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The fourth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン?, Detective Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot continues Jimmy Kudo's life as a young child named Conan Edogawa.

The episodes use six pieces of theme music: two opening theme and two closing themes in the Japanese episodes and one opening theme and one ending theme in the English adaption. The first Japanese opening theme is "Nazo" (?, "Mystery") by Miho Komatsu up to episode ninety-six.[3] The second opening theme is "Unmei no Ruuretto Mawashite" (運命のルーレット廻して?, lit. Spinning the Roulette of Destiny) by Zard is for the rest of the season.[4] The first ending theme is "Kimi ga inai Natsu" (君がいない夏?, "Summer Without You") by Deen for the first episode of the season. The second is "Negaigoto Hitotsu Dake" (願い事ひとつだけ?, lit. Only One Wish) by Miho Komatsu for the rest of the season.[4] The English opening is Mystery, "Nazo" with English lyrics sung by Stephanie Naldony until episode 102. The second opening is, "Unmei no Ruuretto Mawashite" by Zard, is used onwards. The first English ending theme is "Summer Without You" with lyrics by Carl Finch until episode eighty-seven. The second English ending is "Negaigoto Hitotsu Dake" by Miho Komatsu onwards.

The season initially ran from December 1, 1997 through June 22, 1998 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3][4] Episodes eighty-six to one hundred-six were later collected into seven DVD compilations by Shogakukan and were all released on March 24, 2006.[5][6] The season was later licensed and dubbed by Funimation Entertainment and released in a DVD box set containing episodes eighty to one hundred-five, seventy-seven to ninety-nine in the Japanese numbering.[7] The Viridian edition of the season is slated for release on March 23, 2010.[8]

Episode listing

EP# Funimation Entertainment title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate
Orig.Jp. Funi.Eng.
83 The Set Up
"Sōgōbyōin Satsujin Jiken" (総合病院殺人事件)
December 1, 1997 ʁ
Richard Moore is in the hospital after injuring his ankle. While there, he witnesses a shadow of a murder. After causing an uproar three times and finding the place where the murder took place was an empty room, the murder occurs on the fourth time. Conan figures out that light is being reflected to that room and that the first three times were in a different room while the fourth one occurred in the room Moore presumed. The culprit has an alibi of talking to the nurse in another room at the time of the murder. Moore is desperate to go into the Sleeping Richard phase to prove his innocence and happily exclaims it's coming when Conan secretly shoots a tranquilizer dart. Conan disproves the culprits alibi and proves Moore to be innocent.
84 Massacre Night (Part 1)
"Sukii Rojji Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (スキーロッジ殺人事件(前編))
December 8, 1997 ʁ
While on a ski trip Rachel, Serena, and Conan meet their old elementary teacher and are invited to her villa. Once there, Serena and the elementary teacher are attacked and almost killed. Later the guy who planned this trip is found dead outside. Can Conan solve this case before someone else is attacked?
85 Massacre Night (Part 2)
"Sukii Rojji Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (スキーロッジ殺人事件(後編))
December 15, 1997 ʁ
Rachel solves the murder with Conan's suggestions, but the true identity of the culprit was so shocking to her that she reveals it in tears and breaks down crying on Conan shortly afterwards.
86 Find the Kidnap Site
"Yūkai Genba Tokutei Jiken" (誘拐現場特定事件)
January 12, 1998 ʁ
Mitch brings a wideband receiver to school and the Detective Boys pick up a terrifying phone call by a kidnapper. Using the sounds heard in the background and the conversation as clues, Conan is able to narrow the location of the kidnapper to an area around a railroad, a high school, and a construction site. The kidnapper demands the victim's father to commit suicide and the victim yells out the final clue indicating that she's near a tire factory. Conan is able to apprehend the kidnapper just in time.
87 For the Birds
"Tsuru no Ongaeshi Satsujin Jiken" (鶴の恩返し殺人事件)
January 19, 1998 ʁ
Conan, Rachel, and Richard take a trip to Hokkaidō to see the red-crowned cranes. They run into an old man who takes care of the cranes and he invites them to his house. At the house, the old man's daughter and son rush into the room demanding the reason why the old man is donating his life savings to the city. The group is allowed to soak in the hot spring near the house, but they are called to the house when they find out the old man has been murdered. The old man's son confesses that he's the murderer, but Conan proves that he's not. Using Richard, Conan announces the old man's brother to be the killer who set up a spring loaded crossbow and fired it at the same time as the son.
88 Vampire Villa (Part 1)
"Dorakyura-sō Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (ドラキュラ荘殺人事件(前編))
January 26, 1998 ʁ
Richard is called by a famous horror novelist named Daisuke Torakura, whose nickname is Mr. Dracula because most of his novels contain vampires. At Torakura's villa, Richard meets Torakura's student and wife, a magazine editor, a researcher studying the legend of vampires, and Torakura himself dressed as a vampire. Torakura asks Richard to investigate his wife because he believe she is having an affair and offers Richard to stay the night because of a snowstorm. While Torakura stays in his study to finish writing, Conan and Rachel tour the mansion. At midnight, everyone checks on Torakura only to find him tied to a wooden cross with a stake driven through his heart. The death is murder, but the study's door was locked and there is no footprints in the snow leading to and away from the study outside.
89 Vampire Villa (Part 2)
"Dorakyura-sō Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (ドラキュラ荘殺人事件(後編))
February 2, 1998 ʁ
Richard reviews the events that took place before the murder of Stefan van Croven and discovers everyone in the villa has a motive to kill because van Croven has been lying and blackmailing them. Conan finds a ladder in a closet and cellophane tape stuck to the curtain rack to discover the trick used in the lock room murder. Conan stuns Richard to reveal that by using the film projector and cellophane tape stuck to the door lock, anyone can be the murder. But points out the murderer is Torakura's student, Jonathan Tradonio, because of a bad lie he told before the body was found.
90 Deadly Art
"Hana no Kaori Satsujin Jiken" (花の香り殺人事件)
February 9, 1998 ʁ
Richard is invited to Rika Okano's ikebana award ceremony to investigate a threat letter announcing a murder. Rika brushes the letter off as jealous hate mail, but the threat soon comes true when the owner of the hotel where the award ceremony is taking place is strangled to death. Conan notices something strange about the flower the owner was wearing and figures out the trick after he finds chloroform in Rika's dressing room. He also finds cyanide and worries that another murder will take place. Conan hurries to the stage where Rika is performing and sprays all the flowers with liquid nitrogen. With Richard stunned, Conan reveals Rika's assistant to be the culprit who also made a suicidal attempt to take Rika's life as well.
91 Hospital Homicide
"Gōtō Hannin Nyuuin Jiken" (強盗犯人入院事件)
February 16, 1998 ʁ
Richard breaks his leg and is admitted to the hospital. Conan and the Detective Boys visit him after school where they meet Yoshio and Richard hospital roommates. In the room's conversation, it is revealed that Yoshio was working at the bank at the time of a 100 million yen heist and the criminals is still at large. Conan confronts Yoshio and tells him he knows the bank criminals are forcing him to kill their apprehended partner and his daughter is held hostage. Conan grabs the gun which Yoshio is holding and knocks out the criminals with his soccer ball. The Detective Boys rush in to save Yoshio's daughter who is held on top of a building across from the hospital.
92 Mountain Fox (Part 1)
"Kyōfu no Toravaasu Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (恐怖のトラヴァース殺人事件(前編))
February 23, 1998 ʁ
A real estate company president named Bunzō Ushio mistaken an ulcer for cancer and paid an assassin nicknamed Fox to assassinate him. Now that he realized his mistake, he asks Kogoro to find Fox because he lost contact and is unable to stop the assassination. Bunzō explains the agreement includes that Fox will only target him while he's traversing, so Richard, Rachel, and Conan head to Tanbara mountain to traverse with Bunzō. Along the way up, the guide is murdered and Kogoro is attacked during the night when the group stays in a cabin on top of the mountain. One person is missing at night, but only because he's claustrophobic. When Richard and Conan head back to the cabin, they hear Rachel's shriek.
93 Mountain Fox (Part 2)
"Kyōfu no Toravaasu Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (恐怖のトラヴァース殺人事件(後編))
March 2, 1998 ʁ
Richard and Conan rush back to the mountain cabin because of Rachel's shriek to find a woman stabbed in the back. They deduce that the killer is the woman's partner and discover him gone along with the cabin's caretaker. Richard saves the killer from a landslide and ties him up, but the assassin nicknamed Fox is still out there. Conan concludes Fox was disguised as the now missing caretaker. Conan rushes into the forest after a gunshot is heard and saves Fox from Bunzō who wanted revenge after one of Fox's assassination jobs led to the death of his daughter.
94 The Other Girl
"Yuki-onna Densetsu Satsujin Jiken" (雪女伝説殺人事件)
March 9, 1998 ʁ
Conan, Rachel and her Richard went to a snow trip with a client who told Rachel's father that someone was about to kill him. Can Conan help Rachel's father solve the case?
95 Richard's Deadly Date
"Kogorō no Deeto Satsujin Jiken" (小五郎のデート殺人事件)
March 16, 1998 ʁ
After drinking with a friend, Richard heads home on the train at 7:30. He falls asleep, but wakes up just in time to get off at the right stop. Richard meets with a friend named Sachiko while walking home who offers to take him on a date to Tōto Bay Bridge. They return two hours later to find Sachiko's roommate murdered. Conan suspects Sachiko and suggests that Richard missed his stop on the train and got off at 8:30 instead breaking Sachiko's alibi. But the decisive evidence is a pen which Richard picked up in Sachiko's car that has a fingerprints of a mail courier who dropped off a package at 8:00.
96 Jimmy Kudo Revealed (Part 1)
"Oitsumerareta Meitantei! Renzoku Nidai Satsujin Jiken" (追いつめられた名探偵!連続2大殺人事件)
March 23, 1998 ʁ
Conan returns from Agasa's and fall asleep. Rachel returns home and removes his glasses discovering his striking resemblance to Jimmy. Richard is hired by Nina Tathers to investigate the death of her husband, Carl Tathers, a famous magician. She explains the police have concluded it to be suicide by ingesting poison but there are doubts due to finding two cards glued together at the scene. They are invited to the mansion to investigate the crime scene. As they investigate, Conan notices in Carl's picture collection of his students, that the picture of Atrimus Plomtholyd is dustless. Nina reveals Artrimus to be Carl's favorite student who passed away in an accident fourteen years ago. Conan points out that Carl died with his hands behind his back, a strange posture for someone who died from poisoning, and concludes he was tied up and the murderer must be one of Carl's three students; This was missed due to the police mistaking the rope marks for rings marks. As they investigate, Conan notices that the cards resemble the picture of the redial button on the phone which dials the number 126871*32489*13548*1397.
96 Jimmy Kudo Revealed (Part 2)
"Oitsumerareta Meitantei! Renzoku Nidai Satsujin Jiken" (追いつめられた名探偵!連続2大殺人事件)
March 23, 1998 ʁ
Conan discerns the phone numbers reveal the shape of a letter or alphabet; The message is deciphered to be the letters DC and the Katakanas  and. Richard reads the Katakana as the letters MAR and deduces that Carl's student, Marvella Asundi is the killer. Rachel reveals that DC must mean da capo causing Conan and Richard to realize she means to Marvella plans to kill again and the target is Carl and Nina's daughter Anya. Marvella appears with Anya explaining she decided not to kill her. She explains her motive for killing Carl was to avenge her brother's murder who died due to Carl sabotaging Artimus's handcuffs. She later turns himself in to the police. On the way home, Rachel takes Conan to Jimmy's house and confronts him, certain his true identity is Jimmy. Jimmy's mother, Vivian, coincidentally arrives and covers for Conan by telling Rachel Conan is a distant relative and has been trained by Jimmy. The next day, Vivian takes Conan to investigate the identity of her uncle named Yorkham Xanderbilt by the request of her friend, Hiedy Xanderbilt. Hiedy, and her relatives, suspect Yorkam is impersonating their uncle to get a share of the inheritance left by their father, Cornileus Xanderbilt. A scar on Yorkham's leg ascertains his identity. Yorkham reveals that one of the relatives sent him a threatening letter against his life if he returns to claim the inheritance reveals the man accompanying him is Carlos, a Brazilian bodyguard.
96 Jimmy Kudo Revealed (Part 3)
"Oitsumerareta Meitantei! Renzoku Nidai Satsujin Jiken" (追いつめられた名探偵!連続2大殺人事件)
March 23, 1998 ʁ
After affirming Yorkham's identity through his writing which matches an old letter, Conan notices a man in a trench-coat hiding around the mansion. That night, Hiedy's step mother is found dead in a water well holding a camellia in her right hand; It was the same way Hiedy's biological mother died. The police are called to investigate while Conan attempts to discern who the murderer is. The police find the step mother's car in the forest with the key in the emission and a cassette tape missing. The next day, during the hearing of the will, an arrow is fired from a timed crossbow directed at Yorkham who manages to avoid it.
96 Jimmy Kudo Revealed (Part 4)
"Oitsumerareta Meitantei! Renzoku Nidai Satsujin Jiken" (追いつめられた名探偵!連続2大殺人事件)
March 23, 1998 ʁ
A police officer reveals that he found a cassette tape near the bathroom and that the fingerprints on the knife reveal that the step mother was holding the knife outwards. They discover the cassette contained the sounds of a party giving Conan an epiphany. Conan tranquilizes Detective Magnum and reveals that Kari Xanderbilt was the one who prepared the crossbow, evidenced by her statement which reveals she knew an arrow was shot from a cabinet. Kari confesses revealing that she was in heavy debt. Conan then reveals that the step mother used the cassette to forge an alibi to make it seem as if she was at the party, and had planned to murder Yorkham to increase her share of the inheritance. The camellia flower was to link the crime to their biological mother's death to add to the confusion. Yorkham, skilled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, deflects the knife and killed her unintentionally in self defense. Conan deduces that Yorkham had received two threats, one from Kari and one from the step mother, and had placed the body in the well as a warning to the second killer. The disguised man then enters the room revealing himself to be Jimmy's father, Booker Kudo, who reveals that Yorkham placed the body there so it could be found to test the Detective's skills. Yorkham, who realized that Magnum was an idiot, kept it a secret about what had happened and the two threats. Booker then reveals that the man is not Yorkham and that he was a bodyguard for Carlos who is the son of the real Yorkham. He further elaborates explaining the man had been writing letters for the real Yorkham since Yorkham lost his left hand, evidenced by letters Booker found in the storage room. Later, Booker and Vivian return Conan to the Moore's resident before returning home.
97 The Mysterious Woman with Amnesia Case
"Wakare no Wain Satsujin Jiken" (別れのワイン殺人事件)
April 13, 1998 ʁ
Richard is invited to the house of Kōtarō Ichikawa of Ichikawa Industries to investigate his two daughters, Kazue and Mizue, for inheritance purposes. After going to the washroom, Conan catches Kazue injecting poison into a bottle of wine, but he is captured and locked in the wine cellar by an unknown attacker. He escapes to find out Kōtarō died after drinking wine and Kazue is taken away by the police. Conan discovers Kōtarō never drank the wine and the doctor was the true killer after viewing a recording of the murder caught on camera.
98 Potter's Gambit (Part 1)
"Meitōgeika Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (名陶芸家殺人事件(前編))
April 20, 1998 ʁ
A man who was famous of making potter invite Richard, Rachel and Conan over. Then the man son's wife was found hanging on the storage room. Is it a murderer or did the woman hang herself?
99 Potter's Gambit (Part 2)
"Meitōgeika Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (名陶芸家殺人事件(後編))
April 27, 1998 ʁ
Conan investigates and finally finds out that it was a murderer
100 The Memories of First Love (Part 1)
"Hatsukoi no Hito Omoide no Jiken (Zenpen)" (初恋の人想い出事件(前編))
May 11, 1998 ʁ
Rachel and Serena meet Asami, their senior in middle school who is now in Tōto University. Asami wishes to invite Jimmy to her birthday party with her mystery club but she obviously can't contact him so she invites Rachel, Serena, Conan instead. When Rachel asks Asami about her relationship with Jimmy, Asami replies "first love". Midway through the party, Asami falls asleep, so the rest of the group leave to a karaoke box. They notice the house on fire from the bar's window several hours later and rush back. Rachel bursts through the burning building to save Asami just in time.
101 The Memories of First Love (Part 2)
"Hatsukoi no Hito Omoide no Jiken (Kōhen)" (初恋の人想い出事件(後編))
May 18, 1998 ʁ
Conan notices the furniture was moved and overhears the firefighters wondering why the birthday cake was put on a chair under the fax machine. With the new evidence, Conan can safely say it was arson instead of a suicide which Richard was thinking. Conan finds out who the culprit after he interviews the owner of the convenience store next door to the karaoke box. Richard, though knocked out, tells everyone the president of the mystery club set the fire with the fax machine because he wanted to heroically save Asami so she would fall in love with him.
102 Fame and Misfortune (Part 1)
"Jidaigeki Haiyū Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (時代劇俳優殺人事件(前編))
May 24, 1998 ʁ
The historical samurai actor Kōzaburō has asked Ran's father on advice for his next movie in which he will be playing a detective. As Richard, Ran, Kōzaburō, and Conan enter the balcony of his apartment room, they witnessed the murder of his wife in the balcony of another actor, Hajime's, as soon as the phone rings.
103 Fame and Misfortune (Part 2)
"Jidaigeki Haiyū Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (時代劇俳優殺人事件(後編))
June 1, 1998 ʁ
Conan returns to Kōzaburō's apartment to find concrete proof to prove Hajime's innocence. While Richard attracts the newspaper press so Inspector Megure can take Hajime to the police station, Conan knocks Richard out to announce Kōzaburō is the real killer. Conan reveals Kōzaburō tricked everyone by taking them to the 6th floor while everyone believed they were on the 5th by creating a duplicate room on both floors. As proof, Conan asks Takagi to find the model gun under the sofa that Richard secretly broke in the room on the 6th floor.
104 The Mystery of Bludcraven Manor (Part 1)
"Tōzoku-dan Nazo no Yōkan Jiken (Zenpen)" (盗賊団謎の洋館事件(前編))
June 8, 1998 ʁ
Richard receives a letter asking him to solve the mystery of a mansion. There, Richard, Conan, and Rachel meet Misao Nakamura and his brother. The entire mansion is filled with clocks since the previous owner, the brother's grandfather, was a clockwork artisan. Conan notices the strange mysteries - every digital clock is scratched between the two minute digits, drilled holes are everywhere, a mirror is glued to a desk, every clock rings for one minute at 11:00, and there's someone hiding in the attic. At 1:10, three goblins figures appear from the cuckoo clock in the office.
105 The Mystery of Bludcraven Manor (Part 2)
"Ninki Aatisuto Yūkai Jiken (Zenpen)" (盗賊団謎の洋館事件(後編))
June 15, 1998 ʁ
Conan figures out the mysteries of the mansion, but waits until dark to pass on clues to the struggling Kogoro. The first clue he gives is a pun that reveals 1100 means a lion. The second clue Conan gives reveals the "N", "L, and "R" letters on the goblin figure's head stand for "night", "light", and "right". By shining a light through the lion head on the front door, the light reflects through the holes throughout the mansion and onto the cuckoo clock where a cuckoo bird emerges carrying a golden watch. The two brothers show their true identity as members of a band of thieves called the Goblins, but they are taken down by Kogoro and Ran and the real Misao is released from the attic.
106 Snapshots of Death
"Sukūpu Shashin Satsujin Jiken" (スクープ写真殺人事件)
June 22, 1998 ʁ
A newspaper reporter is attacked over the phone and Conan rushes to the apartment to find the apartment on fire and the award-winning photographer, Ryūichi Yanase, snapping pictures. Using evidence from the photos, Conan takes his deduction to the airwaves when Kogoro appears on a television show hosted by Ryūichi. Conan presents two photos to warrant Ryūichi's arrest with the help of Professor Agasa and Inspector Megure: a photo of Ryūichi's gold watch at the scene of the crime and a traffic violation photo with Ryūichi with the watch on.


Script error

  • ^Jp. The episode's numbering as followed in Japan
  • ^Eng. The episode's numbering as followed by Funimation Entertainment
  • ^2 hrs. The episodes were aired as a single two-hour long episode in Japan
  • ^D These episodes are part of the fifth season of Case Closed


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