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The third season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン?, Detective Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot continues Jimmy Kudo's life as a young child named Conan Edogawa and features the introduction of the gentleman thief Phantom Thief Kid.

The episodes use six pieces of theme music: one opening theme and two closing themes in the Japanese episodes and one opening theme and two ending theme in the English adaption. The Japanese opening theme is "Nazo" (?, lit. "Mystery") by Miho Komatsu.[3] The first ending theme is "Hikari to Kage no Roman" (光と影のロマン?, lit. "Romance of Light and Shadow") by Keiko Utoko until episode seventy. It later uses "Kimi ga inai Natsu" (君がいない夏?, lit. "Summer Without You") by Deen for the rest of the season.[3] The English opening theme is "Nazo" with English lyrics by Stephanie Nadolny. The first English ending theme is "Hikari to Kage no Roman" with English lyrics also by Stephanie Nadolny until episode seventy-two. It is followed by "Kimi ga inai Natsu" with English lyrics by Carl Finch.

The season initially ran from April 21, 1997 through November 24, 1997 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3] Episodes fifty-five to eighty-two were later collected into seven DVD compilations by Shogakukan and were released on March 24, 2006.[4][5] The season was later licensed and dubbed by Funimation Entertainment and released in ten DVD compilations and released between August 24, 2004 and December 20, 2005.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15] They were later collected into a DVD boxset on November 25, 2008 containing episodes fifty-three to seventy-nine, fifty-two to seventy-six in the Japanese numbering.[16] The Viridian edition of the season is slated for release on March 23, 2010.[17]

Episode listing

EP# Funimation Entertainment title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate
Orig.Jp. Funi.Eng.
55 Train Trick
"Ressha Torikku Satsujin Jiken" (列車トリック殺人事件)
April 21, 1997 ʁ
As Richard, Rachael, and Conan are on their way home from a hot spring, they boarded a train together with a pair of doctors. They arrived at a station where one may change trains to another line, but no one could possibly change trains since the two lines are scheduled differently by a mere five-minute difference. At the station where the trio are to change trains to one going to Tokyo, a murder is discovered. The only suspect rides in the train with Conan's group while the victim rides on a train from a different line. Conan uncovers the trick used by the murderer using the change given by a lady working on the train of the victim.
56 The Sunfish Murder
"Ojamanbō Satsujin Jiken" (おじゃマンボウ殺人事件)
April 28, 1997 ʁ
Conan, Richard, and Rachael are out jogging when they are attracted to a scene of a murder. One of the owners of the Sunfish Cleaning Company has been killed by a falling beam. Conan uncovers the trick by using window reflections.
57 Footsteps of the Hero (Part 1)
"Hōmuzu Furīku Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (ホームズフリーク殺人事件(前編))
May 5, 1997 ʁ
Conan enters a Sherlock Holmes contest to win a first-edition book and forces Rachel and Richard to attend. Once at the place of the contest, everyone must do a 1000 questionnaire test about Sherlock Holmes. Harley appears and reveals to Rachel he thought he would meet Jimmy there. Later that day, Harry Kanucka, the host, is seen driving his car off a cliff and into the ocean. It is presumed to be a murder and the one of the contestants, Sheila Sands, reveals she knows who the murderer is. Later a garage fire occurs and Sheila is found dead. Next, a blackout occurs and Erny Bowers, another contestant, receives an injury from being stabbed in the back with an ice pick.
58 Footsteps of the Hero (Part 2)
"Hōmuzu Furīku Satsuji Jiken (Kōhen)" (ホームズフリーク殺人事件(後編))
May 12, 1997 ʁ
After Conan reveals his deduction of the situation, this causes Harley to believe Conan is actually Jimmy Kudo. Harley reveals that when Harry Kanucka was in the car, his body had already underwent rigor mortis. At that moment, Conan and Harley realize who the murderer is. Harley decides to wait for Conan to solve the case in order to see if he really is Jimmy. Conan decides to tranquilize Harley and with his bowtie, makes it seem as if Harley solved the case. Conan reveals Alex Carr to be the murderer. He reveals that Alex placed Harry in the car once murdering him. Alex then placed Harry's foot on the brake and once rigor mortis sets in, turns on the cars heater, sets the car into drive, and opens the garage. The heat caused Harry's body to un-stiffen quicker than usual and as pressure is eased on the brake, sets the car in motion and into the ocean. For Sheila's murder, Alex told Sheila the book was hidden in a car in the garage. The car had a punctured gas tank and the batteries were dead. With the batteries dead, the car light will not work, this forces Sheila to use her lighter and caused the fire in the garage. Since the garage fire was designed for Erny Bowers, Alex was forced to think of a new plan to murder Erny; his plan was to create a blackout and stab Erny. Alex than asks Harley evidence of his crime, and Conan reveals that Alex did not do a single question on the questionnaire as he knows the host will be dead. Alex reveals that he did so since Erny and Harry's book of Sherlock Holmes had Irene Adler mocking Sherlock Holmes for his deduction mistake. Harley wakes up and realizing what occurs, decides to blackmail Conan into revealing who he really is. Afterwards, Conan reveals his identity to Harley as well as how he shrunk.
59 Shopping Can Be Murder
"Hajimete no Otsukai Satsujin Jiken" (初めてのお使い殺人事件)
May 19, 1997 ʁ
Conan and the Junior Detective League volunteer to follow participants of the "Toddler Shopping Day" and record them buying their shopping items. While following a young boy,Christopher, a series of strange events occur such as a car almost hitting him and pipes falling from a truck. Conan deduces that he is being followed because the child witnessed a murder he did not mean to see. The boy, not knowing what he barged into nor that he was being followed continued to shop. When the culprit could not kill him he kidnapped him by knocking him out with drugs and placing him with another man's body in a building that will be demolished that day. After Conan and the Junior Detective League discovered Christopher, Conan revels that the man intended to leave them there so that when the building was demolished the evidence would be destroyed with the building as well. The man then locks Conan and the gang in the room and escapes. As the building falls apart, Conan finds a water pipe that leads to outside and safely guides everyone out of the building and confronts the man. He reveals that the dead man is a loan shark that he borrowed money to build his grocery store. He also says that he killed the loan shark because even though he paid off the loan, he kept demanding more until nothing was left. He says that no one should break dreams as the man did and that know no one would remember his store. He breaks down and realizes that someone does remember since Christoper originally went to the building because he wanted to buy them there.
60 Illustrated Murder
"Irasutorētā Satsujin Jiken" (イラストレーター殺人事件)
May 26, 1997 ʁ
Richard is asked to have an input in crime drawings by a famous artist. The next scene reveals him waking up in his assistants bed and reveling his affair that he is having with her. She paints a butterfly symbol on his face which he wipes off and asks why she did so. She says she does this because she wants his wife to see it and divorce him so they can be married. The artist gets angry and slaps her. She then reveals that she did more than 60% of the drawings in the book that Richard is supposed to give his input on, and she signed it with her mark too. She threatens him to revel this fact to the public. The artist gets angry and hit her on the top of the head with an ashe tray killing her. Later, he tied the body to a wire that was stopped by the door with a nail, so when the deliver man opened the door it would sling back, drop the body and the fishing wire and a piece of flower pot would retret to the drain on the balcony. Making it look and seem as a suicide because they witnessed her fall pass the window. Conan reveals this by spilling coffee on the artist to show the symbol of a butterfly on his toe that she allegedly painted on him in his sleep.
61 Ghost Ship Murder (Part 1)
"Yūreisen Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (幽霊船殺人事件(前編))
June 2, 1997 ʁ
Conan, Richard, and Rachel arrive on an island that Richard was invited to go to to make a speech about a ghost ship that was lost at sea 7 years ago. When Richard arrives on stage completely drunk, a miniature bomb explodes and nearly kills him. Conan realizes that the supposed ghost at the shrine in the pirates cave and the ghost ship are being manipulated by someone on the ship. When Richard gets attacked at night by a suit of armor, Richard runs away but the suit of armor follows him. Just when Richard believes he lost him, the armor shows up with the lighthouse care-taker in it and a sword stabbed in his neck and covered in blood. The towns people believe Richard did it but he insists he did not.
62 Ghost Ship Murder (Part 2)
"Yūreisen Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (幽霊船殺人事件(後編))
June 9, 1997 ʁ
Conan proves that Richard did not kill the caretaker. After doing that Conan head into the cursed cave only to find that the Ghost cave sounds were from the wind in the tunnels upon entering Conan finds a staircase which inturn breaks way revealing another dead man and the killer. Also Conan deducts that the ghost ship was stuck in this part of the cave for 7 years due to a cave in. Conan finds the gold which was hidden in the bricks of the staircase that were covered in moss. But another cave in happened forcing Conan and the killer to leave. The gold was sealed inside the cave in.
63 Gomera!
"Ōkaijū Gomera Satsujin Jiken" (大怪獣ゴメラ殺人事件)
June 16, 1997 ʁ
When Conan and the gang visit a movie set someone in the Gomera costume stabs a man that is in charge of the whole movie building. Conan discovers that the man who played Gomera is the killer. He managed to fool everyone because he stabbed himself as a cover-up. He reveals the motive for his crime was that the victim stole his script for a movie and sold it.
64 The Three Fingerprints
"Daisan no Shimon Satsujin Jiken" (第3の指紋殺人事件)
June 23, 1997 ʁ
Richard is invited to a barbecue by his senior. Suddenly a call is made, and the host has to leave due to a man from a gang stating that he killed someone and wants to turn himself in. Richard's senior told the police that he had accidentally killed his client, but it turns out that he planned his death.
65 The Crab and Whale
"Kani to Kujira Yūkai Jiken" (カニとクジラ誘拐事件)
June 30, 1997 ʁ
While out at a bar with Richard and Rachel, Conan overhears a man on the phone with a kidnapper. When he alerts Richard, they find out the man's son, Kerry, has been kidnapped and the kidnappers want 50 million. When the boy says he sees a bunch of crabs and a whale, its up to Conan to find the boy before it's too late.
66 Moonless Murder
"Kurayami no Michi Satsujin Jiken" (暗闇の道殺人事件)
July 7, 1997 ʁ
After running into an old friend, Jim flemming, a person is found dead nextdoor outside on the street . With a few clues Conan is able to find out who the murderer is and how he committed the murder with stones, rope, fishing lines, and cigarettes.
67 The Case of the Murdered Actress
"Butai Joyū Satsujin Jiken" (舞台女優殺人事件)
July 14, 1997 ʁ
Richard is given a case to solve the sender of a threat note. His teacher appears at his house and decides to go to the theater, too. Conan and Rachael tag along. Richard's case turns into a murder when the lead actress dies on stage, but he soon breaks his backbone before Conan can solve it. Using things that Richard's teacher says, Conan finds out the murderer and reveals them using the body of Richard's teacher. Conan reveals one of the prop stars is tangled, meaning someone used a string covered in poison and lowered it into the glass the actress was drinking from to kill her. Her agent, Harmony, is found guily when marks from pulling the string too hard are seen on her hands. She reveals that her client broke up with boyfriend, Harmony's ex-fiancee and lead male star, and showed nothing but cold disregard for breaking his heart. Harmony had ended her relationship with him, and aborted a baby she was carrying of his, to help his carrier and wouldn't let a woman who didn't love him ruin him.
68 Knight Baron Mystery (Part 1)
"Yami no Danshaku Satsujin Jiken (Jikenhen)" (闇の男爵殺人事件(事件篇))
July 21, 1997 ʁ
Conan, Rachel, Richard end up a half paid vacation to St. annes beach resort, which is actual a mystery tour to find out the person behind the masked Knight baron (a fictional character in Booker Kudo's books). The winner gets free room and a software design thats is most likely a virus. Ten people are on the tour as well, who get tense instantly when they find out detective moore is on the tour too. While staring out on the balcony, the knight baron appears and pushes Conan over the edge causing him to land in the pool. Can Conan figure out who the Knight baron is? and why is the knight baron giving way a computer virus?
69 Knight Baron Mystery (Part 2)
"Yami no Danshaku Satsujin Jiken (Giwakuhen)" (闇の男爵殺人事件(疑惑篇))
July 28, 1997 ʁ
When a man on the tour is found dead in the knight baron costume everybody believes it was an accident, but Conan thinks otherwise. Later rachel, conan, and a member of the tour are attacked coming out of the elevator by the Knight baron. Rachel fights him off but didn't get a single hit which now makes Rachel believe she knows whos in the knight baron costume. Can Conan solve this case even if the wind is a factor?
70 Knight Baron Mystery (Part 3)
"Yami no Danshaku Satsujin Jiken (Kaiketsuhen)" (闇の男爵殺人事件(解決篇))
August 4, 1997 ʁ
Rachal proves that Cliff isn't Knight Baron thanks to his fans. Conan uses the wind to figure out who the Knight Baron is. Using Richard, he reveals that Romero wasn't pushed off his room, but Audra and Cliff's room. Audra used sleeping pills on Romero, dressed him as the Knight Baron and pushed him out of her room. Cliff discovers her Knight Baron wig, which she didn't put on Romero since he already had the same kind of hair, and realizes she murdered him. He stole the costume and dressed as Knight Baron in front of her and left out his alibi to keep her from being arrested. She confesses that Romero hacked into her brother's computer systems years ago, the shock of losing his company forced him into committing suicide. She staged this event and lured him with a fake virus. Despite Audra acting like a heartless woman to make him forget her, Cliff still stays loyal to her and allows himself to be arrested for aiding her.
71 The Stalker
"Sutōkā Satsujin Jiken" (ストーカー殺人事件)
August 11, 1997 ʁ
Richard, Rachel, and Conan are out for a walk when they notice a man who drank a juice dies from poison. They later learn he was a stalking a young woman. After investigating, Conan find evidence to prove she was the murderer. The woman reveals she feared for her safety as the stalker pushed her down a staircase after she called the police. Conan then also reveals that the stalker planned to kill her on that day evidenced by his bag. He tells her with this, she should get a light sentence.
72 Triple Terror
"Mitsugo Bessō Satsujin Jiken" (三つ子別荘殺人事件)
August 18, 1997 ʁ
A murder occurs and the suspects are triplets, including one of whom is Sonoko Suzuki's sister's fiance.
73 The Ship Wreck Murder
"Shōnentantei-dan Sōnan Jiken" (少年探偵団遭難事件)
August 25, 1997 ʁ
The Detective Boys, along with Rachael and Richard, are at a beach one day when they come across two rich people; a snobby young man named Kogatsu, and a young woman named Shinobu. George finds an SOS in a bottle by Shinobu on a beach. They find her in a cave; reaching it by a raft. She explains Kogatsu tried to kill her by drugging her to sleep and letting the tides rise. The tides have risen to a point where they can not leave the cave. They venture into the maze of a cave and escape to a pool where they encounter Kogatsu and Richard. Kogatsu then holds Ayumi at gunpoint and threatens to kill everyone, but Rachel and an old guard arrive in time to save them. In the end, Kogatsu is taken to jail as Shinobu looks sadly at the man who betrayed her love while Richard is sternly lectured by the old guard for fishing in the pool, which is off-limits.
74 Jinnai, King of Death
"Shinigami Jinnai Satsujin Jiken" (死神陣内殺人事件)
September 1, 1997 ʁ
A death threat is given to famous actor Harnison Noble, and Richard Moore accepts the case to try and prevent it. When the murder is successful, can Richard find the mysterious Jinnai, or will there be too many holes for even Conan to solve?
75 Murder and Mahjong
"Kinyū Kaisha Shachō Satsujin Jiken" (金融会社社長殺人事件)
September 8, 1997 ʁ
Richard is playing Mahjong when they called a Loan Company President to play with them. When they find him in his office, he has died from Cyanide poisoning. The suspects are three of his employees. The poison was only found on the victim's thumb, money, and door handle, but no where else in the office. Conan solves the mystery, showing how Cyanide was erased with Bleach. The culprit explains how it was for revenge for putting the person's loved one in such a great debt.
76 Phantom Thief 1412 (Part 1)
"Conan VS Kaitō Kiddo" (コナンVS怪盗キッド)
September 22, 1997 ʁ
Detective Moore is given the case on capturing Phantom Thief 1412. Conan tags along and finds Phantom Thief 1412 on a roof, far away from the cops. After Phantom Thief's escape, he leaves a note on his true intention, the theft of the Black Star, a rare black pearl, the next day. Conan sets out to capture Phantom Thief 1412.
76 Phantom Thief 1412 (Part 2)
"Conan VS Kaitō Kiddo" (コナンVS怪盗キッド)
September 22, 1997 ʁ
The phantom thief makes his way on board the ship where the black pearl is on. To make things hard harder for the thief everyone on the ship was givin a fake black pearls but nobody knows if they are wearing the real one. The phantom thief figures out who has the real pearl. Conan then confronts the phantom thief who was disguised as rachel. The phantom thief gets away but gives Conan back the real pearl and Rachel is found sleeping in one of the life boats.
77 Mysterious Masked Murder (Part 1)
"Meika Renzoku Henshi Jiken (Zenpen)" (名家連続変死事件(前編))
October 20, 1997 ʁ
Richard is recommended by someone to a wealthy family for a routine assignment; the man wishes to find his first love. With the police roaming around the house, though, Conan begins to wonder if that's really all there is to it. His answer comes when suddenly, the son of the wealthy man supposedly kills his child hood friend. Conan is wrapped up in the case, and a familiar face makes his way onto the scene...
78 Mysterious Masked Murder (Part 2)
"Meika Renzoku Henshi Jiken (Kōhen)" (名家連続変死事件(後編))
October 27, 1997 ʁ
After a few clues Harley, and Conan are able to figure out who commited the murder.
79 The Revengeful Robber
"Ginkō Gōtō Satsujin Jiken" (銀行強盗殺人事件)
November 3, 1997 ʁ
After bowling, Rachel, Serena, and Conan head to the bank to check in a cheque. While there, an armed bank robbing happens. After some struggle, one man is shot by the robber but survives. After being shot, another man struggles with the robber and ends up shooting and killing the robber. It all seems normal but Conan finds it strange. After figuring out the robber had an accomplice, Conan, using Serena, reveals the robber's accomplice. He reveals the two planned to use the money to pay off their debts and make some cash.
80 Dead Hobo
"Hōrō Gaka Satsujin Jiken" (放浪画家殺人事件)
November 10, 1997 ʁ
While at a painting exhibit, Conan notices a man in rag examining a picture. The next day while playing baseball with his friends, he notices the man again. After being asked about his drawings of a home, the man realizes he has been drawing unconsciously, and holds his head in pain. In the hospital, he was revealed to have been affected by amnesia and the pain was his returning memories. The man leaves the hospital. The next day while playing baseball, Genta finds the man dead. Conan finds out the man is an artist who's been missing for a year. His wife is the only one who can identify the body but she proclaims it's not him. Conan proves that the man was the artist by fingerprints he left behind when he came home after regaining his memories. Conan shows them who the murderer was.
81 Two Times Trouble (Part 1)
"Ninki Ātisuto Yūkai Jiken (Zenpen)" (人気アーティスト誘拐事件(前編))
November 17, 1997 ʁ
A famous singer from the band Two-Mix is kidnapped and they demand the Junior Detective League to deliver the bag belonging to the singer. The police tail the Junior Detective League and when captured, find out Amy is disguised as Conan and that the kidnappers demanded Amy to deliver the item.
82 Two Times Trouble (Part 2)
"Ninki Ātisuto Yūkai Jiken (Kōhen)" (人気アーティスト誘拐事件(後編))
November 24, 1997 ʁ
Conan meets up with the kidnappers and just when he was about to defeat them, the Junior Detective League arrive and are captured. The kidnappers leave and then set the room on fire, but Conan figure a way out. While at the concert, the Junior Detective League accidentally start the music too early, and if stopped it will anger the crowd even more. Conan tries to sing but that angers the crowd. The singer then takes The Junior Detective League out with her to sing.


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  • ^Jp. The episode's numbering as followed in Japan
  • ^Eng. The episode's numbering as followed by Funimation Entertainment
  • ^1 hr. The episodes were aired as a single hour long episode in Japan
  • ^C These episodes are part of the fourth season of Case Closed


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