2010
It's another night of Kekkaishi duty. Yoshimori encounters three minor ayakashi, Honetarou, Uhosuke, and Nagao, and easily captures them. However, Madarao's old companion, Kouya, shows up and in anger attacks everyone, including his followers. After a brief flashback of Ginro (Madarao) and Kouya's happy past gone wrong at the hands of the humans, Kouya gains power from Karasumori and transforms. Yoshimori releases the seal on Madarao revealing his real form. Madarao and Kouya then battle.
12 Sealing the Demon Dog
"Yōken Madarao Fūin" (妖犬斑尾封印)
January 29, 2007[10] August 14, 2010
After a long battle, Madarao is weakened and begins to accept death believing that Kouya will die as well but Kouya gains even more power from Karasumori. Just as Madarao is about to give up, Yoshimori steps in and tells Madarao that his master is not allowing him to die and thus Madarao stands up. The two work together and strike Kouya down. The dying Kouya tells Madarao to kill him but Madarao can't because he has no power left, but Kouya refuses to die at the hands of a human and so Karasumori lends its power to Madarao, finishing off Kouya. But before the group can celebrate, Madarao's true ayakashi nature reveals itself and starts attacking Yoshimori. But Yoshimori, with the help of Hakubi and Tokine, successfully seals Madarao once again through much difficulty.
13 Masamori Sumimura: Chief of the Night Troops
"Yagyō no Tōryō, Masamori Tōjō" (夜行の頭領正守登場)
February 5, 2007[10] August 21, 2010
Yoshimori thinks about being the legitimate successor and gets in a bad mood when he doesn't understand why he is the successor and not his brother, Masamori, who is more skilled than he is. At Karasumori, Yoshimori and Tokine encounter an ayakashi that stinks so bad that Hakubi and Madarao's sense of smell is greatly disrupted. Masamori watches from afar and is able to find the ayakashi with his partner, Kurohime, but sits back and watches how Yoshimori handles it. The ayakashi's shell is very hard and difficult to break and just before its blades were going to slice Yoshimori, Masamori interrupts its attack and destroys one of its blades. He then creates a 5 layer kekkai surrounding the ayakashi and destroys it. Masamori reveals to everyone that he will be staying for a few days, much to Yoshimori and Madarao's unhappiness.
14 Masamori's Scheme
"Masamori no Takurami" (正守のたくらみ)
February 12, 2007[10] August 28, 2010
Yoshimori is really annoyed with Masamori being back especially when he thinks about how Tokine paid more attention to Masamori even in their childhood than to him. At night, Yoshimori and Tokine go to Karasumori and are confused when they can't find the ayakashi but then all of a sudden a forest grows and envelopes the school grounds. Madarao mentally notes that plant-type ayakashi cannot move and so someone must have planted it there. Masamori watches from afar and it is revealed that he was the one who planted it. Using the backdraft phenomenon suggested by Yoshimori, the two are able to destroy the ayakashi, although they had a huge mess to clean up afterward.
15 Yoshimori's Ambition
"Yoshimori no Yabō" (良守の野望)
February 19, 2007[10] September 4, 2010
Yoshimori and Tokine called for help cleaning up and Masamori, Tokiko, and Shigemori show up. Yoshimori is annoyed the next day after being lectured for being reckless and gets even more so after thinking of the past. Later Yoshimori confronts Masamori about why he is watching him from afar. He then tells him that he wants to destroy Karasumori. After the conversation, Masamori uses Kurohime to search for anomalies. The next day, Masamori says to Shigemori that Yoshimori is above him. The family says farewell to Masamori as he leaves once again. Yoshimori asks Masamori to go bury Kouya's fur on his home mountain. Yoshimori promises to himself that he will surpass Masamori.
16 Lord Uro of the Colorless Marsh
"Mushikinuma no Uro-sama" (無色沼のウロ様)
February 26, 2007[11] September 11, 2010
A strange god shows up at school in broad daylight. Yoshimori later finds out that it is Uro-sama who was looking for a kekkaishi who can fix his bed. Shigemori reveals that in the past he went to go fix the bed 50 years ago although Tokine says that Tokiko went to go fix it 50 years ago as well. The next day Shigemori and Yoshimori travel to the Colorless Swamp. Uro-sama opens up a portal to a different dimension in the swamp and Yoshimori jumps in.
17 The Divine Field
"Sore wa Kami no Ryōiki" (それは神の領域)
March 5, 2007[11] September 18,2010
Yoshimori is in a god's dimension and finds Uro-sama's bed to be a giant ball covered with vines and trees. He jumps inside and sees a box and restores it resulting in the plants to be blown away from it and the bed to be even bigger than before. Uro-sama becomes happy and jumps into the orb which causes Yoshimori to feel abnormal and rejected by everything in the dimension. He perseveres and tries to ask Uro-sama about Karasumori before the god falls asleep. After a while he is at his limit and is thrown out of the orb and dimension by Mamezo.
18 A Day in the Life of Toshimori
"Suekko Toshimori no Hibi" (末っ子利守の日々)
March 12, 2007[11] September 25, 2010
It's just a typical day for Toshimori but Shuji and Shigemori won't be home for the whole day and so he is stuck with Yoshimori. At school, Toshimori's friends get in trouble for not doing their homework and beg him to tutor them at his house. Toshimori is reluctant but eventually relents but also makes up a story about Yoshimori being very frightening. However, when they arrive home, Yoshimori greets them while wearing his baking attire. Later, Tokine visits bringing some dinner cooked by her mother but she encounters a cockroach and spills all the food on Yoshimori and the boys.
19 Assault of the White Feathers
"Shiroki Hane no Shūgekisha" (白き羽の襲撃者)
April 16, 2007[11] October 2, 2010
An ayakashi disguised as a human sends three ayakashi to Karasumori and has them run around the place before allowing them to run amok in order to gather information. Yoshimori attacks one of them and it becomes angry and the observer eventually gives the signal for the three to commence their attack. They gather together but Tokine destroys one of them making the other two angry. They combine and become Shirahago (White Feather Child - an ayakashi that controls feathers) and are empowered by Karasumori. Shirahago launches attacks against the two whereby it's feathers become flying spear-like weapons. After each attack the feathers resume their original form and return to Shirahago as parts of it's body. The episode ends as Yoshimori and Tokine rush to begin their attack after the feathers are rejoined to Shirahago's body following the second attack.
20 The Ominous Spy
"Bukimi na Kanshisha" (不気味な監視者)
April 23, 2007[11] October 9, 2010
In order to defeat the Shirahago, Yoshimori creates a kekkai surrounding the entire ayakashi, however is unable to maintain its stability and tells Tokine to create multi-layered kekkai around his own. Knowing her skills lie not in her strength but in her accuracy, Tokine creates multiple spear-like kekkai which pierce and immobilize the Shirihago, allowing Yoshimori's kekkai to stabilize and destroy it. Yoshimori and Tokine begin to notice the ayakashi spy whose human form has begun to fail, and Yoshimori engages in battle with the spy but he runs away into the nearby forest. In order to prevent his escape, Yoshimori envelopes a large part of the forest with a kekkai, but the spy drinks a potion given to him by Byaku (the leader of the mysterious organization that sent him) which empowers him (mainly turning his arm into a formidable weapon) and is able to tear the kekkai apart. The spy swings his arm creating mass destruction and uses the confusion to make his escape. Yoshimori is left with the spy's right human form arm as evidence. The episode ends with the spy trying to make his way back to make his report of all he found and meeting with Byaku; Grandpa going tit-for-tat with Tokine's grandmother (as usual) about who should clean up the mess in the forest; and Yoshimori confessing to Tokine his plan to seal the site.
21 Gen Shishio the Heartless Transfer Student
"Hijō na Tenkōsei, Shishio Gen" (非情な転校生 志々尾限)
May 7, 2007[12] October 16, 2010
A new transfer student shows up and destroys a shiki disguised as Yoshimori. Yoshimori senses it and wakes up from his nap on the roof and tries to find Gen. Tokine and Yoshimori find claw marks on the wall outside along with the remains of Yoshimori's shiki. Gen encounters Tatsumi and senses that he has special powers. He begins to interrogate him but then leaves him alone. Later at night, Tokine and Yoshimori met Gen at Karasumori.
22 Emissary from the Shadow Organization
"Urakai kara no Shisha" (裏会からの使者)
May 14, 2007[12] October 23, 2010
Yoshimori and Tokine find out that the transfer student, Gen Shishio, is a member of Masamori's Night Troop and was in fact sent by Masamori to protect the Kekkaishi of Karasumori. Meanwhile gramps is doing some research on the "skin" that the Ayakashi dropped.
23 In Pursuit of the Legitimate Heir
"Nerawareta Seitō Keishōsha" (狙われた正統継承者)
21 May 2007[12] October 30, 2010
24 A Crush on Gen
"Gen to Koi no Atakku" (限と恋のアタック)
June 4, 2007[12] November 6,2010
Yurina discovers that her friend Aoi has developed a crush on Gen. Together with her friends, they try to get Gen to realize her feelings.
25 Tokine and the Prince
"Tokine ni Ikemen" (時音にイケメン)
June 18, 2007[12] November 13, 2010
A very popular boy comes to meet Tokine in school. When Yoshimori sees them leaving, he follows them together with Gen, who is suspicious of the boy.
26 A Night Without Yoshimori
"Yoshimori ga Inai Yoru" (良守がいない夜)
June 25, 2007[13] November 20, 2010
Yoshimori gets sick after desperately trying to erase an Ayakashi. That night, an Ayakashi with strange powers comes to Karasumori, but will Tokine and Shishio be okay without Yoshimori?
27 Council of Twelve
"Saikō Kanbu Jūnininkai" (最高幹部十二人会)
July 2, 2007[13] November 27, 2010
Masamori gets promoted to seat 7 of the mysterious council of twelve, the elite leaders of the Urakai, but he needs to prove what he's worth. While at home, Karasumori and Yoshimori tries to help a dead cat pass on.
28 The Kokubourou's Declaration of War
"Kokubōrō no Sensenfukoku" (黒芒楼の宣戦布告)
July 9, 2007[13] December 4, 2010
An elite team of Kokubouro comes to Karasumori during the day to ask for a negotiation with the Kekkaishi at night. However, the Ayakashi can't be trusted and the negotiations go wrong.
29 Seal of Dispelling
"Juryoku Fūji no Mahōjin" (呪力封じの魔方陣)
July 23, 2007[13] December 11, 2010
Yoshimori found a way to get out of the magical square, and is facing four Ayakashis. Yoshimori thinks of a plan to erase them but when his plan goes bad, Tokine gets taken as a hostage. Meanwhile, Shishio, who is almost lost in his anger, is fighting the 5th Ayakashi who seems to be just playing.
30 The Right Person for Karasumori
"Karasumori no Tekininsha" (烏森の適任者)
July 30, 2007[13] December 18, 2010
Shishio is troubled by his past but he will not tell the story to Yoshimori and Tokine. So, Yoshimori has no other choice than to ask his brother, Masamori.
31 Gen's Dark Past
"Shishio Odoroki no Keireki" (志々尾驚きの経歴)
August 6, 2007[14] December 25, 2010
Masamori entrusted Yoshimori, who wants to help Shishio with the tale of Shishio's past. Yoshimori is troubled with what to do and even Tokine can't help him, so he goes for a direct approach
32 A Challenge from Atora
"Kyōretsu na Atora no Shiren" (強烈な亜十羅の試練)
August 13, 2007[14]
Yoshimori, Tokine and Shishio are tested by the demon-tamer of the Yagyou squad, who also happens to be the mentor of Shishio.
33 Hurry Grandpa Shige!
"Isoge Shige-jii Honki-bashiri" (急げ繁じい本気走り)
August 20, 2007[14]
Yoshimori, Tokine and Shishio are fighting in Karasumori while Kokubouro takes action against Matsudo Heisuke, the scientist that was helping Shige-Jii, trying to figure out what human skin are the Ayakashi wearing
34 Call of Darkness
"Tamago kara Koe: Yami no Izanai" (卵から声 闇の誘い)
August 27, 2007[14]
Shishio receives an egg from Kaguro, an Ayakashi working for Kokubouro. When the egg gets closer to hatching, it is telling troublesome things to Shishio to confuse him.
35 The Kokubourou Draws Near
"Semarikuru Kokubōrō" (迫り来る黒芒楼)
September 3, 2007[14]
While Shishio's egg is confusing him more and more, Kokuboro makes preparations for a full scale war. A large Ayakashi attack on Karasumori is coming, and it's coming fast
36 Karasumori in Flames
"Karasumori Enjou" (烏森炎上)
September 10, 2007[15]
As Kokubouro descends, Masamori and his Night Troops are still preoccupied elsewhere leaving only Yoshimori, Tokine and Shishio to defend Karasamori. They end up in a battle with one of the leaders of Kokuboro. They must try their hardest to survive as all possible reinforcements are being distracted, and delayed by other Kokuboro forces.
37 Gen Shishio's Last Stand
"Shishio Gen Saigo no Tatakai" (志々尾限最後の戦い)
September 10, 2007[15]
The fight continues with Yoshimori, Tokine and Shishio fending off a hot headed Gagin. The only chance for relief is for Shishio to transform into his full form, breaking the taboo once again. Though the Kokuboro army is forced to retreat, the Karasumori gang gets delivered a devastating blow. Also in the end, Gen dies by getting stabed with 2 swords.
38 Requiem
"Sorezore no Chinkon" (それぞれの鎮魂)
October 15, 2007[15]
Old stories show that the passing of Gen Shishio has not gone unnoticed. The after math has shaken quite a few people, even some that would hesitate to call him a friend. Yoshimori and Masamori's makes a visit to the Shishio residence where that are met with disdain. Meanwhile the ranks of Kokuboro took a hit from Gagin's death.
39 The Mystery of Karasumori
"Karasumori no Nazo" (烏森の謎)
October 22, 2007[15]
It is now Kokuboro's turn to research the mysteries of Karasumori. Lead by the mysterious Hekian, with an ability called Thousand Eyes, a group of ayakashi, including Gagin's second in command Sakon, seek to find out the legitimate master of Karasumori. Yoshimori and Tokine try to regain some normalcy in their day to day lives.
40 A Passage to Kokuboro
"Kurosusuki e no Michi" (黒芒への道)
October 29, 2007[15]
Tokiko Yukimura has finally returned, just to announce that she will soon be leaving again. Masamori has managed to rebel against the wants of Ogi Ichirou, one of the heads of the Shadow Orginization, by deciding to move the headquarters of his Night Troop. After Yoshimori hears of Tokiko's return he is bent on finding out about the passage to Kokuboro. After an amusing chase he is delivered a blow when he finds out that he is not strong enough to enter the Netherworld.
41 Days in Training
"Tokkun no Hibi" (特訓の日々)
November 5, 2007[16]
Taking Tokiko's words to heart Yoshimori decides to put aside everything to be able to train. With a few words with a shrine priest Yoshimori takes some time to train with a few local crows. After Yoshimori decides that he has done well, he has a chance to put his new found strengths to the test when Karasumori is invaded by quite a few shady characters.
42 Night Troops Arrive
"Yagyō no Menmen" (夜行の面々)
November 12, 2007[16]
Yoshimori feels quite crowded when Masamori and the Night Troops move into the neighborhood. He is further surprised to see that his older brother, Masamori, has ordered a few of his troops to assist the Kekkaishi of Karasumori. Meanwhile, still moping because of Gen Shishio's death, a depressed Yoshimori takes a short walk after school and passes by Gen's old apartment (which is now occupied by Atora). Atora consoles Yoshimori by telling him that she's jealous of him because he was able to see Gen's smile, something that she herself has never seen before, when Gen passed on. Feeling rejuvenated and his mind cleared, his spirit is renewed as he heads home. However, he finds himself being followed by Sen and his two friends.
43 Resurgence
"An'un no Sairai" (暗雲の再来)
November 19, 2007[16]
Yoshimori leads the trio, Sen and his friends, into a forest where he engages a friendly battle with them. Yoshimori easily overpowers Sen's two friends, but Sen manages to sneak right behind Yoshimori. However, at that moment a purple aura surrounds Yoshimori causing Sen to back away. Toshimori plays shougi with Masamori. Masamori finds Yoshimori in his special training ground and informs him that Kaguro is not someone he can deal with and that his goal should be to protect Karasumori. Meanwhile, Sakon prepares for an assault on Karasumori.
44 The Battle of Karasumori
"Karasumori no Gekisen" (烏森の激戦)
November 26, 2007[16]
Yoshimori, Tokine, and Masamori and his night troops are stationed in Karasumori waiting for the enemies approaching. The night troops and the Kekkaishi easily fend off a horde of low-level ayakashi. Meanwhile, Yoshimori, still having his mind set on avenging Gen, leaves the battlefield in search of Kaguro. Yoshimori finds Kaguro, but it turns out that it is actually Shion wearing the same human skin Kaguro wears in disguise. Yoshimori allows himself to be taken by Shion to go to Kokubouro in order to get to Kaguro. Unfortunately, Sen who was tailing Yoshimori gets caught as well. Back at the site of Karasumori, Masamori faces off against Sakon. However, Sakon takes Atora as a hostage to complicate matters.
45 Kokuboro's Hostage
"Kokubōrō no Hitobashira" (黒芒楼の人柱)
December 3, 2007[16]
Tokine manages to infiltrate Kokubouro by following Shion. Masamori frees Atora and destroys Sakon with ease. As his night troops recuperate, he discovers that both Yoshimori and Sen are missing and that they are both currently in Kokubouro. Yoshimori is restrained by Shion's webs, but his aura repels anything else Shion tries to do to him. Byaku arrives and tries to plant a bug inside Yoshimori, but, he too, was repeled by Yoshimori's aura. Masamori gathers any movable night troops to head to Kokubouro. Matsudo Heisuke, along with his companion Kagami, busts through the ceiling, scares Shion away, and frees Yoshimori under agreement in which Yoshimori must not touch this "white" target. Heisuke and Kagami destroy the castle buildings while Yoshimori heads off to find Kaguro.
46 Through the Maze
"Ikai no Meiro" (異界の迷路)
December 10, 2007[17]
Tokine gets through the main entrance of Kokubouro, destroys Koshu, and continues her search for Yoshimori. As he is finding his way in the castle, Yoshimori sees Kaguro and stops only to contemplate about his current cuties. He decides that his revenge will have to wait because his most important mission as of now is to locate and save Sen. While aimlessly searching the castle, he encounters the princess, who, unbeknownst to Yoshimori, gives him the map of the castle in his mind. After this encounter, the princess disappears and Yoshimori realizes that he, for some reason, knows his way in the castle now. He calls this is "natural intuition". Yoshimori saves Sen. Meanwhile, Heisuke found Byaku, who appears to be the "white" target that he was searching for to settle a score.
47 Byaku and Matsudo
"Innen no Ketchaku" (因縁の決着)
December 17, 2007[17]
Heisuke, along with Kagumi, corners Byaku. It is revealed that Kagumi was Byaku's dead wife and that Byaku, though no apparent, is actually nine years older than Heisuke. Several flashback scenes occur as Byaku and Heisuke chat and fight (Kagumi does all the fighting for Heisuke). Byaku performed experiments on his wife and in the end she died. This traumatized Heisuke in the past because he loved Kagumi. The Kagumi with Heisuke now is actually a demon he made a pact with. Kagumi deals a crushing blow to Byaku's chest and disables in on the ground. Heisuke walks up to Byaku and asks if he ever loved Kagumi. Upon hearing "I have never loved anyone" from a disabled Byaku, Heisuke uses his cane to end Byaku's life.
48 The Collapsing Castle
"Kuzureyuku Jōkaku" (崩れゆく城郭)
December 24, 2007[17]
As the castle begins to fall apart, Masamori and his night troops head into Kokubouro with the path created by Tokiko. Yoshimori rescued Sen and tells him to go back home while he still can. Wanting to be of some use to Yoshimori, Sen offers to help locate Kaguro. With Sen's help, Yoshimori speeds off to find Kaguro leaving Sen behind. Tokine manages to find the whereabouts of Yoshimori with Sen's information and heads off to Yoshimori with the intention of bringing him back to Karasumori before the castle completely collapses.
49 The Flower of Sorrow
"Kanashiki Yōka" (哀しき妖花)
January 14, 2008[17]
Aihi rescues Tokine who was about to fall into the depths of the castle. Aihi takes Tokine into her lab and Aihi's past was revealed. Appearently, Aihi lacks the evil aura that most Ayakashi has because she fell in love with a human. Shortly after Tokine leaves, Kaguro appears in front of Aihi and the two of them engage in battle. Kaguro easily defeats Aihi despite Aihi being a high class Ayakashi. Kaguro says the reason for her defeat was because she became weak from losing her desire to eat humans, but Aihi claims that Kaguro is also weak because he is insure. In the exact moment where Kaguro is about to destroy Aihi, he senses Yoshimori's presence and heads off to him. Aihi transforms into her plant form and releases her dandylions; one of which makes its way back to the human she loved who is now an old man.
50 The Final Battle!
"Saishū Kessen!" (最終決戦!)
January 21, 2008[17]
51 Yoshimori and Kaguro
"Yoshimori to Kaguro" (良守と火黒)
January 28, 2008[18]
52 The End of Kokuboro
"Kokubōrō no Shūen" (黒芒楼の終焉)
February 12, 2008

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