This is a list of all Doraemon media releases.


Doraemon is also published in three bilingual editions.

  • The first version is bilingual in English and Japanese (Shogakukan English comics; 2002- ).
    • Title: Doraemon: Gadget Cat from the Future
    • Publisher: Shogakukan
    • Number of volumes: 10
  • The second version is bilingual in English and Yue Chinese.
    • Title: 多啦A夢學英文 (Duōlā-A-mèng xué yīngwén, in pinyin; Doraemon: Study English)
    • Publisher: HKcomics
    • Number of volumes: 9
  • The third version is bilingual in English and Vietnamese
    • Title: Đôrêmon học tiếng Anh
    • (Doraemon: Study English)
    • Publisher: Kim Dong publisher
    • Number of volumes: 10

Derivative manga

  • The Doraemons, a spin-off about Doraemon and his friends from Robot School
  • Dorabase, a spin-off about robot cats who play on a baseball team.


Anime specials


This list of Doraemon films contains a list of films based on the anime and manga series, Doraemon and released by Toho.

Short Films

These short films were usually shown alongside the feature-length movies above.

Dorami-chan Films

The Doraemons Films

Dorami-chan and Doraemons Films


Doraemon the Musical: Nobita and the Animal Planet (舞台版ドラえもん のび太とアニマル惑星(プラネット)」。 Utaiba Doraemon: Nobita to Animaru Puranetto?) was a 2008 musical based on the 1990 anime film of the same name.[2]

The musical debuted at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space on September 4, 2008 running through September 14.[3] Wasabi Mizuta voiced Doraemon.

The story was the same as in the original film: Nobita saw magic dust in his house and it teleports him to the Animal Planet.

Video games

Arcadia 2001

Super Cassette Vision


Super Famicom

Nintendo 64

Nintendo Gamecube

Game Boy

Game Boy Color

Virtual Boy

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo DS


Sega Mega Drive

Sega Saturn


Game Gear


TurboGrafx 16

TurboGrafx CD


WonderSwan Color

Microsoft Windows/Xbox 360


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