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The fifth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン?, Detective Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot continues Jimmy Kudo's life as a young child named Conan Edogawa and introduces the character Ai Haibara.

The episodes use five pieces of theme music: two opening theme and three closing themes. The first Japanese opening theme "Unmei no Roulette Mawashite" (運命のルーレット廻して?, lit. Spinning the Roulette of Destiny) by Zard until episode 123.[3] The second opening theme is "Truth (A Great Detective of Love)" by Two-Mix for the rest of the season.[4] The first ending theme is "Negaigoto Hitotsu Dake" (願い事ひとつだけ?, lit. Only One Wish) by Miho Komatsu until episode 108.[3] The second ending theme, starting on episode 109, is "Kōri no Ue ni Tatsu Yō ni" (氷の上に立つように?, lit. Standing on Ice) by Miho Komatsu until episode 131. The third ending theme is "Still for Your Love" by Rumania Montevideo for the rest of the season. The English adaption of season five opening theme was "Spinning the Roulette of Destiny" for the whole season. The English adaptions ending themes were "Negaigoto Hitotsu Dake" until episode 114 and followed by "Kōri no Ue ni Tatsu You ni" until episode 130.

The season initially ran from June 29, 1998 through February 8, 1999 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3][4] Episodes one hundred-seven to one thirty four were later collected into eight DVD compilations by Shogakukan and were all released on March 24, 2006.[5][6] The season was later licensed and dubbed by Funimation Entertainment and released in a DVD box set containing episodes one hundred-six to one hundred thirty, one hundred to one twenty-three in the Japanese numbering.[7] The Viridian edition of the season is was released on March 23, 2010.[8]

Episode listing

EP# Funimation Entertainment title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate
Orig.Jp. Funi.Eng.
107 The Mystery Moletian Case (Part 1)
"Mogura Seijin Nazo no Jiken (Zenpen)" (モグラ星人謎の事件(前編))
June 29, 1998 ʁ
The police find Masao at Yoshikazu's house who buried the stolen jewels around the yard. The police are forced to excavate the yard, but they find no body. Conan is positive Yoshikazu killed Masao's sister just by the smirk he has on his face. The Detective Boys ask a witness who heard digging noises from Yoshikazu's yard on the day Masao's sister went missing to find the witness made a mistake and the noise was actually coming from the construction site next door. Conan calls the police and puts on a show telling his deduction. Conan points out the body is under a growing flower which sprouted from the victim received as a gift on the day she went missing.
108 The Mystery Moletian Case (Part 2)
"Mogura Seijin Nazo no Jiken (Kōhen)" (モグラ星人謎の事件(後編))
July 6, 1998 ʁ
The police find Masao at Yoshikazu's house who buried the stolen jewels around the yard. The police are forced to excavate the yard, but they find no body. Conan is positive Yoshikazu killed Masao's sister just by the smirk he has on his face. The Detective Boys ask a witness who heard digging noises from Yoshikazu's yard on the day Masao's sister went missing to find the witness made a mistake and the noise was actually coming from the construction site next door. Conan calls the police and puts on a show telling his deduction. Conan points out the body is under a growing flower which sprouted from the victim received as a gift on the day she went missing.
109 Hit and Run
"Tantei-dan Daitsuiseki Jiken" (探偵団大追跡事件)
July 13, 1998 ʁ
Amy is hit by a red car and the other three members of the Detective Boys club chases after it on Conan's skateboard. They lose sight of it near a factory, but they find it again minutes later to chase it to a police station where a man named Kenichi Shishido turns himself in for hit and run. At the hospital, everyone is surprised to hear a man has been murdered in the factory where they were at. Conan finds a red car in a building beside the factory and other clues that point the murder to Kenichi. Conan knocks Kogoro out to explain Kenichi is the murderer and he purposely hit Ayumi and allowed the Detective Boys to chase him as an alibi. As proof, they find Ayumi's detective badge wedged in between the bumper of the car in the garage.
110 Recipe for Murder (Part 1)
"Ryōri Kyōshitsu Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (料理教室殺人事件(前編))
July 27, 1998 ʁ
Ran takes a French cuisine cooking lesson in Sonoko's absence and Conan and Kogoro tag along. There is a blackout while Conan and Kogoro head to the washroom and they find someone purposely tripped the circuit breaker using a weight and block of ice. Returning to the kitchen, the teacher is on the floor claiming to have trouble breathing and Conan discovers she's been punctured in the back. The police investigate and find evidence the attacker was someone from inside.
111 Recipe for Murder (Part 2)
"Ryōri Kyōshitsu Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (ド料理教室殺人事件(後編))
August 3, 1998 ʁ
The four suspects is interrogated and searched. It seems everyone has a motive, but no evidence or murder weapon is found to pinpoint the killer. Conan does a little investigation of his own and finds a contact lens case outside the bathroom window and tinted contact lens in one of the mixing bowls. Just as the suspects pressures the police to let them go, Conan steps in reveal the trick was done by a sewing needle, string, and a ring to push the needle through and the only one wearing a ring is Nishitani.
112 School of Ghouls
"Teitan-shō Nana-Fushigi Jiken" (帝丹小7不思議事件)
August 10, 1998 ʁ
Ayumi came to school one night to find a masked man. She told the vice-principal about it and he became absent for the last two days and the other teachers are acting suspicious. The Detective Boys sneak into the school at night where they find puppets with their names on it, mannequins and statues being moved, and someone trying to scare them with red paint and dry ice. The Detective Boys pretend to be scared and hide in the bathroom. When they come out, they find their teacher, Ms. Kobayashi, secretly practicing for the parent meet. However, she claims to not have tried to scare them off and they realize that someone else is indeed in the school. However, it is actually the vice-principal who lost his toupee and had been searching for it for the last two nights.
113 Prescription for Murder
"Shiroi Sunahama Satsujin Jiken" (白い砂浜殺人事件)
August 17, 1998 ʁ
A young woman is found by a reef in what appears to be a suicide, but when information that the town's doctor had been intimate with her in the past is revealed, both Conan and Richard suspect that murder is really involved. Now the two must find the clues before his drinking alibi fully comes through.
114 Scuba Dying (Part 1)
"Sukyūba Daibingu Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (スキューバダイビング殺人事件(前編))
August 24, 1998 ʁ
Ran tricks her mother and father into going to the beach together. Kogoro, annoyed, leaves for the bathroom and returns with two girls named Kiwako Toda and Harumi Matsuzaki who invite the Mori family and Conan to lunch with the scuba diving club at the local college. Kiwako decides to go snorkeling alone and asks Kiwako to get her a towel during lunch. After a while, the group spots Kiwako drowning and rushes to save her. Drowning is the least of their worries because Kiwako was bitten by a snake. Ran is sure she saw an erabu sea snake, but everyone is confused when she claims she saw the snake with wings.
115 Scuba Dying (Part 2)
"Sukyūba Daibingu Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (スキューバダイビング殺人事件(後編))
August 31, 1998 ʁ
The Mori family, Conan, and the diving club members rush to the hospital where Kiwako is in intensive care. Conan and Eri is sure the events was an attempted murder case and Conan gets an idea who did it after a conversation Eri and Ran has about Kogoro. Conan knocks Kogoro out to use him to tell the deduction he has in front of Harumi. Conan believes Kiwako was only pretending to drown to test her fiance's love for her and Harumi forced a snake to bite Kiwako to take advantage of the situation which explains the wings Ran saw. Harumi admit her mistake and is glad the antidote reached the hospital on time to save Kiwako.
116 The Mystery Writer Disappearance (Part 1)
"Misuterii Sakka Shissō Jiken (Zenpen)" (ミステリー作家失踪事件(前編))
September 7, 1998 ʁ
A young woman shows up at the detective agency asking Detective Mori to find her father, a mystery writer, who vanished two months ago along with his wife. The only clue to his whereabouts is a piece found in his latest publication.
117 The Mystery Writer Disappearance (Part 2)
"Misuterii Sakka Shissō Jiken (Kōhen)" (ミステリー作家失踪事件(後編))
September 14, 1998 ʁ
In continuation from the last case, the search for the mystery writer continues. Conan and the others must decipher the code in his text in order to solve the mystery of his and his wife's disappearance two months ago.
118 License to Die (Part 1)
"Naniwa no Renzoku Satsujin Jiken" (浪花の連続殺人事件)
September 21, 1998 ʁ
A serial killer who strangles his victims first then stabs them though their wallet to their chest appears in Osaka. Heiji Hattori invites Conan, Ran, and Mouri for a tour in Osaka. While on the tour they meet Kazuha Toyama who has followed them since the beginning to "Keep an eye on Heiji from Ran". Later, their a body is dropped onto the car, the third victim of the same serial killer.
118 License to Die (Part 2)
"Naniwa no Renzoku Satsujin Jiken" (浪花の連続殺人事件)
September 21, 1998 ʁ
After failing to prevent the fourth victim from being killed, they found out the victims are indeed connected, they took the driving test at the same time at the same place. Heiji then travels to meet up with the councilman named Gouji, who is a suspect of causing the murders. Conan is forced by Ran to travel with another officer to go to their hotel but due to an emergency, they are driven to the site where Numabuchi, a mass murder and also a suspect, is thought to be hiding. After Conan finds him, he realizes Numabuchi and Gouji are not the murderer. Heiji also realizes this and both figure out Sakada, the tour guide police, is the murderer. After stopping his suicide, Heiji is shot but survives.
119 The Masked Yaiba Murder Mystery
"Kamen Yaibaa Satsujin Jiken" (仮面ヤイバー殺人事件)
October 12, 1998 ʁ
Conan and the gang attend a Kamen Rider costume party. In a duel between a Yaiba cos-player and staff, both shoot their guns, but only one bullet kills. Is there more to this case than what everyone saw with their own two eyes?
120 The Big Sting
"Hanii Kakuteru Satsujin Jiken" (ハニーカクテル殺人事件)
October 19, 1998 ʁ
Kogoro is invited to a mountain house by a previous client named Hiromi Yamazaki who wishes Kogoro to help with the announcement of a spa resort. While Kogoro is looking out the window, Hiromi falls from the second floor and is announced dead. Evidence show Hiromi was attacked by bees and accidentally ran off the balcony, but Conan believes there's more to the story and does an investigation of his own. Using a knocked out Kogoro, Conan declares the housekeeper, Shingo Aihara, as the killer who used Hiromi's apiphobia to his advantage and other tricks to ensure Hiromi fell to her doom.
121 The Forgotten Bond (Part 1)
"Basurūmu Misshitsu Jiken (Zenpen)" (バスルーム密室事件(前編))
October 26, 1998 ʁ
Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are on their way to a Yōko concert when Kogoro discovers he lost his ticket. He overhears a woman named Masayo on the payphone and her situation about a friend who is unable to go to the concert because of a cold. Kogoro asks her for the spare ticket and she accepts as long as Kogoro drives her to her house to pick up her sister. Masayo finds the bathroom sealed with tape and when they break through, they find Masayo's sister dead. Everyone believes the death was a suicide, but Conan knows its murder.
122 The Forgotten Bond (Part 2)
"Basurūmu Misshitsu Jiken (Kōhen)" (バスルーム密室事件(後編))
November 2, 1998 ʁ
The victim's fiancé busts in and tells the police he was ringing the door bell the day before because the victim missed an appointment. Conan knocks out Kogoro, and tells his deduction to everyone that Masayo is the murderer and the sealed room wasn't really sealed at all. To prove it, Conan directs the police to the bloodstain on the door and explains Masayo got blood on her headband and looked through the spy hole when the fiancé was ringing the doorbell.
123 The Disappearing Weather Girl
"Otenki Oneesan Yūkai Jiken" (お天気お姉さん誘拐事件)
November 9, 1998 ʁ
Aki Asano, the weather girl for the local news, leaves a message for Kogoro's assistance. Kogoro is away because of business so the Detective Boys go instead to discover Aki has been getting threatening letters. Conan gives Aki his pager number just before she receives an urgent phone call and asks the Detective Boys to wait for her. She does not come back, but Conan begins to receive numbers as messages from her on his pager including the emergency telephone number. With a hint from Ran and Genta, Conan is able to decode the messages and pinpoint where Aki is and apprehend the kidnapper.
124 A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 1)
"Nazo no Sogekimono Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (謎の狙撃者殺人事件(前編))
November 16, 1998 ʁ
Seiji Ishimoto, president of an electronic company, claims he has been receiving threat letters and hires Kogoro as a bodyguard. As a government minister gets on stage at the banquet where they're at, he is shot and Seiji's shoulder is gazed. Conan spots a man on the balcony, but he is unable to find him. Kogoro spends the night at Seiji's hotel room keeping watch in case the murderer returns. In the morning, Kogoro receives a phonecall from Inspector Megure announcing the man on the balcony was found dead.
125 A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 2)
"Nazo no Sogekimono Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (謎の狙撃者殺人事件(後編))
November 23, 1998 ʁ
Seiji Ishimoto tells the police about the threat letters after he's approached by the minister's secretary, Tsuneaki Niikura. When everyone leaves the hotel room, Conan does a search, but he is interrupted by an unknown man who finds something. Inspector Megure questions Kogoro about Seiji's secretary and reveals she has a motive and shows a picture of her boyfriend who Kogoro recognizes as the person he bumped into as he left the hotel room. Kogoro calls everyone to the murder scene where he declares the boyfriend to be the killer. Conan stuns Kogoro to reveal Tsuneaki Niikura as the true killer who sent the threat letters to Seiji as a diversion.
126 The Traveling Drama Troupe Murder Case (Part 1)
"Tabi Shibai Ichiza Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (旅芝居一座殺人事件(前編))
November 30, 1998 ʁ
127 The Traveling Drama Troupe Murder Case (Part 2)
"Tabi Shibai Ichiza Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (旅芝居一座殺人事件(後編))
December 7, 1998 ʁ
128 The Black Organization: 10 Billion Yen Robbery Case
"Kuro no Soshiki Jūoku En Gōdatsu Jiken" (黒の組織10億円強奪事件)
December 14, 1998 ʁ
While at the bank, Conan witnesses bank robbers driving away with the 10 billion yen in a truck. The police finds the abandoned truck under the bridge and come upon a mask used for the robbery. The lipstick on the mask suggests that Masami Hirota is the culprit in the robbery. Later that night, Gin and Vodka assassinate the two bank robbers and place Hirota's lipstick at the crime scene. Conan realizes that an unknown assailant is attempting to lure Hirota out of hiding. Conan sneaks into Hirota's apartment and attempts to stop her from meeting the assailants. Ignoring Conan's warning, Hirota heads to an empty warehouse and meets Gin who reveals her true identity to be Akemi Miyano. She asks him to release her sister in exchange for the 10 billion yen; Gin however murders her and takes the keys to a coin locker containing the money from the robbery. Conan arrives at the warehouse shortly after and finds a Akemi who reveals to him the existence of the crime syndicate Black Organization before dying. After the police arrive, Conan promises to himself that he will take down the Organization.
129 The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case2 hrs.
"Kuro no Soshiki Kara Kita Onna Daigaku Kyōju Satsujin Jiken" (黒の組織から来た女 大学教授殺人事件)
January 4, 1999 ʁ
Conan's class receives a new student named Ai Haibara. After school, a boy named Toshiya asks the Detective Boys to find his missing brother. The Detective Boys along with Haibara investigate Toshiya's house and finds a painting of Natsume Sōseki. Toshiya reveals that before his brother disappeared, a woman, who had an interest in that portrait, approached Toshiya. The Detective Boys search around town to ask whether anyone has seen the woman or Toshiya's brother. Conan notices that a man was using a counterfeit ¥1000 and realizes Toshiya's brother was kidnapped and forced to help create counterfeit bills. After following the man along with the clues Toshiya's brother left behind, they are able to apprehend the organized crime group and save Toshiya's brother. On the way home, Haibara reveals that she betrayed the Black Organization and escaped with the use of the APTX 4869 which caused her to become a child. She reveals that she accidentally sent a floppy disk containing data on the Black Organization to her sister which is now in the possession of her sister's professor, Masami Hirota. Agasa takes the two there to retrieve it only to realize that Hirota has been murdered. The suspects are Hirota's three students who visited that day. Conan reveals the culprit to be Akira Shirokura; Shirokura after bludgeoning Hirota to death tied the answering machine cassette tape around the key to the room which rewound when a call was made and subsequently bringing the key into the room. As evidence, Conan reveals that Shirokura's fingerprints should be found on the tape. Haibara breaks down and asks Conan why he could not save her sister, Akemi, from the Black Organization. Later that day, Haibara attempts to read the files off the disk only to have a virus delete all the data.
130 The Indiscriminate Threatening Stadium Case (Part 1)
"Kyougijou Musabetsu Kyouhaku Jiken (Zenpen)" (競技場無差別脅迫事件(前編))
January 11, 1999 ʁ
Conan and the Detective Boys are watching a soccer game when someone calls the television station covering the game. This person demands that 50 million yen be given to him, or he will indiscriminately shoot someone in the stands.
131 The Indiscriminate Threatening Stadium Case (Part 2)
"Kyōgijō Musabetsu Kyōhaku Jiken (Kōhen)" (競技場無差別脅迫事件(後編))
January 18, 1999 ʁ
When the money is picked up, the police attempt to capture him. However, it turns out that this person has a partner in the stands, and will shoot someone unless this person is let go. The police are forced to let him go, but Conan has to find out where the partner who is still in the stadium is before he shoots someone.
132 Magic Lover's Murder Case (The Murder)
"Kijutsu Aikōka Satsujin Jiken (Jikenhen)" (奇術愛好家殺人事件(事件篇))
January 25, 1999 ʁ
Sonoko invites Ran, to attend a meeting full of avid magic fans she met online. After dropping her off at the snow lounge, Conan and Kogoro return home. During the ride, they hear on the radio that one of the members, Tatsuo Nashiyama, is found dead in his home and that his dying message was the name Dark Master, one of the members of the club. Conan rushes back to the lounge only to find out the only bridge across is on fire. Conan rushes through the bridge before it collapses and arrives at the lounge. Toshiya Hamano is later found dead ten metres from the lounge. Conan wonders how the murder was done since no footprint was found in the snow.
133 Magic Lover's Murder Case (The Suspicion)
"Kijutsu Aikōka Satsujin Jiken (Giwakuhen)" (奇術愛好家殺人事件(疑惑篇))
February 1, 1999 ʁ
The members of the lounge decide to leave the Hamano's body untouched to preserve the crime scene and retreat back into the lounge. They discuss among themselves and believe that the club member with the Username Dark Master is the murderer. Conan, Ran, Kihisae Tanaka, and Katsuki Doi, head upstairs to retrieve a sweater. While upstairs, an arrow breaks through the window and almost hits them. At the same time, another arrow breaks through the window on the bottom floor. The people of the lounge head outside to investigate and find a crossbow on the ground. The people begin to believe that the culprit is an outsider of the club. Conan investigates and notices that there was evidence that something was stapled to the outside of the house. Conan realizes how the murders are done.
134 Magic Lover's Murder Case (The Resolution)
"Kijutsu Aikōka Satsujin Jiken (Kaiketsuhen)" (奇術愛好家殺人事件(解決篇))
February 8, 1999 ʁ
Conan recreates the crossbow attack on the top floor and lures everyone outside. Using a tranquilizer, Conan knocks Sonoko out and reveals the culprit to be Kihisae Tanaka. Conan reveals that the crossbow incident was simple, Kihisae pulled a string with an object at the end to break the window, and fired a concealed crossbow to create the idea the attack was coming from the outside. She did the same for the bottom window but had the arrow stuck to the mirror prepared beforehand. As for Hamano's murder, Kihisae strangled him, and using resilient strings, fired them from the balcony to the forest until there was enough to support Hamano's weight. She then tied a string around Hamano's body and used the positioned string to slide the body downwards. She then tied all the strings into another arrow and fired it off. As evidence, Conan reveals that the arrows were specialized to have string connected to them and that they should be found on Tanaka's body somewhere. Tanaka confesses to the murder and reveals that the group members online prompted her grandfather, a famous magician, to attempt a dangerous trick which resulted in his death. Conan meanwhile confronts Katsuki Doi and reveals that his name is the anagram for Kaito Kid. Kaito reveals that he saw that someone was on the magician's account and wanted to investigate it and escapes the lounge with the use of his hang glider.


Script error

  • ^Jp. The episode's numbering as followed in Japan
  • ^Eng. The episode's numbering as followed by Funimation Entertainment
  • ^2 hrs. The episodes were aired as a single two-hour long episode in Japan


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