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The tenth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン?, Detective Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot follows Conan Edogawa's daily adventures.

The episodes uses five pieces of theme music: two opening themes and three ending themes. The first opening theme is "Kaze no Rarara" (風のららら?, lit. "Wind of Lalala") by Mai Kuraki until episode 332[3] The second opening theme is "Kimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made" (君と約束した優しいあの場所まで?, lit. "The Paradise I Promised You") by U-ka Saegusa in dB for the rest of the season.[4] The first ending theme is "Yumemita Ato de" (明日を夢見て?, lit. "Dreaming of tomorrow") by Zard until episode 328.[3] The second ending theme is "~Kimi to Iu Hikari~" (〜君という光〜?, lit. "Your Light") by Garnet Crow until episode 349.[4] The third ending theme is "Nemuru Kimi no Yokogao ni Hohoemi wo" (眠る君の横顔に微笑みを?, lit. "The Smile on your Sleeping Face") by U-ka Saegusa in dB for the rest of the season.[4]

The season initially ran from April 21, 2003 through February 23, 2004 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3][4] Episodes 316 to 353 were later collected into ten DVD compilations by Shogakukan. They were released between July 22, 2005 and November 25, 2005 in Japan.[5]

Episode list

EP# Title Original Airdate
316 The Tarnished Masked Hero (Part 1)
"Yogoreta Fukumen Hero (Zenpen)" (汚れた覆面ヒーロー(前編))
April 21, 2003 ʁ
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan attend a professional wrestling match where a wrestler challenges the legendary wrestler Wolf Face. Before the match begins, Wolf Face's challenger, Hyota Nagase is found dead in his room. A secret video camera reveals that a man wearing Wolf Face's mask murdered Hyota. Four wrestlers who have the same body structure as Wolf Face are gathered and interrogated by the police.
317 The Tarnished Masked Hero (Part 2)
"Yogoreta Fukumen Hero (Kouhen)" (汚れた覆面ヒーロー(後編))
April 28, 2003 ʁ
After re-watching the murder on the camera, Conan realizes how they will find the murderer. After tranquilizing Kogoro, Conan has the wrestlers wear Wolf Face's mask and tells them to walk in a straight line. The wrestler Iwao Ushigome is then labeled the murderer. Conan reveals that the Wolf Face in the camera had difficulty walking since he was not used to wearing the Wolf mask. As evidence, Conan reveals that the mask Ushigome was wearing was ripped and blood seeped onto the second mask he was wearing underneath; They find the second mask in Ushigome's jacket with Nagase's blood. Ushigome proceeds to attack the wrestlers but is incapacitated by Ran.
318 Cigar Case of Good Fortune (Part 1)
"Kouun no Shigaa Keesu (Zenpen)" (幸運のシガーケース(前編))
May 5, 2003 ʁ
319 Cigar Case of Good Fortune (Part 2)
"Kouun no Shigaa Keesu (Kouhen)" (幸運のシガーケース(後編))
May 12, 2003 ʁ
320 Ninja Art: The Art of Alibi Construction
"Ninpou Aribai Kousaku no Jutsu" (忍法アリバイ工作の術)
May 19, 2003 ʁ
Yuuichi Kusaka, a client of Kogoro's, is found dead in the park. Kogoro and Conan interrogate Yuuichi's sensei Ryuutarou Tsukigata, a novelist known for his books about ninjas and learn that Yuuichi called his sensei at 8:10 pm to tell him he arrived at the train station. Kogoro reveals the murderer should be Masaru Saruhashi and reveals that they were both competing to be Tsukigata's assistant. The police interrogate Saruhashi who has an alibi between the time of 8:00 and 9:00. Conan finds a key to the train's station locker. Realizing how the murder was done, Conan heads to the train station to confirm what the object in the locker was. Conan then sets up a meeting at Kogoro's office where the police and two suspects are gathered. After knocking Kogoro out with a tranquilizing and using his voice changing bow-tie to impersonate Kogoro, Conan reveals that Kusaka attempted to murder Saruhashi but was killed in self-defense. Conan reveals that Kusaka stored a bag containing his objects along with a tape recorder and phone timed to call Tsukigata at 8:10 to create an alibi; This is evidenced by a train ticket revealing the actual time Kusako was at the train station. After Kusaka's death, Saruhashi carries the body to the park and heads to a bar to create his alibi.
321 The Vanished Kidnapper's Getaway Car (Part 1)
"Kieta Yuukai Tousousha (Zenpen)" (消えた誘拐逃走車(前編))
May 26, 2003 ʁ
322 The Vanished Kidnapper's Getaway Car (Part 2)
"Kieta Yuukai Tousousha (Kouhen)" (消えた誘拐逃走車(後編))
June 2, 2003 ʁ
323 Heiji Hattori's Desperate Situation! (Part 1)
"Hattori Heiji Zettai Zetsumei! (Zenpen)" (服部平次絶体絶命!(前編))
June 9, 2003 ʁ
Heiji, Kazuha and a man named Kasukawa are held hostage in an attic of someone's home. Meanwhile, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are tired of waiting for the two and begin searching for them based on clues from the last phone call. They investigate Detective Kasukawa's home and discover evidence that Heiji had been there. Conan finds a memo which discloses Kenbashi City, Ito Residence. They investigate those with the surname Ito but are unable to find information about Heiji. Meanwhile, it is revealed Heiji is held hostage by Misari Ito, an attorney who is the head of a tax evasion group. Ito demands Heiji to solve a code made by Kasukawa which contains a seven-digit-code to a safe box containing evidence of her scandal.
324 Heiji Hattori's Desperate Situation! (Part 2)
"Hattori Heiji Zettai Zetsumei! (Kouhen)" (服部平次絶体絶命!(後編))
June 16, 2003 ʁ
While held at gunpoint, Heiji sends a modified version of the code to Kogoro and asks him to solve it. Conan manages to solve the code, realizing that K, Q, and J stand for King, Queen, and Jack and replaces them with numbers accordingly. Conan realizes the last three digits are actually letters and realizes what Heiji is trying to tell him and replies a modified code. Heiji tells Misari he will tell her the seven digits and they head to the bank. Heiji reveals that the numbers, if placed in a 3 by 3 diagram, will create a diagram of a dice with the 1's representing the dots on a dice. Heiji reveals that the code he sent Kogoro had the letters LIB meaning Libra which is referring to the scales Libra and the attorney badge Ito has; He explains that the code "Kogoro" replied with means to "Lure One of them Out". At Ito's home, Conan knocks out the two kidnappers and frees Kazuha. The police arrive later and apprehends the criminals.
325 The Red Horse Among the Flames: The Incident
"Honoo no Naka ni Akai Uma (Jikenhen)" (炎の中に赤い馬(事件編))
June 23, 2003 ʁ
Heiji is asked by Kasukawa to investigate a man who is lurking near the house of Ryoko Morozumi. An arsonist, dubbed the Red Horse after the red horse figurines he leaves behind at the fires, has been burning precincts in order. With the first three having already experienced a fire, and Ryoko's house being on the fourth precinct, they suspect the strange man to be the arosonist. While Kogoro, Conan, and Heiji stalk the house, it catches fire in the middle of the night. There are four suspected to be the arsonist: A salesmen named Takanori Genda, Ryoko's paramour and a Feng shui reader Misao Soga, Ryoko's sister Keiko Gondou, and Ryoko's husband Akira Morozumi. Since the latter three have established alibi's, this leaves Genda as their prime suspect.
326 The Red Horse Among the Flames: The Investigation
"Honoo no Naka ni Akai Uma (Sousahen)" (炎の中に赤い馬(捜査編))
June 30, 2003 ʁ
Ran and Kazuha receive a red horse from Genda on the way home. Kogoro realizes that Genda plans to burn the Mouri Agency with Ran and Kazuha in it and rushes home to find out that Genda had been arrested. Ran explains that Genda appeared at the Agency asking for the Red Horse back since it will cause the building to be set ablaze and she called the police due to his strange behavior. Conan and Heiji suspect that while Genda was the cause of the first three fires, the fourth fire might have been created to murder Ryoko while placing the blame on Genda. Conan and Heiji investigate and realize that Genda has been experience psychological problems and that the other three suspects could have manipulated him to cause the fires. They investigate Ryoko's house and realize how the fire was started.
327 The Red Horse Among the Flames: The Resolution
"Honoo no Naka ni Akai Uma (Kaiketsuhen)" (炎の中に赤い馬(解決編))
July 7, 2003 ʁ
After investigating Genda's home, they find out that there were covert listening devices in planted by Soga and Gondou and realize who the culprit is. That night, the three culprit enter Genda's house with Soga and Gondou retrieving their listening devices. Heiji and Conan confront Akira Morozumi before he could start a fire and declares him as the culprit. They reveal that Akira, Genda's psychiatrist, made him believe he was starting the fire but in reality, the first fire was an accident while the other three were done by Akira. Heiji reveals that Akira started the fourth fire by wrapping a light bulb with sheets of paper and placing a match in between the sheets. When it reached a certain temperature, the match would ignite and begin the fire. Conan reveals that the other two suspects merely used the listening device to trick Genda into believe they could predict his future. Akira is later arrested and Genda is released from custody.
328 Mystery of the Birthday Wine
"Baasudee Wain no Nazo" (バースデー·ワインの謎)
July 14, 2003 ʁ
Mouri, Ran, and Conan are invited by Ran's friend to attend their small birthday party. There, a woman is poisoned from drinking wine, but her wine was given after someone else took a drink already. Conan figures out the trick and proves the culprit to be the murderer. The culprit reveals that the victim was his girlfriend who kept on buying expensive items leaving him in debt.
329 Friendship Can't Be Bought with Money (Part 1)
"Okane de Kaenai Yuujou (Zenpen)" (お金で買えない友情(前編))
July 28, 2003 ʁ
Ayumi decides that on the Detective Boys camping trip, she will attempt address Ai Haibara by her first name and to call her "Ai-chan". During the camping trip, they run into four college students who offer them a ride in their campervan to the top mountain to watch fireworks. While driving down the mountain, one of the four college students, Yasumi Shirafuji, is found on the road dead. Evidence atop the mountain suggests Shirafuji lost control of her bike and accidentally went over the cliff. Conan reveals that there is a lack of blood on the cement raising the possibility it was a murder made to look like an accident and that the suspects are the three college students.
330 Friendship Can't Be Bought with Money (Part 2)
"Okane de Kaenai Yuujou (Kouhen)" (お金で買えない友情(後編))
August 4, 2003 ʁ
After a thorough investigation, Conan finds out how the body was placed on the road and who the murderer is. Conan impersonates Agasa's voice and reveals that Shirafuji's body was murdered and placed atop the van. The culprit used the sunroof to hold down Shirafuji's body and wrapped her body in a plastic covering to reduce friction. When the sunroof was released, Shirafuji's body fell backwards while the campervan was in motion which explains why they found the body on the way back. Conan then reveals the culprit to be the college student Haruka Tendou, evidenced by her change of clothes. Conan reveals that her she changed to a pair of similar jeans but the design was slightly different and that she threw away her other jean as it contains Shirafuji's blood. Tendou confesses and reveals that she was pretending to be rich and she found out her friends knew the truth yet only used their relationship for money. During the ride back, Haibara allows Ayumi to call her "Ai-chan" upon accepting their friendship.
331 The Suspicious Spicy Curry (Part 1)
"Giwaku no Karakuchi Karee (Zenpen)" (疑惑の辛口カレー(前編))
August 11, 2003 ʁ
Mouri, Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are on a trip to play Tennis when it starts to rain heavily. Later, they find out that the Van has been washed away and that they are stranded. After walking around, they find a house owned by the same man they met at the Tennis Court. Later, the man asks them to call his father down, but find him hanged in his room.
332 The Suspicious Spicy Curry (Part 2)
"Giwaku no Karakuchi Karee (Kouhen)" (疑惑の辛口カレー(後編))
August 18, 2003 ʁ
Conan solves the case but has lost his voice. Now he must assist the detectives on finding the criminal without using his voice or revealing too much about himself. The case is solved by giving hints to Mouri.
333 Alike Princesses (Part 1)
"Nitamono Purinsesu (Zenpen)" (似た者プリンセス(前編))
August 25, 2003 ʁ
Kogoro is hired by a rich man named Mikio Fujieda to find out who wants to kill him and had been promised ¥10 million after solving the case. Kogoro however spends ¥8 million and is unable to solve the case. Ran decides to call her mother, Eri Kisaki, to help solve the mystery. Conan, Ran, and Eri head to Fujieda's mansion to investigate only to run into Conan's mother, Yukiko who is investigating the mystery in place of her husband Yusaku. The two mothers reminiscence about a high-school pagent and how it ended in a tie due to a person not handing in their ballet. Ran reveals that Kogoro has an unhanded ballet from the contest which sparks the interest of the two. Later that night, Fujieda is caught on a camera after being shot.
334 Alike Princesses (Part 2)
"Nitamono Purinsesu (Kouhen)" (似た者プリンセス(後編))
September 1, 2003 ʁ
Conan investigates and realizes who the murderer is after receiving a hint from his father. Conan reveals the murderer to be the butler, Shouhachi Ueki. Conan reveals that Fujieda was drugged with Isoprenaline causing him to be stunned and dazed when he stood up to stretch causing them to believe that the culprit was in the room at the time of the murder. Conan explains that Fijieda was shot from outside the room. As evidence, Conan reveals that the coffee the butler served should contain traces of Isoprenaline and that the butler should have the silencer in him. Ueki confesses and reveals he murdered his Fujieda in order to preserve the garden his former master worked so hard to build. At the Mouri agency, Yukiko and Eri ask Kogoro who he voted for their high-school pagent. Kogoro reveals he voted by Eri since he thought Miss Teitan meant mistake and that it was a mistake for Eri to have entered the competition.
335 Secret of the Touto Film Making Centre (Part 1)
"Touto Genzoujo no Himitsu (Zenpen)" (東都現像所の秘密(前編))
September 8, 2003 ʁ
Yukiko brings Conan, Ai and the detective boys to watch a Kamen Yaiba movie preview. Once there, they find out the movie has been delayed to later that night. Yukiko having to leave to catch her flight to America, leaves the kids in the care of Akira Hojima, one of the four employees of the Kamen Yaiba film. Before leaving, Yukiko tells Conan to be careful of the black car that has been following them. Akira takes the kids to his apartments near the studio and invites his fellow employees to a game of Mahjong. While everyone is asleep, they are awakened by a scream and find the salesman Furumura Norihiro murdered with a knife. Conan wonders how the murder was done in an impossible to see darkness without making a sound in a messy room.
336 Secret of the Touto Film Making Centre (Part 2)
"Touto Genzoujo no Himitsu (Kouhen)" (東都現像所の秘密(後編))
September 15, 2003 ʁ
The police investigate and find that Furumura's camera was turned on during the attack and reveals no suspicious sound was made. While the police suspect Akira to be the murderer, it is revealed the Akira and his two fellow employees have motives on murderer Furumura; Furumura ruined their previous film due to his careless handling of the negatives causing them a great loss in money to re-film the ruined sections. Conan calls Agasa over to reveal Akira as the murderer and to reveal Furumura's missing third shirt button had an important role in the murder. Later that day, the culprit returns to Akira's apartment to return the missing button. The police and Agasa appear revealing it was a set up to reveal the culprit to be the employee Yoshikiko Negami. Conan using his voice changing bow-tie voices through Agasa that Yoshikiko using fluorescent tape was able to cross the messy room quietly and with fluorescent paint covering Furumura's third button, was able to stab him in the heart. Yoshikiko confesses and reveals that the parts of the film Furumura ruined could never be re-filmed as one of the main side actors died. When the black car stalking them passes by, Conan reveals to Haibara he called Takagi to give the stalkers test on their blood alcohol content. Since the stalker is smoking, it means they lost track of them.
337 Hidden Facts of the Accidental Fall
"Tenraku Jiken no Ura-jijou" (転落事件の裏事情)
October 13, 2003 ʁ
Mouri and Conan are on their way home when they witness a struggle between two men over a backpack. Later, one of the men fell off the building and died. The police question the other man named Sanben. He said that his backpack was stolen while he was in the washroom, and he was trying to retrieve it from the other man, Kurin. However, the accident turned out to be a murder made to look like an accident. Sanben's motive was revenge for his girlfriend, whose death was supposedly caused by her dashing across the road, but was actually caused by the drunk Kurin whose car ran over her.
338 Four Porsches (Part 1)
"Yon-dai no Porushe (Zenpen)" (4台のポルシェ(前編))
October 20, 2003 ʁ
Conan and Agasa decided to bring a very sick Ai to the clinic, but the clinic happened to be filled and they had to wait at least 2 hours before their turn. They then decided to first have lunch at a nearby shopping mall. At the car park of the shopping mall, they spot four porsches, with a drunk man sleeping in one of them. Later, Conan and Agasa meet Ran, Sonoko and Jodie at a restaurant while Ai rested in Agasa's car. Conan noticed Jodie's suspicions when she heard Ran mention Ai. He was then interviewed by a TV crew and decided to return to the car and bring Ai away as he knew he could have been spotted by people from the Organization through television. However, when he returned to the car park, the man in the Porsche was found dead, and Conan has to solve the case.
339 Four Porsches (Part 2)
"Yon-dai no Porushe (Kouhen)" (4台のポルシェ(後編))
October 27, 2003 ʁ
Ai and Agasa could not leave the shopping mall as the exit was blocked by the police. Jodie notices the sick Ai in Agasa's car and remembers her from the bus hijacking case. Jodie thinks she knows Ai's true identity. After Conan solved the case, Vermouth is shown in her room and she apparently knows where Sherry is.
340 The Secret Hidden in the Bathroom (Part 1)
"Toire ni Kakushita Himitsu (Zenpen)" (トイレに隠した秘密(前編))
November 3, 2003 ʁ
This episode reveals bits and pieces of Ai's family. Ai knows very little about her parents, and considers her mother a cold and mysterious woman, nicknamed Hell Angel by the Organization. Professor Agasa then brought Conan and her to the house of her father's old friend, who is also a professor. Later, after leaving the bathroom, that professor is murdered, leading Ai to believe the Black Organization is behind it.
341 The Secret Hidden in the Bathroom (Part 2)
"Toire ni Kakushita Himitsu (Kouhen)" (トイレに隠した秘密(後編))
November 10, 2003 ʁ
Conan solves the case and retrieves the secret that Akemi hid in the bathroom. It turned out to be a set of cassette tapes, recorded by Elena, Akemi and Ai's deceased mother, for Ai's birthday every year right up till the year she turns 20. The episode ended with Conan saying that Ai's mother was a true angel.
342 Bride of Huis Ten Bosch1 hr.
"Hausutenbosu no Hanayome" (ハウステンボスの花嫁)
November 17, 2003 ʁ
Sonoko invites Ran and Conan to attend a wedding between Shinya Ooga and Akane Katori at the Huis Ten Bosch. On the way there, the three meet a glass artisan named Junichi Takahashi who accompanies them to the Huis Ten Bosch to the glass museum. Shinya's grandmother, Tae Ooga, impressed by Takahashi's knowledge on glass invites him to dinner with the Ooga family. That night, Shinya's parents offer Akane a heirloom wedding room for the wedding and invite Takahashi to attend the wedding. Before the wedding begins, the ring is found missing and in its place is a picture of Akane with Hydrangea Otakusas in the background. Conan realizes that the flower refers to Philipp Franz von Siebold's Japanese wife, Taki (?, lit. Waterfall) and finds the ring on a flowing fountain depicting the ending to Greek mythology Cupid and Psyche. Conan soon learns that Akane has been kidnapped and finds her in a carillon in the amusement park. She reveals that Takahashi plans to kill her grandmother-in-law by using bombs in her blimp. Conan manages to incapacitate Takahashi before he detonates the explosives. As Shinya's whole family gathers to the scene, Conan tranquilizes Sonoko and explains that Shinya's sister, Mika Ooga, and grandmother hid the ring to test Akane's resolve, evidenced by where the ring was found and how the situation relates to the Greek mythology. Conan then reveals that Takahashi was trying to avenge his teacher, Akane's father, by murdering Tae. Takahashi regains consciousness and explains Akane's father committed suicide when the Ooga's family bank ordered him to pay back the money he burrowed. Shinya's uncle reveals that they had delayed Akane's father's debt for a year and that the money needed to make the glass was more than the profit when selling them which furthered Akane's father's debt. Takahashi, realizing the Ooga are not to blame collapses in grief. After the wedding, Ran receives the thrown bouquet which causes Conan to run away from the wedding.
343 The Convenience Store Trap (Part 1)
"Konbini no Otoshiana (Zenpen)" (コンビニの落とし穴(前編))
December 1, 2003 ʁ
Jodie is planning to leave, and Ran and Sonoko, stunned by the news, decide to throw her a going away party. They go into the store and find young woman named Aya being accused of shoplifting by her boss. They manage to come up with three possible suspects. Ran attempts to call Shinichi or Conan for help, since both are better at solving mysteries, but surprisingly, Jodie stops her and tells her to use her own deduction.
344 The Convenience Store Trap (Part 2)
"Konbini no Otoshiana (Kouhen)" (コンビニの落とし穴(後編))
December 8, 2003 ʁ
Aya's boss threatens to fire her and call the police if the case isn't solved, leaving Ran as her only hope. Ran speaks to Shinichi before sharing her deduction. She yells about a fire, forcing the culprit, who was hiding in the store, to reveal him. From there, Ran explains her theory, and he confesses his actions. Later, Ran discovers pictures of Shinichi, Conan, and Ai at Jodie's house.
345 Head-to-Head Match With the Black Organization; Two Mysteries of the Night of the Full Moon2.5 hrs.
"Kuro no Soshiki to Makkou Shoubu Mangetsu no Yoru no Nigen Misuterii" (黒の組織と真っ向勝負満月の夜の二元ミステリー)
January 5, 2004 ʁ
Kogoro receives an invitation to a Halloween cruise; the Halloween cruise is famous for hiring guests to star in a horror film. Conan receives the same invitation from Vermouth; the invitation however is addressed to Conan Edogawa and Shinichi Kudo, meaning Vermouth knows his true identity. During the cruise, the party members are divided into groups with team devil consisting of Kogoro, Sonoko, and people disguised as a werewolf, a mummy, a medusa and an invisible man. During the party, the host is shot by a crossbow, attached to the arrow is a card from team devil. The Mummy is the prime suspect since his lacks an alibi and his card is missing. The invisible man gathers the party guests to the bow of the boat and reveals his identity as Shinichi and declares werewolf as the murderer. He reveals that the werewolf placed his mask on the Mummy to establish his own alibi evidenced when the Werewolf come out of the Mummy's bathroom stall. To support this, Shinichi points to the fact that the Werewolf claimed he was busy concentrating on staying in character so he could be hired to star in the movie, yet he was drinking a dry Martini, also known as a silver bullet and thus disproves his lie. As evidence, Shinichi reveals that there was glass shards on the balcony where the host was killed and that there should be glass shards between the soles of the Werewolf's shoes. The Werewolf confesses and reveals that Vermouth held his family hostage and blackmailed him to murder the host. Elsewhere, Haibara is picked up by Jodie while they are stalked by Tomoaki Araide. Jodie confronts Araide at the pier who reveals that it is Vermouth in disguise. Back at the party, Shinichi is revealed to be Heiji in disguise; This was done to distract Vermouth from noticing Conan's absence. Haibara is revealed to be Conan in disguise and attempts to subdue Vermouth. However, the real Haibara arrives at the pier and is narrowly saved from death by Ran's timely appearance. Shuichi Akai's appearance prompts Vermouth to take Conan hostage and flee the scene. Conan reveals to Vermouth he has a covert listening device on him that will send everything that was said to the authorities in the event of his death. Vermouth sleeping gas on Conan and tells him she will postpone her plan on murdering Haibara for now. Conan awakens to find out the device has been destroyed and no evidence of the Black Organization remain.
346 Find the Buttocks' Mark! (Part 1)
"Oshiri no Maaku wo Sagase (Zenpen)" (お尻のマークを探せ(前編))
January 12, 2004 ʁ
347 Find the Buttocks' Mark! (Part 2)
"Oshiri no Maaku wo Sagase (Kōhen)" (お尻のマークを探せ(後編))
January 19, 2004 ʁ
348 Love, a Ghost, and a Worldly Inheritance (Part 1)
"Ai to Yuurei to Chikyuu Isan (Zenpen)" (愛と幽霊と地球遺産(前編))
January 26, 2004 ʁ
349 Love, a Ghost, and a Worldly Inheritance (Part 2)
"Ai to Yuurei to Chikyuu Isan (Kōhen)" (愛と幽霊と地球遺産(後編))
February 2, 2004 ʁ
350 The Forgotten Cell Phone (Part 1)
"Wasureta Keitai Denwa (Zenpen)" (忘れた携帯電話(前編))
February 9, 2004 ʁ
351 The Forgotten Cell Phone (Part 2)
"Wasureta Keitai Denwa (Kōhen)" (忘れた携帯電話(後編))
February 16, 2004 ʁ
352 The Fishing Tournament Tragedy (Part 1)
"Fisshingu Taikai no Higeki (Zenpen)" (フィッシング大会の悲劇(前編))
February 23, 2004 ʁ
353 The Fishing Tournament Tragedy (Part 2)
"Fisshingu Taikai no Higeki (Kōhen)" (フィッシング大会の悲劇(後編))
February 23, 2004 ʁ


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