Durarara!! is a 2010 anime series directed by Takahiro Omori and produced by Brain's Base. The episodes are adapted from the light novels of the same name, written by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda.[1] The series follows several people in Ikebukuro: Celty Sturluson, a dullahan working as an underground courier while looking for her lost head; an internet-based anonymous gang called Dollars; and the chaos that unfolds around the most dangerous people in the city. The anime began airing in Japan on January 7, 2010. The series was aired by the MBS television network, followed by the TBS, CBC, and Bandai Channel networks.[2][3] Crunchyroll simulcasts the anime within 24 hours of its Japanese premiere to its members. All visitors can see the same episode for free one week later.[4]

Aniplex released the first limited edition DVD, containing two episodes, on February 24, 2010, and as of March 24, 2010, two additional DVDs have been released.[5][6] The seventh DVD, which will be released on August 25, 2010, will include a direct-to-DVD episode.[7]

The anime series is licensed in North America by Aniplex of America, while Beez Entertainment holds the license in Europe. Aniplex USA will release Durarara!! in three digipak, two-disc sets. Part one will be released on Januray 25, 2011, part two will be released on March 29, 2011, and part three will be released in May 2011. They will be exclusively sold at and at Bandai Entertainment's The Store.[8]

The anime uses four pieces of theme music. For the first twelve episodes, "Uragiri no Yūyake" (裏切りの夕焼け?, lit. "Sunset of Betrayal") by Theatre Brook is the opening theme, while "Trust Me" by Yuya Matsushita is the series' ending theme.[1] "Trust Me" and "Uragiri no Yūyake" were released as singles on February 17, 2010 and February 24, 2010, respectively.[9][10] From episode thirteen onwards, the opening theme became "Complication" (コンプリケイション?) by Rookiez is Punk'd and the ending theme became "Butterfly" by On/Off.[1]

Episode list

# Title Original airdate[3]
01 Exit 1
"Kaikōichiban" (開口一番)
January 7, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mikado Ryūgamine leaves his country home to attend high school in Ikebukuro, Tokyo with his childhood friend Masaomi Kida. Three people chat online about current events in Ikebukuro. As Mikado and Kida wander around the district, Mikado meets four of Kida's friends: Walker Yumasaki, Erika Karisawa, Saburo Togusa, and Kyohei Kadota. Elsewhere, a trio of men confirm that their target is a teenage girl. In the chatroom, they discuss the recent mass suicides. A man approaches the girl and leads her to the van, and she is kidnapped. Mikado and Kida encounter Simon Brezhnev, and Kida advises Mikado not to make enemies with Simon. Mikado sees a vending machine fly through the air. Kida explains that Shizuo Heiwajima caused it and warns Mikado to be careful of Shizuo. As the three in the chat room talk about the legendary headless motorcycle rider, the kidnappers wait at an exchange point. A helmeted woman on a black motorcycle appears and attacks them, but one kidnapper escapes. During the chase, he discovers that she is headless. When he attacks her, she slashes him with her scythe and renders him unconscious. Kida tells Mikado to stay away from Izaya Orihara and the Dollars gang. Mikado bumps into a red-haired girl, knocking her down. As Kida helps her up, Mikado notices a scar around her neck. The girl screams and runs away. Soon after, Mikado and Kida watch the headless motorcycle rider pass by.

This episode is from Mikado's point of view.

02 Highly Unpredictable
"Ikkyoichijitsu" (一虚一実)
January 14, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mikado and Kida begin the school year in different classes. Seiji Yagiri arrives late and states he would not be attending school anymore. The girl who was kidnapped, Rio Kamichika, is revealed to be in Kida's class. In middle school, she discovered that her father was cheating on her mother and eventually told her mother; however, nothing was made of this. She confided this to an online friend named Nakura, who was experiencing similar problems. The pair decide to meet to commit suicide together. Kamichika meets a man claiming to be Nakura only to be kidnapped and rendered unconscious. The headless woman rescues her and takes her to a building. On the roof, Kamichika meets the real Nakura. He reveals he had her kidnapped and that he was also the one who had her rescued. He leads Kamichika to the edge of the roof and tells her that many have jumped off there. Nakura persuades her to believe she is not special and that everyone is the same in the end. When he leaves, Kamichika jumps off the roof, but is rescued by shadows controlled by the headless woman. She explains through her cell phone that the world is not as cruel as Kamichika thought. Afterward, Kamichika forgives her parents. Mikado and Kida see Anri Sonohara, a female student in Mikado's class, trying to talk to Seiji. Nakura, revealed to be Izaya Orihara, tells the headless woman that saving Kamichika was not part of her job as a porter. When asked if he was responsible for the others that jumped, he denies it, but states that he will not stop someone who wants to die.

Celty does the narration for this episode.

03 Rampant Evil
"Chōryōbakko" (跳梁跋扈)
January 21, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Anri Sonohara and Mikado become class representatives. While wandering around, Mikado and Kida meet Yumasaki, Karisawa, and Kadota. When Mikado asks Kida's friends about the Dollars gang, Kadota tells him that they are too dangerous to approach. Meanwhile, Sonohara searches for a girl named Harima. She mistakes the red-haired girl for Harima then apologizes and runs away. Mikado and Kida continue to wander around and finds three girls and a gang member bullying Sonohara. As Mikado thinks of a way to rescue her, Izaya Orihara walks by and pushes Mikado between Sonohara and the trio of girls. Izaya then scares the bullies away. Afterward, Kida reluctantly introduces Mikado to Izaya. Izaya tells the two that he came to Ikebukuro to meet someone. Their conversation is interrupted by a flying trash can that hits Izaya. Shizuo Heiwajima appears and attacks Izaya for framing him for a crime. Izaya escapes, and Shizuo throws a vending machine at him. Simon jumps down from a nearby building and stops the vending machine, saving Izaya. As Shizuo confronts Simon, Mikado and Sonohara runs away leaving Kida behind. They stop at a park, and she thanks him and runs off. That night, Shizuo talks to the headless woman and asks why Izaya was in Ikebukuro.

Simon narrates this episode, albeit without the Russian 'accent'.

04 Utterly Alone
"Keieisōchō" (形影相弔)
January 28, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Shinra Kishitani, an unlicensed underground doctor, talks to the headless woman, whose name is revealed to be Celty Sturluson, about her day using a chat room. That morning, Celty learned from Izaya that an old street artist saw a dullahan missing its head. Celty quickly goes to find the man, but cannot find him. Shizuo knows where the artist is and helps her talk to him. However, they find that the artist could not draw the dullahan's head. Shinra tells Celty to give up looking for her head so they can live together forever. Celty becomes upset and leaves. It is revealed that during that morning, Shinra was the man that told the artist that the dullahan was perfect without the head.

The episode is in Shinra's point of view.

05 False Advertising
"Yōtōkuniku" (羊頭狗肉)
February 4, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A teacher tries to molest Sonohara, but Kida prevents him from doing so. Mikado and Kida warn her to stay away from that teacher. Sonohara tells them about her friend Mika Harima and how both girls used the other to make herself look better. Shortly before school began, Harima disappeared. However, Harima sent her parents and Sonohara a text message saying that she took a vacation to relieve her grief, possibly referring to how Mika stalked Seiji. Mikado and Kida believe that the police should handle it. As Kida walks home, he tells himself that he must keep Mikado away from Ikebukuro's dark side because Kida himself has already been there. As he stands outside the window of a pale girl, he notes that he gained courage since Mikado came to Ikebukuro. Mikado sees Seiji and the red-haired girl and runs after them. Kida believes Mikado is being chased by a gang and tries to rescue him; however, he is cornered by the Yellow Scarf gang. Seiji tells Mikado not to interfere with his elopement. Mikado finds the Yellow Scarves threatening Kida and tries to stop them, but he gets cornered as well. Meanwhile, Celty retrieves a package from a man. She is attacked by a shadowy slasher and her helmet is sliced off. The man runs away and the slasher chases him. Celty's wounds whisper that she is a monster, saddening her. The man runs past the Yellow Scarves and the shadowy slasher instead attacks the gang, while Kida and Mikado escape. Kida believes he gained enough confidence to visit the pale girl. As she looks at the spot Kida was standing before, Izaya visits her. Her cell phone displays a picture of her and Kida.

This episode is narrated by Kida.

06 Active Interest
"Tōhonseisō" (東奔西走)
February 11, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In Ikebukuro people have been missing lately and it is rumored that the missing people are being used as raw materials for experiments. Yumasaki, Karisawa, Togusa, and Kadota chase a van. Earlier, a little boy watched suspicious men approach a building housing illegal immigrants. They kidnap a man named Kaztano. Meanwhile, Yumasaki, Karisawa Togusa, and Kadota go out to eat. Kadota receives a strange message from Kaztano and ignores it. The kidnappers attempt to drug Kaztano, but the drug is spilled all over one of them and it starts to make them all drowsy. Kaztano manages to convince the others to dump the now-asleep kidnapper who got spilled all over by the roadside. Kadota and his friends learn that Kaztano was kidnapped and get the van's license plate number from the little boy. Shinra learns about Kaztano's kidnapping and sends Celty to retrieve him. Elsewhere, Namie Yagiri, chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, tells her assistant that the supply of materials must be increased. After he leaves, Namie thinks about Seiji and a head floating in a jar. Celty finds that Shinra gave her a shopping list instead of the van's license plate numbers, but she is unable to contact him. Kadota and his friends decide to call Kaztano's phone. Izaya, who happened to pass by the unconscious kidnapper possessing Kaztano's phone, answers them. Immediately after, Shizuo attacks Izaya. The four find the henchman, thanks to directions from Izaya, and are able to find the exchange point after calling the kidnappers using the unconscious henchman's phone. Kadota, while remembering the history of the Dollars, remembers that the four of them were already friends when Kadota was invited into the Dollars. The four joined, but neither they nor anyone else has seen the leader, although Kadota suspects that it is Izaya. The four retrieve Kaztano and capture one of the henchman kidnappers, who reveals that they kidnap people who would not be missed and takes them to the Yagiri Pharmaceutical Company for human testing.

Kadota narrates the episode.

07 Bad-ass Dude
"Kokushimusō" (国士無双)
February 18, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Lately, Shizuo has been very angry and has been destroying everything. As he wanders around the city, he sees a poster for a movie starring Yuuhei Hanejima, real name Kasuka Heiwajima, Shizuo's younger brother. This provokes flashbacks from his past. To calm himself down, Shizuo talks to Celty. She tells him that he really loves his brother. He smiles and heads back to work.

Shizuo narrates this episode.

08 Ephemeral Dream
"Nanka no yume" (南柯之夢)
February 25, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Celty has a recurring dream of finding her head, but is unable to reclaim it. As Shinra explains the connection between dreams and memories, she wonders if she loves him. Because she has the day off, Shinra takes the day off too, and Celty decides to cook for him. Elsewhere, Kadota waits outside the Yagiri Pharmaceutical Company but leaves after deciding not to investigate further. Afterward, a young man attacks the company gates with firecrackers strapped to himself. Although Shinra is overjoyed with the quality of Celty's cooking, she believes he is forcing himself to eat and gets rid of the food. Celty leaves the house after they have an argument about her memories and her missing head. Shortly after, a client arrives to tell Shinra he has a patient. Meanwhile, Sonohara's shoes have gone missing. Kida tracks down the culprit, leaving Mikado and Sonohara to locate the shoes. After Sonohara goes home, Mikado finds them. As Shinra treats the young man at Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, the client reminds him that Namie needs him to keep her secret. Celty later accompanies Shinra to dinner, and the pair receive fortune cookies. Celty's fortune reads "You will find what you are looking for", and Shinra's fortune reads "Your love will not come true", which Shinra hides from Celty. Seiji tells the red-haired girl that he loves her and calls her Celty. For the first time in a while, Celty has a dream of when she was whole. In her dream, her head resembles that of the red-haired girl that Seiji is with.

Celty does the partial narration in this episode.

09 Love and Cherish
"Iirenren" (依依恋恋)
March 4, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Seiji and the red-haired girl are in the park. When Seiji leaves to buy drinks, the red-haired girl drops his phone into a fountain. Namie becomes nervous because Seiji cannot be contacted or found. Worried that the police might find him, Namie decides to handle the situation herself and goes to talk with Izaya. She remembers her childhood where she and Seiji were often together while in the care of their uncle. Namie asks Izaya to find Seiji. After she learns Seiji has fallen in love with the head in her uncle's study, she moves it to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. Shortly after, the head is stolen. One day, Seiji calls her to say that he apparently killed Mika Harima after she crept into his room and discovered the stolen head. Izaya informs Namie that Seiji will be shortly in police custody. The girl receives a message on her cell phone saying she is being pursued and attempts to run away with Seiji. They pass Celty and Shizuo and she recognizes the girl's face as her own. She chases after her. Shizuo stops Seiji and becomes infuriated at how Seiji says he loves the red-haired girl. After stabbing Shizuo, Seiji chases after the two women. The girl bumps into Mikado, who helps her escape. Shizuo catches Seiji and leaves him with bruises. Shortly after, the police apprehend Seiji. Namie states that she had the red-haired girl created from Harima's body for Seiji. Shinra questions Celty to know what she wants to do with Harima and her head. Namie orders her men to find and retrieve the girl, and if necessary, to apply deadly force to accomplish their task.

This episode is told from Namie's perspective.

10 Never Before Seen
"Kūzenzetsugo" (空前絶後)
March 11, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mikado runs into the red-haired girl, who is being chased by Celty, and helps her escape. That night, Mikado tells Kida what happened and he hardly believes it. Mikado has thoughts about how he wanted an extraordinary life and decides to allow the girl to stay with him. Later, at school, Kida makes a list of the names of students suspected of being members of the Dollars, for the other students to vote on which people they suspect of being a part of the group. Mikado notices a student, Takeguchi, who has only one vote. Kida says he placed that one vote and suspects that Takeguchi is a member and seeks him out. After finding him, Takeguchi admits to being a member of the Dollars. He adds that he was invited by a text message from a stranger and says that he joined because he liked the lack of rules and hierarchy. Kida and Mikado decide to keep this a secret. After school, Mikado leaves with Sonohara. When they start to walk home, they are stopped by a rowdy looking man and woman, who appear to be angry at Mikado. The woman says she had to buy a new cell phone because of what Izaya did. The guy starts threatening Mikado when Celty and Izaya show up. Celty knocks out the man and Izaya, after scaring away the woman, tells Mikado he wants to talk to him and asks why Celty is there. Mikado realizes Celty must be looking for the red-haired girl and heads home, but is closely tailed by Celty and Izaya. Mikado decides to hear them out, so Celty tells Mikado about her self and how she is searching for her head. Mikado agrees to lead Celty to the girl and clear up the misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Togusa and his three friends begin to chase a van because their vehicle was dented by a pebble. When Mikado, Izaya, and Celty arrive to meet the girl, Mikado finds she is missing and is pinned down by some men who are also searching for the girl. The men escape after Izaya and Celty breaks into the room. Izaya identifies them as agents of the Yagiri Drug Manufacturing Company. Mikado comes up with a plan to save the girl and decides to reveal his membership with the Dollars to Celty and Izaya.

Mikado does the partial narration.

11 Storm and Stress
"Shippūdotō" (疾風怒濤)
March 18, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mikado phones Namie proposing a deal. Mikado claims he has Mika and demands the truth behind what she has done to Mika, which she reveals while Kadota brings Mika to Celty at the roof of a building. Mikado, disgusted by the truth, asks Namie to turn herself in. Before he is reached by her guards stationed around the meeting place, Mikado sends a message from his phone, which gets sent to practically everyone around them and causes a spectacular commotion. It is then revealed that these people are all members of the Dollars who have gathered for a flash mob-like meeting and that it is Mikado himself who started the Dollars group. The group's history is then explained in a series of flashbacks. During the commotion, Mikado escapes into the crowd. Disregarding the potential consequences of her action, Celty makes a grand entrance into the middle of the crowd and defeats Namie's bodyguards, and in the process allows herself to be revealed as headless, eliciting various reactions from the incredulous crowd. Namie escapes in the chaos, while Seiji suddenly appears from behind to attack Mikado after learning his identity and his involvement with the red-haired girl.
12 Everything is Interconnected
"Umusōsei" (有無相生)
March 25, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
It is discovered that Mika Harima is actually alive, and that Celty's head is being held by Yagiri Pharmacy. Mika survived Seiji's brutal attack at his apartment and was given a choice by Namie, by having her face reconstructed to be like Celty's. Shinra was the surgeon responsible for Harima's operation, and kept the secret from Celty, out of fear of losing her because of her head's will. After Shinra and Celty get things straight, they promise not to have any more secrets between each other. Izaya hints to Mikado being one of his chatmates online. In the aftermath of the Dollars' meeting, Seiji reluctantly accepts Mika as his girlfriend until he finds Celty's head again, and the pair resume school. Mikado is about to get into a possible relationship with Anri, and Celty accepts and enjoys her own existence, even though she has not yet found her head. Izaya takes Namie under his protection and wants to work together, revealing Celty's head to be in his possession.
12.5 Inevitable Judgement
"" ()
DVD Extra Episode {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A bonus episode taking place between the two halves. Glowing discs are spotted throughout Ikebukuro. Meanwhile, confusion erupts when multiple criminal groups lose track of identical bags simultaneously. Also, Anri is wearing cat ears and a Yukata, Mikado has rabbit ears, and Masaomi is a harlequin. Walker believes that reality has stolen a story he is working on.
13 A Sudden Turn
"Kyūtenchokka" (急転直下)
April 8, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Six months had passed since the Dollars meeting at Ikebukuro. Since then, the police start chasing Celty through the city, led by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara, a reckless police biker specially assigned to aprehend her. After losing their tail, Celty is asked by Shinra to pick his father Shingen, who just arrived in Japan. Meanwhile, another urban legend, the mysterious assailant known as "The Slasher", attracts the media's attention. Just as Anri is being bullied by the same girls who harassed her previously, The Slasher appears and cuts them down before her.
14 Public Unrest
"Butsujōsōzen" (物情騒然)
April 15, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Anri and several others are attacked by the slasher every night. Someone named Saika appears on the web, writing mysterious messages. Mikado is bothered by the rumors that the Slasher attacks are being perpetrated by the Dollars, and asks Celty for help. Celty eventually learns from Shinra that his father previously acquired a sword to separate the link between Celty's head from her body, and later had the weapon sold to a second-hand antique dealer. Shizuo offers to help Celty take care of The Slasher when she goes out to search for the culprit. As Anri goes back home after parting ways with Mikado and Kida, she ends up at the place where she was spared by The Slasher days ago. The Slasher comes up behind her and prepares to strike.
15 A Fool May Give Good Counsel
"Gushaittoku" (愚者一得)
April 22, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After heading back home from a long day of work, Niekawa is attacked by the slasher who stabs him with a kitchen knife. After he survives the attack, with no memory of the incident, Niekawa is possessed by The Slasher's spirit and directed to look for Anri, who was heading back home. As he attempts to attack, Kyohei and his gang knock Niekawa down and rescue Anri; however, Niekawa gets back up to attack a second time, but is knocked down by Celty on her bike with Shizuo in tow. Upon seeing Shizuo, the demonic spirit in Niekawa professes its love for him. Shizuo is enraged on hearing The Slasher's confession and rips out a car door to bludgeon Niekawa.
16 Mutual Love
"Sōshisōai" (相思相愛)
April 29, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Just as Shizou defeats Shuji, Celty takes the knife he drops and shows it to Shinra, claiming that it could be Saika. Haruna Niekawa, the daughter of Shuji, visits Anri to discuss about Nasujima, the teacher who harassed Anri. Celty decides to go for Shizou, who had left to fight Izaya, who could be a target of Saika. Shizou, now liking his own power for the first time, decides to fight back. While Nasujima is being chased by a possessed Haruna, Anri is attacked by multiple Saika-hosts. Haruna then is able to corner Nasujima; however, when Anri asks her to stop slashing people, Haruna attacks her, but is left unharmed as Anri reveals she is in fact, the wielder of the true Saika.
17 Perpetual Shifts and Changes
"Uitenpen" (有為転変)
May 6, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sonohara pokes Niekawa with Saika, and shows her a flashback of how she became its wielder. Meanwhile, Shizuo beats up Niekawa's "Saika children", flashing back to his past. Sonohara then assimilates Niekawa's Saika, and as a result, takes control of all of the Saikas in Ikebukuro. Mikado later visits Sonohara at the hospital, and after realizing she had met "unusual people", warns her to stay away from the non-normal. As a result of Niekawa's assimilation, Sonohara has gained her and all of the Saika's memories; she suspects that Izaya is up to something. Mikado is later shown contacting members of the Dollars, asking for information about the slasher. Izaya is revealed to be behind several events in the slasher arc; he caused a split of the city's population into different "factions" – Saika and Sonohara's army, the Yellow Scarves, and the Dollars – and knows that they will fight amongst each other. Kida, not knowing Anri Sonohara's true nature, regains his position as the leader of the Yellow Scarves. He suspects the Dollars to be responsible for Sonohara's injuries, and vows revenge.
18 Life and Death are Up to Fate
"Shisei yūmei" (死生有命)
May 13, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While Ryugamine and Kida were walking Sonahara from the hospital after she had recovered, Kida gets a phone call from the Yellow Scarves and runs off, Ryugamine and Sonahara oblivious. Kida, resuming his lead role of the Yellow Scarves, retells his past of him and a girl named Saki. Walker invades the Blue Squares hideout and he saves Saki, driving off with Kadota and the rest of the gang. Later on, Saki is put in hospital and Kida tells them that he cannot bear to visit Saki, because he wants to break up with her. Kida leaves the Yellow Scarves, meets up with Ryugamine, and joins Raira Academy. Back in the present day, Kida rejoins the Yellow Scarves to take revenge on The Slasher, whom he believes is part of the Dollars, for hurting Sonahara. The Yellow Scarves report that they had spotted a girl invading their territory, and Kida asks for them to capture her harmlessly. The girl turns out to be Sonahara, shocked to believe that Kida is part of the Yellow Scarves.
19 The Blue Sky Perishes
"Sōten sudeni shisu" (蒼天已死)
May 20, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Anri Sonohara runs away from the Yellow Scarves. She hides in a dark alley and is scared of what will happen if Kida discovers her identity. The scene flashes back to when Anri was fetched out of the hospital by Mikado and Kida. Anri is puzzled over Kida's strange behaviour and worries about causing a gang war over Saika. This prompts her to ask her "children" in Yellow Scarves who their leader is, not believing them when told it was Kida, and decided to investigate. Celty sends her a text message and rescues her. As Celty drives away, a Yellow Scarves member throws a metal pipe at Anri, who brings out Saika and slashes it away just in time. Kida comes to the conclusion that Saika is also in Dollars. Meanwhile, Izaya fills Mikado in on the details of the gang war between Yellow Scarves and Blue Square. Kida realizes that he had only fought as the Yellow Scarves's leader for Mikajima Saki, and now his best friend Mikado.
20 The Yellow Sky Rises
"Kōten masani tatsu" (黄天當立)
May 27, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kida Masaomi looks into matters concerning the leader of the Dollars. He confronts Kyohei Kadota, a former Blue Squares member, who might know something. Kadota gives Kida semi-useful information, but it still is not enough. Anri becomes uneasy around Kida, since she knows that he is the leader of the Yellow Scarves. Kida goes to Izaya for advice, and there, Izaya reveals to Kida that Mikado is the leader of the Dollars. At the meeting for Yellow Scarves, Kida orders everyone not to harm the Dollars for the moment being, since there was not enough information to declare war. Meanwhile, a member of Dollars, whom Mikado and Kida had met before, is severely beaten in the streets by several Yellow Scarves members, despite Kida's orders. The next day, Kida tells Mikado and Anri that he will be visiting the hospital to see the injured Dollars member, increasing Mikado's anxiety.
21 At a Total Loss
"Gorimuchū" (五里霧中)
June 3, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mikado visits his injured classmate and Dollars member at the hospital instead of Kida, since he backed out. His classmate tells him that he is going to quit the Dollars, because he believes it is unsafe. He then asks Mikado if he is part of the Dollars, but he hesitates and refuses. Mikado begins to worry about the Dollars and how the Yellow Scarves are threatening them. More Dollars members also begin to quit over the website. Celty discusses with Shinra of how Mikado, Sonahara, and Kida do not know who each other are. Sonahara continues to investigate Kida and the Yellow Scarves. She controls some of the members with Saika to gather more information. Mikado, still confused even after he had a chat with Yagiri, goes on the Dollars website and reads some of the posts. The members suggest that the leader should turn the Dollars into a more friendly group, and protect Ikebukuro from the Yellow Scarves, something Mikado agrees with. In the city, Sonahara is walking home, and the Yellow Scarves spot her. While Mikado is still online, he reads a recent post about how Izaya had spotted a Raira Academy girl with glasses and big breasts who has just been taken by the Yellow Scarves. Mikado instantly knows its Sonahara, just like Kida, and begins to panic. Sonahara is then seen being taken away by the Yellow Scarves gang.
22 Declaration of Disbandment
"Kaisan sengen" (解散宣言)
June 10, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sonohara is being taken away by the Yellow Scarves gang, but Mikado asks the Dollars to help her. Izaya sees this too and decides to observe from afar. She escapes with the help of various members of the Dollars, but is spotted again until Kida secretly helps her escape from them. He then asks her what she wants from all this and accuses her of tricking him while sucking up to Mikado. Disgusted by these accusations, Anri slaps him and walks away. Sonohara is once again found by the Yellow Scarves, but saved by Shizuo and taken to safety in Celty's house. Celty then lets Sonohara live with her for the time being. After an increasing amount of violent attacks by the Yellow Scarves, resulting in severe injuries, Mikado disbands the Dollars. Meanwhile, Celty decides to bring Mikado to her house to convince him to stop the gang war, and also so that he can tell Sonohara the truth about himself. Kida calls Mikado repeatedly, but he refuses to answer the phone calls. At the same time, members of the Yellow Scarves shoot Shizuo and falsely claim that Kida Masaomi had ordered them to do so.
23 Complicated and Confused
"Sensaku Bansō" (千錯万綜)
June 17, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kida learns that he has been marooned by the Yellow Scarves. Celty confronts Mikado and reveals the truth about Kida and Sonohara. Meanwhile, Shizuo knocks on Shinra's door, heavily wounded by the gun shots. Shinra gives him medical treatment while Shizuo swears to kill Kida and the Yellow Scarves for shooting him. Sonohara then runs away, wanting to warn Kida. Kida returns to the Yellow Scarves hideout and learns that the Blue Squares have taken over Yellow Scarves from the inside. He then attempts to kill Horoda, now that he has no affiliation with them. Kida is beaten badly by the Yellow Scarves and defends himself until Horoda is about to shoot him, but one of Saika's children in the Yellow Scarves prevents him from shooting. Sonohara flees into the hideout, followed by Mikado and Celty on a motorcycle.
24 Selfless Devotion
"Sokutenkyoshi" (則天去私)
June 24, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Half of the Blue Squares-turned-Yellow Scarves members counter-attack against Horoda, as they reveal themselves, as Kadota and thirty other of his friends, whom are all from Dollars. Kida is then taken to the hospital by Mikado and Anri, while Celty chases Horoda who managed to escape the warehouse. While running away with the rest of his main gang, they encounter Shizuo, who hurls a big sign post and destroys the roof of their car. Celty then stops, knowing that they encountered Shizuo, but the Ikebukuro police manage to eventually arrest Horoda and his gang. Kida is put into hospital as Anri confronts Izaya, telling him her desire to kill him after he was the one actually behind all of the problems they had encountered. Izaya manages to escape Anri, telling her that he is not weak if he can manage to go up against Shizuo. While Izaya walks home, he meets Simon, but he immediately punches Izaya in the eye, proceeding to talk in Russian about what Izaya did. Back in the hospital, Kida wakes up to Saki standing in his room and they confess their love to each other. The next day, Kida and Saki leave Ikebukuro together with Kida, giving a note to his school, and Mikado and Anri stick together. That night, the Dollars is revived, as Mikado notices that Kida had joined the chat. Kida and Saki are last seen leaving on a train, while Mikado and Anri stand on the top of their school building, saying that Kida would come back.


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