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The tenth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン?, Detective Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot follows Conan Edogawa's daily adventures.

The episodes use five pieces of theme music: two opening themes and two closing themes. The first opening theme is "Destiny" by Miki Matsuhashi until episode 258[3] The second opening theme is "Winter Bells" by Mai Kuraki until episode 270.[4] The third opening theme is "I can't stop my love for you♥" by Rina Aiuchi for the rest of the season.[4] The first ending theme is "Aoi Aoi Kono Chikyuu ni" (青い青いこの地球に?, lit. "The Blue Blue Earth") by Azumi Uehara until episode 265.[4] The second opening theme is "Yumemita Ato de" (夢みたあとで?, lit. "After I Dream") by Garnet Crow for the rest of the season.

The season initially ran from October 29, 2001 through July 8, 2002 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3][4] Episodes 255 to 285 were later collected into nine DVD compilations by Shogakukan. They were released between October 22, 2004 and February 25, 2005 in Japan.[5]

Episode list

EP# Title Original Airdate
255 The 14th Round of the Matsue Tamatsukuri Linked Verse Contest (Part 1)
"Matsue Tamatsukuri Renku Juuyonban Shoubu (Zenpen)" (松江玉造連句14番勝負(前編))
October 29, 2001 ʁ
256 The 14th Round of the Matsue Tamatsukuri Linked Verse Contest (Part 2)
"Matsue Tamatsukuri Renku Juuyonban Shoubu (Kōhen)" (松江玉造連句14番勝負(後編))
November 5, 2001 ʁ
257 The Extremely Strange Punishment from Heaven
"Yo nimo Kimyou na Tenbatsu" (世にも奇妙な天罰)
November 12, 2001 ʁ
258 The Man from Chicago (Part 1)
"Shikago Kara Kita Otoko (Zenpen)" (シカゴから来た男(前編))
November 19, 2001 ʁ
The Detective Boys attend an animal show involving a White lion named Leon. Outside, a man named James Black, is mistaken by reporters for Randy Hawks, a rich man who sponsors zoos and animal shows. The Detective Boys lead him out of the crowd of reporters by pretending he is their English Teacher. As return for their help, Black offers to treat them for lunch and leaves to get his car, only to be mistaken for Hawks and kidnapped for ransom. Growing concerned, the Detective Boys search for Black; Their investigation leads them to believe he was kidnapped. They find Black's strap from the animal show in an alley way and discover blood on the letters P, &, A on the strap.
259 The Man from Chicago (Part 2)
"Shikago Kara Kita Otoko (Kōhen)" (シカゴから来た男(後編))
November 26, 2001 ʁ
Ayumi notices that Black still has her Detective Badge, allowing Conan to trace the signal and have Sato set up a road block intercepting the vehicle. The kidnappers manage to elude the road block since their vehicle is disguised as a police car. Conan discerns the message P & A, revealing that when alphabetized, spell Panda. Conan concludes Black is referring to the black and white colors of a panda to police cars. Since the kidnappers are armed, Conan tells the police a plan to save Black safely. The police feign a car chase and slowly surround the kidnappers car; They suddenly break throwing them off guard and apprehends the criminals. Black disappears before he is questioned and is driven away by the mysterious Shuichi Akai.
260 The Shaking Restaurant
"Yureru Resutoran" (揺れるレストラン)
December 3, 2001 ʁ
261 The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night (Part 1)
"Yuki no Yoru no Kyoufu Densetsu (Zenpen)" (雪の夜の恐怖伝説(前編))
December 10, 2001 ʁ
262 The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night (Part 2)
"Yuki no Yoru no Kyoufu Densetsu (Kōhen)" (雪の夜の恐怖伝説(後編))
December 17, 2001 ʁ
263 The Osaka Double Mystery - Naniwa Swordsman and Toyotomi's Castle2 hrs.
"Oosaka Daburu Misuterii: Naniwa Kenshi to Taikō no Shiro" (大阪ダブルミステリー 浪花剣士と太閤の城)
January 7, 2002 ʁ
Heiji invites Conan to his kendo tournament but a drunk man named Atsushi Tarumi is found dead in the storage room. Heiji comes to investigate only to find that the body had somehow been moved to the shower room without anyone noticing. After a thorough investigation, Heiji reveals the culprit to be Takashi Kategawa, a friend of Tarumi. Heiji explains that in the storage room, Kategawa drugged Tarumi into a drunken slumber and put red paint on Tarumi to imply he was killed. After everyone leaves, he sets the scene to create the idea Tarumi committed a murder in his drunken frenzy. Tarumi heads for the shower room, suited in Tsuba Zeriai, in order to hide what he believed to be blood from the murder where he is then killed by Kategawa. As evidence, Heiji reveals that the mannequin that was used to trick Tarumi into believing he committed a murder was covered in red paint. After Tarumi is arrested, Heiji and Conan explore the town. Later a man is set ablaze atop Osaka Castle. After investigating thoroughly, Heiji and Conan concludes the murderer to be Shigehiko Wakisaka, one of the tour guides at the castle who committed the murders through the use of self-destructing flashlights. Wakisaka confesses and reveals that he was murdering his fellow tour guides who murdered his grandfather thirteen years ago. Arihiro Kasuya, one of the tour guides, confesses to have murdered Wakisaka's grandfather and prepares to kill Heiji but is apprehended by the police.
264 Courtroom Battle: Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Part 1)
"Hōtei no Taiketsu: Kisaki tai Kogorō (Zenpen)" (法廷の対決 妃VS小五郎(前編))
January 14, 2002 ʁ
Eri Kisaki is the attorney for a man named Shinji Usami who is convicted for the murder of Tsuyoshi Hirasawa while in a drunken state. The authenticity is doubted due to the fact Hirasawa murdered Shinji's son but was not convicted because the murder was done while he was drunk. Eri attempts to confirm Usami's alibi through his estranged wife Masako Kamedo. Kamedo reveals that Hiraswa visited her bar and that Kogoro should be able to confirm it. Kogoro reveals that he fell asleep at the bar, and was waken by Kamedo who told him he had a phone call; The time on the phone proves that Usami was at the bar at the time of the murder. During the hearing, the prosecutor Reiko Kujo points to that fact that Kamedo could have changed the time on Kogoro's phone to establish an alibi for her ex-husband. Kamedo confesses to changing the time on Kogoro's phone and thus destroys Usami's alibi.
265 Courtroom Battle: Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Part 2)
"Houtei no Taiketsu: Kisaki tai Kogorou (Kōhen)" (法廷の対決 妃VS小五郎(後編))
January 21, 2002 ʁ
After Kogoro was turned unwittingly from the defendant's witness to the prosecutor's witness Kogoro conducts his own investigation and investigates Usami's home while accompanied by Conan. During the second hearing, Conan tranquilizes Kogoro to reveal Kamedo to be the murderer. Conan reveals that the Baby Octopus was served only at her bar and was found in Hirasawa's stomach, meaning he had visited the bar and that after his visit, he was killed by her. Usami having witnessed the murder places his car keys there to place the blame on himself. Kamedo confesses and admits she wanted to avenge her son. After the hearing, Eri asks Kogoro if he would like to go to a restaurant with her only to be ignored by Kogoro who is distracted by a beautiful woman.
266 The Truth Behind Valentine's (The Murder)
"Barentain no Shinjitsu (Jikenhen)" (バレンタインの真実(事件編))
January 28, 2002 ʁ
Sonoko invites Ran to come to a house in the hills where their chocolates are blissed with good fortune for love. Conan and Mouri attend too. Once there, they meet two men who are out hunting for a Japanese wolf, an old lady who owns the place her two female assistants and a male photographer. The females there start making chocolate as gifts for the one they love. Sonoko makes hers for Makoto and Ran leaves hers nameless. A snowstorm occurs and the photographer is found dead by Conan and the dog named Subaru.
267 The Truth Behind Valentine's (The Reasoning)
"Barentain no Shinjitsu (Jikenhen)" (バレンタインの真実(推理編))
February 4, 2002 ʁ
The mystery continues and they develop the film on the camera to find droplets of blood on it. Apparently the murder takes place before the snowstorm but Conan feels like there's a trick to it. The characters are given more back story. While examining the chocolates, Conan figures out who the murder is. Mouri pops in finding Conan snooping around and is put to sleep. Conan tells everyone in the house Mouri is ready to place his deduction.
268 The Truth Behind Valentine's (The Resolution)
"Barentain no Shinjitsu (Kaiketsuhen)" (バレンタインの真実(解決編))
February 11, 2002 ʁ
Mouri reveals who the murderer is. Just then they are betrayed by the two hunters who reveal they planned to murder that person the whole time to avoid blackmail from a crime they committed. Just then, a man in a ski mask, goggles, and a scarf comes in when one of the hunters opens the door. He knocks one of the hunters out and in his goggles a shot revealing Makoto. Ran knocks the other hunter out with a kick. Makoto demands Sonoko to tell her who is the other boy she is dating as he has not received her hand-made knitted sweater (She gave up due to its difficulty), her hand-made pottery glass (he mistook it to be a vase) and the chocolate (She refused to tell who it is for). He gets ready to fight until Sonoko tells him the chocolate was for him. Later on Ran cries because of Shinichi while Conan watches in the shadows. Ran wakes up to find her jacket blanketing her. She received a picture of herself sleeping from Detective Kid who is Conan with Shinichi's voice. Conan pretended Shinichi paid a visit and ate her chocolate due to hunger while she was asleep. Ran becomes angry due to Shinichi not waking her up to meet him.
269 The Forgotten Memento from the Crime (Part 1)
"Hanzai no Wasuregatami (Zenpen)" (犯罪の忘れ形見(前編))
February 18, 2002 ʁ
270 The Forgotten Memento from the Crime (Part 2)
"Hanzai no Wasuregatami (Kōhen)" (犯罪の忘れ形見(後編))
March 4, 2002 ʁ
271 Secret Rushed Omission (Part 1)
"Kakushite Isoide Shouryaku (Zenpen)" (隠して急いで省略(前編))
March 11, 2002 ʁ
Ran, feeling she met the mysterious man before, attempts to remember why. Jodie interrupts the daydreaming Ran in class and asks her the meaning of X to which she is unable to answer correctly. On the way home, they meet Jodie who takes them to the cafe in a department store to warn them about a serial groper. Conan notices a business man named Norihisa Kisugi making a suspicious phone call to a private detective named Katsunori Chuujou. Chuujou demands Kisugi to pay four times the promised amount or he will not hand over the investigation documents concerning an unknown individual. Kisugi agrees and enters the department store only to be killed by the individual. A coincidental blackout occurs at the same time, and when the power returns, Kisugi is found dead on the top of an escalator with ○×△ written on an envelope. The police understands the message to be a dying message, and using Chuujou's phone, allows them to locate the last caller, Kisugi. Kisugi reveals that he hired the detective to search for an embezzler in the company. The documented that contained the embezzler's identity is missing from Chuujou's envelope and the police discern the embezzler must be the culprit. Kisugi then hands them Chuujou's list of fifty-eight suspects he had received. The police decrease the suspects down to thirty-one after investigating the alibis of the suspects. Conan tells the police a line of blood is found on the edge of the envelope and explains part of Chuujou's dying message must be on the escalator. Using a luminol reaction, they discover □ revealing the whole message to be □○×△; Conan notes the square is much bigger than the other three symbol.
272 Secret Rushed Omission (Part 2)
"Kakushite Isoide Shouryaku (Kōhen)" (隠して急いで省略(後編))
March 18, 2002 ʁ
Conan's investigation leads him to discover the meaning of the symbols. He drops hints for Joseph Meguire to deduce what the symbols are. Meguire explains that the symbols are outlines for kanji and □ is bigger then the other three symbols since it was not cut off. He elaborates further, explaining the three symbols are missing the top portion since they were written past the envelope and onto the document. The culprit is revealed to be Bunta Kuniyoshi (国吉文太 Kuniyoshi Bunta?), correcting that the bottom of 吉 is usually more round. The police interrogate Kuniyoshi and convict him for the murder after Takagi gathers the shredded pieces of the documents with blood and piece them together forming the missing top portion of ○×△ and fully spelling Kuniyoshi's name. Kuniyoshi confesses explaining he wanted a better life for his poor family. Ran, learning the meaning of X, sends a mail to Shinichi with Xs. Elsewhere, an unknown Black Organization member sends a message to Gin with X's in her message explaining they are a sign of feminine affection but can also be a sign of hate before throwing a dart at a picture of Shiho with an X through it.
273 Old Lady's Quiz Disappearance Case
"Kuizu-baasan no Shissou Jiken" (クイズ婆さんの失踪事件)
April 8, 2002 ʁ
274 Truth About the Haunted House (Part 1)
"Yuurei-yashiki no Shinjitsu (Zenpen)" (幽霊屋敷の真実(前編))
April 15, 2002 ʁ
Ran catches a cold and visits the doctor. When there one of the doctor's patients mentions that his apartment is haunted by a girl who was burned to death four years ago. Conan and Mouri decide to investigate. Once there they meet three other people who are living in that apartment. Ran who is fearful of ghost tells her father they should leave at 7 pm. When the clock strikes 10:20 pm, Ran wakes up to find a ghost in the television telling her to leave. Mouri and Conan wake up due to her screaming. Mouri tells Ran it was probably a dream and goes to the toilet. After he's done the water turns red. Mouri backs away from the toilet and screams when he sees a ghostly image.
275 Truth About the Haunted House (Part 2)
"Yuurei-yashiki no Shinjitsu (Kōhen)" (幽霊屋敷の真実(後編))
April 22, 2002 ʁ
The three people excluding the old man are given more back story. One man does not believe in the ghost, one man is a horror movie filmer, and the other man just lives there. They are told that two suspects of the burning four years ago ran from the scene and one of them was identified. Conan finds out how the ghost trick was done. He puts Mouri to sleep and tells them the reason those tricks were done. He reveals that the culprit is one of the two suspects and that he is hiding the other suspect too.
276 Case of the Missing Policeman's Notebook
"Keisatsu Techou Funshitsu Jiken" (警察手帳紛失事件)
May 6, 2002 ʁ
Takagi loses his notebook after breaking up a fight between a manager and his singer. He searches for his book with the help of the Detective Boys. They then discover that the singer plans to murder his manager. The detective boys manage to bring Takagi to his house and save him before he was killed. With the manager was Takagi's notebook.
277 English Teacher vs. Great Western Detective (Part 1)
"Eigo-kyoushi tai Nishi no Meitantei (Zenpen)" (英語教師VS西の名探偵(前編))
May 13, 2002 ʁ
While at the Professor's, Conan recalls his last meeting with the Black Organization. Conan deduces that another Black Organization member must have been at the hotel party. This is when he finally singles out Chris Vineyard as his suspect. Heiji came to Tokyo to help Conan out with the case. Heiji suspects Jodie-sensei of being a possible Black Organization member, and although Conan seems reluctant to this idea, they pay Jodie-sensei a visit at her apartment. They find out here that her full name is "Jodie Saintemillion". After Jodie agrees to go out for a while with Heiji and Conan, the man living next door to Jodie falls dead outside from over 30 stories, coincidentally as the three are outside. After the police arrive, it seems likely that the man committed suicide. However, Conan and Heiji have a different idea.
278 English Teacher vs. Great Western Detective (Part 2)
"Eigo-kyoushi tai Nishi no Meitantei (Kōhen)" (英語教師VS西の名探偵(後編))
May 20, 2002 ʁ
Heiji immediately destroys the theory of suicide, by showing that the man who fell from his apartment attempted to grab onto the curtain to save his life. Conan reveals the truth by showing how the room was switched around. When Conan and Heiji leave, concur that Jodie is someone suspicious, but believe that she is innocuous unaware of the fact that she's vermouth. the ending scene shows that she's already on to them in that Jodie's already knows Heji's name and has pictures of Kudo during the time he regressed back to his former self.
279 The Hooligan in the Labyrinth (Part 1)
"Meikyuu no Fuurigan (Zenpen)" (迷宮のフーリガン(前編))
May 27, 2002 ʁ
280 The Hooligan in the Labyrinth (Part 2)
"Meikyuu no Fuurigan (Kōhen)" (迷宮のフーリガン(後編))
June 3, 2002 ʁ
281 The Small Eye-Witnesses
"Chiisana Mokugekisha-tachi" (小さな目撃者たち)
June 10, 2002 ʁ
282 Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden (Part 1)
"Mizu Nagaruru Sekitei no Kai (Zenpen)" (水流るる石庭の怪(前編))
June 17, 2002 ʁ
283 Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden (Part 2)
"Mizu Nagaruru Sekitei no Kai (Kōhen)" (水流るる石庭の怪(後編))
June 24, 2002 ʁ
284 Chinatown Deja Vu in the Rain (Part 1)
"Chuukagai Ame no Deja Byu (Zenpen)" (中華街 雨のデジャビュ(前編))
July 1, 2002 ʁ
A man dies at a restaurant by cyanide but they are unable to find the source poison.
285 Chinatown Deja Vu in the Rain (Part 2)
"Chuukagai Ame no Deja Byu (Kōhen)" (中華街 雨のデジャビュ(後編))
July 8, 2002 ʁ
After the case is solved, Ran falls ill. To everyone's surprise, she falls from her chair and collapses on the floor, having memories of certain people she met a long time ago. These people include Sharon Vineyard and the mysterious man.


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