The following is a list of episodes for the Dinosaur King anime series.

Episode list

Season One

# English dub title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
Original airdate American airdate UK airdate
1 Prehistory in the Making
"Gabu is my Friend! My Dinosaur" (ガブは友だち!オレの恐竜)
4 February 2007 8 September 2007
Max, Rex, and Zoe discover a meteor crash in a nearby forest, and some strange cards and tablets that are used to summon a Triceratops who later named Chomp to come out. The Alpha Gang plots to become Dinosaur King and a dinosaur battle ensues between Chomp and Terry the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Soon Chomp is worn out and tired and it seems obvious that Terry will win the battle until Max uses a move called Electric Charge. Will this turn the battle around?
2 Battle at the Pyramids
"The Companions have Increased! Ace and Parapara" (仲間が増えたぞ!エースとパラパラ)
11 February 2007 15 September 2007
A Spinosaurus card has been discovered in Egypt and Max and the Alpha Gang race to get to it and eventually claim it. Meanwhile, Rex and Zoe get their dinosaur partners, a Carnotaurus and a Parasaurolophus, named Ace and Paris. A great battle is fought and Chomp is weakened, but is healed by Paris's Nature's Blessing move card. Although the Alpha Gang gets Spinosaurus, both Terry and Spiny are defeated by Chomp and Ace.
3 Tanks a LOT!
"Saichania Struggle" (サイカニア争奪戦!)
18 February 2007 22 September 2007
The D-Team and the Alpha Gang head to London to claim the Saichania running lose in a museum. Rex and Ace are soon separated from the D-team and ends up running into Ursula and Terry. Ace uses Cyclone on Terry, but then Terry uses his move and defeats Ace. Meanwhile, Paris is in a battle with Spiny and Spiny uses Shock Wave, nearly beating Paris. Paris calls for help and Max and Chomp come and defeat Spiny. While all this was happening, Dr. Taylor attempts to lure the Saichania with hippo feed. Who will claim this lumbering dinosaur?
4 Bungle in the Jungle
"Gabu has Disappeared in the Jungle!" (ジャングルに消えたガブ)
25 February 2007 29 September 2007
While chasing a Saltasaurus in the Amazon Rain Forest, Max and Chomp are separated from the D-Team. Unfortunately, the Alpha Gang is back to get the dinosaur ... with a hungry Spiny. As the Saltasaurus wanders about the jungle the Alpha Gang runs into it and releases poor, hungry Spiny! Will the Alpha Gang win with their starved Spiny, or will Max and Chomp reunite and fight?
5 Rubble Trouble
"Great Battle! Great Wall of China" (大決戦!万里の長城)
4 March 2007 6 October 2007
A Carcharodontosaurus has been sighted in China, and it causes fires near the Great Wall of China! Rex gets mad at Max after he accidentally breaks a fossilized ammonite. Max, Rex, and Zoe transport to China, and get into a heated discussion with the Alpha Gang. Zoe falls off of the Great Wall and gets buried under the leftover rubble during the Alpha Gang's battle with the Carcharodontosaurus. When Max and Rex keep arguing on how to stop the Alpha Gang and save her, Zoe tells them they have to work together to accomplish that. Can Ace and Carcharodontosaurus work together, or will they both get caught by Ursula and Terry?
6 Don't Mess With Maiasaura
"Mother is Stronger! Maiasaura" (母は強し!マイアサウラ)
11 March 2007 13 October 2007
Max's mom is gone for the weekend and Zoe is in charge, but the guys don't like it. Even Chomp and Ace get in a fight with Paris. While Zoe is in the kitchen, the guys tie up Paris and leave. A Maiasaura has been discovered in Switzerland ... and it has laid an egg. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang both try to get the egg, but the D-Team went there to save the egg while the Alpha Gang are so hungry, they just want to eat it. The D-Team get a call from the mother herself, telling them to send her and her just-hatched baby back where they came from. Zoe says that women are strong when protecting their young.
7 A Game Show Showdown
"Utahraptor in the TV Station!" (テレビ局にユタラプトル!)
18 March 2007 20 October 2007
The D-Team and the Alpha Gang try to win a game show in a TV station in Tokyo. A Utahraptor with the move Atomic Bomb is activated on one of the TV studio sets. But fortunately, Max and Rex capture it from the Alpha Gang, but the Alpha Gang win the grand prize money.
8 Maui Owie!
"Surfing Dinosaur, Beach Battle!" (波乗り恐竜、ビーチバトル!)
25 March 2007 27 October 2007
A Styracosaurus has appeared in Hawaii, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang tries to get the Styracosaurus. In the beginning, the Styracosaurus and Chomp seemed to know each other, because Styracosaurus and Triceratops are cousins. But in the end, the Alpha Gang won. However, a move card called Lightning Spear that came with the Styracosaurus was claimed by the D-Team.
9 Dino Snore!
"Ankylosaurus in a Sleepless Town" (眠れぬ街のアンキロサウルス)
1 April 2007 3 November 2007
During an overnight construction Rex and Ace can't sleep. Meanwhile Max and Chomp sleep perfectly. The two get in a fight. Max calling Rex uptight, and Rex calling Max clueless. When an Ankylosaurus has appeared in a subway train station in Japan, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang tries to capture it, but Rex and Ace got separated from the D-Team. Ace (after getting attacked by its Mole Attack move) won the battle against the Ankylosaurus, and the D-Team captured it. Max and Rex make up and becoming best friends once more.
10 Downtown Runaround
"Lots of Dinosaur Cards!" (恐竜カードがいっぱい!)
8 April 2007 10 November 2007
The D-Team and the Alpha Gang race across Japan to get a book filled with dinosaur cards. After an extreme battle with three Pteranodons with the Metal Wing move the Alpha Gang gets the book, but Zoe gets the three Pteranodons.
11 Alpha Bets It All
"Monaco Dinosaur Grand Prix" (モナコ恐竜グランプリ)
15 April 2007 17 November 2007
In Monaco, a Suchomimus appeared and ate all the fish while the Alpha gang are hanging out on the beaches of Monaco. The D-Team arrives to capture the Suchomimus, but before they can, the fishermen suspect the D-Team having something to do with the dinosaur and imprison them. After a communication from Dr. Taylor is heard on Max's Dinoholder, the fisherman release them. Ace competes against the Alpha Gang's Spiny to see who will catch it. After Spiny is defeated the Suchomimus suddenly attacks Ace who at this time was worn out, but despite this Ace battles bravely and fortunately in the end, the D-Team gets it.
12 Alpha's Zeta Point
"Let's Go! Dinosaur Island" (行くぞ!恐竜島)
22 April 2007 24 November 2007
After Chomp breaks his data disk, Dr. Spike Taylor sentences Max to D-Lab janitorial duty for three days. At Zeta Point, Helga's vacuum ends up bringing the Ceratosaurus to life causing Max to take a break from cleaning the D-Lab restroom to get the dinosaur. The D-Team tries to capture it unknown to them that Zeta Point is where the Alpha Gang's headquarters are. The Alpha Gang ends up capturing them and even worse, they capture Chomp, Ace, and Paris.
13 Escape from Zeta Point
"Great Escape! Actyl Base" (大脱出!アクト基地)
29 April 2007 24 November 2007
After the D-Team captured, Max and his friends tried to escape. After evading the Alpha Gang members and evading Alpha Droids (especially the ones assisting Seth), the D-Team has their encounter with Helga. After making it outside the base where the Alpha Gang runs into them. Dr. Taylor soon came to the rescue. The D-Team get their dinosaurs back, get the Ceratosaurus, and escape with Styracosaurus and a deck of move cards in their possession. Another reason why Dr. Taylor came to their rescue is that who else would do D-Lab janitorial duty if anything bad happened to Max!
14 Child's Play
"Rome's Secret Dinosaur" (ローマのシークレット恐竜)
6 May 2007 1 December 2007
An unusual Pachycephalosaurus with rainbow luster has been activated in Rome. Dr. Z recognizes it as a dinosaur he raised, and decides to reclaim it by himself. But this Pachycephalosaurus not only has devastating power but speed. Both the D-Team and Alpha Gang can't manage it... especially after it uses its Laser Ray attack defeating all the dinosaurs.
15 Volcanic Panic
"Relaxing! Dinosaur Hot Springs" (ぶらり!恐竜温泉)
13 May 2007 8 December 2007
When the D-Team are enjoying the first part of their summer vacation at a hot spring in The Canadian Arctic Archiepelago, an Acrocanthosaurus has been activated. It tries to reach a volcano in the ocean, where its family once thrived there and were killed, which made it out of control.
16 All Fired Up!
"Burn Up! Acrocanthosaurus" (炎上!アクロカントサウルス)
20 May 2007 15 December 2007
The Alpha Gang boosts the Acrocanthosaurus's card they got with a "Super Controller" which can make the dinosaur under control and boost its power to its max. After the operation, Acrocanthosaurus becomes fiery with a pyromanic persona. Worst of all, it is out of control and wants to incinerate everything in sight. In the end, thanks to Rex and Ace, the D-Team catch the Acrocanthosaurus and Max's dad caught himself a big fish!
17 Field Of Screams
"Dinosaur Soccer, Ole!" (恐竜サッカーオーレ!)
27 May 2007 9 February 2008
An Altirhinus has been activated in Ole, Brazil where the Ole Festival's Soccer Cup is occurring. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang compete to get the Altirhinus. The Alpha Gang use their cheating methods in a game of dinosaur soccer and win the Altirhinus.
18 Dance Evolution
"BaliBali Island's Dinosaur Dance!" (バリバリ島の恐竜ダンス!)
3 June 2007 16 February 2008
A Daspletosaurus has been activated in Bali, Indonesia, and starts dancing to music when the D-Team and the Alpha Gang arrive at the hotel it is at. Despite being defeated by Tank, the D-Team manage to claim Daspletosaurus.
19 The Big Apple Grapple
"Big Chase! New York" (大追跡!ニューヨーク)
10 June 2007 23 February 2008
The Alpha Gang infiltrate the Museum of Natural History to obtain the Amber Dinomond. After overcoming the doubled security, they end up capturing Dr. Owen. The D-Team find out about this and rush to the rescue. All of their dinosaurs have to battle to save the museum from the Alpha Gang, activation the Seismosaurus to help fend off the Alpha Gang. The Alpha Gang get away with the artifact, but Dr. Z discovers that he needs more artifacts to lift Zeta Point into the skies.
20 Tee'd Off
"Battle of the Gigantic Dinosaur Golf Course" (巨大恐竜ゴルフ場の対決)
24 June 2007 1 March 2008
The Supersaurus card with a Super Impact ability was found on a golf course in Augusta, Georgia by a kid named Dewey, and its card is placed on a barter website. The Alpha Gang and the D-Team try to make a deal with him to obtain that card. When the Alpha Gang unwittingly give their Alpha Scanner and Altirhinus card to him, the Alpha Gang tries to get it back from Dewey when the D-Team arrives. When the Alpha Gang brings out the Supersaurus, it ends up helping the Altirhinus fight Chomp, until Zoe summons the Seismosaurus which battles the Supersaurus. It's a clash of the titans!
21 No Free Lunch
"Friendly Dinosaur of the Limestone Cave" (鍾乳洞の友だち恐竜)
8 July 2007 8 March 2008
A Euoplocephalus has been activated in a cave in Japan. It befriends Zoe's new friend, Amy, when they go on a field trip.
22 Just Plane Crazy
"Airport Chaos!" (空港大混戦!)
15 July 2007 15 March 2008
When Dr. Reese takes the D-Team to an airport, Zoe encounters an air traffic controller named Stanley who is an old friend of Reese's. The Alpha Gang's latest transport crashes nearby, resulting in the activation of the Megaraptor's card and damages the runway. With Rex and Dr. Reese stuck in the skies, only Max and Zoe are left to stop the Alpha Gang. When Reese's plane was falling, Rex remembered a memory of his past and finish with a panic of skies. The D-Team manage to claim the Megaraptor, and Zoe uses Metal Wing to help Reese's plane land and save Rex, Ace and Reese.
23 A Loch Ness Mess
"The Ghost Dinosaur Nessie Appears!?" (幽霊恐竜ネッシー出現!?)
22 July 2007 22 March 2008
An Amargasaurus has been activated in Loch Ness, Scotland, around the time a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster occurs. Max, Rex, and Zoe managed to save it in the end, but the Alpha Gang got away with the prize money. However, they encounter the real Loch Ness Monster.
24 Fashion Victims
"Dinosaur Fashion of Paris" (パリの恐竜ファッション)
29 July 2007 29 March 2008
Ursula lies to Dr. Z that a dinosaur was activated in Paris, France so that she can buy new clothes. This later comes true when an Anchiceratops activates during a thunderstorm. At the same time, dinosaur fashion is big in Paris. When the D-Team arrives, Max's Dino Holder breaks, causing Chomp to run free with Max in pursuit. When the Alpha Gang corner Chomp and the Anchiceratops at the Arc de Triomphe, the D-Team end up luring it towards the Eiffel Tower, while dressing up as dinosaurs.
25 A Miner Disaster
"Save Futabasaurus!" (フタバサウルスを救え!)
5 August 2007 5 April 2008
The Alpha Gang arrive at some Japanese mine and successfully find a Futabasaurus move card as well as some Alpha Metal. When the D-Team encounters them, Ursula activates Futabasaurus to fend them off. However, Spiny and Tank end up turning against it, leaving its neck injured. It is later found on the shore of a lake by Zoe and Paris. During the next battle, the Alpha Gang steal it and use it on the D-Team again. Only when Zoe activated Nature's Blessing upon Chomp did the Futabasaurus turn against the Alpha Gang and end up in the D-Team's possession. Rex believes that they were attempting to build a secret base in the mine.
26 Double or Nothing
"Catch the Dinosaur Thieves!" (恐竜強盗団を捕まえろ!)
12 August 2007 12 April 2008
The D-Team manage to thwart the robbery of 4 people that resemble Dr. Z, Ursula, Zander, and Ed who end up escaping without the stolen money. This causes Dr. Z, Ursula, Zander, and Ed to seek them out. This causes them to get together to pull off a heist at a Las Vegas casino. When the cover is blown and the police are unable to fight, the D-Team appears and they fight them. With Terry, Spiny, and Tank defeated, the criminals are arrested, but the Alpha Gang escapes down a sewer.
27 Carnival of Chaos
"Big Profits from a Dinosaur Amusement Park!" (恐竜遊園地で大もうけ!)
19 August 2007 13 September 2008
The D-Team heads out to a dinosaur-themed amusement park, which brings back Spike's memories on how he met Aki. Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang are nearby using mind-controlled dinosaurs and an old amusement park to help them raise money (including food to feed their dinosaurs) which ends up going horribly awry. With Reece still improving the Dino Holders, the D-Team had to remove the mind control devices as the Alpha Droids gather the cards. When the D-Team gets their upgraded Dino Holders, they stop the remaining dinosaurs, but will they be able to defeat Rod and Laura?
28 Daddy Dearest
"The Second Secret Dinosaur" (第二のシークレット恐竜)
26 August 2007 20 September 2008
After having a dream about the Secret Dinosaur Therizinosaurus, Dr. Z predicts where it will activate and sends Ursula, Zander, and Ed to Japan to capture it. As the D-Team searches for the perfect fossil for their school project, Therizinosaurus appears. Not long after Therizinosaurus appears, Dr. Z and Seth arrive to claim it. However, Dr. Z's attempt to get Therizinosaurus begins to fail as soon as it starts. In the end, the D-Team claims it and finds the perfect fossil - a Therizinosaurus fossil.
29 Rhino or Dino?
"Savannah Dinosaur Poachers!" (サバンナの恐竜密猟団!)
2 September 2007 27 September 2008
A rhinoceros charging toward the poacher Ungaro's tent plays a key in activating the Torosaurus card in Kenya. When the Alpha Gang arrives, they ally themselves with Ungaro and his henchmen in their poaching plot. When the D-Team arrives, they run into the local rangers when a transmission from Dr. Spike Taylor happens to reveal that he knows their leader Mary. After that, the D-Team helps them into stopping the Alpha Gang and Ungaro. In a rhino attack and conflict with the Alpha Gang and Ungaro, Max's Dinoholder is crushed. What will the D-Team do now?
30 Dinosaur Amour!
"The Big Dinosaur Proposal Plan!" (恐竜プロポーズ大作戦!)
9 September 2007 4 October 2008
Zander has washed up in Mexico after being separated in Kenya, and has found a Dinosaur Egg Capsule container where one out of two Saurolophus cards is activated. After Reese loses her glasses and her cell phone during her fossil expedition with Dr. Owen, the D-Team is unable to tell her about the appearance of the dinosaurs since Max's dad broke the transporter. Zander is rescued by Reece and Dr. Owen. Ursula and Ed arrive in Mexico to look for the dinosaur and Zander. After the transporter is fixed, the D-Team arrive after the Saurolophus chases Zander and Reese. The second Saurolophus card hits a cactus and activates. With Terry defeated, Ed brings out Spiny and Tank to take out the two Saurolophus. Once Chomp is defeated, Ace and Paris join the battle to repel them. With Spiny and Tank defeated, the Alpha Gang retreat without the Saurolophus cards since Zander didn't want to have them separated again.
31 Temple Tempest
"Pawpawsaurus, the Substitute Dinosaur" (身代わり恐竜パウパウサウルス)
16 September 2007 11 October 2008
Dr. Z sends the Alpha Gang to Peru to look for the Temple of the Moon and find Alpha Metal. With Terry's help, they gain entrance into it. This causes the D-Team to head to Peru and learn that the Alpha Gang is in the Temple of the Moon. The Alpha Gang finds the Pawpawsaurus move card. When it came to the D-Team offering the Doll of Serenity to the Moon Spirit, the Alpha Gang and Terry attack. Will the D-Team be able to fend off Pawpawsaurus, who is taking the attacks for Terry?
32 Falls Alarm!
"Niagara Battle!" (ナイアガラの対決!)
23 September 2007 18 October 2008
Ace must face his fear of water when a Baryonyx is activated at Niagara Falls. After they are transported there, Zoe, Max, and both of their dinosaur partners get on a boat toward the falls. Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang is back again and challenges Rex and Ace to a dinosaur battle. Ace is soon knocked into the water, driving him panicked and making it easier for Terry to fight him. Rex tells Ace to stop running from Terry and told him to face his fear. Terry uses Volancic Burst, but Ace dodges it. The attack hits a bridge making the Alpha Gang and Rex go flying. What will be Rex's fate now?
33 Battle Royale!
"Dinosaur Butterfly Stroke in the Ganges River" (ガンジス河で恐竜バタフライ)
30 September 2007 25 October 2008
An Indian princess named Meena wants to follow the legend to swim toward the sunset in the Ganges River. Her attempt to escape from her palace plays a part in the activation of a Deltadromeus. The D-Team arrives in India and Zoe volunteers to take her place and learns what Meena goes through in her life. When Meena is at the Ganges River, she is joined by Deltadromeus, who swims alongside her until the Alpha Gang attacks. How will the Alpha Gang disrupt this moment?
34 Ninja Nightmare!
"Ninja Dinosaur, Deinonychus" (忍者恐竜ディノニクス)
7 October 2007 1 November 2008
At a ninja village, Max and Chomp barely beat Zoe and Rex at a contest that involves the participants working with their pet partners. At a Dino Trooper Ninja show, a card containing three Deinonychus activates and its activation is found out by Dr. Z who heads there with Ursula, Zander, and Ed. Following a pursuing in the underground maze, Dr. Z confronts his Deinonychus trio, Dino, Dano & Sue, who aren't pleased to see Dr. Z.
35 Ruff and Ready
"The Iguanodon of Ayers Rock" (エアーズロックのイグアノドン)
14 October 2007 8 November 2008
The Alpha Gang will be sent by rocket shot to Australia, where they will collect a dinosaur. In the crash however, the Alpha Scanner broke and Spiny and Terry can not be used. But the Iguanodon is looking for peace and brings the three to a village. There, they make make friends with the natives. When Seth comes to fetch them, the D-Team arrive, who also want to find the Iguanodon.
36 Metal Imbalance
"Take the Actyl Metal!" (アクトメダルを奪え!)
21 October 2007 15 November 2008
Seth experiments on the Velociraptor move card that he found in Australia give it a triangular shape upon combining its multiple moves. Max, Rex, and Zoe go to a field trip to an iron mill. However, Dr. Z sends Ursula, Zander, and Ed to take over the iron mill to purify Alpha Metal. Max manages to steal the Alpha Metal from them as Ursula sends the Alpha Droids after them. After being contacted by Ed, Dr. Z is persuaded by Seth to let him go to the iron mill. Upon Max's teacher Michele stumbling upon the Alpha Gang (and getting into another fight with Ursula), Max unleashes Chomp to fight Terry. As Chomp leads Terry to an open space, Seth arrives.
37 Dueling Dinos
"Dinosaur decisive battle in waste!" (恐竜!荒野の決闘)
28 October 2007 22 November 2008
With Dr. Z recuperating from a bad back, Seth loans the Velociraptor move card to Laura and Rod. Ursula, Zander and Ed lose Terry and Tank because Laura and Rod take them. Two farmers in Oklahoma play a key in activating a Saurophaganax card. Upon arrival, Laura and Rod tempt Max to do a Bronco match upon the horse Firecracker, which goes awry when it goes out of control. Ursula, Zander, and Ed also arrive and spot the Saurophaganax chasing cows. Zander unleashes Spiny to fight it. Spiny is defeated by the Saurophaganax's Magma Blaster. The stampede then enters the town as Max is finally thrown off Firecracker. Laura and Rod go after the Saurophaganax as Chomp catches up to it and does a Bronco move. Ursula, Zander and Ed encounter the herd again as Laura and Rod reaches the area. Upon the tempting of Laura and Rod, Max and Chomp face off in a showdown against the Saurophaganax. Eventually, Laura and Rod obtain the card and give it to Seth.
38 Mythical Mix Up
"Helga, the Dinosaur Goddess!?" (恐竜女神!タルボーンヌ)
4 November 2007 29 November 2008
A Stegosaurus has been activated at the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia and has been mistakened as a mythical beast by the locals. The D-Team arrives at Angkor Wat and are told about the mythical beast. As Ursula, Zander, and Ed are lost in the jungle, Laura, Rod and Helga land at the temple. Helga is mistaken as the Cambodian goddess Lola. Laura and Rod are after the dinosaurs and end up using a math question (due to Max's terrible math) to get ahead of the D-Team. After Helga seemingly deals with Stegosaurus, it knocks her away. When she lands near the D-Team, they discover that she's actually a robot. Terry is defeated as the Stegosaurus closes in on Laura and Rod. Helga returns for Round 2 as Max sends Chomp in to help. Helga rides on Chomp to help fight the Stegosaurus. Helga is hit by one of the Stegosaurus's Spike Arrows as Max has Chomp use Thunder Bazooka. Helga is given the credit of taking down the Stegosaurus whom Helga claimed for Laura and Rod.
39 Beast or Famine
"Dinosaur Hotel" (恐竜大飯店)
11 November 2007 6 December 2008
In a rare moment of peace, the D-Team head to Chinatown to check out a celebrated touring chef Johnny Cook. But sure enough, before they have even had a chance to order, their plans are cut short by a Mapusaurus card activating during his cooking. If that weren't bad enough for Max, Laura and Rod have had Max's precious crab-and-egg fried rice!
40 A Mesozoic Mess
"Love and Corrida with Barcelona" (愛と闘牛のバルセロナ)
18 November 2007 13 December 2008
With Helga missing, Zeta Point is a mess, forcing Ursula, Zander, and Ed to clean the place and take care of Dr. Z. Max's mother Aki is at a trip to Barcelona when Max learns that an Allosaurus has appeared there. The D-Team heads to Spain to catch the dinosaur and save Max's mother. They arrive just in time to find Max's mother cornered by Allosaurus in a butcher shop. Max rescues his mother, but finds it difficult to corner the speedy dinosaur in the twisting streets of the city. Rod and Laura try to lure it, but the Ursula, Zander and Ed accidentally foil their plans by summoning Spiny, thinking that Rod and Laura were in danger. The D-Team lure it into an arena, deciding to attempt to capture it matador style!
41 Lights, Camera, Destruction!
"Dinosaur star of HollyWood" (ハリウッドのスター恐竜)
25 November 2007 21 February 2009
Dr. Owen tells the D-Team that he's an adviser to a dinosaur movie called Prehistoric Park, directed by Stanley Spinoberg. However, he and Stanley had an argument on how the dinosaurs should be designed. The roof of the set breaks, allowing lightning from a thunderstorm activate a Pentaceratops. Helga's body is found by Stanley's crew. As the D-Team heads there, Helga is reactivated. When the dinosaurs get separated from the D-Team and end up on Prehistoric Park, Laura and Rod get the jump start. The Pentaceratops is running amok on the movie sets until it follows an animatronic Triceratops. The D-Team rondesvouz with Dr. Owen as the Pentaceratops appears on the space set where Helga is, and she attacks the Pentaceratops. Rod unleashes Terry when it attacks Helga, only for the Pentaceratops to follow the animatronic Triceratops as it moves around the set. The case is on through out the sets until it corners it on a CG site. Who will capture the dinosaur?
42 Planes, Trains and Dinosaurs
"Siberian dinosaur flier" (シベリア恐竜特急)
2 December 2007 28 February 2009
An Ampelosaurus has been activated in Moscow, Russia. As the D-Team heads to Moscow, Laura and Rod head out there. The D-Team goes after the Ampelosaurus. Recognizing the train conductor at the Trans-Siberian Express, Seth decides to head there. The D-Team corner it at the Trans-Siberian Express. When they follow it into a boxcar, the D-Team end up on a train ride. When the Ampelosaurus is woken up, Paris sings it to sleep. Laura and Rod's attempt to capture the dinosaur fails, and the train goes out of control when the conductor faints at the sight of Seth and Tank. What will the D-Team do now?
43 Vaccination Vacation
"Malm's home disappeared!" (消えたマルムの家)
9 December 2007 7 March 2009
Chomp and Ace have come down with a cold and are afraid of getting a shot from Dr. Drake. The same thing happens to Terry, Spiny, and Tank at Zeta Point. Dr. Z sends Ursula, Zander, and Ed to obtain a dinosaur doctor so they won't have to put up with Helga's cure. Seth decides to help them out by testing a teleporter which brings the Drake household to Zeta Point. Unfortunately, Zoe is in the house as well!
44 A Kyoto Caper
"Fukuisaurus roams in Kyoto!" (フクイサウルス京都を走る!)
16 December 2007 14 March 2009
The D-Team accompany Dr. Spike Taylor to Kyoto to deliver a complete Fukuisaurus fossil to Dr. Owen. A Fukuisaurus card activates and starts stealing shiny objects. Now that Dr. Z's back is feeling better, he decides to accompany Ursula, Zander, Ed, Laura, and Rod to obtain the Fukuisaurus.
45 Santa Saurus!
"Christmas of Megalosaurus!" (クリスマスにメガロサウルス!)
23 December 2007 22 August 2009
It's Christmas time. Dr. Z sends Laura and Rod to the D-Team's town to steal the dinosaur cards that they have. To pull it off, they attempt to distract Aki from heading home only to be invited by her much to the dismay of Max. Back at Zeta Point, Dr. Z stumbles upon his Megalosaurus card. When the Alpha Droid scout spots Laura and Rod with the D-Team celebrating Christmas, Dr. Z lends Ursula, Zander, and Ed his Megalosaurus card and sends them to do the job that Laura and Rod couldn't accomplish. When Laura and Rod manage to steal the Zoe's dino holder, the D-Team go after them and end up in a dinosaur battle between Chomp and Ace and Terry and Tank.
46 Full Scheme Ahead
"Dino Island head above water!" (恐竜島浮上!)
6 January 2008 21 March 2009
Reese has rebuilt the android (who introduces himself as Jonathan) who has another head to him. Though his memories have been missing after it was extracted by Seth, Jonathan seems to notice Rex's connection with Dr. Ancient. On Zeta Point, Seth tests out a new Move Card on Terry. When he notices Laura watching the tests, he informs her to keep the Move Card a surprise. When Terry ends up sick, Rod tells Laura to take Terry to Dr. Drake's house. There, Laura finally admits what had happened to the D-Team as Jonathan makes off with their ride. At Zeta Point, when Jonathan demands for Seth, Ursula unleashes Spiny to attack, but Jonathan takes down Spiny as the D-Team and Rod arrive. Rod reveals that Seth has been working behind Dr. Z's back, forcing Seth to reveal his work by defeating his opponents.
47 Tricks of the Traitor
"Activated Giant!" (大恐竜出現!)
13 January 2008 28 March 2009
As Zeta Point sheds its island disguise, Dr. Z prepares his payback with Ursula, Zander, and Ed as Seth is experimenting on the full Tyrannosaurus fossil, only to go down - literally. Back at the D-Lab, Jonathan reveals the truth about Rex and his relationship with the Alpha Gang. Meanwhile, Seth finished the Black Tyrannosaurus as Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang catch up to him, summoning Tank and Ampelosaurus while Seth summons Saurophaganax. Seth uses Fire Scorcher, which defeats Tank and Ampelosaurus. Helga comes to their rescue and sends them to escape as she tries to buy them some time. Zeta Point shows up on the D-Lab's radar as Dr. Z's ship arrives at the D-Lab. Laura reveals to Dr. Z what he and Seth did to Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia as a dinosaur signal goes off; Seth has unleashed his Black Tyrannosaurus.
48 One Final Move
"Black Tyrannosaurus' assault!" (ブラックティラノ襲来!)
20 January 2008 19 September 2009
Seth has unleashed his Black Tyrannosaurus upon the city. The D-Team tries to stop them, but Chomp, Ace, Paris and Terry are no match for the looming dinosaur. Seth holds Zoe hostage to get the D-Team to surrender their Dino Holders, which will power the Backlander. To reclaim them, the D-Team, Jonathan, and the Alpha Gang (with the exception of the A-Team, whom have been ejected from the transport by Dr. Z) infiltrate the Backlander, which fails when Dr. Z sneezes in his Alpha Droid disguise. Jonathan manages to rescue them after rebuilding Helga. When they reach the control room, Spike uses his whip to reclaim the Dino Holders, causing Seth to summon Saurophaganax upon them. With some advice from Dr. Z, Max and Rex combine their Move Cards, allowing Chomp and Ace to defeat and recapture Saurophaganax. However, Seth still has one more trick up his sleeve - his Black Tyrannosaurus! How will our protagonists defeat this dinosaur, when they barely defeated Saurophaganax?
49 Dinosaur War!
"Good bye...Our dinosaurs." (さよなら...オレたちの恐竜)
27 January 2008 26 September 2009
Rod reveals that there is another way to get to the Control Room without going through Black Tyrannosaurus. When Black Tyrannosaurus' Fire Scorcher knocks Max down a hole, Jonathan manages to save Max and reveal that they are near the Central Control Room where the Time Machine is. Max and Jonathan decide to enter it while the others deal with Black Tyrannosaurus. Zoe comes up with a idea to use all the Fusion Moves upon luring the Black Tyrannosaurus to the Loading Dock. Jonathan, Max and Chomp take on the Alpha Droids. Helga activates the elevator controls to lift Black Tyrannosaurus and the others to the outside. When outside, all the dinosaurs collected are brought out. Max gives Jonathan the Secret Dinosaurs to help Rex and Zoe. Max and Chomp enter the Control Room and are caught in Seth's trap as he activates the Time Machine. Jonathan saves Rex from Black Tyrannosaurus' Fire Scorcher as he gives the card to them. It's an all-out battle between Zoe, Rex, Dr. Taylor, Laura, and Rod against Black Tyrannosaurus and Max against Seth! Who will come out victorious?

Season two

# English dub title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
Original airdate American airdate UK airdate
1 Alien Parent Trap
"The new adventures." (新たな恐竜アドベンチャー)
3 February 2008 3 October 2009
Rex and the reformed Alpha Gang have returned to the present when the threat of the Spectral Space Pirates is known. When Max's house disappears, Spike and the others are attacked by Gavro of the Spectral Space Pirates and his Torvosaurus. When the others travel through time to look for them, Max and Dr. Z get into a Dino Battle in the Cretaceous Period, when the meteor was about to hit the Earth. Afterwards, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang soon follow a Pterosaur, which Max recognizes as the same voice that had told them to help save the dinosaurs.
2 Ancient Roman Holiday
"Ancient Rome and armored dinosaurs." (古代ローマの武装恐竜)
10 February 2008 10 October 2009
The D-Team and the Alpha Gang have followed the Pterosaur to Ancient Rome. After an argument with Dr. Z, the D-Team encounter a girl named Sophia, who is being targeted by Gavro when it is discovered that she has the Yellow Cosmos Stone. Max transforms Chomp into his dinosaur form to fight Gavro's Torvosaurus. Gavro equips his Torvosaurus with Spectral Armor and uses Magma Blaster. Although Chomp counters with Thunder Bazooka, which successfully hits, the armor that is called Spectral Armor defends Torvosaurus, and deflects the attack. Ace is summoned to back up Chomp as Gavro chases Sophia, with Zoe on their heels. To stop Gavro from getting to Sophia, Zoe uses Metal Wing to chase him away. Meanwhile, Chomp and Ace use Thunder Storm Bazooka once again and defeat Torvosaurus, but Gavro manages to escape.
3 Desperately Seeking Spartacus
"The second cosmos freebooter." (第二の宇宙海賊...だったりして)
17 February 2008 17 October 2009
Dr. Z reveals that the armor the Torvosaurus was wearing was the result of a stone that was on its head. Sophia reveals to the D-Team that her brother is Spartacus and that he was taken away by the Roman Army sent to her hometown of Trachia by Lucius Cornelius Sulla. The D-Team has a run-in with Foolscap of the Space Pirates who arrives to claim the Yellow Cosmos Stone after Gavro's failure. Foolscap unleashes Shunosaurus upon them, followed by equipping it with the armor in its battle with Chomp. The Alpha Gang and Terry run afoul with the Roman military. Foolscap attacks Max and Rex again until realizing that the Yellow Cosmos Stone isn't with them. When Shunosaurus ends up occupied with the Roman Military, Majungasaurus was used to help obtain the Yellow Cosmos Stone from Sophia. The D-Team arrives and sends Chomp, Ace, and Paris into battle while Foolscap activates the armors for both his dinosaurs. With the new Move Cards taken from Dr. Z, the D-Team defeat the Majungasaurus and Shunosaurus, but Foolscap escapes.
4 Coliseum Clash
"The Swordman Spartacus" (剣闘士スパルタカス)
24 February 2008 24 October 2009
After escaping the angry villagers (who mistook them for sorcerers and planned to turn them over to the Roman Army), Max and co end up looking for Spartacus and hope to free him before the gladiator fights begin. Meanwhile, the Spectral Space Pirates' leader, Spectre, speaks to Gavro, Foolscap, and Sheer about the current plight about the D-Team and the Alpha Gang's interference. Terry ends up unleashed into the Colosseum even after he damaged the cells enough for Spartacus and the other gladiators to escape. Rex and Zoe end up calling Ursula an old lady enough for her, Zander, and Ed to get free. When Lucius Cornelius Sulla threatens to kill Sophia (or at least have her take Spartacus' place in the Colosseum) if Spartacus doesn't surrender, the D-Team rescue her with the soldiers in hot pursuit.
5 There's No Place Like Rome
"Dinotecter, ON!" (ディノテクト オン!)
2 March 2008 31 October 2009
Despite being cornered by the guards, the D-Team are attacked by Sheer and her Yangchuanosaurus who succeed in capturing Sophia and frightening the guards away. Max sends out Chomp to battle the Yangchuanosaurus as Sheer activates its armor. When Rex sends out Ace to help, Sheer withdraws it at the last minute. She then threatens Sophia to give up the Yellow Cosmos Stone. Ursula, Zander, and Ed end up recaptured and they use Spiny in their Colosseum fight against Spartacus, where it is discovered that Sophia gave him the Yellow Cosmos Stone, which he uses to power up his sword. He easily trumps Spiny until Sheer summons Yangchuanosaurus. Spartacus proves to be no match for the Yangchuanosaurus when Sheer activates its armor. Only when the D-Team arrived did they save Spartacus. When Ace and Paris are defeated, Dr. Z arrives and Max uses his new DinoTector to armor up Chomp and defeat the Yangchuanosaurus and Piatnitzkysaurus that was summoned from the Venom Fang card. But Sheer successfully claimed the Yellow Cosmos Stone.
6 Dinosaurs of the Caribbean
"Dinosaur of the Caribbean Sea" (カリブ海の恐竜)
9 March 2008 7 November 2009
The D-Team and the Alpha Gang followed the Pterosaur to the year 1718 at the Caribbean. The D-Team ends up running afoul of Blackbeard's pirates and the British Military. They encounter Jimmy (who soon falls in love with Zoe) and his father who are being pursued by both parties. He flees with the D-Team when his father is captured by pirates. They are soon attacked by the pirates as well as Gavro's Edmontonia and Diceratops who fight Rex and Ace. In the nick of time, Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang arrive to summon Terry. Edmontonia is defeated, but Gavro and Blackbeard escape with the Diceratops and one half of the map.
7 X-Treme Map Quest
"Who is the Whitebeard...?" (海賊白ヒゲ...って誰?)
16 March 2008 14 November 2009
After the D-Team narrowly escaped the boulder left behind from the last battle, Max and Jimmy are at odds with each other. Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang arrive posing as pirates with Dr. Z as Whitebeard. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang soon end up attacked by the British Military. After evading them, the D-Team arrive on the island where Gavro and Blackbeard's pirates are. Upon stumbling upon them, the D-Team end up in a battle with them as Zoe unleashes Paris upon them. Gavro activates Diceratops and activates its armor. Zoe also activates Paris's armor. Despite Diceratops' defeat, Gavro makes off with Jimmy after she smacks the boy in the face and sends him flying.
8 High Sea Chase
"Storm battle of the sea monsters" (嵐の海竜戦)
23 March 2008 21 November 2009
The D-Team and the Alpha Gang pursue Blackbeard's pirates and Gavro after they captured Jimmy. After a visit from Blackbeard's parrot, the D-Team is forced to make a trade for the other half of the map in exchange for the boy's safety. Soon after, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang pursue them again. When a storm hits, both parties struggle to survive. Foolscap activates Jobaria to pull Blackbeard's ship through the storm as Max activates Chomp to use Lightning Strike to eliminate the storm. Ursula uses Spiny to fight Jobaria as Foolscap uses Ocean Panic to summon 5 Ophthalmosaurus, only to be countered by Futaba Mega Cannon. After a stalemate ensues, using the Pteranodons, Max recovers the map as Spiny defeats the Jobaria and the Ophthalmosaurus.
9 Amazing Treasure Race!
"Find out the dino treasure island!" (発見!恐竜宝島)
29 March 2008 28 November 2009
With the British Military attacking, Dr. Z activates the pirate ship's submarine mode to evade them. Upon arriving on the next island, the D-Team are then ambushed by Sheer and her Megaraptor. During battle, Chomp and the Megaraptor fall into the sea. As Blackbeard finds a water-filled cave and sails into it, Sheer recalls the Megaraptor. A booby trap leaves the island half-submerged as Jimmy recovers the real map from Blackbeard. After finding the real location of the treasure, the D-Team are attacked by Sheer who activates her Megaraptor. The D-Team unleashes Chomp, Ace, and Paris to fight it. Ace defeats the Megaraptor, but Sheer captures the Blue Cosmos Stone. Blackbeard and his crew are arrested by the British Military and Jimmy is reunited with his father.
10 Four Part Harmony
"Dino Journey to the West" (恐竜西遊記)
6 April 2008 5 December 2009
After a near-disaster with the time ship and following the bird-shaped figure again, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang arrive in Ancient China where Foolscap has summoned Shantungosaurus to help with his search for the Purple Cosmos Stone. When Foolscap kidnaps the Buddhist monk Shwan-dzang, he runs afoul of the D-Team. Zoe uses the Pteranodons to rescue Shwan-dzang as Zapper armors up his Shantungosaurus and brings out his Tupuxuara which helps to defeat Paris. Max armors up Chomp and defeats the Shantungosaurus and Tupuxuara, but Foolscap escapes.
11 Elements of Surprise
"Shwan-dzang VS Mapusaurus" (三蔵vsマプサウルス)
13 April 2008 12 December 2009
After recovering the Shwan-dzang's necklace, the D-Team set off to find the third Cosmos Stone. Meanwhile, Sheer is also searching for a Cosmos Stone and ends up causing a local village to think monsters from a nearby volcano are attacking after she sicks her Mapusaurus on some woodcutters who disturbed her sleep. On a volcano, Shwan-dzang is captured by Sheer and her Mapusaurus just as the D-Team catch up to them. Ace manages to rescue him as Chomp fights the Mapusaurus. Max and Sheer activate their dinosaur's armors at the same time. Heat Eruption (the move card Sheer uses on her Mapusaurus) accidentally sets off a volcano eruption causing her to recall her Mapusaurus and the D-Team fall back to the village. When Sheer tries to abduct Shwan-dzang again, Zoe unleashes Paris and Paris uses her bellowing sounds causing Sheer drop Shwan-dzang. Chomp defeats Mapusaurus and the D-Team combine their dinosaurs' attacks (Lightning Strike, Emerald Garden and Biting Wind) to stop the eruption.
12 Monk in the Middle
"Ryuta transforms into Sun Wukong" (リュウタ、孫悟空になる)
20 April 2008 19 December 2009
While traveling thought the desert, Shwan-dzang mentions Max's connection to Sun Wukong. At a nearby village, Dr. Z is posing as a priest with Ursula, Zander, and Ed as his followers when Gavro attacks by attempting to capture him and he activates his Achelousaurus. Ursula unleashes Spiny upon it, who doesn't do a good job on the Achelousaurus (in Dinosaur King gameplay, Lightning is stronger than Water). Gavro recalls Achelousaurus as he gets away with Dr. Z. After learning that Dr. Z isn't Shwan-dzang, he goes after the real one and unleashes Achelousaurus to fight the D-Team followed by armoring up the Achelousaurus. Chomp defeats the Achelousaurus with Gavro retreating with its card, but Shwan-dzang has already left the area.
13 The Third Cosmos Stone
"Digs here, Saichania!" (ここ掘れ!サイカニア)
27 April 2008 6 February 2010
The D-Team scales a mountain to catch up with Shwan-dzang only for Gavro to get to him first. Gavro takes Shwan-dzang to where he had taken Dr. Z for it is said to hide a Cosmos Stone in it. It's not long before Foolscap and Sheer arrive to help break up Shwan-dzang and Gavro's argument to make him move the large rock. In the nick of time, the D-Team catches up. Meanwhile, Ursula, Zander, and Ed are scaling the same mountain and Ed unleashes Tank to dig into the mountain. When Tank comes near the Cosmos Stone, it moves the rock blocking the cave entrance. The Space Pirates encounter Tank, so Gavro activates Carcharodontosaurus to attack her. Sheer unleashes Lanzhousaurus to attack Chomp with Power Drain. With Chomp drained of energy and Tank still attacking, Gavro and Sheer armor up their dinosaurs. Max and Rex armor up their dinosaurs as well. Upon the Alpha Gang catching up, Ed armors up Tank. Chomp, Ace, and Tank defeat their dinosaur opponents, but Foolscap has made off with the Purple Cosmos Stone. When Shwan-dzang returned to the village, no one is responding to the D-Team's transmission back at the time ship.
14 Two Shoguns Are Better Than One
"Escape in Sengoku period!" (戦国時代で大脱走!)
4 May 2008 13 February 2010
Dr. Taylor and the other parents are prisoners on Space Pirates' hip. Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia encounter Seth on the side of Space Pirates when they are put to work. After Jonathan arrives, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang follow the Pterosaur to Japan's Warring States period, where Sheer and some kunoichi's attack Ieyasu Tokugawa's escort group. Sheer unleashes Gojirasaurus, which sets off the D-Team's Dino Holders. The D-Team encounters Ieyasu after he fell off a cliff during Sheer's attack. Sheer and her Gojirasaurus catch up and attacks. Max summons Chomp to fight Gojirasaurus. Meanwhile, Zoe's father falls from the Space Pirates' ship while treating one of the dinosaurs and his mistaken as Ieyasu Tokugawa by Ieyasu's escort. When Rex summons Ace, Sheer armors up Gojirasaurus, making it too fast for Chomp and Ace. Max and Rex armor up their dinosaurs and Mihasa uses Defense Burst against Chomp, but Ace defeats Gojirasaurus, which knocks Sheer unconscious. The kunoichi find her and take her back to their headquarters.
15 The No-Fun Shogun
"Mihasa, just like a ninja woman" (ミハサ、くのいちになる)
11 May 2008 13 February 2010
Ieyasu Tokugawa tells the D-Team the legend of Yamata no Orochi and how Susanoo had defeated him. Sheer awakens with the kunoichi, and decides to help them. Foolscap is sent to look for Mihasa and abducts Ieyasu in the process only to be attacked by the kunoichi. Zapper attacks them with Megalosaurus only for Sheer to arrive and counter with the Deinonychus Trio. The D-Team arrives at the scene of the fight with Megalosaurus being defeated by the Deinonychus Trio's Cross Cutter attack. When kunoichis start to attack Ieyasu, Max and Rex summon Chomp and Ace. Rex armors up Ace and defeats the Deinonychus Trio with Sonic Blast. After reclaiming the card, Sheer and the kunoichis escape.
16 Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!
"My Dad is Ieyasu Tokugawa!?" (パパが家康!?)
18 May 2008 20 February 2010
Going through an underground cave beneath the waterfall, the D-Team and Ieyasu Tokugawa travel through it while the Alpha Gang are attacked by a bear as the Battle of Sekigahara is about to begin. They run into the D-Team and attack by Terry results in Zoe, Ieyasu, and a bear cub being trapped under a pile of rocks. Max and Rex use Chomp and Ace to help get them out and force the Alpha Gang to help out. During this, Ace gets attracted by the White Cosmos Stone. With Zoe, Ieyasu, and the bear cub out and Rex appears with the Cosmos Stone, Gavro attacks and unleashes his Baryonyx against Ace, who ends up trapped in the Baryonyx's Aqua Whip. Chomp and Paris join the battle and free Ace. With that, both sides use their respective armor. Ieyasu and the White Cosmos Stone get away with some assistance from Hanzou while Chomp defeats the Baryonyx. Gavro goes after Ieyasu while the D-Team has a run-in with a larger bear.
17 There's No Business Like Shogun Business
"Dinosaur battle of the division war" (天下分け目の恐竜合戦!)
25 May 2008 20 February 2010
With the Alpha Gang occupied by bears, Zoe feels a bit down at the moment from missing her parents. Gavro is still looking for Ieyasu and Hanzou, but the D-Team manages to catch up with them. Upon getting closer to the battle, the D-Team and Ieyasu are attacked by Sheer and her kunoichi allies. Max and Rex transform Chomp and Ace to help defend Ieyasu followed by Chomp and Ace armoring up. Sheer summons her Deinonychus Trio to attack Chomp, Ace, and Hanzou. Gavro and Foolscap see her fighting, and fly down to help. Zoe transforms Paris and armors her up to fend off some kunoichis. Foolscap and Gavro activate Tuojiangosaurus and Pentaceratops to attack the D-Team and then armors them up. As Ieyasu and the D-Team run right into the battle, Chomp and Ace turn their attentions toward the Pentaceratops and the Tuojiangosaurus. When soldiers fire arrows toward Gavro and Foolscap, Tuojiangosaurus uses Quake Saber on them while Paris knocks away Gavro. Zoe uses Green Impulse to help defeat the Tuojiangosaurus, sending Foolscap flying. Chomp defeats the Pentaceratops and the Deinonychus Trio are defeated, but Sheer takes off with the White Cosmos Stone and Zoe's father.
18 The 39 Thieves
"Wonderlamp Genie is a dinosaur!?" (ランプの精は大恐竜!?)
1 June 2008 27 February 2010
The D-Team and the Alpha Gang end up in Ancient Persia, where they find Gavro using his Afrovenator to get into a secret cave. After Gavro leaves, Max was able to guess the right password to get in. When in the cave, the D-Team encounter an Arabian girl named Princess Zara (who was recently captured by the Forty Thieves) and an activated Isisaurus who she referred to as a Genie, since its card activated in a lamp she found when water hit it. As the D-Team are led to where the Red Cosmos Stone is, Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang are also in the cave. The Alpha Gang try to claim some of the treasure when Gavro returns and unleashes Afrovenator. Ursula uses Spiny, but Spiny's defeat causes the cave to slowly cave in as Gavro and Afrovenator confront the D-Team. Rex summons Ace to fight the Afrovenator. Ace defeats the Afrovenator as the cave-in occurs; the Alpha Gang are taken prisoners by the Forty Thieves, and the D-Team, Isisaurus, and Zara get caught in a sandstorm once they leave
19 Desert Heat
"Dino Arabian nights" (恐竜アラビアンナイト)
8 June 2008 27 February 2010
After a fierce sandstorm, the D-Team, Zara, and Isisaurus run into the Forty Thieves, where Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang were forced into attacking the D-Team, but retreat after a failed attempt to capture Zara. After they leave, Foolscap sees the D-Team from afar. Meanwhile, the parents attempt to make an escape and end up unleashing every dinosaur from their prisons on the Gel Jarks. Max and Rex end up in an argument when Zara ends up flirting with Max. Later that night, the D-Team watch the stars, which their freed parents also do before getting recaptured by the Gel Jarks. With Dr. Z's life being threatened by the Forty Thieves leader Zayid, Ursula, Zander, and Ed are forced into helping in a coup d'état orchestrated by the sultan's prime minister. The next morning, Foolscap and the Gel Jarks attack the D-Team. Max transforms Chomp as Zapper activates Pachyrhinosaurus. Ace also joins the battle just as Zapper armors up the Pachyrhinosaurus. Ace is defeated when Zapper activates Anhanguera Dive, but Paris joins the battle. As Chomp gets free from the Gel Jarks, Max and Zoe armor up Chomp and Paris followed by the activation of Green Impulse for Tupuxuara to fight the Anhanguera. With Pachyrhinosaurus and Anhanguera defeated, Foolscap retreats, but Max gets stuck in quicksand.
20 Princess of the City
"Aladdin and the Magic Dinosaur" (アラジンと魔法の恐竜)
15 June 2008 6 March 2010
Isisaurus rescues Max from a sinkhole when journeying to Zara's city. Upon discovering its takeover, the D-Team discover that there is a bounty on Zara even when they confront Zayid. After a daring escape, the D-Team run into the Alpha Gang who mentioned that they were forced to help them as it is mentioned that the sultan and Dr. Z are locked up. Meanwhile, the Red Cosmos Stone drops out of the Isisaurus' mouth (and ends up back in its mouth) which causes Jark to detect it and send Sheer to that area. At the same time, the D-Team and Zara end up encountering Aladdin, a man with a genie act in which the "genie" leads them into a trap. Just then, Sheer attacks and unleashes Lexovisaurus. Max transforms Chomp to fight the Lexovisaurus while Rex transforms Ace to keep Sheer from making off with Zahrah. Zoe activates Paris to repel Zayid as Sheer armors up Lexovisaurus and defeats Chomp. Rex armors up Ace to save Zara, Zoe, and Paris from Lexovisaurus' Sand Trap attack. Ace defeats Lexovisaurus, but Sheer's not done yet.
21 Malice in the Palace
"The Arabian Battle of 10 Dinosaurs!" (10大恐竜アラビアンバトル!)
22 June 2008 6 March 2010
Mihasa's attempt to take Zahrah is thwarted by Aladdin who stops Mihasa. The D-Team and Zahrah managed to escape. In the Zanjark's jet, Mihasa has a conversation with Seth about the Cosmos Stone being detected nearby. The D-Team and Zara return to the Isisaurus' area. The Alpha Gang managed to make a risky attempt to reclaim the Alpha Holders which works. The D-Team and Zahrah return to the city on back of the Isisaurus. Ursula, Zander, and Ed are once again forced to attack the D-Team who activate Chomp, Ace, and Paris against Terry, Spiny, and Tank. During the ensuing fight, Mihasa arrives and takes control of the Isisaurus and then armors it up. The Alpha Gang armors up their dinosaurs to attack the Isisaurus. Dr. Z and the sultan get free with help from Aladdin. With the Alpha Gang's dinosaurs defeated, Max and Rex armor up their dinosaurs and combine their attacks to defeat the Isisaurus as the Red Cosmos Stone drops into the hole that the Alpha Gang is in. Helga arrives to bring Dr. Z to the ship with the Red Cosmos Stone in position, but Mihasa escapes and the bad guys are arrested.
22 The French Conniption
"I'm Louis XIII!" (ボクちゃん、ルイ13世)
6 July 2008 13 March 2010
The D-Team follows the bird-like figure to France in the year 1615. Mihasa also arrives and impresses Queen Marie de' Medici by helping to look for the Eye of Gaia (which is suspected by Mihasa to be the next Cosmos Stone). With the aid of Cardinal Richelieu and the Queen's guards, Mihasa unleashes Rajasaurus upon the school. The D-Team arrives and Max unleashes and armors up Chomp to fight the Rajasaurus. Mihasa also armors up the Rajasaurus. Despite Chomp defeating Rajasaurus, the building they fought near is demolished as Mihasa and Cardinal Richelieu get away. Lady Constance breaks up a fight between Max and d'Artagnan so that she can get to Princess Anne.
23 The Wee Musketeers
"Organize the Teen Musketeers Group!" (結成!少年銃士隊!)
13 July 2008 13 March 2010
d'Artagnan and his fellow orphans catch up to Lady Constance and the D-Team to help them find Princess Anne. Jark gets word from Seth that the creation of Gigas (an altered Tyrannosaurus) is complete. Gunenco joins up with Cardinal Richelieu as they storm Duke Dumas' Chateau (where Louis XIII and Princess Anne were visiting at the time) to look for the sixth Cosmos Stone. The Alpha Gang also arrives at the chateau and unleash Spiny. Gunenco unleashes Anchiceratops. The D-Team arrives and Max unleashes Chomp to help Spiny. Gunenco unleashes Gigas which defeats Spiny. When Rex and Zoe transform Ace and Paris, Gunenco armors up the Anchiceratops. The D-Team armors up their dinosaurs and Chomp defeats the Anchiceratops. When it turned out the orb in the chateau isn't the sixth Cosmos Stone, Gunenco withdraws Gigas and retreats.
24 All For One
"Ursarapa's secret past" (ウサラパ 秘められた過去)
20 July 2008 20 March 2010
The D-Team help to officially establish a Musketeers team and set off toward Vasasi Castle where the Eye of Gaia is said to be located. The Alpha Gang run afoul of Cardinal Richelieu's guards and unleash Tank upon them. Zapper arrives and unleashes Ankylosaurus to attack Tank. After the Ankylosaurus defeats Tank, Zapper withdraws it and continues looking for the sixth Cosmos Stone. Cardinal Richelieu's guards run into the D-Team and Teen Musketeers only for Lady Constance and Princess Anne to end up requesting an audience with Cardinal Richelieu. At the house where Cardinal Richelieu is, the Alpha Gang infiltrates it and end up unleashing Terry to attack the guards. When Cardinal Richelieu takes the Teen Musketeers prisoners, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang go after them and eventually catch up. Zapper arrives and unleashes Ankylosaurus followed by Zapper armoring up Ankylosaurus when Ace is unleashed. Rex also armors up Ace. Zapper unleashes Armatus (an altered Stegosaurus created by Seth) to attack Ace, but Max and Zoe transform and armor up Chomp and Paris. The Alpha Gang managed to get the Teen Musketeers to safety. Zapper withdraws both his dinosaurs as the D-Team cross the bridge.
25 The Haunted Hunt
"Battle in the Ghost Castle" (幽霊城の戦い)
27 July 2008 20 March 2010
When the soldiers cut the ropes on the bridge, the D-Team starts to fall until Ursula and Zander activate the Anhanguera and Tupuxuara to rescue them. The D-Team, the Alpha Gang, and the young Musketeers arrive outside of the haunted Vasasi Castle. They follow Paris to where the sixth Cosmos Stone might be. When Gunenco and Mihasa arrive, the Alpha Gang unleash Terry, Spiny, and Tank. Gunenco brings out Gigas. As Ursula withdraws Terry, Zander and Ed armor up Spiny and Tank. When Tank is defeated, Chomp and Ace join the battle and armor up. Mihasa catches up to Zoe and unleashes Maximus (an altered Triceratops created by Seth) as Zoe unleashes Paris and armors her up. Ursula joins the battle and armors up Terry. When Paris gets the Green Cosmos Stone in her mouth, she attacks Maximus and defeats him, followed by Mihasa catching her card and retreating to Gunenco. When Gigas is defeated by the combined attacks of Chomp, Ace, and Spiny, Gunenco grabs his card and retreats with Zapper and Mihasa. When Cardinal Richelieu has his soldiers surround the D-Team, Queen Marie de' Medici arrives to stop the Cardinal at the last minute. After Queen Marie de' Medici, the Cardinal, and the Musketeers leave, the D-Team claim the Green Cosmos Stone.
26 Bad Deal
"The betrayer in the Jurassic" (ジュラ紀の裏切り者)
3 August 2008 27 March 2010
When Gunenco, Zapper, and Mihasa return and unleashes Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus, Jurasson rescues the D-Team in the nick of time. Jark, Gunenco, Zapper, and Mihasa directly negotiates with the D-Team. But after it fails, they attack them. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang manage to escape by going into the Jurassic time period. Meanwhile, Seth appears to the kids to appeal for help from the Zanjark even quoting that Jark forced him to create Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus. However, it was just a trick to steal the Cosmos Stones, which he successfully does. Gunenco attacks and unleashes Gigas resulting in Max and Rex armoring up Chomp and Ace. Gunenco then has Gigas set the nearby forest on fire with its Magma Buster attack. Seth escapes onto the Zanjark's Timeship. Max and Rex withdraw their dinosaurs and are beamed up by Jurrason.
27 The Forest Fire Effect
"Changed in the future!?" (未来が変わっちゃった!?)
10 August 2008 27 March 2010
Reese contacts the D-Team and the Alpha Gang informing them that plants and giant insects are overtaking their time. When Jurasson takes the timeship back to the present, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang find it overrun with plants and giant insects. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang head down and are attacked by giant insects. Making their way to the D-Lab, they find Reese, Laura, Rod, Dr. Owen, and Patrick bounded by the living vines that attack the D-Team. Max and Chomp evade the vines and attack them at their roots. With Laura and Rod with them, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang return to the Jurassic to undo the damages that Zanjark caused in the Jurassic. Heading toward the Stone Age where the last Cosmos Stone is, the D-Team confront Gunenco, Zapper and Mihasa alongside Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus and armor up their dinosaurs. Just then, Jark arrives and transforms his Apatosaurus named Bronto into its full dinosaur form.
28 The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone
"Contend for the Black Cosmos Stone" (ブラックコスモストーン争奪戦)
17 August 2008 3 April 2010
Jark and Bronto have joined the battle. When Bronto's Jark Destroyer hits a volcano, its eruption causes the Zanjark members to withdraw their dinosaurs. The D-Team also withdraw their dinosaurs and retreat onto the timeship. Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang are rescued by Helga as the Black Cosmos Stone falls into a Woolly Mammoth's mouth. When the D-Team learn about this, they head to the part in time where Dr. Spike Taylor and a younger Max uncovers this. After an earthquake drives the younger Max and Spike Taylor away, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang begin excavation when Zanjark arrives. When the D-Team and the Alpha Gang are beamed back aboard the timeship, Dr. Z revealed that he grabbed the Black Cosmos Stone and the mammoth fossil at the last minute. The Zanjark end up giving the D-Team their parents only for them to turn out to be Gel Jarks in disguise which capture the D-Team. However, the Black Cosmos Stone turns out to be a fake as well and Seth communicates with the timeship to give up the Black Cosmos Stone. Seeing what Seth is up to, Jark orders his minions to stop him. When Gunenco unleashes Gigas, Seth unleashes Cryolophosaurus. Zapper and Mihasa also unleash Armatus and Maximus. On the timeship, Helga discovers that the Gel Jarks can't stand salt when she punches two of them. Seth uses Blizzard Smash to freeze Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus. Seth then commandeers the timeship to escape and obtains the Black Cosmos Stone. Helga uses salt upon the Gel Jarks holding the D-Team and the Alpha Gang hostage freeing the D-Team and the Alpha Gang who fight back. Max and Chomp confront Seth and Cryolophosaurus.
29 Clash for the Cosmos Stones
"The Black Pterosaur" (黒い翼竜)
24 August 2008 3 April 2010
As Max armors up Chomp, Seth's Cryolophosaurus proves to be too fast for Chomp. Seth manages to flee and runs into Rex, Zoe, Laura, and Rod while the Alpha Gang fends off the Gel Jark. Rex and Zoe unleash Ace and Paris and armor them up. Dr. Z gives Max the Final Thunder card which Max uses on Chomp to attack Cryolophosaurus. Cryolophosaurus is defeated, but Seth escapes with the Black Cosmos Stone and leaving behind a Gel Jark pod. After a failed attempt from Zanjark to get the remaining Cosmos Stones, the D-Team gets a transmission from Seth that he has cornered Reece and Dr. Owen. Upon returning to the present, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang have armored up their dinosaurs. Seth's Gel Jark has knocked out Jurasson and seized the remaining Cosmos Stones. As Cryolophosaurus attacks, Seth takes the Cosmos Stones and heads into the D-Lab. Zanjark arrives and Gunenco, Zapper, and Mihasa unleash Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus who defeat Chomp, Ace, Paris, Terry, Spiny, and Tank and wrecks the D-Lab. When Jark uses his tractor beam to steal the Cosmos Stones, it brings them together and creates the Black Pterosaur which envelops the Zanjark Timeship.
30 Fate of the Cosmos
"Say bye bye to our dinosaur friends." (バイバイ恐竜 オレの友だち)
31 August 2008 10 April 2010
The Black Pterosaur starts attacking the city as Seth and Dr. Z are rescued from the rubble. The D-Team and Alpha Gang wage the final battle against the Zanjark. Together, they defeat Gigas, Armatus, Maximus and Bronto. When the D-Team reunites with their parents on the Zanjark Timeship, Seth takes Jurasson's timeship with the help of the Pterosaur, he defeats the Black Pterosaur. However, Seth becomes unconscious as a result of charging head-on into it. After the damages caused by the Black Pterosaur are undone, The D-Team (except Rex), Dr. Owen, Dr. Taylor, Reese, Dr. Drake says goodbye to Rex, his "true" parents, the Alpha gang as they go on to the future and The 2 D-Team members says Rex and the "A" gang to take care of their dinosaurs. As for Zanjark, they are floating about in time-space in Jark's pod.

DVD releases

Region 1 (United States/Canada)

The version released on DVD is the English dubbed version by 4Kids Entertainment. The DVDs are distributed through Shout Factory.

Volume Volume Name Release Date Contents
1 The Adventure Begins... 23 September 2008 Episodes 1 - 5
2 Downtown Showdown 3 February 2009 Episodes 6 - 10
3 Volcanic Panic 30 June 2009 Episodes 11-14

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