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This is a complete episode listing for the anime series Fruits Basket. Based on the twenty-three volume manga series written by Natsuki Takaya, the series tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl living in a tent so not to trouble anyone who, after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma (who later ask her to do their housework in exchange for a room to stay in), learns that thirteen members of the Sohma family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac and cursed to turn into their animal forms if they embrace anyone of the opposite sex who is not cursed by the Zodiac or if their bodies are under great deals of stress. Part comedy-part drama with a hint of romance, as the series progresses, Tohru learns of the hardships and hurts faced by the inflicted Sohmas, and through her own generous and loving nature, helps heal their emotional wounds. As she learns more about Yuki, Kyo, and the rest of the mysterious Sohma family, Tohru also learns more about herself and how much others care for her. The anime series only covers material from the first eight volumes of the manga, leaving the story incomplete. The final episode's story is unique to the anime series. Directed by Akitaro Daichi, the twenty-six episode series was animated and produced by Studio DEEN and premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo on 5 July 2001. The final episode aired on 27 December 2001. The series aired in France on France 4 and in Spain on Buzz Channel. FUNimation aired the series, in dubbed English, on their anime television channel as well as on Colours TV.[1]

Fruits Basket was released to DVD in nine individual volumes by King Records on a monthly schedule from 29 September 2001 through 22 May 2002, with a series box set released on 25 April 2007. The series is licensed for Region 1 and Region 2 release by FUNimation Entertainment, which released it as four individual DVD volumes containing 6-7 episodes and as a complete series box set. As part of their release, FUNimation renamed all of the episodes, which originally had simple names of "First story", "Second story", etc.[2] On 20 November 2007, FUNimation re-released the series as part of their lower priced Viridian line, with the new release containing the complete series in a thin-packed box set. The Region 2 United Kingdom releases were done through a sub-licensing agreement with Revelation Films. The series was released in Region 4 by Madman Entertainment as a series box set.

The series uses three pieces of theme music, all performed by Ritsuko Okazaki. "For Fruits Basket" (For フルーツバスケット For Furūtsu Basuketto?) is used for the opening theme for all twenty-six episodes. "Chiisana Inori" (小さな祈り lit. Small Prayer?) is used for the series ending theme, except for episode twenty-five, which uses the song "Serenade" (セレナーデ Serenēde?).[1] In the English version, the theme songs were rewritten and redubbed with the English voice actress Laura Bailey. In the French language broadcast, the theme songs were rewritten and redubbed, with Peggy Ngo Yanga providing the new vocals.[1]


# Title Original air date
1 The Strangest Day
"Dai Ichi Wa" (第一話)
5 July 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tohru Honda, a high school girl, has been living in a tent for a little over a week. Having had her mother recently die in an accident and having lost her father at a young age, she lives alone in a tent with only a framed photograph of her mother as a reminder of her sad past. While going to school, she passes by a house and notices little figurines of the Chinese Zodiac are laid out on the ground. As she's admiring them, a man walks out and is surprised to see a teenage girl admiring his figurines. He is surprised to see that she recognizes all the Chinese Zodiac, and even mentions the cat, in which the man did not lay outside with the others. As they talk the man's cousin, Yuki Sohma, the "prince" of Tohru's school, appears. It is revealed that the strange man's name is Shigure. They walk to school together, creating much turmoil with the "Yuki Fan Club". Later on, Tohru bumps into Yuki again, and they discuss the Zodiac. Yuki hints at a hatred toward the cat before reminding Tohru that she needs to go to work or she'll be late. Late at night, Yuki and Shigure walk around the area and notice Tohru going into a tent. Shigure laughs, but they take her back to their house and she explains her situation. As they talk, a landslide occurs, and Shigure strangely senses it was near Tohru's tent. They go check it out only to find that Tohru's only home was then destroyed. They take her back to their house, and Tohru falls asleep due to a fever, while Yuki retrieves her belongings, including the prized photograph of her mom. The next day they agree that if Tohru does the chores in the house, she can have a room to stay. As they set up her new room, a strange organge-haired boy Yuki and Tohru's age breaks through the roof and challenges Yuki to a fight. In an attempt to stop the chaos, Tohru runs to stop the boy, but slips on a broken piece of wood and accidentally embraces him. To her surprise, he turns into a cat. While panicking, a fragile wooden plank above her falls on her head which causes her to crash into Yuki and Shigure, strangely turning them into a rat and dog.
2 The Sohma Curse
"Dai Ni Wa" (第二話)
12 July 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After accidentally hugging Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure, Tohru freaks out, and, as soon as the postman came, she tried to tell him that Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure were turned into animals. After the dog (Shigure) takes the mail and the postman leaves, Tohru discovers the Sohma family secret: thirteen members of the Sohma family are possessed by the vengeful spirits of the Zodiac animals and that they transform if hugged by the opposite gender. When they return to normal, Kyo and Yuki continue the fight that was started earlier. Tohru later speaks with Kyo as he fixes the hole he'd made in the roof of her room. He begins to apologize for earlier, but is interrupted by Shigure, who had gone to see the head of the family: Akito, who says that he will trust Tohru with the Sohma secret. After school, Shigure comes home again with an especially angry Kyo to inform them that Kyo had been registered for high school and would be staying with them.
3 All Shapes and Sizes
"Dai San Wa" (第三話)
19 July 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
During Kyo's first day of school, Yuki confronted him about his earlier stunt (hurting a girl's arm and jumping from the classroom window to get away from the other curious girls). Kyo mentions that he will one day be a member of the family, and, before he could fight Yuki again, Tohru saves him by accidentally hugging Kyo again! When Tohru tries to apologize, Kyo tells her to stay away from him. Before he had a chance to apologize for yelling at her, Tohru walks off, and thinks he hates her. Later, Kyo comes to escort her home after work and meets her in the forest (Tohru mistook Kyo for a stalker and whacked him with her bookbag) where Kyo apologizes for what he'd said earlier and Tohru realizes that Kyo was not as bad as he seemed. The next day Yuki picks her up from work and she accidentally makes him transform again! Walking home with him as a rat, they get caught in the rain, just as Yuki turns human again. Yuki is worried about the plants in his "secret base", and they go to cover up the plants until the rain stops. While holding the tarp, Yuki makes the confession that he is only known as polite and charming because that's how he wanted to be seen. Tohru then tells him some of the things her mom told her, about kindness coming in all shapes and sizes.
4 Here Comes Kagura!
"Dai Yon Wa" (第四話)
26 July 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kagura Sohma, the boar of the Zodiac, pays a visit, much to the chagrin of Kyo, after hearing he was living with Shigure. Tohru is surprised to discover that the seemingly "little" girl was actually a year older than the three teens. Kagura is madly in love in Kyo, and Tohru notices she has multiple personalities (meaning one moment she's quiet and sweet, and the next she's beating Kyo up). Kagura can't seem to do anything right and only causes trouble for everyone. At first she and Tohru don't seem to get along, as she is jealous of Tohru's bond with Kyo, but by the end they end up becoming good friends.
5 A Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket
"Dai Go Wa" (第五話)
2 August 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tohru finally goes to live with her paternal grandfather, now that his house renovations are complete. However, this turns out not to be the happiest decision for either Tohru or the Sohmas. Tohru's paternal family (with the exception of her grandfather) are cruel to her and see her more as a burden than as a family (unlike the Sohmas, who treasure Tohru.) After living there awhile, Tohru's grandfather urges her to tell him where she would rather be, because he wants her to be happy and free, like her mother and his son, her father. Though she is very grateful for her Grandfather's kindness and love, she confesses to missing her life with the Sohmas. Yuki and Kyo walk in to take her back home, knowing that was what she wanted after hearing Tohru`s confession. Kyo has a talk with her and she cried tears of joy. They are joined by Yuki, and Tohru walks hand-in-hand with both of them to their house, and they are all greeted by a smiling Shigure.
6 Invincible Friendship
"Dai Roku Wa" (第六話)
9 August 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tohru asks Shigure if it is alright if she can tell her two closest friends about where she is currently living. So Tohru's friends invite themselves over to the Sohma residence just to see how everyone is treating her. But Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure keep on bumping into the girls and on turning into their animal forms. They are very suspicious, and Tohru feels increasingly nervous after each close call. At the end Tohru's friends see that everyone is treating her nicely and they completely trust them. PS: When Shigure transforms into a dog again, Tohru calls him "poochie". (In the English language version, it's "Spot".)
7 A Plum on the Back
"Dai Nana Wa" (第七話)
16 August 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tohru's school has a cultural festival. Yuki is asked to wear a dress bought by the senior girls, much to his humiliation. Hatori (Ha'ri) and Momiji Sohma pay them a visit and Momiji turns into a rabbit after hugging Tohru. Hatori tells Yuki he missed his "check-up." When Tohru asks what for, Hatori tells her about Yuki having asthma and weak bronchial tubes, though it is getting less severe. Tohru learns that Kyo admires Yuki and compares humans and jealousy to rice balls and pickled plums. Ha'ri asks (or demands) Tohru to visit him at the main house not five minutes after Yuki warns her not to find herself alone with him, and Tohru is worried that her memories may be suppressed.
8 Don't Cry, For the Snow will Surely Melt
"Dai Hachi Wa" (第八話)
23 August 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tohru is asked to pay a visit to Hatori at the main house where he warns her not to get to involved with the Sohmas. Tohru learns of Hatori's past with a human girl (Kana) and why his left eye is injured. Ha`ri notices how strongly Tohru resembles Kana. Trying to save Tohru's life from falling, he turns into a seahorse and is deemed dry. Once he turns back, Shigure turns up with Momiji and hot drinks. On the way home, Tohru sees the head of the family Akito but does not officially meet him.
9 A Solitary New Year
"Dai Kyuu Wa" (第九話)
30 August 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tohru is all alone on New Year's Day since Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure have to go to the main house. But on the way Hanajima subtly convinces Kyo and Yuki to head back and spend the day with Tohru while Shigure goes to the main house alone. The three watch the sunrise together and make wishes for the New Year.
10 Make It Clear If It's Black or White
"Dai Juu Wa" (第十話)
6 September 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yuki comes down with a fever, and although Tohru tries to convince him to stay home, he responds to a challenge from Kyo to whoever will win the endurance run at school the next day. Tohru meets Hatsuharu, a Sohma with a black and white personality, who is the cow of the Zodiac. He has come to challenge Kyo and while watching the fight Yuki collapses from a fever. Hatsuharu tells Tohru why he went from hating the rat for deeming the cow a fool, to liking Yuki himself.
11 Everybody Loves Chocolate
"Dai Juu Ichi Wa" (第十一話)
13 September 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
It's Valentine's Day so Tohru decides to buy chocolates for everyone to thank them for everything they've done for her. Meanwhile Kyo has to deal with Kagura and refuses to eat her chocolate. Shigure gets a phone call from Tohru's grandfather saying that the fees for her class trip haven't been paid. Yuki, Kyo and Shigure realize that she has no money because she used her money to buy chocolates for everyone. Kyo is mad, saying how she could have used that money for herself instead of spending it on`such "worthless things" as chocolate. Momiji tells a story of a "foolish" traveler who seemed too generous and was always tricked. He compares the travler to Tohru and how she gives so that everyone can be happy even if she is not. Momiji invites Tohru to a hot spring trip for White Day and Yuki and Kyo come along.
12 White Day
"Dai Juu Ni Banashi" (第十二話)
20 September 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Momiji, Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru go to the Sohma hot springs. There they are under the care of the hostess who has a child in the Zodiac and apologizes for everything. Tohru learns she gets dizzy when in the hot springs, especially when Momiji helps her sing with him. After seeing Tohru miss the ball when playing ping pong with Kyo, Yuki leaves the room. Tohru, worried about him, follows to find him laughing in a way Tohru had never seen before. He admits he'd have been ashamed to laugh in front of Kyo and Momiji. Then, he surprises Tohru with a White Day gift, two gold hair ribbons fit for a real princess. Afterwards, Tohru finds out that though Momiji looks like he was in elementary school, he was actually going to start his first year of high school along with Hatsuharu!
13 A New School Term Starts!
"Dai Juu San Wa" (第十三話)
27 September 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Momiji and Hatsuharu Sohma begin their first year in high school. Kyo is angered when he sees Momiji wearing a girl's uniform and, when the student council president rants on about Momiji's outfit and about Hatsuharu's black and white hair, which he refuses to believe is Hatsuharu's natural hair color, Hatsuharu turns into Black Haru to get his point across. Akito comes to the high school and introduces himself to Tohru. Yuki is terrified when he sees Akito with Tohru, assuming he threatened her, or did something else. Akito confronts him about skipping New Year's, and threatened with the "special room" he had put Yuki when he was young, and physically and mentally tortured him. Tohru notes the horror in Yuki's eyes, and pushes Akito away, using the excuse that they needed to get to class. Akito accepts Tohru's lame excuse, and said he himself had to get going. Tohru thinks about what she did, and feels awful for doing it. She then invites Yuki to have fun with her and her friends after school in an attempt to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Shigure tells Hatori what Akito said about how Tohru was the ugliest thing he's ever seen while at the school. Shigure, being his usual perverted self, said she was cute.
14 The Adult's Episode - Ayame's a Messed Up Snake!
"Dai Juu Yon Wa" (第十四話)
4 October 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yuki's older brother, Ayame Sohma (who, in his own way, makes it clear from the beginning that he is the snake), decides to pay a visit, supposedly to see Tohru. Ayame turns out to be the sort of person nobody seems to like at all except for Shigure and Hatori, who were his childhood entourage. He tells Tohru on how he has been wanting to bond with Yuki, so she tries to help him. But Ayame just gets on Yuki's nerves with his un-Yuki attitude, so Haru calls Hatori to come take Ayame home. Ayame only listens to Hatori because he admires him.
15 There Are No Memories It's OK to Forget
"Dai Juu Go Wa" (第十五話)
11 October 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tohru, Kyo, Yuki, Arisa and Hanajima go to visit her mother's grave. Later on at work Tohru meets Momiji and finds out that his mother doesn't remember having him because she rejected him for what he was, and had her memories erased. The two decide to remember everything so one day they can be strong enough to look back on everything and smile.
16 If We've Three Then We Don't Need To Fear Jason
"Dai Juu Roku Wa" (第十六話)
18 October 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Everyone goes to the lake house for a vacation. Kyo and Yuki aren't speaking so Tohru gets worried. They explain that they're so comfortable around her they let their guard down. Yuki's brother Ayame comes to the lake as well, and because of this Kyo and Yuki fight some more.
17 It's Because I've Been Loved That I've Become Stronger
"Dai Juu Nana Wa" (第十七話)
25 October 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While in the rain Tohru and Yuki meet Kisa Sohma. Haru says she has stopped talking because of bullying and for that Yuki seems close to her. Later her mother comes and talks to Kisa but she still won't talk. Tohru explains that Kisa was worried of how she would feel if she knew. Kisa's mother understands and lets Kisa stay over at Shigure's. During that time she and Tohru became very close and Kisa starts talking and goes back to school. Even Yuki is confident now and signs up to run for student council president.
18 The Strongest Tag - The Cursed Electric Wave Brother and Sister
"Dai Juu Hachi Wa" (第十八話)
1 November 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Prince Yuki Fan Club go to Hanajima's house to find her weakness so they can get to Tohru, but wind up cursed by Hanajima's brother, Megumi.
19 The Source of Cheer Can Be Affected By Colds Too
"Dai Juu Kyuu Wa" (第十九話)
8 November 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Due to depression and stress because of failing on the test, Tohru gets a fever and has to stay in bed. To help, Kyo decides to make leek soup to help her get better (despite the fact that he hates leeks and wears a gas mask and goggles while cooking it). When he gives it to her she starts to cry so he stays to listen to what she has to say.
20 Ayame's Secret Life
"Dai Ni Juu Wa" (第二十話)
15 November 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tohru and Yuki decide to pay a visit to Ayame's shop. His assistant decides to dress up Tohru so Yuki and Ayame can have time to bond. Yuki is shocked to learn what Ayame does for a living.
21 Sophist Boy Has Captured The Prince
"Dai Ni Juu Ichi Wa" (第ニ十一話)
22 November 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While on her way to work Tohru meets a new member of the family, Hiro Sohma. He is the Sheep of the Zodiac and is an expert at throwing verbal insults. While dealing with his antics Tohru discovers he likes Kisa and wants to protect her because he couldn't when she was getting bullied at school or by Akito.
22 Prince Yuki Fan Club
"Dai Ni Juu Ichi Ni Banashi" (第ニ十ニ話)
29 November 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Prince Yuki Fan Club is obsessed with him and to make sure he is safe the next year, they want to know if any girls are on the student council. But when they are denied the information they decide to sneak in. Motoko Minagawa, the fan club's president, walks with another member into Yuki. They make an excuse to stay but Motoko accidentally shows him a jealous side to her. In the end Yuki just wants to make sure she is okay and Motoko understands she can't love him.
23 Is The Rumored Ri That Mother's Daughter?
"Dai Ni Juu San Wa" (第ニ十三話)
6 December 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
When walking to Shigure's house, Tohru runs into Ritsu Sohma, the Monkey of the Zodiac. Ritsu dresses like a girl though he's a boy and, like his mother, the hostess of the Sohma hot spring, apologies for everything. When he shows his presents to Shigure, Shigure yanks his chain by acting like he didn't like them and making him feel bad until he tells Ritsu he was just kidding. Before Ritsu could leave, Tohru kindly asks him to stay, but she accidentally breaks a glass, which sent Ritsu into a panic attack, thinking it was his fault. Tohru tries to stop him from stepping in the broken glass, but he turns into his Zodiac form, and Tohru gets cut from the broken glass. Feeling ashamed, clinging to the idea he was the source for Tohru getting cut, and thinking he has no reason to live, he tried to commit suicide, but Tohru manages to stop him. Coming to his senses, Ritsu doesn't commit suicide, but he nearly falls off the roof, and twists his ankle in the process. When Hatori comes over and bandages Ritsu's twisted ankle, he and Ritsu stays at Shigure's house, for what seems to be only one night, but turns into three days. While walking back from school, Tohru runs into Ritsu again, only this time he was dealing with a cat trying to get the jelly buns that are for Shigure from him. He and Tohru sit on a park bench and talk. He tells Tohru why he apologizes so much and dresses like a girl, which he claims makes him feel more comfortable. Tohru comforts him by saying that everyone has a reason to live, and maybe Ritsu just needs to keep looking for his.
24 The Curse of the Cat
"Dai Ni Juu Yon Wa" (第ニ十四話)
13 December 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While out shopping on a rainy day, Tohru learns that Kyo hates the rain as it causes him to feel weak and irritable. Kagura comes for another visit, so Shigure forces Kyo to take her out shopping to avoid the house being wrecked by her affectionate outbursts. Meanwhile, Tohru and Yuki go to visit his garden to see what is ready for picking. When they return, they discover that Kyo's adopted father and martial arts instructor, Kazuma, comes to visit to see how Kyo is doing. Having seen Kyo smiling freely with Tohru, he tells Shigure that he is going to remove Kyo's beads. That night, as the rain is pouring down, Kazuma talks to Kyo. When he sees Tohru appear behind him, he pulls off the bead bracelet Kyo always wears on his wrist. Kyo screams, "Don't look at me!" to Tohru.
25 True Form
"Dai Ni Juu Go Wa" (二十五話)
20 December 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kyo turns into a monster; seeing Tohru watching him, he runs off. Tohru follows and runs into Akito, who taunts her for throwing up behind a tree. Shigure finds her there and apologizes, but Tohru gets up and continues on. Kagura convinces Yuki to follow Tohru and Kyo. Hanajima senses something is wrong and calls Arisa, who meets her at Tohru's mom's grave. They find Tohru there, but Hanajima will not let Arisa comfort the crying Tohru. Instead, she tells Tohru she must keep going on. Tohru eventually gets up and continues searching for Kyo.
26 Let's Go Home
"Saishuu Kai" (最終回)
27 December 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tohru has the job of trying to convince Kyo in his true form that he is loved and cared for. Meanwhile Kazuma is anxiously awaiting him. Tohru finds him by a lake. He lashes out at her and the newly arrived Yuki, hurting them both. Tohru grabs his arm and tells him that she is scared of how he looks now, but that she is still his friend and wants to be together with him. Kyo calms down and changes back to normal as the rain stops and the sun rises, explaining his mother always claimed to love him but was terrified of his true form and always checking to make sure the beads were in place. He tells Tohru "You don't have to love everything," and then they hug, changing Kyo to his regular cat form. Tohru carries him home in her arms, with Yuki following. Kazuma and Shigure are relieved to see them return. Later on Tohru asks permission to talk to Akito. After a wild meeting, she convinces Akito that no matter what, he is still alive and cared for, which he replies with, "I don't understand."

DVD releases

Region 2 (Japan)

The series was originally released in Japan in nine individual DVD volumes by King Records, with each volume containing three episodes except for the first volume, which contained two.[3] The first, sixth, eighth, and ninth volumes were also given limited edition releases. The first and sixth limited edition volumes included a series box, while the eight included a set of six trading cards and a figurine. The final volume's limited edition version also included a figurine. A deluxe season box set was released on 25 April 2007. In addition to the complete series, the box set includes a message card from Natsuki Takaya, a 60-page deluxe booklet, and a bonus Fruits Basket CD soundtrack.[4] All of the original volumes have Japanese language tracks with no subtitles.

Volume Date[5]
Fruits Basket 1 29 September 2001
Fruits Basket 2 30 October 2001
Fruits Basket 3 29 November 2001
Fruits Basket 4 29 December 2001
Fruits Basket 5 26 January 2002
Fruits Basket 6 28 February 2002
Fruits Basket 7 27 March 2002
Fruits Basket 8 24 April 2002
Fruits Basket 9 22 May 2002
Fruits Basket DVD Box 25 April 2007

Region 1

In Region 1, the series was released on DVD by FUNimation Entertainment. FUNimation released the series in four single disc volumes, with English and Japanese audio and English subtitles. The first two volumes include six episodes, while the final two have seven. The series was released as a box set on 16 November 2004. In 2007, FUNimation began re-releasing the individual volumes as part of their value priced Viridian Collection. Other than a slightly redesigned cover to include the Viridian Collection tag, the volumes are identical to the regular versions. The series box set was also re-released as part of the Viridian Collection, in the form of a thinpak set.[6]

Title Original Release[6] Viridian Release[6]
Fruits Basket, Volume 1: A Great Transformation 29 October 2002 4 September 2007
Fruits Basket, Volume 2: What Becomes of Snow? 21 January 2003 4 September 2007
Fruits Basket, Volume 3: Puddles of Memories 25 March 2003 5 October 2007
Fruits Basket, Volume 4: The Clearing Sky 27 May 2003 5 October 2007
Fruits Basket Series Box Set 16 November 2004 20 November 2007

Region 2 (Europe)

Through their deal with FUNimation for subleasing titles, MVM Entertainment released the series to Region 2 DVD in Europe. The series was released as four individual volumes which are identical to those released by Funimation in Region 1.[6] On 14 November 2006, FUNimation announced that MVM would not longer be distributing their titles. Instead, all of their title distribution in the United Kingdom would be handled by Revelation Films.[7] Revelation Films re-released the four individual volumes under their label and released the series box set on 22 January 2007.[8]

Title MVM Entertainment Revelation Films
Fruits Basket, Volume 1 5 April 2004[6] 22 January 2007[8]
Fruits Basket, Volume 2 7 June 2004[6] 22 January 2007[8]
Fruits Basket, Volume 3 9 August 2004[6] 22 February 2007[8]
Fruits Basket, Volume 4 20 September 2004[6] 22 February 2007[8]
Fruits Basket Box Set None 22 January 2007[6]

Region 4

Fruits Basket was released to Region 4 DVD by Madman Entertainment on 15 October 2003 in the form of a complete series box set. The set uses the same box set used for the original Region 1 release of the complete series by FUNimation. The on-disc extras in the set include character profiles, textless opening and closing sequences, a behind the scenes featurette, an interview with the director, and image galleries.[9]

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