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The thirteenth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン?, Detective Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot follows Conan Edogawa's daily adventures.

The episodes use four pieces of theme music: two opening themes and two ending themes. The first opening theme is "Kimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made" (君と約束した優しいあの場所まで?, lit. "The Paradise I Promised You") by U-ka Saegusa in dB until episode 355[3] The second opening theme is for the rest of the season "Start" by Rina Aiuchi for the rest of the season. The first ending theme is "Nemuru Kimi no Yokogao ni Hohoemi wo" (眠る君の横顔に微笑みを?, lit. "The Smile on your Sleeping Face") by U-ka Saegusa in dB until episode 375.[4] The second opening theme is "Wasurezaki" (忘れ咲き?, lit. "Forget to Bloom") by Garnet Crow for the rest of the season.[4]

The season initially ran from March 8, 2004 through February 7, 2005 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3][4] Episodes 354 to 389 were later collected into ten DVD compilations by Shogakukan. They were released between December 23, 2005 and April 28, 2006 in Japan.[5]

Episode list

EP# Title Original Airdate
354 A Small Client (Part 1)
"Chiisana Iraisha (Zenpen)" (小さな依頼者(前編))
March 8, 2004 ʁ
A seven year old movie star by the name of Kazuki Kinukawa comes to the Mori office to try and find his mother who abandoned him at a church. His reasons are to tell his mother he will not give her any money now that he is famous. Conan is able to deduce Kazuki's mother is a hotel employee in Atami due to the old dirty postcards she sent him. Kazuki reveals that he remembered that his mother had a beauty mark near her breast. A freelance writer named Yushiro Kamoshita checks into the hotel as he plans to find Kazuki's mother and interview her to confirm whether Kazuki's father was truly a murderer. Later that day, Kamoshita is strangled to death but managed to take a picture on his cellphone during the attack. The picture reveals that a woman with a beauty mark near her breast is the murderer. The police gather three female employees with no alibi during the time of the murder; Each of them has a beauty mark but none of them are near the breast.
355 A Small Client (Part 2)
"Chiisana Iraisha (Kōhen)" (小さな依頼者(後編))
March 15, 2004 ʁ
The forensic team reveals that Kamoshita was knocked on the head with a shower nozzle knocking him unconscious and was later strangled. While the police are watching a videotape found in Kamoshita's room, Conan notices that the movie ended two minutes earlier than the time indicated on the box and realizes how the murder is done. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and uses his voice changing bowtie to impersonate him. Conan reveals that the beauty mark on the murderer was actually a blood stain and that the culprit is revealed to be Toshio Bessho as evidenced by the small blood stain near her collar. Toshio confesses to the murder and explains that she decided to play a joke on Kazuki's production company by threatening to reveal Kazuki's father is a murderer unless they pay her ¥20 million. However, they actually paid her which sparked Kamoshita's investigation. Kamshita upon finding the truth, blackmails Toshio for money which motivated her for murder. The following day, Kazuki gives Tomoka Saegusa a package of post cards and tells her she has to continue to send her monthly post cards or he will visit her again. As Kazuki leaves, Tomoka breaks down in guilt for abandoning her son those many years ago.
356 Phantom Thief Kid's Miracle Midair Walk1 hr.
"Kaitō Kiddo no Kyoui Kuuchuu Hokō" (怪盗キッドの驚異空中歩行)
April 12, 2004 ʁ
Sonoko's uncle wants to capture Kaito Kid to improve his fame. Kaito Kid arrives on the scene and seemingly walks on air to investigate the treasure he will steal. Conan investigates and finds out the trick Kaito Kid used. The second time Kaito Kid tries to steal the jewel but it was revealed to be a distraction. Kaito Kid steals the jewel from indoors and is making his escape on a motorcycle when Conan is found to be on the passenger seat. Kaito Kid manages to lose Conan and escape once again.
357 Sweetheart Is an Illusion of Spring
"Koibito wa Haru no Maboroshi" (恋人は春のまぼろし)
April 26, 2004 ʁ
Ran and Conan run into Sachiko, an acquaintance of Ran's, while shopping. She says she is buying steak for dinner with her lover who's visiting. Later Ran and Conan find that Sachiko is murdered. Everyone suspects Sachiko's lover, but only Sachiko's steak had been eaten and there were no prints besides Sachiko's found on any of the items on the table. It's later revealed that Sachiko's lover died in a tragic climbing accident, and every month on the 25th for the last year and a half she has honored his memory. The murderer is confronted by Takagi, Ran and Conan; he eventually admits to killing Sachiko for rejecting him.
358 Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5 (Part 1)
"Honchō no Keiji Koimonogatari 5 (Zenpen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語5(前編))
May 3, 2004 ʁ
Takagi and Sato are on a date at the amusement park. Meanwhile, Shiratori along with several officers are at the amusement park investigating a rumored drug deal involving a dealer in hiding named Asakichi Yakura; At the same time, they intentionally interfere with Takagi's date. Shiratori has one of the officers bring the Detective Boys to the park and puts them in Takagi and Sato's care. Takagi meanwhile plans to present Sato with a ring inside his green backpack and discovers a bag of heroin inside; He realizes he picked up the wrong backpack during the roller coaster ride. They return to the ride and learn from the attendant that no one returned asking for the backpack. Conan discerns the bag's owner was delivering the drugs without knowing what was inside causing Sato to suspect Yakura's involvement. The backpack's strap reveals the owner wears it on his left shoulder suggesting he is left handed, and proceeds to a photo-booth to examine the passengers with them on the roller coaster. The officers meanwhile misunderstand Sato's conversation, believing Kekkon (血痕?, lit. Bloodstain) to mean Kekkon (結婚?, lit. Marriage) and Heroin to mean Hirōen (披露宴?, lit. Reception) and causing them to believe Takagi proposed and allures them to seek out Takagi's backpack with the ring. At the photo booth, the four suspected are a golfer, a baseball player, soccer player, and swimmer. The golfer's writing reveals him to be left handed due to the ink smearing to the right.
359 Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5 (Part 2)
"Honchō no Keiji Koimonogatari 5 (Kōhen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語5(後編))
May 10, 2004 ʁ
They confront the golfer and discover he is not the owner of the backpack. Conan investigates the backpack's contents and upon sniffing oil from a rag, reveals the owner to the baseballer. Conan explains that out of the other three athletes, the baseballer uses the oil for his baseball glove. They then search for the baseballer and upon finding him, follow him to the aquatic show. When Sato discovers the baseballer is meeting with Yakura, she attempts to apprehend him. Yakura manages to escape Sato's grip and flees towards the ferris wheel. The fireworks and ferris wheel causes Sato to remember a traumatic moment halting her to a standstill. Conan manages to knock Yakura into the ocean and Takagi's backpack and ring is lost along with it. The police apprehend Yakura and satisfied with Takagi's lost, leaves. Takagi comforts Sato and promises her he will not leave her.
360 A Mysterious Spring Beetle
"Fushigi na Haru no Kabutomushi" (不思議な春のかぶと虫)
May 17, 2004 ʁ
The Detective Boys visit a pet shop and find the owner, Minoru Shirai, dead. They find a Rhinoceros beetle and pamphlets of an insect museum at Gunma Prefecture. Takagi drives the Detective Boys to the museum where they learn that a truck load of Rhinoceros beetles were stolen from the van. Conan investigates and realizes Shirai and an accomplice were the thieves and that the accomplice was the murderer. Deducing from his investigation that the accomplice is one of the employees at the museum, Conan tranquilizes Yamamura and reveals Takashi Ishida to be the culprit. Conan explains that evidence on Shirai's body suggested he was murdered in the van and was strangled by a strap from the museum. As further evidence, Conan reveals that he saw a message from Ishida's phone that proves he was selling the stolen Rhinoceros beetles. Ishida confesses to the murder and explains that Shirai was always insulting him.
361 Teitan High School's Ghost Story (Part 1)
"Teitan Koukō Gakkou Kaidan (Zenpen)" (帝丹高校学校怪談(前編))
May 24, 2004 ʁ
Sonoko, Ran, and Conan go to the school where they discover the real Dr. Araide is back. He informs Conan of what happened, and told him that Jodie told him to tell him everything. Later, Sonoko rants on about the death of a student terrorizing the school, and tells them stories to support this claim. Later the desk is found outside with a name on it. What's strange is that it's raining, yet, there's no footprints in the mud.
362 Teitan High School's Ghost Story (Part 2)
"Teitan Koukō Gakkou Kaidan (Kōhen)" (帝丹高校学校怪談(後編))
May 31, 2004 ʁ
Conan solves the case and reveals the culprit was a close friend to the dead student. The culprit reveals that he found his friend's desk in the storage room with a name on it, thinking he was murdered. The other students reveal that he died saving a student that fell off the stairs while holding a heavy sculpture. Another student explains that his desk was put in the storage room to store his desk for graduation and was not to hide evidence. Dr.Araide reveals that the dead student held no grudges when he died.
363 The City's Crows
"Tokai no Karasu" (都会のカラス)
June 7, 2004 ʁ
An old lady is found dead after a pot falls on her from the top of a building. Officer Chiba is sent to investigate, and Conan helps him figure out who the culprit it really is. The news, of course, comes to a shock to Amy, who just happens to look up the culprit.
364 Synchronicity Case (Part 1)
"Shinkuronishiti Jiken (Zenpen)" (シンクロニシティ事件(前編))
June 14, 2004 ʁ
Mouri is hired to stalk a man. He follows the man and finds out his attempted murder on a woman. He later flees but falls off a building. Later they find out his twin brother also died at the same time he did. They decided they are two separate cases but Conan is suspicious as the man attacked the woman whom has no relationship to him.
365 Synchronicity Case (Part 2)
"Shinkuronishiti Jiken (Kōhen)" (シンクロニシティ事件(後編))
June 21, 2004 ʁ
After interrogating the woman, they learn her boyfriend was a gold digger and that he was spotted talking with the attacker from before. Conan figures out that the two exchanged murder targets so they would not be suspected of the murder. The culprit reveals that he did it so his gold digger career would not be endangered.
366 The Tragedy of the Pier in Plain Sight (Part 1)
"Marumie Futō no Sangeki (Zenpen)" (丸見え埠頭の惨劇(前編))
July 5, 2004 ʁ
The Detective Boys are out fishing when a man is found to be poisoned.
367 The Tragedy of the Pier in Plain Sight (Part 2)
"Marumie Futō no Sangeki (Kōhen)" (丸見え埠頭の惨劇(後編))
July 12, 2004 ʁ
Conan investigates and with evidence proves who the culprit is. The culprit reveals that he did it to the victim for cheating on his(victim)'s wife. The wife reveals that that he divorced her not because he was cheating, but because he was going to burrow money to start up a business, and if that business failed, he did not want the debt collectors to burrow his wife. Agasa arrives and reveals that the victim made a full recovery and that he will forgive the culprit if he catches wife for his wife.
368 The Candy House the Witch Lives In
"Majo ga Sumu Okashi no Ie" (魔女が棲むお菓子の家)
July 26, 2004 ʁ
Sonoko has taken Conan to the "Candy House", in there, Conan meets a group of three masters who make pastries and puddings: Maeda Gou, Fujino Yasuo and Morimoto Tomomi, and they have tasted the things that the three of them have made, which are very delicious. However, Morimoto has had a quarrel with their manager Hashigaki in front of them. Then, after a while, they suddenly hear Maeda's scream. When everyone has gone to see what is happening, they see the pitiful sight of Hashigaki who has been beaten to death, and must solve the mystery of the murder.
369 Lucky Man's Suspense
"Tsuiteru Otoko no Sasupensu" (ツイてる男のサスペンス)
August 2, 2004 ʁ
Doctor Yokoto Ōwada of the Beika Central Hospital wins the third place prize at a raffle. The raffle makes it his third winning of the week. When Conan returns home, he discovers that the one year supply of beer that Doctor Ōwada won is a lie because the draw didn't start yet. The next day, the Detective Boys find out the raffle had been fixed by a tall and slender woman posing as the doctor's wife and when walking down the streets, they overhear gossip of the doctor's other made up winnings. Following the trail of gossip, they soon find the woman responsible for the rumors named Akiko Shiina and her motive. Conan dismisses the case to trick the Detective Boys into going home, but returns at night to stop Akiko from murdering the doctor.
370 Running Away in a Game
"Nigemawaru Geemu Sofuto" (逃げ回るゲームソフト)
August 9, 2004 ʁ
Conan and the gang visit a game company where they end up with a tape they believe to be a new edition of a video game. They end up being haunted down by the president of the gaming company, but they don't know why, until they actually put in the tape and see something that puts their lives in danger.
371 A Course Without Protest (Part 1)
"Mono Iwanu Kouro (Zenpen)" (物言わぬ航路(前編))
August 23, 2004 ʁ
Mouri, Ran, and Conan are attending an interview with a famous baseball player. On the way there, they witness the player dead on the street. Conan suspects a man but his alibi is perfect. Conan begins to also suspect the man to be part of the Black Organization.
372 A Course Without Protest (Part 2)
"Mono Iwanu Kouro (Kōhen)" (物言わぬ航路(後編))
August 30, 2004 ʁ
After investigating, it is revealed the culprit took three plane rides to create his alibi. Conan realizes the culprit had no ties to the Black Organization. Mouri after solving wonders how he can give an autographed baseball to his wife but then realizes since the baseballer is dead, the baseball is a collectors item.
373 Poisonous Spider Trap
"Moudoku Kumo no Wana" (猛毒蜘蛛の罠)
September 6, 2004 ʁ
Conan and the group meet spider researchers. One of them gets a call, and they rush to the facility on to find their Professor fallen deadly to a poisonous spider. Conan discovers that the spider was already dead before the Professor came into contact with it, and there's a needle on the ear piece, pointing to murder.
374 A Code of Stars and Tobacco (Part 1)
"Hoshi to Tabako no Angō (Zenpen)" (星と煙草の暗号(前編))
October 18, 2004 ʁ
For an astronomical observation, Conan and the group went to this pension deep inside the mountain. Other than the pension owner, there were also other three people in the pension, the victim's fiancee and the two magazine staff. As they went to the nearby hill to see the stars, they saw a decayed bones and on top of it they found the dying message and then that night the other man from the magazine staff was killed and left another dying message.
375 A Code of Stars and Tobacco (Part 2)
"Hoshi to Tabako no Angō (Kōhen)" (星と煙草の暗号(後編))
October 25, 2004 ʁ
376 Time Limit at 3 o'clock
"Taimu Rimitto wa Juugo-ji!" (タイムリミットは15時!)
November 1, 2004 ʁ
The Detective Boys are on a camping trip accompanied by Ran. Later they witness an arguing couple who then leaves. They then set up the tent in the couple's area. Later, the couple returns demanding their place back and the girlfriend decides to let them have it. Later Ran is drugged and kidnapped. The kidnapper is later found in another car in a road accident. Conan reveals the boyfriend hired the kidnapper to murder his girlfriend, but captured Ran instead because of their tent placement. After examining some clues, he realizes that Ran is in a river and that the it will flood at 3 o'clock. After saving Ran, everyone becomes exhausted except for Ran who has just woken up from her nap.
377 Momotaro Mystery Solving Tour (Part 1)
"Momotarō Nazotoki Tsuaa (Zenpen)" (桃太郎謎解きツアー(前編))
November 8, 2004 ʁ
The Detective boys are out to solve a series of riddles found in time capsules which when found will lead to the next one. Later they find a woman murdered.
378 Momotaro Mystery Solving Tour (Part 2)
"Momotarō Nazotoki Tsuaa (Kōhen)" (桃太郎謎解きツアー(後編))
November 15, 2004 ʁ
Conan solves the case and the final capsule revealed the secret of the group who buried the time capsules, The Peach Tree club.
379 Case of the Long Sleeved Kimono at the Hidden Hot Spring on a Snowy Night (Part 1)
"Hitō Yuki Yami Furisode Jiken (Zenpen)" (秘湯雪闇振袖事件(前編))
November 22, 2004 ʁ
Conan, Ran, and Kogoro take a trip to a hot springs lodge. One of the guests, Harumi, asks Kogoro to investigate a case from five years ago. Her friend had been accused of selling drugs, and as a result committed suicide. Harumi knows that her friend was innocent and believes that two of the other guests there were the real culprits. The two women are found murdered, but in both cases it's a locked room case and it resembles the legendary curse of the goddess of vengeance. Ema is murdered in a shrine with Long Sleeve Kimonos lying around her while Asuka is found murdered in the women's hot spring surrounded by Obis.
380 Case of the Long Sleeved Kimono at the Hidden Hot Spring on a Snowy Night (Part 2)
"Hitō Yuki Yami Furisode Jiken (Kōhen)" (秘湯雪闇振袖事件(後編))
November 29, 2004 ʁ
Conan notices that the footprints outside the shrine are too shallow and sees that there is a crack in the ceiling in front of the hot spring; from these and other clues he is able to deduce how the culprit faked an alibi. Conan finds out the identity of the culprit and their relationship to the case that happened five years ago. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and solves the case; Kogoro eventually wakes up and being disorientated falls into the hot spring.
381 Whose Reasoning Show (Part 1)
"Docchi no Suiri Shō (Zenpen)" (どっちの推理ショー(前編))
December 6, 2004 ʁ
Heiji and Kazuha make a surprise visit. Later at a restaurant, Heiji and Kazuha argue what they should attend tomorrow, a theatre or a baseball game. Mouri decides to let the solver of a murder to choose the event and everyone agrees. Heiji, and Conan are against Mouri, Ran and Kazuha.
382 Whose Reasoning Show (Part 2)
"Docchi no Suiri Shō (Kōhen)" (どっちの推理ショー(後編))
December 13, 2004 ʁ
Heiji decides to throw the match for Kazuha but he accidentally solves the case. Kazuha tells Ran she does not really mind, as she just wanted to see Heiji's excitement when he solves a case.
383 Miracle at Koshien Ball Park! The Defiants Face the Dark Demon2 hrs.
"Koushien no Kiseki! Mienai Akuma ni Makezu Kirai" (甲子園の奇跡!見えない悪魔に負けず嫌い)
December 20, 2004 ʁ
This special Christmas episode of "Detective Conan" is introduced by Heiji Hattori, Conan Edogawa, Ran Mori, and Kazuha Toyama. Heiji won the bet in the previous episode to go see a baseball game and so it's decided that they're all going to the high school baseball finals in Koshien Stadium. But there is a mysterious guy willing to commit a suicide bombing there. This incident just puts more stress on Conan and Heiji, even though they came to a ball game for amusement and relaxation. The unknown person gives them a chance to stop him, however. Heiji and Conan are both struggling to crack the codes, sent by the mysterious man, before the bomb goes off. Earlier, Conan and Heiji witnessed the person walk by them and they thought he dropped his cell phone, when he purposely left it there to "play the inevitable game" with them, consisting of cryptic text messages. In order to solve this case and save countless lives, Heiji and Conan would need a lot a background information dealing with America's favorite pastime, baseball.
384 The Target Is Kogoro Mori!
"Hyouteki wa Mōri Kogoro" (標的は毛利小五郎)
January 17, 2005 ʁ
Mouri is targeted by a killer who is after Kimura. Mouri accidentally took his jacket at a bar and now the killer is trying to kill him. Conan finds out that Kimura is not who he seems to be. Kimura is said to be at a lake and Mouri goes to investigate. There he is seemingly shot by the culprit but, in fact, Conan has set a dummy in Mouri's place. The culprit reveals his motive was revenge.
385 Dissonance of the Stradivarius Violin (Overture)
"Sutoradibariusu no Fukyouwaon (Zensoukyoku)" (ストラディバリウスの不協和音(前奏曲))
January 24, 2005 ʁ
Conan tries to figure out the phone number to the boss of the Black Organization. Mouri is invited by a granddaughter of a rich household to solve these mysterious accidents that happen whenever someone tries to play a Stradivarius for her grandfather on his birthday. Four incidents have happened on that day already and it is about to come up again. Later a fire occurs and a man is burned to death.
386 Dissonance of the Stradivarius Violin (Interlude)
"Sutoradibariusu no Fukyouwaon (Kansoukyoku)" (ストラディバリウスの不協和音(間奏曲))
January 31, 2005 ʁ
It is revealed that the house hold are killed off one by one in the order of the C Concert scale. The grandmother of the house was revealed to be emotionally shocked after the death of her son; Every midnight, she would leave her room carrying the Stradivarius like a child. That night, she breaks the violin, and falls out of the window. It was revealed the culprit taped up an object to lure her to the window where she would fall to her doom.
387 Dissonance of the Stradivarius Violin (Last Tune)
"Sutoradibariusu no Fukyouwaon (Gosoukyoku)" (ストラディバリウスの不協和音(後奏曲))
February 7, 2005 ʁ
Conan figures out the object was the real Stradivarius that lured the grandmother to fall to her death. He reveals the culprit to be Kyousuke. Kyousuke reveals that the Stradivarius was originally from his family. One day, the Kyousuke's father was asked by his brother, Choichirou, to burrow the Stradivarius. He then attempts to to send back a replica to Kyousuke's father, but was found out. In an argument, Kyousuke's father falls down the stairs. Choichirou orders his family to not call the ambulance and to staged it as robbery. This is the cause of Kyousuke's father's death. As Kyousuke is taken away, Conan asks him the tune of a song from the cellphone numbers and finds out the Boss of the Black Organization's number is the song of "Seven Children".


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