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The K-On! animated television series is based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Kakifly. The episodes, produced by the animation studio Kyoto Animation,[1] are directed by Naoko Yamada, written by Reiko Yoshida, and features character design by Yukiko Horiguchi who based the designs on Kakifly's original concept. The story follows four Japanese high school girls who join their school's light music club to try to save it from being abolished. However, they are the only four members of the club, one of which has little experience with guitar playing.

Thirteen episodes were broadcast on TBS between April 3 and June 26, 2009.[2] The episodes began airing on subsequent networks at later dates which include BS-TBS, MBS, and CBC. The widescreen version aired on BS-TBS between April 25 and July 18, 2009.[2] Seven BD/DVD compilation volumes were released by Pony Canyon between July 29, 2009 and January 20, 2010. An additional original video animation episode was released with the final BD/DVD volume on January 20, 2010.[3] Both an English-subtitled and English-dubbed version by Red Angel Media began airing on March, 16, 2010 on Animax Asia.[4] At their industry panel at Anime Expo 2010, anime distributor Bandai Entertainment announced that they have acquired the first season of K-On! for a BD/DVD release.[5] A second season titled K-On!! (with two exclamation marks) aired in Japan between April 7, 2010 and September 28, 2010 with 26 episodes.[6] The episodes aired in HD format in Japan. A side-story episode will be included with the ninth BD/DVD volume of the second season to be released March 16, 2011.[7] An English dubbed version of this season began airing on Animax Asia starting October 20, 2010.[8]

Two pieces of theme music are used for the first season; one opening theme and one ending theme. The opening theme is "Cagayake! Girls" by Aki Toyosaki with Yōko Hikasa, Satomi Satō and Minako Kotobuki. The ending theme is "Don't say 'lazy'" by Hikasa with Toyosaki, Satō and Kotobuki.[1] From episode nine, the opening video features Azusa, and also features some minor changes to the music, particularly an additional guitar part during certain segments (alongside the initial two). Four pieces of theme music are used for the second season; two opening themes and two ending themes. For the first 13 episodes, the opening theme is "Go! Go! Maniac" and the ending theme is "Listen!!". For episodes 14 onwards, the opening theme is "Utauyo!! Miracle" while the ending theme is "No, Thank You!". The songs from the second season are performed by Toyosaki, Hikasa, Satō, Kotobuki, and Ayana Taketatsu, with Toyasaki and Hikasa singing lead vocals on the opening and ending themes, respectively.

Episode list

K-On! (2009)

# Title[9][10] Original airdate on TBS[10] English airdate
01 Abolition of the Club!
"Haibu!" (廃部!)
April 3, 2009 March 16, 2010
Yui Hirasawa has just started her high school life, but does not know if she should join a club or not. Ritsu Tainaka wants to reform the light music club, which will be disbanded by the end of April if at least four members cannot be found. Ritsu convinces her friend Mio Akiyama to join the light music club instead of the literature club. Tsumugi Kotobuki, originally intending to join the choir club, also agrees to join. In their search for a fourth member, the three put up a poster for the club which catches Yui's eye. Misunderstanding the term 'light music', Yui submits a form only to realize they are looking for someone to play a guitar, which she cannot play. Despite this, the three members try to get Yui to stay, and after playing a short piece for her, Yui decides joins the club and learn the guitar, which she first has to buy.
02 Instruments!
"Gakki!" (楽器!)
April 10, 2009 March 16, 2010
The light music club members help Yui purchase a guitar. With a ¥50,000 advance on her allowance, Yui goes to a music store where an expensive Gibson Les Paul catches her eye, though its cost is beyond what she can afford at ¥250,000. In order to make enough money, the girls decide to get part-time jobs and end up being traffic survey counters. After two days, and getting paid only ¥8,000 per day, they are still not even close to purchasing the guitar. However, Yui tells the others to keep their hard earned money, and that she will settle for a cheaper guitar. However, when the girls return to the music store, Yui is still drawn to the Gibson Les Paul. On the verge of returning to part-time jobs to earn more money, Tsumugi haggles with the shopkeeper for a discount on the guitar. He immediately recognizes her as the daughter of the company's president and he quickly offers the guitar for ¥50,000.
03 Special Training!
"Tokkun!" (特訓!)
April 17, 2009 March 23, 2010
Yui and the girls are now taking their midterms. Unfortunately, Yui practices playing her guitar chords instead of studying, and she fails the exams. If she fails the retest, she cannot participate in club activities, and the club will be disbanded due to lack of members. A day before the retest, Yui still has not been able to study much and begs Ritsu, Mio and Tsumugi to help her; Mio comes through, while Ritsu is more hinderance than help. Days after the retest, an exhausted Yui returns to the club room with perfect marks. To celebrate, the girls ask Yui to play the guitar chords she had learned, only to find that Yui has completely forgotten them.
04 Training Camp!
"Gasshuku!" (合宿!)
April 24, 2009 March 23, 2010
Mio finds a box filled with stuff from the previous light music club, including a cassette tape of the previous club's performance at the school festival. After listening to it, Mio is inspired to get the gang together to practice over the summer break for the upcoming school festival. Worried about cost, the girls turn to Tsumugi, who just so happens to have a villa along the coast. They travel to Tsumugi's beachside villa, where Mio is determined to practice; outnumbered, Mio and the girls end up playing around instead. After eventually getting some practice done in the evening, Mio is awed by the sight of Yui playing guitar in front of some fireworks. Mio confesses to the others that she wants them to be as good as the old light music club, playing the cassette tape for them. However, when tape flips to the B-side, Mio is horrified by the shrieking intro of a vocalist in the old club. To cheer Mio up, Yui plays a perfect guitar solo and learns a new trick of vibrato on the guitar.
05 Mentor!
"Komon!" (顧問!)
May 1, 2009 March 30, 2010
The light music club is still not officially recognized, as they did not turn in a club form months before and have yet to find an adviser. The girls ask the music teacher Sawako Yamanaka to be their adviser. Though she initially refuses, it is discovered that she used to be a member of the previous light music club, and was into death metal, and Ritsu uses that fact to blackmail her into becoming the adviser. As the club still needs a vocalist and lyrics, Mio writes a song called "Light and Fluffy Time", which - despite protests from Ritsu - is accepted. Since Mio is too embarrassed to sing, Yui offers instead, but she cannot sing and play guitar simultaneously. Sawako teaches her to do so, but after all the training, she loses her voice. With only three days left to the school festival, Mio must perform the vocals herself.
06 School Festival!
"Gakuensai!" (学園祭!)
May 8, 2009 March 30, 2010
On the day of the school festival, an anxious Mio wants to practice for the club's live event, but everyone else is obligated helping with their classes' other stands. They later get some practice done, but Mio is still nervous about singing center stage, with Sawako's costume choices not helping her mood. Ritsu holds a mock concert introduction to calm Mio's nerves. Although she still has jitters when the concert starts, the others encourage Mio to do her best, having seen practicing diligently beforehand. The show manages to be a success! However, leaving the stage Mio trips over the guitar cable and accidentally exposes her underwear to the audience. She ends up getting a fan club, but is traumatized by her embarrassment.
07 Christmas!
"Kurisumasu!" (クリスマス!)
May 15, 2009 April 6, 2010
Yui's sister Ui Hirasawa remembers how Yui once attempted to give her a white Christmas when they were little, by putting pillow-stuffing on the tree outside. Ritsu decides to hold a Christmas party for the club, and while her initial plans of holding it at Tsumugi's house fail, they eventually decide to have it at Yui's house while Yui's parents are on vacation. Yui's friend Nodoka Manabe also gets an invitation. The girls decide to hold a gift exchange at the party, and go shopping for various gifts. Ui prepares a lovely Christmas dinner for the group, which gets a little out of hand when Sawako shows up out of nowhere. After the gift exchange, Yui and Ui end up giving each other just the right warm accessories for the winter. After the rest of the group leaves, snow falls and Yui and Ui decide to sleep together; unfortunately for Ui, Yui ends up hogging the sheets. In the New Year, the club decides to go to the shrine to make their New Year wishes.
08 Freshman Reception!
"Shinkan!" (新歓!)
May 22, 2009 April 6, 2010
Ui enters Yui's school as a freshman, as well as her classmate Azusa Nakano. When the class arrangements are announced, Yui, Mugi and Ritsu end up in the same class, while Mio ends up in a different class with Nodoka. The group puts up with Sawako's ideas of promoting the club by dressing them up as animals, even though it seems to be having the opposite effect. Ui and her classmate, Jun Suzuki, visit the club only to find everyone dressed as maids, but the girls soon change into tracksuits after finding it impossible to play while wearing the maid outfits. Meanwhile, Azusa walks around looking for a club that is right for her, initially passing up the light music club because they don't seem serious. The light music club gets ready for another live performance at the Freshman Welcome assembly, but Mio is still too embarrassed to do the vocals, so Yui does them instead. Yui forgets about the lyrics at the beginning of a song, but Mio manages to get over her shyness and back her up. Ui brings Azusa to watch the show, and Azusa is moved so much by it that she decides to join the club.
09 New Club Member!
"Shinnyū Buin!" (新入部員!)
May 29, 2009 April 13, 2010
Azusa officially joins the club, but is shocked to find everyone drinking tea and eating cake instead of practicing. She yells at them when Sawako tells her off for actually practicing, but Yui manages to calm her down with a surprising tactic. Despite her objections, Azusa finds herself weak against Tsumugi's tea and cakes. Yui herself is rather shocked at how much better Azusa is at guitar than she is. Sawako brings a pair of cat ears for Azusa to wear, much to Azusa's discomfort, leading Yui to give her the weird nickname 'Azu-nyan'. Noticing that Azusa is a bit upset, Mio encourages the band to practice more, but the group quickly reverts to its lazy state. Frustrated, Azusa becomes really upset since she cannot understand why the band members she admired at the live performance behave like they do. After Azusa expresses her frustration, Mio explains to her that she stays with the band because they have fun performing together and because they like each other, convincing Azusa to stay.
10 Another Training Camp!
"Mata Gasshuku!" (また合宿!)
June 5, 2009 April 13, 2010
Azusa and Ui hang out together for the first time for lunch, joined later by a stealthy Ritsu. Yui and Ritsu invite Sawako to join their next training camp, but she appears disinterested. The gang arrive at an even bigger villa than last year, though Tsumugi apologetically points out it still is not the "big" one she desired. Yui and Ritsu want to play and Mio and Azusa want to practice, but Tsumugi casts the deciding vote in favor of playing. Although Azusa objects, she ends up having the most fun anyway, even getting sunburned in the process. After practice, dinner, and fireworks, Ritsu suggests a test of courage, and Mio and Azusa are shocked by the sudden appearance of Sawako. In the middle of the night, Azusa discovers Yui practicing the guitar, and they bond. Azusa meets up with Ui again, saying that despite not practicing much, she enjoyed the trip as she got to know more about the group.
11 Crisis!
"Pinchi!" (ピンチ!)
June 12, 2009 April 20, 2010
When Ritsu is reminded by Nodoka to fill in the stage-use application in advance, the band notices they do not have a name yet. Azusa notices rust on Yui's guitar strings, and it becomes apparent that Yui has never given her guitar maintenance before. They take it to the guitar shop, where Mio is entranced by rare left-handed guitars. After the guitar is repaired, Yui realizes that she has to pay for the maintenance service, but didn't bring any money. Tsumugi offers to pay, but the staff refuse to take money from her, telling her to consider it a free service. Later, Ritsu starts to become jealous of Mio spending time with Nodoka and begins to fall out with her. She ends up with a fever, so Mio visits and smooths things over, joined later by the other girls. Back at school, a recovered Ritsu gets in trouble for failing to turn in the application form on time, but Nodoka backs her up in front of the student council. Since the girls are unable to decide on a name for the band, Sawako makes an executive decision and assigns the name "Hokago Tea Time" to the band. Unfortunately, Yui ends up catching Ritsu's cold.
12 Light Music!
"Keion!" (軽音!)
June 19, 2009 April 20, 2010
Yui is still sick from her cold, which is possibly attributed to her wearing a short yukata for too long. As the band tries to make do with Azusa as lead guitarist, Yui supposedly shows up over with her cold. However, her playing is too perfect and when she accidentally messes up her honorifics, it is revealed that she is actually Ui, who had managed to play after a few days practice. Yui appears, but is still in no condition to play, so Mio tells her to stay home and recuperate until the day of the live performance. Yui eventually makes it in time, but forgets her guitar at home, so Sawako fills in for her while she goes to get it. Yui returns in time for the second song and the performance goes well, and the band even does an encore.
13 Winter Days!
"Fuyu no Hi!" (冬の日!)
June 26, 2009 April 27, 2010
As the cold winter weather moves in, Yui offers to have nabe with everyone, but the girls are drawn away from each other by various concerns and obligations. Tsumugi gets a part time job at a fast food restaurant, Mio retreats to the beach alone to get inspiration for her lyrics, Ritsu, already mysteriously preoccupied, goes to a movie with her little brother and Azusa looks after Jun's pet kitten. However, Mio cannot think of any lyrics, Tsumugi buckles under the pressure of her first job and Azusa is left panicked and uncertain what to do when the kitten seems to be ill. A random, silly text from Yui cheers up the others and she goes to help Azusa with the kitten, who was just coughing up a hairball. They all meet up for burgers at Tsumugi's restaurant later, where Ritsu is shocked to learn that what she thought was a love letter addressed to her were actually song lyrics Mio wrote.
OVA Live House!
"Raibu Hausu!" (ライブハウス!)
January 20, 2010 April 27, 2010
Ritsu's old middle school friend invites the band to perform at a live house on New Year's Eve. After checking the place out and handing out tickets to their friends, they soon get to know some of the other performing bands as they set up their routine. The girls have a bit of trouble while rehearsing, but the other bands encourage them to keep trying. They then perform to a packed room with great success, while Sawako meets one of her old friends. Afterward, everyone goes to Yui's house to see the new year in, although only Mio and Ritsu manage to stay up until midnight. Yui wakes everyone up to see the first sunrise of the new year.

K-On!! (2010)

# Title[11] Original airdate on TBS[11] English airdate
01 Seniors!
"Kō San!" (高3!)
April 7, 2010 October 20, 2010[12]
Yui and the other girls start their third year at high school (Azusa's second). Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Tsumugi are surprised that they, along with Nodoka, have been put into the same class. It soon becomes apparent that their new homeroom teacher, none other than Sawako, had arranged it that way so she had fewer names to remember. With Azusa being the only second year of the light music club, the gang become determined to get new members so that she will not be the sole member when they graduate. However, their various attempts to attract new students fail, so they focus instead on their performance for the freshman reception. Azusa becomes depressed that no new members show up afterward, but after talking with Ui and Jun and overhearing Yui's comments, she decides it is fine with just the five of them for now.
02 Clean-up!
"Seiton!" (整頓!)
April 13, 2010 October 27, 2010[13]
While clearing their personal belongings out of the club room, the girls find an old guitar that used to belong to Sawako. Since it had aged a bit, Sawako allows the girls to sell it and add the money to the club's budget. After visiting a home superstore to buy a storage shelf, they take the guitar to the music store where they are surprised to find it valued at ¥500,000. When Sawako inquires about the sale, Ritsu tries lying about its value, but it backfires when Sawako asks for a receipt and the club end up getting considerably less money. However, she allows the girls to buy one thing with the money. Noticing that Azusa looks a bit concerned about not having any freshmen to look after, the girls decide to get her a pet turtle named Ton.
03 Drummer!
"Doramā!" (ドラマー!)
April 20, 2010 November 3, 2010[14]
After noticing how badly she shows up in videos of the band's performances, Ritsu decides she does not want to be the drummer anymore as she does not stand out enough. She tries playing the guitar but cannot get beyond the basics. She tries the keyboard next, but only goes as far as playing with all the sound effects. The next day, Yui tries coming up with various ways to make Ritsu stand out, with no such luck. Later that night, Ritsu recalls when she first started drumming and practicing every day. After watching a DVD of The Who, she realizes that even though she is not always in the spotlight, she loves playing the drums. The next day, Tsumugi shows off a new song that Ritsu helped her come up with when Ritsu is learning how to play the keyboard.
04 Field Trip!
"Shūgaku Ryokō!" (修学旅行!)
April 27, 2010 November 10, 2010[15]
The third years go on a school field trip to Kyoto. On the train there, Mio is a little annoyed at Yui's and Ritsu's childish behavior. Mio realizes that she will have to watch over both of them during the trip. After visiting various shrines and attractions, the group returns to the inn where the girls' bad habits continue to annoy Mio as well as Sawako. The next day, they have a look around Kyoto, though Mio laments that no one wants to participate in any tourist activities. However, when they get lost on the way back to the train station along with Nodoka's group, Mio gives in to the jokey nature of the others and loosens up for the rest of the trip.
05 Staying Behind!
"Orusuban!" (お留守番!)
May 4, 2010 November 17, 2010
Azusa and Ui, along with their classmate Jun, spend time together while the third years are on their trip to Kyoto. Noticing that Ui would be lonely without her sister around, Jun and Azusa decide to sleepover at her house, in exchange for Azusa helping out with her underclassmen in the jazz club. After spending the night, they wake up to a rainy day. They go to an arcade where Ui hits a home run in a batting game, before Azusa is reminded that she needs to feed Ton. While in the music room, the three decide to have a jam session together. The other girls return the next day and give Azusa a keychain, one of a set that spells out 'light music club'.
06 Rainy Season!
"Tsuyu!" (梅雨!)
May 11, 2010 November 24, 2010
On a very rainy day, Yui gets completely soaked trying to keep her guitar from getting wet. While Yui lets her clothes dry, she temporarily wears a maid costume made by Sawako until she gets told off about it. Azusa later helps Yui maintain her guitar. When it continues to rain the next day, the others recommend Yui keep her guitar in the clubroom overnight, though it causes her to worry late at night. The following day, Yui is so overjoyed to be reunited with her guitar that she brings it to class, but Sawako tells her to put it away.
07 Tea Party!
"Ochakai!" (お茶会!)
May 18, 2010 December 1, 2010
Mio gets the feeling that someone is watching her, making her feel uneasy, though it turns out to be because she had a sticker on her hair. She is visited by Nodoka, along with a couple of members from Mio's fan club. The girls are reminded of the previous year, where Mio felt like she was being stalked by someone and went to the student council for advice. There, she met the former student council president Megumi Sokabe, who suspiciously appeared to know a lot about her and the light music club. It was soon revealed that Megumi was not only Mio's stalker, but was also president of her fan club who had wanted to see as much of her as possible before she graduated. As a graduation gift, Mio and the girls held a private concert just for her. After Megumi graduated, she passed the position of fan club president over to Nodoka. Since she had not found time to do anything for the club, Nodoka asks the light music club to hold a special tea party for them. Mio is initially embarrassed by all the skits, interviews and service she has to put up with, but warms up when she sees a slideshow of her times with the light music club. The event ends with a performance and a group photo, which Azusa sends to Megumi.
08 Career!
"Shinro!" (進路!)
May 25, 2010 December 8, 2010
While filling in University Choice forms, Yui and Ritsu get in trouble for not being decisive enough about their future. Nodoka tells the others about how Yui somehow became friends with her after they met in kindergarten and how she has improved since joining the light music club. Mio and Ritsu later tell how they met and how Ritsu helped Mio when she was nervous about reading her award-winning essay in front of others in fourth grade. When Yui attempts to put 'musician' as her career choice only to be rejected, Nodoka cannot help but laugh. Yui asks her classmates for some advice, but still gets confused, so she just says she will do her best for now, which is still rejected.
09 Finals!
"Kimatsu Shiken!" (期末試験!)
June 1, 2010 December 15, 2010
As finals approach, Yui struggles with her studies. One of Yui's neighbors, a kindly old lady who is always taken care of her, tells Yui about an upcoming talent show event taking place right after finals. Wanting to pay her back, Yui decides to enter, though the others are concerned about her juggling two priorities. Azusa decides to join her act and help her study for finals. After their tests, Yui and Azusa perform their routine. Though they do not win, Yui gives her participation prize to the old lady as thanks. Yui manages to pass her tests with high scores.
10 Teacher!
"Sensei!" (先生!)
June 8, 2010
After Sawako gets a call on her phone from someone in the clubroom, the girls decide to follow her. They find her meeting up with one of her friends, and although they are easily noticed by her, she does not alert Sawako to their position. After Sawako leaves, her friend introduces herself to the others as Norimi, a guitarist from the previous light music club's band, Death Devil. She reveals that one of their classmates is getting married and asked Death Devil to perform at the wedding reception, but Norimi cannot convince Sawako to join up with them due to her current image. When Yui and the others are unable to convincing Sawako, Yui ends up taking the guitarist role in the band, much to Sawako's surprise. However, when Yui messes up and starts giving the band a cute image, Sawako steps up on stage to take Yui's place to show everyone what Death Devil is really about. Despite her secret shame being found out, she still remains popular with the freshmen.
11 Hot!
"Atsui!" (暑い!)
June 15, 2010
During an unbearably hot day, the girls have trouble beating off the heat and also notice Ton shedding in its current aquarium tank. After dragging Sawako away from the air-conditioned staff room (partly to give Tsumugi a ride back to her house to get a bigger tank for Ton), the girls wonder why the club room does not have an air conditioner. After inquiring with Nodoka about it, it turns out that Ritsu never sent in a request for an air conditioner due to her never attending any student council club meetings. After pleading to the student council, the club room gets one installed. However, Yui slumps over, having forgotten that she is weak to air conditioning.
12 Summer Festival!
"Natsu Fesu!" (夏フェス!)
June 22, 2010
With summer vacation starting, everyone initially decides to do another training camp, but instead they decide this year to go to a summer rock festival in the mountains, which Sawako conveniently has tickets for. After following Sawako's strict survival guide, the festival starts and everyone gets into it, especially Mio, although Tsumugi and Yui become depressed when they cannot eat the foods they want. Meanwhile, the girls shortly go separate ways to listen to different bands. While Mio gets entranced by a left-handed guitarist, Sawako enjoys headbanging to a heavy metal band far from the others. After a day of music, the girls sit under the stars, listen to the bands far away, and agree to perform at the next Summer Festival.
13 Late Summer Greeting Card!
"Zansho Mimai!" (残暑見舞い!)
June 29, 2010
With the other girls studying for their exams, Azusa hangs out with Ui. Throughout the day, Azusa spaces out and has weird dreams concerning the other girls. Later, Azusa, Ui and Jun go to a swimming pool, where Jun starts to regret not joining the light music club. Afterwards, they run into Yui and the others for real and they all go to a summer festival together before Azusa, Ui and Jun lose them in a crowd. Jun mentions that she might join the light music club if they cannot get any other members by next year. At the end of the day, Azusa worries about being all alone and promises to make the upcoming school festival performance a success.
14 Summer Training!
"Kaki Kōshū!" (夏期講習!)
July 6, 2010
Unable to get Mio to hang out with her, Ritsu runs into Tsumugi who decides to hang out with her. They go to an arcade and then to a candy store, where Tsumugi is fascinated by all the cheap items. Meanwhile, Yui has Nodoka over to help with her homework, and gets upset when she eats the strawberry off her cake. Later, Tsumugi asks Ritsu to hit her, wanting the same skinship she has with Mio, but Ritsu cannot bring herself to do it. As a compromise, Ritsu attempts to train Tsumugi to be dopey enough that Mio would hit her instead, but to no avail. Hoping to make an opportunity, Tsumugi eats the strawberry off Mio's cake, but this just makes her cry. Having given up when a direct request to Mio also fails, Tsumugi finally gets hit when she implies Ritsu would be popular with the girls if she was a boy.
15 Marathon Tournament!
"Marason Taikai!" (マラソン大会!)
July 13, 2010
Upon returning to school after summer vacation, the girls learn of a school-wide, 5000 meter marathon, which Yui is not keen on participating in. Seeing the marathon course while riding in Sawako's car does little to make her look forward to it. During the marathon, Yui constantly gets distracted and later everyone starts getting tired, trying to come up with various ways to keep them motivated. After reaching the top of a steep hill, the girls discover Yui has gone missing and go search for her. When Ui hears about this, she deduces that Yui had been staying at the old lady's house after scraping her knee. At the final stretch, Yui assumes that there will not be a rice cake for the person in last place, causing everyone to make a dash for the ending, resulting in Mio, who did not want to finish last due to it being embarrassing, performing an extravagant roll upon tripping at the finish line. While everyone enjoys red bean soup and rice cakes, Sawako is still searching for Yui.
16 Upperclassmen!
"Senpai!" (先輩!)
July 20, 2010
When Azusa comes to the realization that the light music club has been slacking as of late, she becomes determined to practice more. Azusa runs into Tsumugi alone in the club room and tries giving her some guitar lessons. She later is about to get a chance to practice alone with Mio, but is interrupted when Ritsu requires help from Mio and the girls end up spending the evening at Ritsu's house. The next day, Azusa runs into Yui in the club room hoping to practice, but ends up cleaning Ton's tank and helping her with understanding how to play the song Tsumugi composed, as she cannot read sheet music. Yui reminds Azusa that she is who she is, and personalizes her keychain.
17 No Club Room!
"Bushitsu ga Nai!" (部室がない!)
July 27, 2010
The club room is closed for repairs, leaving the girls nowhere for practice. While trying to find a suitable location for their practicing, the girls try to come up with lyrics for the song Tsumugi wrote. Failing to find anywhere in the school to practice, they rent out a studio, but end up wasting time discussing lyrics and run out of time before they can practice, though the club room reopens the next day. The following night, Ui helps Yui write some lyrics, but ends up catching a cold, leaving Yui, who has always relied on her, to look after her instead. Realizing how important she is to her, Yui writes some lyrics dedicated to Ui, which are approved by the other club members.
18 Leading Role!
"Shuyaku!" (主役!)
August 3, 2010
Much to their dismay, Mio and Ritsu are respectively nominated for the roles of Romeo and Juliet in the class play. Mio has her usual problems with the pressure of being center stage, while Ritsu cannot act lady-like enough for her role. After not being impressed with the other girls' 'training' for them, Ritsu and Mio decide to have a cram session. While doing impersonations of each other if they switched roles, they find the key to successfully acting out their parts. Noticing Mio still lacks confidence, Tsumugi arranges for her and the others to work as maids in her family's cafe to help get over her embarrassment. Although she gains some confidence, Mio insists it is different from being on stage. Meanwhile, Azusa grows concerned that, with everyone rehearsing for the play, no one is preparing for the live concert.
19 Romeo and Juliet!
"Romi Juri!" (ロミジュリ!)
August 10, 2010
As the seniors prepare for the play, Azusa worries that there has not been enough practice for the live performance. As the play goes on, the backstage crew realize they are missing Juliet's gravestone needed for the climax, but manage to borrow something from the occult club in time. After a successful play, the girls apologize to Azusa for making her worry and decide to hold an overnight practice session at school. Later that night, they browse through the closed stalls, where they find the missing gravestone, and give their thanks to the occult club. The next morning, Sawako gives the girls special Ho-kago Tea Time t-shirts for their performance.
20 Yet Another School Festival!
"Mata Mata Gakuensai!" (またまた学園祭!)
August 17, 2010
The girls get on stage for their performance and are surprised to find everyone in the audience wearing the same shirts as they are, which moves Yui a lot. During their performance, they sing two new songs, and Yui gives her thanks to the people who have helped her, and even gets thanks in return from the others. After their performance, the girls look back on their previous years and start to become upset knowing that this is their last year together, but manage to cheer each other up.
21 Yearbook!
"Sotsugyō Arubamu!" (卒業アルバム!)
August 24, 2010
With photos for the graduation yearbook coming up, Yui uses Ui as a model to determine the best hairstyle, though feels weird when she leaves her hairpin on her. Although the seniors have finished their clubs, the girls decide to use the music room to study for their entrance exams, though Yui and Ritsu still have yet to decide on their university choices. While trying to trim her bangs for her yearbook photo, Yui sneezes and accidentally cuts them off, giving her a completely different look. After their pictures are taken, the girls learn Mio had turned down a recommendation for a university because she wanted to study together with everyone. Upon hearing this, Yui, Ritsu and Mio turn in their university preference applications to Sawako, opting to go to the same women's university as Tsumugi.
22 Entrance Exams!
"Juken!" (受験!)
August 31, 2010
As the seniors prepare for their entrance exams, Azusa decides to make them a chocolate cake for Valentine's Day, getting Ui and Jun to help. When the day comes, Azusa becomes nervous about presenting the cake to them and is also worried about their impending graduation. However, her friends encourage her and the cake is well received, even getting a speedy White Day gift from Yui. The next day, Azusa makes an expensive prayer at the shrine for the girls' success, and later receives word that they have all passed their entrance exams.
23 After School!
"Hōkago!" (放課後!)
September 7, 2010
Although they are not supposed to be at school until graduation the next day, Yui and the others decide to hang around the club room, though they have trouble figuring out how to pass the time. They clear out their desks and visit the student council room before getting Azusa to buy them some lunch. Wanting to leave something behind after they graduate, the girls decide to record an album of their songs.
24 Graduation Ceremony!
"Sotsugyōshiki!" (卒業式!)
September 14, 2010
On the day of the girls' graduation, Yui gets off to a rough start by being late and ripping her tights. Meanwhile, Azusa is similarly distracted and ends up banging her head. The girls hold on to a card signed by the entire class, though Yui's attempts to hide it during the graduation ceremony cause Sawako to grow suspicious. They later give Sawako the present as thanks for being their teacher. After the classroom empties, leaving behind several goodbye messages on a chalkboard for Sawako, the girls go to the light music room, shortly followed by Azusa. Azusa, who had been holding in her feelings all day, finally breaks down into tears, begging them not to graduate. To cheer her up, the girls perform a special song they wrote just for her.
25 Planning Discussion!
"Kikaku Kaigi!" (企画会議!)
September 21, 2010
Set just after episode 21, Azusa finds the light music club's attempted recruitment video from before she joined the club, which was so embarrassing that Mio hid it in a cookie can. In order to recruit some new members for the next year, the girls try to come up with pitches for a new recruitment video, but to no avail. After talking with Ui and Jun, Azusa comes up with the idea of filming a documentary of their activities, intersected with interviews from fellow students and staff. The video turns out great, besides one scene at the end which Azusa is not too keen on.
26 Visit!
"Hōmon!" (訪問!)
September 28, 2010
Set before episode 23, Nodoka arrives in the clubroom with a sample of the graduation yearbook. The yearbook needs to be checked by Sawako, who is sick with a cold. Curious about what her apartment looks like, the girls decide to pay her a visit. While looking through the album, they find a mysterious hand in the group photo, which turns out to be Ritsu's. Despite Sawako's objection, the girls decide to help her out around the apartment. They briefly visit Azusa, who is busy rehearsing for her freshman reception with Ui and Jun.

Bonus episodes

A recap episode showing all the performances from the first season aired on July 25, 2009. A series of three minute shorts entitled 'Ura-On!' were included on DVD and Blu-ray Disc volumes.

# Title Original release date
Summary Live!
"Raibu!" (ライブ!)
July 25, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
This is a compilation episode showcasing the performances by After School Tea Time and was only broadcast in widescreen format. The songs that are played include: "Light and Fluffy Time", "Light and Fluffy Time" (Yui lead singer), "My Love is a Stapler" (わたしの恋はホッチキス Watashi no Koi wa Hotchkiss?), and "Calligraphy Pen: Ballpoint Pen (ふでペン 〜ボールペン〜 Fude Pen: Bōru Pen?).
Ura-On! 1 Yui's Curiosity Series
"Yui no Ki ni Naru Shirīzu" (唯の気になるシリーズ)
July 29, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yui has various thoughts she is curious about: one of Tsumugi, one of Mio, and the third of Ritsu.
Ura-On! 2 Ricchan's Sudden Shots Series
"Ritchan no Totchau zo Shirīzu" (りっちゃんのとっちゃうぞシリーズ)
August 19, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ritsu takes a series of surprise camera shots: one taking a shot of Mio, the second Yui, Tsumugi, and Mio on the scale, and a third with Yui smiling.
Ura-On! 3 Mio's Panties
"Mio no O-pantsu" (みおのおパンツ)
September 16, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Shorts revolving around Mio's panties. The first has the girls memory sketch, only to fail at drawing Mio's panties, the second has Mio receiving panties from her fan club, and the third with Ritsu showing off her idea for the fan club's membership card.
Ura-On! 4 Little Yui-chan
"Chibi Yui-chan" (ちびゆいちゃん)
October 21, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ui has fond memories of her sister when they were little. First, the sisters are celebrating their Christmas. Second, they learn how to wear tights. Third, Ui learns from Yui not to get lost in crowded places. Yui, however, is the one who gets lost now.
Ura-On! 5 Uninhabited Island Series
"Keionbu no Mujintō Shirīzu" (けいおんぶの無人島シリーズ)
November 18, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The girls get stranded on an island. First, Tsumugi gives some coconut juice to everyone. Second, Yui plays her guitar so that fish can be caught. The third, Azusa becomes homesick, which turns into a guessing game thanks to Ritsu of identifying pairs of legs. Finally, Azusa wants to leave the island with the other members.
Ura-On! 6 Animal Series
"Dōbutsu Shirīzu" (どうぶつシリーズ)
December 16, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Based on Azusa's designation as a cat, Yui wonders what animals she and the other light music club members would be, with Ritsu giving her suggestions.
Ura-On! 7 Winter Chapter
" Maki" (冬…の巻)
January 20, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The girls practice signing autographs, build snowmen, and get lectured by Tsumugi on how to cook nabe.
Ura-On!! 1 Fortune Telling for Everyone
"Minna de Uranai" (みんなで占い)
July 30, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Azusa becomes a fortune teller, learning everyone's dreams in order to tell them about their former lives, which happen to be of various bugs.
Ura-On!! 2 Souvenir Stories
"Omiyage Hanashi" (おみやげ話)
August 18, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The girls talk about the souvenirs they bought during the school trip to Kyoto.
Ura-On!! 3 We Want Siblings
"Kyōdai Hoshii" (きょうだいほしい)
September 15, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Since Yui and Ritsu have siblings, the other girls wonder what kind of siblings they would have.
Ura-On!! 4 Childhood Dreams
"Kodomo no Koro no Yume" (子どものコロのゆめ)
October 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The girls look over the dreams that had when they were younger.
Ura-On!! 5 MC Grand Prix
"MC Guran Puri" (MC グランプリ)
November 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The girls have a contest to see who is the best MC.


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