This is a list of GoGoRiki episodes that have been broadcast in the United States and Canada. A total of 208 6-minute episodes have been broadcast in Russia.

Episode list

Season Title Episodes Tenure Premiere Finale
1 Season 1 18 2008–2009 September 27, 2008 March 28, 2009
2 Season 2 TBA 2009–2010 August 22, 2009 TBA

Season 1 (2008 - 2009)

# English dub title (top)
Russian title (bottom)
Original airdate English airdate
1 The Big Race" / "A Gift for Rosariki" / "The Telegraph
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ("Большие гонки" / "День Рождения Нюши" / "Телеграф")
September 27, 2008
The Big Race: It's the Double Desert Dash, and Pogo and Chiko run into trouble early when they crash their vehicle into a cactus.

A Gift for Rosariki: After Chiko looks for a gift for Rosa's party, he and Pogo wind up lost in the desert.

The Telegraph: Otto's new invention, the telegraph, allows everyone to communicate through instant messaging. However, Pogo's telegraph breaks, making him a social outcast.

2 Extra! Extra!" / "Magnetism" / "Treasure Hunt
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ("Последняя радуга" / "Магнетизм" / "Балласт")
Unknown October 4, 2008
Extra! Extra!: Pogo makes up sensational headlines to generate interest for his new newspaper.

Magnetism: The discovery of a magnet turns Rosa, Wolli, Pogo, and Chiko against each other and Doco must work to bring them back together.

Treasure Hunt: Pogo, Chiko, Otto and Rosa go on a top secret submarine mission.

3 The Sweetness of Honey" / "The Lucky One" / "Pollution Solution
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ("Это сладкое слово «Мёд»" / "Талисман" / "Большое маленькое море")
Unknown October 11, 2008
The Sweetness of Honey: Bobo, who is honey-intolerant, continues to eat honey until he becomes violently ill.

The Lucky One: Wolli is excited about going on a hot air balloon ride until he learns he is afraid of heights.

Pollution Solution: Otto, Chiko, and Pogo work to find the source of sewage that is polluting the ocean.

4 Pyramid Scheme" / "It's About Time" / "Dreams in the Sky
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ("Что нужно всем (Пирамидка)" / "Как собрать друзей по-быстрому" / "Полёты во сне и наяву")
Unknown October 18, 2008
Pyramid Scheme:Pogo abandons his hardware marketing campaign to join Chiko with a potential pruduct of the year,a happiness-including pyramid.

It's About Time: Rosa pretends to have an injury to alleviate her boredom.

Dreams in the Sky: Otto promises to fly his plane to help protect Bobo's harvest, but lands in trouble when he stays up all night reading a comic book.

5 The Beauty Within" / "The Magic Trick" / "Bad Manners"
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ("Мисс Вселенная" / "Секрет Гудини" / "Путь в приличное общество")
Unknown October 25, 2008
The Beauty Within: Rosa is convinced that her friends are lying to her when she is rejected by an international beauty pageant.

The Magic Trick: Bigo grows tired of the same tricks and works with Wolli to perform the most dangerous stunt of all.

Bad Manners: Olga attempts to help Rosa break a bad habit of whistling.

6 Woe is Wolli" / "Scary Stories" / "A Hair Scare"
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Играй, гармония /Страшилка для Нюши / Зачем нужны друзья)
Unknown November 1, 2008
Woe is Wolli: Wolli's perfectly poetic state of mind is interrupted by his friends.

Scary Stories: Rosa is frightened by a campfire story.

A Hair Scare: Chiko tells Pogo his biggest secret, that he believes he is going bald.

7 Double Doco" / "The Piano" / "Sweet Lily
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Невоспитанный клон / Рояль / Лили)
Unknown November 8, 2008
Double Doco: Doco has found out that his evil clone came back, So Otto and Doco have to stop him from making pranks and breaking houses.

The Piano: Bigo gave Rosa his Special Piano as a gift, But Pogo, Chiko, and Wolli have to do the hard work by carrying it much.

Sweet Lily: After finding a picture of a pretty female hedgehog, Chiko becomes obsessed with finding her, and Pogo tries to help.

8 Star Gazing" / "Me, Myself, and Island" / "Bad Hair Day
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Думают ли о Вас На звёздах? / Право на одиночество / Куда приводят желания)
Unknown November 15, 2008
Star Gazing: Bobo discovers crop circles in his wheat fields, and they form an enormous portrait of Chiko.

Me, Myself, and Island: Wolli's wish for solitude is granted when a storm blows him onto a deserted island; at first he's ecstatic, but after several days of loneliness, he starts to lose his mind.

Bad Hair Day: After a strong wind ruins her new hairdo, Rosa creates a magic wand and tries to make everything just right for herself.

9 Movie Madness" / "What a Chore" / "Promises
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Ёжик в туманности / Железная няня / Обещание)
Unknown November 22, 2008
Movie Madness: Pogo and his friends try to make a science fiction movie, but everything goes wrong.

What a Chore: Otto builds a robot maid to do Pogo and Chiko's chores for them, but the robot starts treating everyone like babies.

Promises: Pogo wants Chiko to try the benefits of a special plant that only blooms once a year, but Chiko has promised to help Rosa find her missing stuffed toy.

10 Potential Disaster" / "The Scent of Wolli" / "Weather or Not
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Приятные новости / Моя прелесть / Метеорология)
Unknown November 29, 2008
Potential Disaster: Pogo takes Wolli and Chiko on a hike in the mountains, where they encounter an avalanche, an earthquake, and an erupting volcano; Pogo welcomes the character-building challenges, but the others hate them.

Scent of a Wolli: Hoping to attract Rosa, Wolli puts on a large amount of perfume; the result isn't what he'd expected.

Weather or Not: Bigo apparently ends a rainstorm with a rain dance; Doco, who believes in science rather than folklore, is astounded.

11 Big Trouble" / "The Forgotten Memory" / "Ice and Cool
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Торжество разума / Забытая история / -41с)
Unknown December 6, 2008
Ice and Cool: In the winter, Pogo and Chiko find what they believe to be a frozen Rosa, and try to thaw her out.

The Forgotten Memory: Bigo's friends try to help him retrieve a forgotten memory, first by using hypnotism, then technology.

Big Trouble: Doco is self-conscious about the size of his antlers, especially after being invited to a scientific awards ceremony.

12 Snow Daze" / "Operation Santa Claus" / "Happy New Year
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Плюс снег, минус ёлка / Операция Дед Мороз / Куда уходит старый год?)
Unknown December 13, 2008 / December 20, 2008 / December 27, 2008
Snow Daze: Pogo and Chiko are getting a tree for Christmas. While the others determine they need snow, Pogo and Chiko warn that snow is not a certainty.

Operation Santa Claus: Bigo, Bobo, Olga, Otto, and Doco are on a mission to give out presents when they go to sleep, but, when everyone thinks that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, Chiko does.

Happy New Year: Everybody is having a special new year, and Pogo has a lot of things to do on his to-do list.

13 Truffle Trouble" / "Pluto's Hero" / "The Funhouse
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Трюфель / Герой Плутона / Комната смеха)
Unknown February 21, 2009
Truffle Trouble: Bobo finds a truffle on the vegetable garden and everyone starts fighting over who gets it.

Pluto's Hero: Doco is infuriated that the scientific community no longer considers Pluto a planet, and he goes on a hunger strike until they change it back.

The Funhouse: Wolli has his worst day when he looks in a funhouse mirror and he keeps changing shape.

14 The Costume Party" / "Bobo and the Bees" / "Social Butterfly
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Маскарад / Ульи Копатыча / Бабочка)
Unknown February 28, 2009
The Costume Party: Everyone is having a costume party, so Wolli needs to figure out what to be.

Bobo and the Bees: While Bobo is sleeping, Pogo and Chiko promise to take care of his beehives for him before he wakes up.

Social Butterfly: Doco wishes he was a butterfly, so Olga, Wolli, and Bobo try to convince him that he's not a butterfly.

15 Recipes For Life" / "Sinking Feeling" / "The Collector
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Рецепт хорошего отдыха / Прощай, Бараш / Коллекция)
Unknown March 7, 2009
Recipes For Life: Rosa accidentally destroys Olga's recipe book, and uses parts of it to find the cure for her sadness.

Sinking Feeling: Bigo recruits everyone to help Wolli take a sea journey that he doesn't want to take.

The Collector: Pogo feels Chiko's candy wrapper collection is a waste of time.

16 Face the Music" / "Girls and Boys" / "Sleepy Time
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Танцор диско / Основной инстинкт / Забыть всё)
Unknown March 14, 2009
Face the Music: Bobo helps Wolli learn to dance.

Girls and Boys: Rosa wants to play mother and wants Chiko to be her 'baby'. But Chiko wants to play table tennis with Pogo.

Sleepy Time: Bigo hypnotizes Pogo.

17 Sick and Desired" / "Misery Loves Company" / "Just for Kicks, Part I
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (ОРЗ / Комната грусти / Футбол 1-ый тайм /)
Unknown March 21, 2009
Sick and Desired:

Misery Loves Company: Rosa's room of gloom becomes a hot spot.

Just for Kicks, Part I: Doco and Bobo have it out on the soccer field.

18 Just for Kicks, Part II" / "Flyin and Lying" / "Friend or Foe
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Футбол 2-ой тайм / Ежидзе / Биби и его папа)
Unknown March 28, 2009
Just for Kicks Part II: The game is now in the second half. Who will win in this finale: Bobo or the Doco Destroyers?

Flying and Lying: Chiko lies about a circus trick that he talks to Pogo about, and he disguises himself so they won't know it's him.

Friend of Foe: When Otto makes a new friend named Robo, Pogo thinks Robo is a fake.

Season 2 (2009 - 2010)

# English dub title (top)
Russian title (bottom)
Original airdate English airdate
19 Picture Perfect" / "Tae Kwon Pogo" /"Gone Fishing
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Реалист / Самооборона без противника / Долгая рыбалка)
Unknown August 22, 2009
Picture Perfect: Doco is annoyed by Bigo's interpretive approach to painting.

Tae Kwon Pogo: Pogo claims that an enemy attack is imminent.

Gone Fishing: Bobo gets upset when Doco reads his way through a fishing trip.

20 Fireworks" / "Security Umbrella" / "Flat Chance
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (День справедливости / Талисман / Край земли)
Unknown August 29, 2009
Fireworks: Otto tries to make a fireworks machine for Rosa that gets destroyed by a meteor.

Security Umbrella: Olga gives Wolli a new umbrella because his umbrella is very old and torn, but she doesn't know it's his 'security umbrella' and it keeps him safe.

Flat Chance: Doco tries to prove to Pogo that the Earth is round.

21 Bubble or Nothing" / "Germs of Endearment" / "A Rosariki By Any Other Name
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Мыльная опера / Ёжик и здоровье / Её звали Нюша)
Unknown September 5, 2009
Bubble or Nothing: After Doco eats a bar of soap and wins a bet, he takes Bigo's piano. But what happens when Bigo wants it back?

Germs of Endearment: Chiko becomes obsessed with cleaning, and refuses to come outside where there are germs.

A Rosariki By Any Other Name: Rosa decides she wants to be named something else.

22 Fate Expectations" / "Showtime Showdown"
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Линии судьбы / Кардебалет)
Unknown September 12, 2009
Fate Expectations: Doco tries to prove to Olga that one event can alter someone's fate.

Showtime Showdown: After no one can make it to the dance rehearsal of the annual shindig, Pogo threatens that if the others can't dance well enough, Chiko will write their names on a list. However, the others don't know that the list doesn't mean anything.

23 Pretty as a Picture" / "The Dream Team" / "Treasure Stunt"
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Красота / Живые часы / Археология)
Unknown September 19, 2009
Pretty as a Picture: Doco tries to hang up a picture in his house, and Pogo and Chiko decide that while they're hiding there in a game of Hide and Seek, they can assist him with the location of the picture.

The Dream Team: After Wolli sleeps in late, Pogo consults Bigo about it. Then, he lets Wolli sleep while Rosa, Chiko, and himself have a fun day at the beach.

Treasure Stunt: While Bobo is gardening, he decides to trick Pogo and Chiko into digging by telling them there's buried treaure in the ground. Little do they know that there really is...

24 Wolli's Singing Well" / "On a Roll" / "Deep Dark Secrets
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Ля / Взаперти /Большой куш)
Unknown September 26, 2009
Wolli's Singing Well: Wolli decides he is great at singing, but when he loses his voice and falls into a well, how will he get out?

On a Roll: Bobo's water tank ends up rolling away into the ocean with some trapped inside...

Deep Dark Secrets: Chiko and Pogo decide to start burying things they've collected, but what happens when Wolli finds out and decides to bury his things too?

25 Tough Luck" / "Happy Daze" / "Who's Sorry Now
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Скверная примета / Счастьемёт / Утерянные извинения)
Unknown October 3, 2009
Tough Luck: Wolli wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and decides to look in a superstition book about it. Then, he gets Doco and Chiko involved in his bad luck situation.

Happy Daze: Otto decides to get rid of all his inventions. Pogo and Chiko find a gun that Otto claims will make people smile. However, it's missing a crucial part to make it work, so they try to find it. But what happens when they get lost in the junkyard?

Who's Sorry Now: Rosa tries to clean up Wolli's room to make him feel better, but he snaps at her to leave it the way it is and she runs away, upset. She goes to Olga to talk about what happened, and Olga tells her a story about a past lover.

26 Home Away From Home" / "Quackleaf Blues" / "Spaced Out Part One
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Ремонт - дело коллективное / Некультурный / Космическая одиссея Эпизод 1)
Unknown October 10, 2009
Home Away From Home: Pogo makes 'renovations' on his house and has to move in with his friends.

Quackleaf Blues: After Bobo hears that Strawberry Quackleaves, a type of weed, destroy gardens, he starts finding them and pulling them out of the ground. The situation gradually gets worse, and soon, the weeds are all over.

Spaced Out Part One: Otto takes off on a trip to space to find and rescue Robo. Unfortunately, Pogo and Chiko sneak aboard...

27 Spaced Out Part Two" / "History In the Faking" / "Sweet Temptation
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Космическая одиссея Эпизод 2 / Биография зонтика / Горы и конфеты)
Unknown October 15, 2009 23x15px Canada, October 17th 23x15px United States
Spaced Out Part Two: After the ship is hit by an asteroid and Otto nearly dies, the three are rescued by Robo.

History in the Faking: Everyone decides to write their own biographies. Unfortunately, nobody writes a very honest one...

Sweet Temptation: Wolli loves to sit and look at the mountains with Rosa. She won't do it unless Wolli brings her candy. But after getting sick from eating too much candy, she comes to realize just being with a friend can be sweet enough.

28 A Work In Progress" / "From Zero To Hero" / "Reach For The Stars
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Двигатель прогресса / Дар / Подарок судьбы)
Unknown October 16, 2009 23x15px Canada, October 24, 2009 23x15px United States
A Work In Progress: Pogo decides to become an inventor. Unfortunately for Otto and Chiko, he does this very late at night and everything he 'invents' already has been.

From Zero To Hero: After reading a comic book, Rosa wishes she had super powers. When a bolt of lightning strikes her house and electrifies her, she finds they can be more trouble than they're worth.

Reach For The Stars: After a perfect day of playing in the field, Wolli learns his horoscope says he will get a gift today. He ruins his perfect day trying to find it.

29 Down on His Luck" / "Dream Maker" / "Snore Energy
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Полоса невезения / Снотворец / Энергия храпа)
Unknown October 19, 2009 23x15px Canada, October 31, 2009 23x15px United States
Down On His Luck: Bigo thinks he's been cursed with bad luck, but Bobo thinks he can use this to his advantage.

Dream Maker Wolli says he never dreams and it is later learned that he writes the dreams of others. After writing everyone elses dreams exhausts him, they decide to make his dream come true.

Snore Energy While helping Chiko clean out his house, Pogo finds a light bulb. As the village has no electricity, they take it to Otto and he invents something to make it light up.

30 "Poetry Emotion / "Cooking Up A Storm" / "Sun Spots
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Как здорво сочинять стихи / Кулинария / Фанерное солнце)
Unknown October 20, 2009 23x15px Canada, November 7, 2009 23x15px United States
Poetry Emotion: After a boring day, Rosa decides she needs a hobby. She visits Wolli and decides to become a poet much to his dismay.

Cooking Up A Storm: Doco decides to teach the others how to be a chef, but his efforts leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth but Bobo's.

Sun Spots: It's fall and Wolli is depressed; summer is his favorite season. Meanwhile Pogo and Chiko are chasing the sun through the clouds, hoping to get in one last tan before winter.

31 "Topsy Turvy / "Silent Treatment" / "Destination Frustration
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Вестибулярный аппарат / Бойкот / Смысл жизни)
Unknown October 21, 2009 23x15px Canada, November 14 23x15px United States
Topsy Turvy: After getting up fast from standing on their heads, Pogo and Chiko get very dizzy. Doco trains them how not to get dizzy and they help a miserable Wolli feel better about himself.

Silent Treatment: Rosa is having a fabulous day. She tries to share it with the others, but is told to stop bothering them while they work, so she decides to ignore them all.

Destination Frustration: Wolli starts to wonder if his life has a purpose, so Bigo takes him on a journey to find it.

32 A Valuable Lesson" / "Robo's Return" / "Time Will Tell
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Настоящие ценности / Каникулы Биби / Кто первый?)
Unknown December 17, 2009 23x15px Canada
A Valuable Lesson: Pogo has a carrot collection that fills forty crates. Rosa asks him for help with something and offers him a carrot for his collection as payment. Soon, the entire village is using carrots for currency!

Robo's Return: Robo returns from his voyage in space to visit Otto and the others.

Time Will Tell: Rosa and Woli had planned to meet for a springtime brunch, but Rosa turned her clock ahead too soon and arrives an hour early. She is furious because she thinks Woli forgot. When she later learns the mistake was hers, she plans to apologise, but hopes Woli will make the first move.

33 The Bench / "Maze Craze" / "Tell It Like It Is
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" (Скамейка / Лабиринт / Роман в письмах)
Unknown December 18, 2009 23x15px Canada
The Bench: Pogo has made a bench and painted it. While waiting for the paint to dry, he and Chico try to find something to do with the rest of the paint.

Maze Craze: Bobo is planning to plant some hedges to protect his crops from the strong winds. Doco decides to make it more interesting and makes a hedge labyrinth. Unfortunately, he makes it so complicated that nobody can get in and Bobo can't get out...

Tell It Like It Is: Woli decides to admit his love to Rosa, but can't find the right way to tell her. He decides to use poetry to tell her; how hard can it be? You'd be surprised...


  • In "Woe is Wolli," the term "Pizang" was used instead of "Pizazz"
  • In the sweetness of honey the term contenplate was used instead of concentrate
  • In fireworks the term zat was used instead of the word that.
  • when you are at they do not have the episodes in order including snow daze operation santa claus and happy new year and truffle trouble and plutos hero and the fun house wolli's singing well and on a roll and deep dark secrets and the sweetness of honey season 1 not season 2 and the lucky one and pollution solution
  • in the episode its about time in rosas bedroom we see a gogoriki poster from Russian hard to see but watch it at


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