This is the complete list of episodes of the animated series Corneil and Bernie.

Season 1

EP#3 Title Aired Summary
1 Panic on Board / Stroke of Genius February 21, 2004 Panic on Board: Bernie has to take Corneil to his owners. Which involves flying in an airplane, Corneil then reveals that he is afraid to ride in airplanes and tries everything possible not to get on.

Stroke of Genius: After Corneil writes a mathematical equation on Bernie's teacher's blackboard, Bernies teacher believes that Bernie is a genius.

2 Moonstroke / Jungle Panic February 28, 2004 Moonstroke: Bernie believes he has seen Dracula.

Jungle Panic: Bernie becomes a contestant on the reality show "Jungle Panic" and brings an unwitting Corneil with him.

3 Radio Bernie / Close Encounters of the Alien Kind March 6, 2004 Radio Bernie: After no one listens to him, Bernie has Corneil help him make a radio show called "Radio Bernie" but after the first show is a bomb Corneil makes a fake phone call that makes Bernie decide to make another one. When Corneil makes a show as Dr. Bernie the show becomes a hit.

Close Encounters of the Alien Kind: After Bernie is made fun of for reading science fiction/alien magazines, he claims that he has seen a real alien. When his friends want to see it he forces Corneil to dress up as an alien.

4 Corneil in Love / Doggone! March 13, 2004 Corneil in Love: Corneil falls in love with a poodle living in his apartment complex. However, Bernie is not to fond of the dog's owner who seems to have taking a liking to Bernie.

Doggone!: Bernie loses Corneil while he is distracted at a store and believes that Corneil had been kidnapped. Bernie soons finds out otherwise, but not before getting the police involved.

5 Peas in a Pod / Surprise Surprise March 20, 2004 Peas in a Pod: Corneil meets another dog owned by one of Beth's friends who has a striking resemblance to Corneil and Bernie is later fooled by Corneil into taking the other dog to the Amusement park to go onto a roller coaster. However, Corneil realizes that he made a huge mistake.

Surprise Surprise: Bernie is assigned the task of picking up Beth's gift from John for John and Beth's anniversary and is determined to make it a special night for the two during their dinner. Corneil, on the other hand, is skeptical of Bernie's ability to not ruin John and Beth's night after hearing about Bernie's past screw-ups.

6 The Secret / 200 Feet Under March 27, 2004 The Secret: After accidentally wiping out the city's power by damaging the generator, Bernie must make amends by taking care of an elderly man. Corneil later suspects that the man may have learned his secret and the old man soon puts both Corneil and Bernie's lives in danger while they attempt to find out what the man knows.

200 Feet Under: While Corneil and Bernie are hiking, they learn from reporters stationed in the area that miners are trapped in an underground cave in their area and Bernie is determined to become a hero by going underground to rescue them. However, he puts his and Corneil's lives in danger because the cave is about to be flooded.

7 Art Attack / City Bumpkins April 3, 2004 Art Attack: A robber named Joe the Scoundrel breaks into John and Beth's apartment and steals a very valuable painting in the dead of night while Corneil is home alone and witnesses the whole ordeal. He soon drives his owners and Bernie to the edge, afraid that Joe will return, but he soon gathers the strength to capture the thief.

City Bumpkins: When Bernie makes a visit to his red-neck cousins out in the country, Corneil resents the way he is treated by them and is given the task of capturing a wolf that has been devouring Bernie's cousin's chickens during the night.

8 A Dog's Life / Double Jeopardy April 10, 2004 A Dog's Life: Corneil grows tired of the way dogs like himself are treated and is driven to the edge when a women at his apartment complex hits him with an umbrella because he is always in her way. Corneil takes her to court with Bernie as his lawyer, who is only interested in the publicity while Corneil only wants an apology.

Double Jeopardy: Bernie is holding Romeo's karate video for him, but it ends up getting confiscated by his school principal. Bernie later convinces Corneil to help him get the tape back by telling him that it is a tape of Corneil talking.

9 Unlucky Break / Superficial Intelligence April 17, 2004 Unlucky Break: Bernie asks out a girl named Karen, who he has a crush on, to a school dance so that Romeo doesn't get the chance to, but breaks his leg just before and tries to cover it up by insisting that Karen and him stay seated during the dance with the help of Corneil while Romeo attempts to get Karen away from Bernie.

Superficial Intelligence: When the newspaper ranks dogs as behind humans in evolution, Corneil takes part in an intelligence contest to prove the writers wrong. But, he soon puts his secret in danger in his determination to beat a monkey taking part in the contest.

10 Pregnant Paws / The Fan April 24, 2004 Pregnant Paws: When Corneil finds out that John and Beth are giving him away because they are having a baby, Corneil asks Bernie for help.

The Fan: Corneil criticizes Bernie for being a fan of a soccer star, but later realizes that he himself is a fan of an opera singer and tries to prevent Bernie from finding out, knowing that he'll be ridiculed for it, but Bernie eventually figures it out.

11 Dog Walk Model / A Friend In Need May 1, 2004
12 Don Corneilius / The Dog-Sitter Show May 8, 2004
13 Santa Paws / Love Me, Love My Dog May 15, 2004 SANTA PAWS: After Corneil rescues a dog from the dog-catcher Bernie parades around the town at night as "Santa Man" with his sidekick "Santa Dog".

Season 2

EP# Title
14 Eau de Corneil / Let Talking Dogs Lie

Aired: March 19, 2006

15 Telepatethic / Things That Go Woof In The Night

Aired: March 19, 2006

16 The Big Sleep / Dogs Are Dumb

Aired: March 19, 2006

THE BIG SLEEP: corneil found out he talks in his sleep but he have to sleep with john and beth's room. He didn't managed to sleep for two days. It's up to Bernie to cure on his sleeptalking.

DOGS ARE DUMB: Bernie bang his head and lost his memory, he was astonished Corneil can talk, as matter of fact, Bernie is trying to reveal Corneil's secret.

17 The Diary / A Dog's Dinner

Aired: March 19, 2006

18 Home Sweet Home / Mr. Know It All

Aired: March 19, 2006

19 Pipe Dreams / Basic Instinct

Aired: March 19, 2006

20 By A Whisker / Finders Weepers

Aired: May 28, 2006

Season 3

Ep# Title
21 Love in First Sight/ Join the Club

Aired: June 3, 2006 LOVE IN FIRST SIGHT: Principal Martin wanted to exclude Bernie but Corneil attend to keep him. Meanwhile Uncle Rico felt love with principal Martin although, it terrifies Bernie Join The Club: Bernie wanted to go to Martha's Club

22 No Place Like Home/ Guardian Angel

Aired: June 24, 2006

23 Who Said That?/ Gone to the Dogs

Aired: July 19, 2006

24 Your Move/ Fur Wars

Aired: July 22, 2006

25 Where There's a Will/ Police Dogged

Aired: August 7, 2006

26 Pork-a-Palooza/ Bone of Contention

Aired: August 19, 2006 Series Finale

The future

It is still unknown if new episodes will air, since the show is currently on hiatus. As of 2009, the show is presumed to be cancelled.

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