This is a list of episodes for the anime series Eureka Seven. The series ran for a total of fifty episodes, as well as a recap special titled "Navigation ray=out", which recaps the first half of the series. The first episode aired in Japan on April 17, 2005, and the final episode on April 2, 2006. The series was later picked up by Cartoon Network for the United States market and began airing on April 15, 2006. Cartoon Network aired the last episode on April 28, 2007, replacing Eureka's dialogue and the final scene with Axel and the children with the opening and ending themes. On May 6, 2007, they re-aired the episode with the original opening and ending content intact.

Almost all of the series' episode titles correspond to real songs, composed by Japanese or foreign artists.[1] Some of these have been stated to be intentional references (including "Blue Monday"),[2] and other phrases previously only existed as song titles. However, it is unclear whether every episode title is intended as a musical reference.

Episode list

# Title Musical reference Original air date English air date
01 Blue Monday
"Burū Mandē" (ブルーマンデー)
2005-04-17 2006-04-15
Renton Thurston, son of the legendary hero Adroc, lives a boring, monotonous life in the village of Bellforest. This life is suddenly interrupted when the mysterious LFO known as the Nirvash typeZERO and its pilot, Eureka, crash-land into his room, followed by Gekkostate — and the United Federation military.
02 Blue Sky Fish
"Burū Sukai Fisshu" (ブルースカイ・フィッシュ)
2005-04-24 2006-04-22
As Gekkostate engages the military in the sky over Bellforest, Renton attempts to deliver the Amita Drive, a memento of his father, to Eureka and the Nirvash. In doing so, he releases the typeZERO's hidden power — the Seven Swell.
03 Motion Blue
"Mōshon Burū" (モーション・ブルー)
2005-05-01 2006-04-29
The members of Gekkostate rush back to the Gekko after defeating the Izumo's KLF platoon, with Renton in tow. When they arrive to find a military blockade, the Nirvash must conduct a daring decoy operation in order to draw attention away from the Gekko.
04 Watermelon
"Wōtāmeron" (ウォーターメロン)
2005-05-08 2006-05-06
Renton has joined Gekkostate in order to be with Eureka, but what he discovers is that life on the Gekko is not much different from his previous life in Bellforest — until Gekkostate takes a certain job in order to earn some desperately-needed money. Meanwhile, the Council of Sages decides to reinstate Dewey Novak, a former military officer who has ties to Adroc Thurston and something known only as the "Ageha Plan".
05 Vivid Bit
"Bibitto Bitto" (ビビット・ビット)
2005-05-15 2006-05-13
Renton goes with Talho and Hilda on a routine shopping errand, but when Talho gets drunk and into trouble, it's up to Renton to protect her by piloting a combat LFO for the first time.
06 Childhood
"Chairudofuddo" (チャイルドフッド)
2005-05-22 2006-05-20
Renton's relationship with the kids that call Eureka "Mama" worsens and worsens as he becomes the victim of multiple pranks. However, when the kids' latest anti-Renton adventure compromises the Gekko's stealth capabilities, Renton takes to the skies with them to disable a military outpost in the Gekko's path.
07 Absolute Defeat
"Abusoryūto Difīto" (アブソリュート・ディフィート)
2005-05-29 2006-05-27
Gekkostate's hazing of Renton continues; he is sent on a "mission of utmost importance", which is a front for a drawn-out prank that eventually involves Moondoggie as well. Meanwhile, KLF squads are being destroyed and Dewey begins formulating a plan to deal with the enemy, known as Coralians.
08 Glorious Brilliance
"Guroriasu Buririansu" (グロリアス・ブリリアンス)
2005-06-05 2006-06-03
Renton, Eureka and the kids go on a shopping trip, where they meet Tiptory, a member of the Vodarac religion. Meanwhile, Gekkostate takes a job to capture a suspected terrorist — who turns out to be none other than Tiptory.
09 Paper Moon Shine
"Pēpā Mūn Shain" (ペーパームーン・シャイン)
2005-06-12 2006-06-10
After landing at Ciudades del Cielo, an altercation between Renton and Holland leads to Renton running off into the city, where he discovers the truth of what happened there and the origins of Gekkostate.
10 Higher Than the Sun
"Haiā Zan Za San" (ハイアー・ザン・ザ・サン)
2005-06-19 2006-06-17
Holland hears news of a big wave arriving on the other side of the planet, so he has the Gekko take off in an outer-atmospheric flight mode to get there in time; however, Talho, irritated at what she perceives as the selfishness of the rest of Gekkostate, redirects the Gekko to the ruins of a military base that holds special meaning for her and Holland.
11 Into the Nature
"Intū Za Neichā" (イントゥー・ザ・ネイチャー)
2005-06-26 2006-06-24
A Coralian appears over the town of South Ailess, and Gekkostate decides to investigate. Meanwhile, Dewey's new unit, the Nirvash typeTheEND, and its pilot, Anemone, also head towards South Ailess with the Izumo. As the two ships reach the Coralian and attempt to break through, the two Nirvashes meet in battle.
12 Acperience 1
"Akuperiensu 1" (アクペリエンス・1)
2005-07-03 2006-07-01
As the two Nirvashes, typeTheEND and typeZERO, unleash their power, they are drawn into the body of the aerial Coralian, known as the Zone. Inside, Renton, Eureka, and Anemone are connected by what appears to be a dream, and yet not. Meanwhile, the Gekko and the Izumo engage in a desperate game of chicken.
13 The Beginning
"Za Biginingu" (ザ・ビギニング)
2005-07-10 2006-07-08
In the wake of the Coralian's disappearance, Eureka and Anemone are left injured. Renton and Dominic, who showed up to pick up Anemone, travel to the nearest town to get some medicine for the two. Later, when they return, they find themselves in the middle of a skirmish between the Gekkostate's LFOs and the Izumo's KLFs.
14 Memory Band
"Memorī Bando" (メモリー・バンド)
2005-07-17 2006-07-15
Renton, Stoner, and Dominic mull over previous and recent events — the appearance and disappearance of the Coralian and the mutiny of the SOF members who would become Gekkostate.
15 Human Behavior
"Hyūman Biheivyua" (ヒューマン・ビヘイヴュア)
2005-07-24 2006-07-22
Gekkostate is on a health craze and send Renton, Eureka, and Matthieu to visit Controlad on a mission to gather a certain fruit. All over town, they find the prices are too high... so they decide to pick some up "in the wild". This gets them into trouble with a local farmer, who turns out to be Renton's uncle, Yucatan Iglasias. When Renton lies to him about being in the military, things quickly spin out of control.
16 Opposite View
"Opojitto Vyū" (オポジット・ヴュー)
2005-07-31 2006-07-29
The Gekko lands at FAC-51, an abandoned mine, to undergo repairs in the aftermath of the battle at South Ailess. Eureka has been silent and aloof ever since Renton piloted the Nirvash to rescue her and Matthieu from the military. While trying to find a way to interact with her, Renton is called on an expeditionary trip into the mine with Hap, Matthieu, Moondoggie, Gidget, and Stoner. Renton wanders off and finds a mysterious house.
17 Sky Rock Gate
"Sukai Rokku Gēto" (スカイ・ロック・ゲート)
2005-08-07 2006-08-19
The Gekko needs a large amount of reflection film to fix the damage from South Ailess, so Ken-Goh, Moondoggie, Hap, Matthieu, Stoner, and Renton visit a local workshop to get some made. When they arrive, they find the shop in disuse and its current owner, Neil, drunk. After Ken-Goh gets Neil to agree to make them some film, they head out to catch the raw materials — skyfish. Meanwhile, Dewey announces his plan for the world to his new unit.
18 Ill Communication
"Iru Komyunikēshon" (イルコミュニケーション)
2005-08-21 2006-08-26
While the Gekko's repairs are moving along at a steady pace, Renton meets a miner who hasn't given up on FAC-51. He begins to make friends with him when they discover a common interest. However, the miner is desperate for a big score, and when he sees the Nirvash typeZERO, he sees the biggest score of all — even if it means taking it from its current owners. Meanwhile, Eureka begins to show signs of stress from being around the mine.
19 Acperience 2
"Akuperiensu 2" (アクペリエンス・2)
2005-08-28 2006-09-02
Eureka's condition worsens, and Renton is lost in thought. In the midst of depression, Eureka climbs into the Nirvash and removes the Compac Drive; however, this leads to the Nirvash activating by itself. When Renton finds out, he chases the Nirvash deep into the mines. Meanwhile, the military launches an all-out attack on FAC-51, hoping to smoke Gekkostate out — or bury them under the rubble of the collapsing mine.
20 Substance Abuse
"Sabusutansu Abyūzu" (サブスタンス アビューズ)
2005-09-04 2006-09-09
Eureka is brought to the medical bay in the wake of nearly merging with the Scub Coral. Tensions between Renton and Holland continue to rise, and when Holland decides to go on a rescue mission for the Vodarac over Renton's insisting that he take Eureka to a "proper" hospital, a violent argument breaks out. When the rescue mission goes sour, though, Renton still goes out to help–after getting some sense slapped into him by Talho. Renton, although while helping Holland, goes a little too far after not knowing about what was between Eureka and Holland.
21 Runaway
"Rannawei" (ランナウェイ)
2005-09-11 2006-09-16
The Vodarac priest that Holland saved conducts the ritual to remove the remnants of the Scub from Eureka's body. Renton tries to come to grips with the fact that he's been killing people in the Nirvash the whole time he's been with Gekkostate. When the members don't give him the answers he wants to hear, he decides to jump ship and run away from everything. Meanwhile, Dewey contracts a pair of mercenaries to deal with Gekkostate once and for all.
22 Crackpot
"Kurakkupotto" (クラックポット)
2005-09-18 2006-09-23
Renton wanders aimlessly after having left the Gekko, while the members of Gekkostate discuss his departure and how to tell Eureka. Eventually, Renton winds up in the city, where he meets Charles and Ray Beams. They take him aboard their ship, the Swan; after seeing how they live, compared to his former life on the Gekko, he decides to stay.
23 Differentia
"Difarenshia" (ディファレンシア)
2005-09-25 2006-09-30
Renton joins Charles and Ray on a job to deliver a believer in Vodarac to a holy ground, but when Renton tries instead to get the girl treatment, contradicting the family's wishes, he learns more about how the world around him works. Meanwhile, Holland tries to deal with the fact that he has to tell Eureka that Renton left the Gekko.
24 Paradise Lost
"Paradaisu Rosuto" (パラダイス・ロスト)
2005-10-02 2006-10-07
Eureka, lonely without Renton, begins to take on his responsibilities. Holland finally admits the real reason he's been so hard on Renton. Renton, aboard the Swan, begins to feel like a family with Charles and Ray. On a test run that turns into an encounter with the military, Renton and Charles lay bare their respective secrets — that Renton was with Gekkostate, and Charles and Ray were hired to destroy Gekkostate.
25 World's End Garden
"Wāruzu Endo Gāden" (ワールズ・エンド・ガーデン)
2005-10-09 2006-10-14
After leaving the Swan, Renton once again wanders around, unable to find a way to return to the Gekko. He collapses in a forest of pile bunkers and is found by William B. Baxter, a hermit living with his wife, Martha, who suffers from Despair Sickness. As he recovers from his weariness, he learns more about nature and about love. Meanwhile, Holland searches for Renton amidst military blockades — until he realizes the Gekko is nearly surrounded.
26 Morning Glory
"Mōningu Gurōrī" (モーニング・グローリー)
2005-10-16 2006-10-21
The military prepares their assault on the Gekko, while Holland rushes back to try and extricate Gekkostate from impending disaster. However, when he shows up without Renton, Eureka takes matters into her own hands and goes out to search for him... just as he returns to the Gekko, looking for Eureka.
27 Helter Skelter
"Herutā Sukerutā" (ヘルタースケルター)
2005-10-23 2006-10-28
During a lull after the failed ambush on Gekkostate, Renton and Eureka are "locked" in the brig while Holland and Talho prepare for an inevitable attack by Charles and Ray. When the attack finally happens, the plans laid by the two ex-SOF aces are played out, leading to confrontations between Renton, Talho and Ray, and Holland and Charles.
28 Memento Mori
"Memento Mori" (メメントモリ)
2005-10-30 2006-11-04
Renton tries to deal with the shock of Charles' death. Meanwhile, depressed beyond the point of sanity, Ray attempts one final kamikaze attack on the Gekko with the Spearheads and the Swan, with the Spearheads being remotely operated by a carrierwave hidden in the song Get It By Your Hands by Hiroshi Watanabe
29 Keep on Movin'
"Kīpu On Mūbin" (キープ・オン・ムービン)
2005-11-06 2006-11-11
Dominic visits Bellforest in order to try to get information on the Thurston family. Meanwhile, Renton is still trying to cope with the Beams' deaths — and a startling revelation about Eureka.
30 Change of Life
"Chenji Obu Raifu" (チェンジ・オブ・ライフ)
2005-11-13 2006-11-18
In order to repair and upgrade the Nirvash, which lost armor plates during the military ambush led by Charles and Ray, Gekkostate prepares to land at Tresor, a military research and development facility. While there, Renton learns a bit about Eureka and the typeZERO's pasts, and Talho decides to change, on the inside and outside, along with Holland.
31 Animal Attack
"Animaru Atakku" (アニマル・アタック)
2005-11-20 2006-11-25
Coda, one of the Sages, descends to the planet to meet with Dewey concerning his Ageha Squad. Meanwhile, the typeZERO rejects its current repairs; in order to design a new outer shell for it, Gekkostate must meet with the eccentric researcher, Dr. Greg Egan. When the Ageha Squad tests their new weapon outside Tresor, though, Gekkostate scrambles to finish their business there.
32 Start It Up
"Sutāto Itto Appu" (スタート・イット・アップ)
2005-11-27 2006-12-02
Axel Thurston is tasked with the construction of the Nirvash's new ref board. At the same time, following the devastation left behind by the Coralian attack, the military sends TheEND to observe the Coralians, only to get sidetracked by the Gekko.
33 Pacific State
"Pashifikku Suteito" (パシフィック・ステイト)
2005-12-04 2006-12-09
Gekkostate takes a short break at a popular lifting spot after the destruction caused by the Coralian attack. Renton searches for memorabilia in order to try and cheer up Eureka, while Holland and Talho learn the location of Master Norb and make plans to assault the capital to rescue him. Meanwhile Holland and Talho confront the feelings they have for one another.
34 Inner Flight
"Innā Furaito" (インナー・フライト)
2005-12-11 2006-12-16
As the Gekko prepares to make a trajectory flight to the capital, Holland takes Renton aside with Eureka and tells him about his past with Eureka in the SOF (Special Operations Force) and his meeting with Master Norb in Ciudades del Cielo. Meanwhile, Norb meets with Dewey in the capital and the two debate the future of the planet. Whilest Talho has a secret to reveal to Holland.
35 Astral Apache
"Asutoraru Apatchi" (アストラル・アパッチ)
2005-12-18 2007-01-06
Gekkostate launches a full assault on the capital in order to rescue Master Norb. Dewey dismisses the attack as fruitless, confident that Holland would never find a partner for Eureka. In the midst of the battle, Eureka breaks off with the Nirvash and hides with Renton, unwilling to take more lives. After Talho gets the information on Norb's current position, Holland heads out to retrieve the monk and confronts Dewey in the process.
36 Fantasia
"Fantajia" (ファンタジア)
2005-12-25 2007-01-13
Following Norb's rescue, the monk advises Holland to hurry and take him to the Vodarac homeland if Renton and Eureka are attracted by their true feelings. Eureka sees Renton repaint over a scratch on the Nirvash and realizes how badly her own face is scarred. In a meeting with Gidget, Eureka becomes determined to try and use makeup to "look pretty for Renton". Meanwhile, Holland takes Renton aside to tell the boy yet another story from his past; the story of his relationship with his first love, Renton's sister, Diane Thurston.
37 Raise Your Hand
"Reizu Yua Hando" (レイズ・ユア・ハンド)
2006-01-08 2007-01-20
As Gekkostate records an interview with Norb and Dr. Bear in which they discuss the military's plans and the "Limit of Questions" theory, Dewey stages a show of his own for the media and accuses the Sage Council of standing idly by while the Coralians assault human civilization. Dewey promises the public hope in the form of the Ageha Squad, using Adroc Thurston's name to sway the world.
38 Date of Birth
"Deito Obu Bāsu" (デイト・オブ・バース)
2006-01-15 2007-01-27
When Renton learns that Eureka knew his father before he died, he becomes upset and the two fail to communicate their feelings properly. The tension between them is misunderstood by the rest of the Gekko's crew, some of whom believe Renton wants to or tried to have sex with Eureka. Meanwhile, at the capital, Dewey finally makes his move against the Sage Council.
39 Join the Future
"Join Za Fyūchā" (ジョイン・ザ・フューチャー)
2006-01-22 2007-02-03
While the Gekko is refueling for the final leg of its journey to the Great Wall, Norb orders Gekkostate to play a game of futsal. Tensions are high on the soccerfield as many of the crew question Norb's motives. At the capital, Dewey blames the death of the two sages on the Coralians, and prepares an attack on the Great Wall in retaliation.
40 Cosmic Trigger
"Kozumikku Torigā" (コズミック・トリガー)
2006-01-29 2007-02-10
Gekkostate finally arrives at the Vodarac shrine, very near the Great Wall. However, in order to pass through the Great Wall, Norb explains that Renton and Eureka must first infiltrate the shrine and meet with Sakuya. Dewey orders the deployment of military forces to the Great Wall, including his new flagship, the Ginga.
41 Acperience 3
"Akuperiensu 3" (アクペリエンス・3)
2006-02-05 2007-02-17
Eureka enters the strange lotus bud they find at the core of the Vodarac shrine, and inside finds a library much like the one she found when she nearly merged with the Scub Coral. Inside this library, she meets Sakuya. Norb tells Renton (and Sakuya tells Eureka) the story of how the two fell in love and attempted to pass the Great Wall. Outside, Holland's group defends the shrine against Vodarac soldiers, with the UF military approaching fast.
42 Star Dancer
"Sutā Dansā" (スターダンサー)
2006-02-12 2007-02-24
Dewey launches an attack on the Vodarac shrine and uses Orange to summon a Kute-class Coralian. Renton, Eureka, and the kids race towards the Great Wall in the Nirvash, with the Gekko and its LFOs covering them. Amidst the antibody Coralians and Federation ships, Anemone and TheEND launch to pursue typeZERO into the Zone.
43 The Sunshine Underground
"Za Sanshain Andāguraundo" (ザ・サンシャイン・アンダーグラウンド)
2006-02-19 2007-03-03
Renton, Eureka, and the children find themselves stranded on humanity's former home, Earth, with no idea where to go or what to do. As Holland boards a new LFO and fights alongside an upgraded Gekko against the military's AFX ships, Dominic kisses Anemone. Afterwards Dewey takes Anemone to a New Year's ball and tells her the story of his childhood. Meanwhile, Dominic is given a new order: to head to Warsaw with Jurgens and the Izumo in order to select the next pilot of TheEND.
44 It's All in the Mind
"Ittsu Ōru In Za Maindo" (イッツ・オール・イン・ザ・マインド)
2006-02-26 2007-03-10
Dominic arrives at Warsaw with his orders from the last episode, and finds a facility that performs experiments on young girls with desperation disease. However, the experiment ends in the death of all three specimens, and Dominic is forced to inform Dewey that there was no replacement for Anemone. Meanwhile, stress continues to take its toll on Renton's group as they explore Earth, and Eureka's condition grows more dire.
45 Don't You Want Me?
"Donto Yū Wonto Mī?" (ドント・ユー・ウォント・ミー?)
2006-03-05 2007-03-17
Dominic and Jurgens arrive at Tresor under their orders to capture Gekkostate, but rather than carry them out they demand a talk with Dr. Bear in order to ascertain the truth of Dewey's plan. Meanwhile, Renton chases down Eureka and confronts her about her transformation, with the kids right in the middle.
46 Planet Rock
"Puranetto Rokku" (プラネット・ロック)
2006-03-12 2007-03-24
Dewey at last discovers the location of the Scub Control Cluster. As the military launches all over the world, ref boarders and DJs relay information on their activities to Tresor. Holland and Jurgens quickly ready their crews for battle. On Earth, Eureka and the kids tend to Renton's fever, and Eureka undergoes yet another transformation.
47 Acperience 4
"Akuperiensu 4" (アクペリエンス・4)
2006-03-19 2007-04-07
Renton reunites with his sister Diane shortly after he, Eureka, and the kids discover the Control Cluster. She tells him the history of Earth and the Scub Corals, leaving him and Eureka to make a very important decision about humanity's future.
48 Ballet Mechanique
"Baree Mekanikku" (バレエ・メカニック)
2006-03-26 2007-04-14
Dewey's plans come to fruition as he creates a hole in the Scub Corals, sending Anemone to the Control Cluster to target it for destruction. With the opening closing fast, Dominic tries to find Anemone before she completes her suicidal mission.
49 Shout to the Top!
"Shauto Tu Za Toppu!" (シャウト・トゥ・ザ・トップ!)
2006-04-02 2007-04-21
The Control Cluster has been destroyed along with TheEND, and the typeZERO is badly damaged. Debris from the destruction of the Oratorio #8 are carried on trapar to towers around the globe, while Dewey enters the Scub Coral to destroy the last hope the world has: Renton, Eureka, and the Nirvash. Holland confronts his brother on the Ginga, but Dewey has one last trick, and it may cost Eureka her life...
50 Wish Upon a Star
"Hoshi ni Negai o" (星に願いを)
2006-04-02 2007-04-28
Eureka is becoming the next Control Cluster and all hope seems lost. The Nirvash can't be operated and surrounding Eureka are millions of antibody Coralians. The Gekko prepares for one last mission, but can Renton summon the strength to save the one he loves?

References to popular culture

  • The series contains references to the first and second "summers of love".
  • The model number of the Gekko, SL-1200 Mk-II, is a reference to the Technics SL-1200 direct-drive turntable.
  • The concept of lifting is based on surfing.
  • The Compac in "Compac drive" refers to the early Chinese philosophical concept of Kon-paku (魂魄); these prononciations are in Japanese, but this reference is explicitly indicated by Chinese characters in the first episode. According to this concept, life activity is composed by two elements: "Kon" designates the soul (spiritual aspect of life) and "paku" its container (physical aspect of life). So, "Compac drive" (Kon-paku drive) probably means what ties these two elements.
  • Holland and Dewey are seen at various points throughout the series reading The Golden Bough of the anthropologist Sir James George Frazer.
  • It is possible that ray=out is a reference to David Carson's Ray Gun, a 90's music and lifestyle magazine. David Carson is also an adept surfer and an influential designer.
  • The two main technicians of the Gekkostate, Woz and Jobs, are named in reference to two of the founders of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
  • In episode 16, the mysterious house Renton discovers in his dream is a fairly accurate recreation of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.
  • Episodes 16 ("Opposite View") through 19 ("Acperience 2") take place in the FAC-51 mining facility in a town or region named Hacienda. This is a reference to The Haçienda, the nightclub owned by Factory Records, which was also known as FAC-51.
  • In episode 20, the prison the Vodarac High Priest is being held at is called Dabu Ghraib, which is likely to be a reference to Abu Ghraib prison where there were reports of torture and humiliation of prisoners by the U.S. military shortly before the series was aired.
  • In episode 22, Ray mentions the name "Lloyd Wright," which is another reference to Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • In episode 22, the cover for King Crimson's album In the Court of the Crimson King can be seen as graffiti.
  • In episode 28, a 12" vinyl copy of "Get It By Your Hands" by Hiroshi Watanabe, a.k.a Quadra, is seen on the floor of Ray's room, shortly before a scene where it plays on the radio and is mentioned in dialogue.
  • In episode 30, Talho is carrying a copy of Maurice Maeterlinck's L'Oiseau Bleu.
  • The name of the research facility Tresor is based on the long standing German techno label of the same name.
  • In episode 36, Holland douses Renton with a yellow plastic bucket with "Keriron" (ケリロン) printed inside its bottom. This is a reference to the "Kerorin" (ケロリン) buckets, common in public bathhouses throughout Japan, which originated as an advertisement for Kerorin brand pain-relief medicine in 1963. The transposition of the characters in the name is an ordinary practice in anime when referring to a real brand name or logo; when Renton has a can of "Rersi" cola, for example, or when Gidget and Eureka eat "Smickers" bars. Omitting the brand name or logo is also found. In episode 14, Stoner's brand of cigarettes resemble a pack of Lucky Strike, showing only a red circle without the name.
  • In episode 39, the town in which the Gekkostate members play soccer is called Liverchester. This is a reference to a combining of the Merseybeat (Liverpool, Merseyside) and Madchester (Manchester) music styles and also a reference to the soccer teams Liverpool F.C and Manchester United, who are the two very prominent teams in English soccer.
  • In episode 42, Norb and Sakuya use their powers to reverse the barrier of the great wall in order to open a path for Renton and Eureka. They call this phenomenon Pororoca, which is a name given by Brazilian Indians to the tidal bore that sometimes runs up the Amazon River for kilometers, making it a famous surfing spot.
  • In episode 43, the book about Earth that Eureka is holding is authored by Bones.
  • In episode 44, Dominic and crew visit the city of Warsaw. Later it is revealed that the town is also coincidentally known as the "Joy Division". Warsaw was the name that the seminal rock group Joy Division went by in its beginnings. The term "doll" occasionally used to refer to Eureka, Anemone, and Anemone's potential replacements may also be a reference to the book that inspired the band's name, namely The House of Dolls.
    • Incidentally, Warsaw is also the homeland of Renton in the movie.
  • In episode 49, Dewey's flagship is attacked by Holland, and a crewman reports in the damage that "the third bridge was destroyed," a reference to Space Battleship Yamato, where the third bridge of the titular ship existed only to be destroyed off-screen frequently.
  • AFX, Dewey's space ships that fire at the Coralians, are named after Aphex Twin, another British band on the same label as LFO.
  • Stoner's photograph, "Pacific State", is most likely a reference to 808 State's track "Pacific State", on the album Quadrastate.
  • The opening sequence to season one features a clip of Eureka and Renton holding hands in a pool of golden water, from a dream Renton has later in the series. This golden water bears a striking resemblance to a golden lake in the first few seconds of the music video for 808 State's track "Pacific State", on the album Quadrastate.


Script error

  • In episode 1, Renton loiters around Uno Ref Shop, signs of Uno Ref Shop can be seen during episode 23 at an airport and in the streets.
  • The first 3 episodes of Eureka Seven (Blue Monday, Blue Sky Fish, and Motion Blue) are commonly referred to as "The Blue Trilogy" or "The Blue Opening Trilogy" because each episode has the word "blue" in it, and they start off the series.
  • The epilogue of episode 50 shows Grandpa Axel Thurston looking at the family registration, which is dated April 2, 12006, corresponding to the air date of the final episode in Japan.
  • It is stated that Renton's journey takes a year (12004-5). The reason the series ends in 12006 is because of a one year time skip for the epilogue in Episode 50.
  • In episode 34, Moondoggie's pilot's license has dates of 1988 to 2005 on it, which should be in the range of 11988 to 12005.
  • Despite being the protagonist, Renton never meets the antagonist, Dewey, face-to-face (the closest he ever comes is in "Astral Apache"). Renton also meets Dominic face-to-face only once throughout the anime series, in episode 13, "The Beginning".
  • In the English dub of episode 20, the exhausted breaths heard from Renton and Holland are actually those of the original Japanese voice actors.
  • The original Adult Swim premiere of episode 50 (April 28) was aired with the regular opening and credits in place of Eureka's monologue and the epilogue of the show, respectively. The following Monday Adult Swim ran a bump on the air apologizing to viewers for the mix up, citing an error in their log, and re-aired the episode, uncut, the following Saturday, May 6.
  • Due to the nature and intensity of the graphic violence in episode 44, it was given a TV-MA-V rating when aired on [adult swim].


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