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The seventh season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン?, Detective Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot covers the arc where Conan Edogawa temporary returns as Jimmy Kudo.

The episodes use four pieces of theme music: two opening themes and two closing themes. The first opening theme is "Giri Giri Chop" (ギリギリ Chop?, lit. "Chop Rasp") by B'z until episode 168.[3] The second opening theme is "Mysterious Eyes" by Garnet Crow and is used for the rest of the season.[4] The first ending theme is "Free Magic" by Wag until episode 179.[3] The second ending theme is "Secret of my heart" by Mai Kuraki.[4]

The season initially ran from October 11, 1999 through June 5, 2000 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3][4] Episodes one to twenty-eight were later collected into nine DVD compilations by Shogakukan. They were released between March 25, 2001 and January 15, 2002 in Japan.[5]

Episode list

EP# Title Original Airdate
163 The Secret of the Moon, the Star, and the Sun (Part 1)
"Tsuki to Hoshi to Taiyō no Himitsu (Zenpen)" (月と星と太陽の秘密(前編))
October 11, 1999 ʁ
Agasa takes the Detective Boys to his uncles house which has been abandoned fifty years ago for a treasure hunt he had set up. Conan finds a 1 yen coin and reveals to Agasa that those coins were not produced until forty years ago and that someone had been living in the abandoned house. Conan investigates and finds evidence that an old man who spent his spare time carving coins lived in the house. Conan notices that someone has drawn strange codes on objects throughout the house. The codes are symbols consisting of the moon, star, and sun. The Detective Boys manage to find their treasure and realize that someone had destroyed them all. Conan deduces that an unknown culprit entered the house in search of some kind of treasure and was angered when Agasa's riddles lead him to a box of toys. Conan and the Detective Boys gather all the objects in the house with the strange codes on them and attempts to solve it. Agasa reveals that his aunt was receiving letters in the same code and that he had Yusaku Kudo decipher the message; He also reveals that when his aunt began receiving those letters, someone was looking through her mail. Conan realizes the symbols refer to Hiragana and that the culprit who was looking through Agasa's aunt's mail is the one who destroyed the toys and is searching for the treasure in the house.
164 The Secret of the Moon, the Star, and the Sun (Part 2)
"Tsuki to Hoshi to Taiyō no Himitsu (Kōhen)" (月と星と太陽の秘密(後編))
October 18, 1999 ʁ
Conan matches the symbols to the Hiragana table and reveals that the symbols in the objects direct to other objects in the room. Conan notices that the objects conjoin in the center of room and realizes it refers to the chandelier. Conan matches the markings on the chandeliers which causes a stairway to the attic to appear. The Detective Boys find a skeleton of an elderly man in the attic. Conan reveals that man was the one who created the code and was sending the mail to Agasa's aunt. Conan finds a 20 dollar plate used for creating counterfeit money and explains that the man was hiding from the person who forced him to create plates. The culprit reveals himself and says that he had been searching the mansion for the plate for many years and attempts to steal it from them. Conan however apprehends the criminal and he is arrested afterwards.
165 The Disappearing Detective Boys Case
"Shōnen Tantei-dan Shōshitsu Jiken" (少年探偵団消失事件)
October 25, 1999 ʁ
The Detective Boys are in a puppeteer camping trip, where they are practicing for a school puppet play. At the same time, a serial killer has been spotted near the areas of the camp. While at the camp, the students disappear with their puppets, leaving the Detective boys alone. Mitsuhiko assumes that their teacher is the serial killer. After they disspear, only Mitsuhiko remains alone. After being cornered by the teacher, Mitsuhiko finds out they decided to scare him for being bossy, by the suggestions of Genta and Ayumi. Mitsuhiko runs away angrily but runs into the serial killer. Conan manages to stop the serial killer and he is arrested. Later, Ayumi kisses Mitsuhiko for playing that mean joke on him.
166 Tottori Spider Mansion Demon (The Murder)
"Tottori Kumo-yashiki no Kai (Jikenhen)" (鳥取クモ屋敷の怪(事件編))
November 1, 1999 ʁ
Mouri and Heiji are hired to solve the case of murders in a mansion deemed the spider god. Apparently, his victims are always found hanged. Afterwards, they find a man hanged.
167 Tottori Spider Mansion Demon (The Suspicion)
"Tottori Kumo-yashiki no Kai (Giwakuhen)" (鳥取クモ屋敷の怪(疑惑編))
November 8, 1999 ʁ
The case continue and Conan and Heiji investigate further in the case.
168 Tottori Spider Mansion Demon (The Resolution)
"Tottori Kumo-yashiki no Kai (Kaiketsuhen)" (鳥取クモ屋敷の怪(解決編))
November 15, 1999 ʁ
Conan and Heiji cooperate to reveal the murderer's identity and his trick. Robert is the murderer, driven by hatred towards the people who didn't stop the girl he loved from committing suicide. Sadly, he eventually realised that his own leaving message caused his beloved's death.
169 Venus' Kiss
"Biinasu no Kissu" (ビーナスのキッス)
November 22, 1999 ʁ
Mouri is invited to an aquarium where an underwater play is to take place, A woman's dead body rises from the water when it's her cue to come out of a clam's shell in the play. Conan solves the case and the culprit reveals it was revenge for the murder of his wife.
170 The Blind Spot in the Darkness (Part 1)
"Kurayami no Naka no Shikaku (Zenpen)" (暗闇の中の死角(前編))
November 29, 1999 ʁ
A blackout occurs and a man is found dead in his bath tub. Ran is also acting strange around Tomoaki Araide and Conan wonders whether she's in love with him.
171 The Blind Spot in the Darkness (Part 2)
"Kurayami no Naka no Shikaku (Kōhen)" (暗闇の中の死角(後編))
December 6, 1999 ʁ
Conan solves the case, revealing how the fuse box as timed. Later Ran asks Tomoaki Araide can she burrow a sweater to knit it for Shinichi.
172 The Revival of the Dying Message (Part 1)
"Yomigaeru Shi no Dengon (Zenpen)" (よみがえる死の伝言(前編))
December 13, 1999 ʁ
Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are at Tropical Land ice skating. A murder occurs in the women's bathroom and there are two dying messages, S smeared in blood and the victims phone revealing the letters KIX.
173 The Revival of the Dying Message (Part 2)
"Yomigaeru Shi no Dengon (Kōhen)" (よみがえる死の伝言(後編))
December 20, 1999 ʁ
Conan solves the case and reveals that the culprit imitated the fireworks noise as it came too early. He reveals that the S was not the real code, but the phone was. He then revealed the final clue that the culprit is the murderer.
174 The 20 Year Old Murder Case: The Symphony Serial Murders2 hrs.
"Nijuunenme no Satsui Shinfoniigou Renzoku Satsujin Jiken" (20年目の殺意 シンフォニー号連続殺人事件)
January 3, 2000 ʁ
A man is shot to death by his subordinates, they call themselves the Organizer of Shadows. Twenty years later, Conan helps Ran and Mouri solve a puzzle which wins them an all-expense-paid trip on a giant boat built for a small number of people. After 11 people have entered the boat, the boat leaves. Mouri meets an inspector he use to work with on the boat and meet up with Heiji Hattori. After a man is murdered, they learn a man named Kanoi who was the leader of the Organizer of Shadows is on the boat. After a bombing, and discovering two dead bodies, Conan solves the case, realizing there were two separate culprits; one as the bomber, and one as the murderer. They were part of the Organizer of Shadows.
175 The Man Who Was Killed Four Times
"Yonkai Korosareta Otoko" (四回殺された男)
January 10, 2000 ʁ
Moore is called to investigate a suspicious murder where three people admit to killing a man for hitting him on the head. His posture showed the death to be a heart attack. They are all actors in an actor studio, their boss was the manager. After seeing the evidence, they find out that all four of them have attacked him but not killed him. He was killed by his wife who stole his heart pills and he died of a heart attack.
176 Meeting with the Black Organization Again (Haibara Part)
"Kuro no Soshiki to no Saikai (Haibara-hen)" (黒の組織との再会(灰原編))
January 17, 2000 ʁ
On the way home from school, Conan and Haibara find Gin's Porsche 356 on the street and places a covert listening device in it. Conan hears that a Black Organization member codenamed Pisco is ordered to assassinate someone at a party hosted at Haido Hotel. Gin finds a strand of Haibara's hair in the car and manages to find the bug and destroys it; He realizes Shiho will be at the hotel and orders Pisco to kill her when he gets the chance. Conan and Haibara head to the hotel in order to capture Pisco. During a slide show, Pisco manages to murder his target, a lawyer named Shigehiko Nomiguchi, by causing a chandelier to fall onto of him.
177 Meeting with the Black Organization Again (Conan Part)
"Kuro no Soshiki to no Saikai (Conan-hen)" (黒の組織との再会(コナン編))
January 24, 2000 ʁ
Conan investigates and reveals to Haibara that the purple handkerchief will narrow down the suspects. Conan explains that the party is holding an event that is dedicated to a film known as "The Rainbow Handkerchief"; all the party guests are given various handkerchiefs with colors of the rainbow and that Pisco is one of the people in the purple handkerchief group. When the party guests rush out of the room in a panic, Haibara is knocked unconscious by Pisco and awakens in a locked wine storage room. Conan contacts Haibara through a communication device and tells her he had the police hold up the seven suspects which will buy her time to escape. Conan tells Haibara to drink some wine which when combined with her cold will negate the effects of to APTX 4869 and subsequently allowing her to regress back into her teenage self, Shiho Miyano. Meanwhile, Gin and Vodka enter the hotel and make their way to the storage room.
178 Meeting with the Black Organization Again (Resolution)
"Kuro no Soshiki to no Saikai (Kaiketsuhen)" (黒の組織との再会(解決編))
January 31, 2000 ʁ
Shiho climbs to the top of the chimney only to be confronted by Gin and Vodka. Gin explains that he heard her breathing in the chimney while in the storage room and was waiting to ambush her on the roof. Gin prepares to kill her Shiho is saved when Conan intervenes - changing his voice so they will not recognize him later; allowing Shiho to fall down the chimney and back into the storage room before becoming a child again. Pisco prepares to kill Haibara before he is interrupted by Conan who greets him as Kenzou Matsuyama the party guest. Conan reveals that Matsuyama lured Nomiguichi under the chandelier during the slide show and fired a silenced handgun at a fluorescence painted section of the chandelier causing it to kill Nomiguichi. Conan asks how Matsuyama was able to get a purple handkerchief after losing his but Matsuyama refuses to answer the question. Matsuyama's cigarette mixed with the wine in the storage room causes a fire and allows Conan and Haibara to escape. Gin confronts Matsuyama and explains that a journalist had taken a picture of Matsuyama committing the crime; To keep the Organization a secret, Gin kills Matsuyama. Shortly after, Gin and Vodka are seen with a third Black Organization member codenamed Belmont.
179 The Coffee Shop Truck's Wild Entrance Case
"Kissaten Torakku Rannyuu Jiken" (喫茶店トラック乱入事件)
February 7, 2000 ʁ
Conan and the group go to a coffee shop. Nearby, two men are having a meeting. One of them gets up to go to the bathroom, and while he's gone, a truck slams into the coffee shop and smashes the other man who was still seated. Conan realizes it was a planned murder and finds evidence through the truck, and the man's cut.
180 The Nocturne of Red Murderous Intent (Part 1)
"Akai Satsui no Nocturne (Zenpen)" (赤い殺意の夜想曲(前編))
February 14, 2000 ʁ
Mouri is invited to investigate a case where a man's wife is being stalked by an unknown stalker. Conan realizes these occurrences are related to the song Nocturne of Red. During a party, a blackout occurs and a man's figure is seen embracing his wife forcibly. Afterwards he disappears. Later a famous musicianship is seemingly killed by the client.
181 The Nocturne of Red Murderous Intent (Part 2)
"Akai Satsui no Nocturne (Kōhen)" (赤い殺意の夜想曲(後編))
February 21, 2000 ʁ
The case is solved, the mysterious man was figured out to be a statue hanged by a fishing rod. The culprit was revealed to be the man's wife, who wanted to protect the company and her husband from a scandal. Afterwards, Conan gives Ran flowers. Ran interprets the flower's with the meaning Invincible and gets angry at Conan.
182 The Big Investigation of the Nine Doors
"Daisousaku no Kokonotsu no Doa" (大捜索9つのドア)
February 28, 2000 ʁ
The Detective Boys are walking home one day when they discover two s shaped hooks and a ring with the initials M to A, a wedding ring. They decide to investigate seeing it as an S.O.S. After a false alarm, Conan realizes one of the person who answered the door was not the actual person. He tranquilizers the culprit and saves the woman who was tied up.
183 A Dangerous Recipe
"Kiken na Reshipi" (危険なレシピ)
March 6, 2000 ʁ
One day, The detective boys were bored so they picked up receipts in a convenience store to guess what the people are buying for dinner. Genta picks up a weird receipt with food items, a dust bin, a container, a handler light, rechargeable batteries, thin lytax gloves, and chlorine. Conan figures out the man is trying to make the same poisoned bait used to kill moles. After searching around town to the stores they visit, they find out the approximation of the man's house and begin searching for bikes with handler lights and no basket. After finding him and following him one night, they find out he was trying to poison a dog to death. His motive was to silence the vicious and loud dog so he may once again walk his favorite path in peace.
184 A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs1 hr.
"Noroi no Kamen wa Tsumetaku Warau" (呪いの仮面は冷たく笑う)
March 13, 2000 ʁ
Mouri, Ran, and Conan are invited by the hostess of a car accident charity named Shou Beniko. While driving, they find a message from the Phantom of the Cursed Masks who tells them they should not go. Once there, they find other famous celebrities; a baseball player, a prophet, a rockstar, and a man who lost his wife in a Hit and Run incident. The mansion they will be staying at is a huge mansion divided by the east and west side; and the only room connecting the two sides is the mask room, which is locked at midnight due to Shobel's mask. They were created by a famous man who lost everything and became engrossed in his masks; once he created 200 of them, he was found dead in his room surrounded with bloody masks. People who have owned his mask have suffered tragic fates. Shou who now owns all 200 masks has a priest place a seal on the curse, but the room will locked at midnight to prevent them from wandering. During their stay, Shou was murdered in a locked room with masks surrounding her and a dagger in her throat. Conan later figures out the trick and reveals the culprit. The culprit reveals that his mother was blamed for a hit and run incident and murdered by Shou, who then took fame and profit from her charity.
185 The Murdered Famous Detective (Part 1)
"Korosareta Meitantei (Zenpen)" (殺された名探偵(前編))
April 10, 2000 ʁ
Mouri, Ran, and Conan are driving by when an arrow almost hits Mouri. Afterwards, they stay at a hotel when an actor is found dead with a bullet in his head and all the evidence suggests it is the work of an outsider.
186 The Murdered Famous Detective (Part 2)
"Korosareta Meitantei (Kōhen)" (殺された名探偵(後編))
April 17, 2000 ʁ
Conan later solves the case by showing how the culprit tried to place false evidence to lure the police to think it was an outsider. He later shows that a gun was not used to shoot the bullet but an arrow was. The culprit is arrested and he reveals he wanted to write a perfect crime script that no one could solve. Afterwards, Mouri is offered a chance to star in his own show but Ran forces him to drive away before a deal could be made.
187 The Mysterious Gun Rings in the Dark
"Yami ni Hibiku Nazo no Juusei" (闇に響く謎の銃声)
April 24, 2000 ʁ
Mouri is invited to a house as to impress the client's mother who is a finance trader, simply a loaner. Later, loaner is murdered and with the clues, the suspects are her son, daughter, or maid. Conan manages to solve the case and reveals the television was used to create the gunshot noise.
188 The Desperate Revival ~The Cavern of the Detective Boys~
"Inochigake no Fukkatsu ~Doukutsu no Tantei-dan~" (命がけの復活〜洞窟の探偵団〜)
May 1, 2000 ʁ
Ran's strange behavior causes Conan to suspect that she knows his identity as Shinichi. Later on, the Detective Boys are taken by Agasa on a camping trip. The Detective Boys explore a cave only to find bank robbers hiding a dead body. Conan manages to hide the Detective Boys but is shot in the process. With the entrance guarded by the robbers, Conan, carried by Genta, leads the Detective Boys deeper into the cave to find another entrance. As they navigate through the cave, they come upon a monument of an egg with the message "Those who are lost in the dark, take your steps towards the path of the dragon, then you shall be showered by the light of happiness." Conan explains that the monument explains which of the five paths ahead shall lead them to the outside and passes out from his injury before he could point them to the right direction.
189 The Desperate Revival ~The Wounded Great Detective~
"Inochigake no Fukkatsu ~Fushoushita Meitantei~" (命がけの復活〜負傷した名探偵〜)
May 8, 2000 ʁ
The Detective Boys realize that the riddle is a reference to Shogi and that the dragon refers to a promoted rook. They take the direction a rook is placed on the Shogi board and escape the cave. The robbers are then apprehended by the authorities and Conan is taken to a hospital. At the hospital, the nurse reveals to Conan's friends that they ran out of Conan's blood type. Ran allows them to use her blood for Conan's blood transfusion and subsequently reveals that she knows Conan is Shinichi. A few days after Conan's surgery, Conan decides to tell Ran his true identity as Shinichi. Later that night, Haibara enters Conan's room and holds a gun towards him.
190 The Desperate Revival ~The Third Choice~
"Inochigake no Fukkatsu ~Daisan no Sentaku~" (命がけの復活〜第三の選択〜)
May 15, 2000 ʁ
Haibara reveals the gun was a fake and reminds Conan the threat that the Black Organization poses. Since Ran knows Conan's identity, hiding it from her would be cruel but telling her would endanger the lives of everyone around him. Haibara gives Conan a third choice that can solve the problem. The next day, Conan attends Ran's play where a Ran and a mysterious black knight are the main characters. During the play a man named Kouhei Mazuda dies from potassium cyanide ingestion. Heiji, disguised as Shinichi, attempts to trick Ran but is discovered by Kazuha. After removing his disguise Heiji concludes that the suspects are Mazuda's friends and the drink vendor.
191 The Desperate Revival ~The Black Knight~
"Inochigake no Fukkatsu ~Kokui no Kishi~" (命がけの復活〜黒衣の騎士〜)
May 22, 2000 ʁ
The police are unable to find the source of the poison from the drinks. As they are able to rule the death as a suicide, the black knight declares it was a murder and reveals his identity to be Shinichi. Shinichi reveals that the poison was placed in the ice cubes and that Mazuda had a habit of eating ice. He reveals the murderer to be Mazuda's friend, Mai Kougami. Shinichi explains that Mai kept the ice cubes in a little purse which was kept cool through dry ice. Mai says that she bought the same drink as Mazuda and that there was only a fifty percent chance that he would take the drink with the poisoned ice cubes. Shinichi explains she put ice cubes in both drinks and that after emptying her drink, she placed the poisoned ice cubes in her hood evidenced when a 10 yen coin undergoes a chemical reaction with contact to her hood. Mai confesses and explains that Mazuda murdered his patient in order to have his medical thesis published. Shinichi collapses after solving the case and wakes up and realizes he still retains he is still Shinichi and has not regressed back to Conan.
192 The Desperate Revival ~Shinichi's Return...~
"Inochigake no Fukkatsu ~Kaette kita Shinichi~" (命がけの復活〜帰ってきた新一...〜)
May 29, 2000 ʁ
The next day, Shinichi takes Ran to a fancy restaurant in order to confess his love. Meanwhile, a man named Satorou Ooba kisses his girlfriend. When the elevator opens up behind her, he shoots and murders, Taiji Tatsumi, his boss and his girlfriend's father in law. Before Shinichi could confess, he investigates the murder and realizes Ooba is the murderer.
193 The Desperate Revival ~The Promised Place~
"Inochigake no Fukkatsu ~Yakusoku no Basho~" (命がけの復活〜約束の場所〜)
June 5, 2000 ʁ
Shinichi confirms Ooba to be the murderer and reveals that he used a glove and plastic bag so his cloths would not be stained with gunpowder. He reveals that the plastic bag was hid in a mascot costume and that it contains Ooba's fingerprints. Ooba counters stating that his co-workers also touched the plastic bag. Shinichi reveals that Ooba confessed to the crimes also since he said his girlfriend's earrings were pink yet color is not distinguishable in the dark and thus reveals that Ooba was with his girlfriend when the elevator doors opened. Ooba confesses and reveals that his father's company was destroyed by Tatsumi and prompted his father to suicide. Shinichi escapes to the bathroom and regresses back to Conan. Conan tells Ran that Shinichi left to solve the case and leaves her heartbroken.


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