This is a list of episodes for the 1967 cartoon series George of the Jungle.


Each of the following episodes consists of a George of the Jungle cartoon, a Super Chicken cartoon, and a Tom Slick cartoon.

No. George of the Jungle Super Chicken Tom Slick Airdate
N-1 The Sultan's Pearl The Zipper The Bigg Race 9 Sep. 1967
The Sultan's Pearl: The Sultan's most priceless treasure has been stolen, and George tries to get it back.

The Zipper: The elusive fiend dubbed The Zipper plans to blow up the world; Super Chicken and Fred try to track him down using his "zip code."

N-2 The Malady Lingers On One of our States is Missing Monster Rally 16 Sep. 1967
One of our States is Missing: The villainous Appian Way has stolen Rhode Island.

Monster Rally: Tom races in a "monster rally" against actual monsters, including a vampire and a werewolf.

N-3 Ungawa the Gorilla God The Oyster Snow What 30 Sep. 1967
The Oyster: A criminal disguised as an actual oyster steals the world's largest pearl.
N-4 Oo-oo Birds of a Feather Wild Ralph Hiccup Send In a Sub 23 Sep. 1967
Wild Ralph Hiccup: A wily robber named Wild Ralph Hiccup (with a speech pattern resembling an obvious parody of John Wayne) robs airplane passengers at gunpoint, before diving out into the wild blue yonder. Super Chicken and Fred are soon hot on his trail-even if it means taking 26 flights from Miami, Florida, to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
N-5 Monkey Business The Elephant Spreader I Was Railroaded 14 Oct. 1967
The Elephant Spreader: Elephants are popping up all over the world, and their added weight is tilting the Earth on its axis. The brains behind the world-tipping scheme is India's Prince Blackhole of Calcutta, who has concocted this scheme so that it can snow in India.
N-6 The Desperate Showers Rotten Hood The Cupp Cup Race 28 Oct. 1967
N-7 Little Scissor The Easter Bunny The Great Balloon Race 7 Oct. 1967
The Easter Bunny: It appears the Easter Bunny has turned to crime, robbing banks across the greater Pittsburgh area. But upon further investigation by Super Chicken and Fred, the culprit is actually Louie the Laughin, who was wearing an Easter Bunny disguise. Louie's plan is to dye US currency, because he has grown tired of the color green.
N-8 Next Time, Take the Train The Geezer Dranko the Dragster 21 Oct. 1967
The Geezer: A cantankerous old Geezer has stolen the world-famous geyser, "Old Faceful."
N-9 The Trouble I've Seed The Noodle Overstocked 11 Nov. 1967
The Noodle: Super Chicken and Fred try to capture the Noodle, whose name comes from his many elaborately-thought out plans. However, one of his plans causes Super Chicken to develop amnesia. With nowhere else to turn to, Fred dons the mantle of his friend, and tries to catch the Noodle himself.
N-10 Big Flop at the Big Top Salvador Rag Dolly Sneaky Sheik 2 Dec. 1967
Salvador Rag Dolly: Crooked toymaker Salvador Rag Dolly uses large wind-up toys to infiltrate birthday parties, and make off with household valuables. Super Chicken tries to stop the dastardly fiend, but soon comes face-to-face with Rag Dolly's latest creation: a wind-up toy Super Chicken.
N-11 Rescue is My Business Merlin Brando The Apple-less Indian 500 25 Nov. 1967
Merlin Brando: A hermit wizard named Merlin Brando lives on the Isle of Lucy with his magic mirror. His mirror flatters Merlin with praise that he is the greatest, until the mirror sees Super Chicken on the television. Declaring there isn't room in the world for 'two greatests,' Merlin decides to eliminate Super Chicken.
N-12 Dr. Schpritzer, I Presume? The Fat Man Double Cross Country Race 18 Nov. 1967
The Fat Man: The priceless Maltese duck has been stolen by The Fat Man, an obese man in a brown suit.
N-13 Chi Chi Dog Briggs Bad Wolf Cheap Skate Board Derby 9 Dec. 1967
Briggs Bad Wolf: Stage actor Briggs Bad Wolf becomes so enamored in his role that he believes that he really is a villain, and he kidnaps the stage production's female lead.
N-14 Treasure of Sarah Madre The Laundry Man Irish Cheapstakes 4 Nov. 1967
The Laundry Man: Shrimp Chop Phooey runs a money laundering racket disguised as a Chinese laundry. When he makes off with his customers' ill-gotten cash, Super Chicken and Fred must stop him and return the money to its rightful owners -- the crooks.
N-15 A Man For All Hunting Seasons The Muscle The Badyear Blimp 16 Dec. 1967
The Muscle: A body-building criminal forces Super Chicken to exercise to exhaustion. Super Chicken attempts to recover his strength by drinking double-strength Super Sauce, but the volatile concoction proves too powerful for him.
N-16 The Forest's Prime Evil Dr. Gizmo Swamp Buggy Race 23 Dec. 1967
N-17 Kings Back-to-Back The Wild Hair Mack Buster Trophy 30 Dec. 1967
The Wild Hair: A mad scientist creates the world's first living toupee; however, it soon grows out of control.


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