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The first season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto. It was produce by TMS Entertainment in cooperation with Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the manga series is titled Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン?, Detective Conan) but Case Closed was adopted for the anime version to avoid legal issues.[2] The series' plot is based on the adventures of a teenage detective Jimmy Kudo, reverted to childhood through a poisoning.

The season premiered from January 8, 1996 through August 12, 1996 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3] Episodes one through twenty-eight are collected in a seven DVD compilation produced by Shogakukan and released in Japan between the twenty-second and twenty-fourth of February 2006.[4][5] The first season was then licensed and dubbed by Funimation Entertainment for release in English speaking countries.[6] Case Closed was aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block and on Canada's YTV station.[7][8] The English adaption was collected and released on a four DVD compilations between February 21, 2006 and September 19, 2006.[9][10] The English adaption of season one was later released in a DVD boxset by Funimation on July 22, 2008 and contained the first twenty-six episodes, or twenty-five according to the Japanese numbering system.[11] The season one DVD boxset Viridian edition was released on July 14, 2009.[12] For the fifteenth anniversary of the anime series, the episodes were made available for video on demand in Japan.[13][14]

In total the first season episodes use five distinct theme songs: one opening and two closing in the Japanese episodes versus one opening and one closing in the English versions. The Japanese opening theme is "Mune ga Doki Doki" (胸がドキドキ?, lit. "My Heart Pounds") by The High-Lows. The first ending theme for the Japanese version is "Step by Step" by Ziggy and was used through episode twenty-six. The remaining episodes use "Meikyuu no Lovers" (迷宮のラヴァーズ?, lit. "Lovers of Labyrinth") by Heath as their ending song.[15] The English opening theme song is "Mune ga Doki Doki" with English lyrics and renamed "First New Century". The English ending theme is "Step by Step" with English lyrics. Both theme songs are arranged and sung by Carl Finch.[16] In April 2009, When the first two episodes were re-aired in Japan the music was changed to "Everlasting Luv" by Breakerz for the opening and "Doing all Right" by Garnet Crow for the closing song.[17][18][19][20]

Episode list

EP# Funimation Entertainment title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
Orig.Jp. Funi.Eng.
01 The Big Shrink
"Jet Coaster Satsujin Jiken" (ジェットコースター殺人事件)
January 8, 1996 May 24, 2004[21]
A man is murdered during a party and the detective Jimmy Kudo is called to solve the case. He reveals that the host is the murderer and solves the case. Jimmy and his friend, Rachel Moore then take a trip to an amusement park. While they are there a man is decapitated during a roller coaster ride. Jimmy reveals the murderer to be the man's ex-girlfriend, Haley. He shows that Haley used her necklace made of piano wire and a hook in her purse, looped the wire around the victim's neck and hooked the wire onto the roller coaster tracks during the ride. Haley explains that the victim broke up with her and she had planned a murder suicide. After solving this case Jimmy follows two suspicious men in black from the roller coaster case and watches them make a clandestine deal. Jimmy is attacked from behind by the two men and forced to take a newly developed poison that should kill him.
02 The Kidnapped Debutante
"Shachō Reijō Yūkai Jiken" (社長令嬢誘拐事件)
January 15, 1996 May 25, 2004[21]
Jimmy wakes up and finds that he is now in the body of a young child as a result of the poison. After proving his identity to Professor Agasa and explaining the conditions under which he was poised he decides that he must remain undercover so that the men in black will not find him and try to kill Jimmy and his friends. Jimmy takes on the name "Conan Edogawa" and is placed in the care of Rachel and her father, Richard Moore who owns a detective agency and will allow him to gather information on the men in black clothes. That night, Richard receives a case to find a man's kidnapped daughter, Michelle. Conan drops subtle hints for Richard leading him to conclude that Mr Aso, the butler, "kidnapped" Michelle. Richard receives a phone call stating that Michelle has been kidnapped again. Conan follows the clues from the phone call and locates her again. Once the kidnapper is arrested, Michelle reveals that she asked Aso to fake her kidnapping in an effort to draw her father away from work so that he would spend time with her. The father asks Aso to arrange a vacation for Michelle and himself. Richard, happy with his success in solving a difficult case, allows Conan to stay with his family.
03 Beware of Idols
"Idol Misshitsu Satsujin Jiken" (アイドル密室殺人事件)
January 22, 1996 May 26, 2004[21]
Three days later, the Professor Agasa gives Conan the "voice-changing bow-tie" and tells him that Rachel has been worried about Jimmy. After Conan's first day at school his classmates Amy Yeager, Mitch Tennison, and George Kaminski plan to follow Conan home to befriend him. Singer Yoko Okino goes to Richard's agency asking him to investigate a suspected stalking. When they arrived at Yoko's apartment, they find a dead man stabbed in the back with a knife. The man is Yoko's high school boyfriend so Yoko becomes one of the three suspects. The other two suspects are Yoko's manager and one of Yoko's rivals. Conan investigates and determines how the crime was committed. After knocking Richard unconscious with an ashtray, Jimmy impersonates Richard's voice with the bow-tie and tells everyone at the scene of crime that the man killed himself. The man made a block of ice with a knife inside it and laid on top of it until the knife was in his back. Later in the week, knowing that Rachel has been stressed since Jimmy's disappearance, Conan gives Rachel a call and with his bow-tie using Jimmy Kudo's voice. He tells Rachel that he is on a difficult case and will return when it is solved.
04 Fish Marks the Spot
"Dai Tokai Angō Map Jiken" (大都会暗号マップ事件)
January 29, 1996 May 27, 2004[21]
After visiting an exhibit on hidden treasures Conan and his friends find a piece of paper with symbols and the word "Oro" written on it. A treasure hunt ensues but does not discover much. Conan, initially not interested in the children's treasure hunt finally realizes that the paper is a treasure map after learning that "Oro" means gold in Italian. That night, Conan determines that the symbols refer to neon light signs on buildings. Following the clues they find gold coins hanging from the ceiling of an abandoned building. Three men have been following the kids. With Conan's quick thinking, they capture the men. The three men are Mafia members and the gold was hidden from them by a traitorous accomplice. Later, Amy gives Conan a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for saving them while Mitch and George stare jealously.
05 The Time Bomb Express
"Shinkansen Dai Bakuha Jiken" (新幹線大爆破事件)
February 5, 1996 May 31, 2004
Conan runs into the black-clothed men from the pilot episode while riding the Shinkansen bullet train. He investigates further and realizes they only resemble the original two men. Using his gadget glasses and a bug, Conan overhears their conversation about a bomb in a black suitcase on board the train and is set to explode soon. Conan narrows the suspects down to four. Conan realizes a woman on the cellphone mentioned she liked viewing the mountains but her seat was facing the sea. He realizes the men's seats were facing the mountains and deduces that she was the one who met them. Conan, armed with his new power kicking shoes invented by Agasa, manages to kick the briefcase off the train before it explodes. The woman and the two men are later arrested.
06 Tragic Valentine
"Barentain Satsujin Jiken" (バレンタイン殺人事件)
February 12, 1996 June 1, 2004[22]
Rachel is invited to attend a Valentine's party by a young man and a jealous Conan follows her. During the party, Keenan the party host, is poisoned and dies. Conan investigates and discovers that Keenan was poisoned from the coffee served. Conan uses his newly acquired tranquilizer dart wristwatch to knock out Richard and then uses his voice changing bowtie to impersonates Richard. Through Richard, Conan reveals that Keenan's adopted mother murdered him for the insurance money. She put poison in the coffee served to everyone. The cake everyone except Keenan ate was the antidote to the poison. The adopted mother reveals she needed the money in order to save the family house after her husband's business failed. Later, Rachel holding a box of chocolate for Jimmy, decides to eat it with Conan.
07 The Case of the Mysterious Gifts
"Tsukichi Purezento Kyōhaku Jiken" (月ちプレゼント脅迫事件)
February 19, 1996 June 2, 2004[22]
Once a month for the past two years surgeon John Woodman has been receiving anonymous toys and money valued over 25 million yen. He asks for Richard's help to determine who is sending the gifts. On Conan's suggestion, they review John's patient history. During the investigation Rachel begins to suspect that Conan is actually Jimmy. When Conan plays a video game John received, Conan discovers that it belonged to a child named Tommy Oswald who died during one of John's operations three years previously. Conan deduces that John's son, Joseph Woodman, may be in danger. They find Mr. Oswald, Tommy's father, and Joseph at the park just in time to prevent the son's murder. John decides not place any charges and comforts Mr Oswald regarding his son's death. Conan manages to deceive Rachel that evening about his true identity; by having Agasa call her as if he were Jimmy.
08 The Art Museum Murder Case
"Bijutsukan Ōnā Satsujin Jiken" (美術館オーナー殺人事件)
February 26, 1996 June 3, 2004[22]
Rachel forces Conan and Richard to visit a museum where she heard reports of a medieval suit of armour moving on its own. They find an unguarded restricted area at the museum. Inside they find Mr Minaka, the museum owner, dead and pinned to the wall with a sword. They examine the security camera and find out Minaka was killed by the suit of armor. A piece of paper is discovered that appears to reveal Koboda as the murderer. Conan realizes that Minaka's pen was retracted at the time of death and that Kaboda is being framed. Conan drops hints allowing Richard to determine that Mr O'Donnell, the museum's director, is the murderer. O'Donnel confesses he did this to protect the museum from becoming a casino and attempted to frame Kaboda since he was secretly selling museum art pieces. The museum remains open as the public protested against its destruction.
09 Festival Fiasco
"Tenkaichi Yomatsuri Satsujin Jiken" (天下一夜祭殺人事件)
March 4, 1996 June 7, 2004[22]
Conan, Rachel, and Richard attend a Festival when Salvadore Everson, a famous writer, is murdered. Conan is certain Nicodemus Stanley, Salvadore's partner, is the murderer. Nicodemus has a perfect alibi substantiated with photographs. Conan re-examines the photo and with supporting clues is able to prove that Nicodemus is the murderer. Through Richard, Conan explains that the pictures were taken at the festival the previous year using the same camera. Nicodemus saved the camera until the day of the murder. As proof he points out that some of the pictures show an untanned line on Nicodemus' wrist. Nicodemus discloses that he murdered Salvadore out of vengeance, as his first published work was stolen by Salvadore.
10 Deadly Game
"Puro Sakkā Senshu Kyōhaku Jiken" (プロサッカー選手脅迫事件)
March 11, 1996 June 8, 2004[22]
A girl named Reina shows up at the Richard's office asking for Jimmy Kudo, her boyfriend. Conan tells her that Jimmy will contact her later. Rachel and Conan decide to go to Reina's apartment and wait for Jimmy. Conan discovers that Mathias, a star soccer player Harrison Akagi's little brother, has been kidnapped. The kidnapper demands that Harrison lose a game or he will never see Mathias again. Using a clue from Mathias' video game, they locate him at the house of Harrison's friend and rival, Nicholas. Nicholas reveals he did it as revenge against Harrison who broke Nicholas' leg during practice, sabotaging his chance to become a star soccer player. Nicolas regrets his actions when Harrison announces on television that he wished Nicholas was there because they could have scored more goals together.
11 The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (Part 1)
"Piano Sonata "Gekkō" Satsujin Jiken" (ピアノソナタ「月光」殺人事件)
April 8, 1996 June 9, 2004[22]
Richard receives a letter with a large sum of money from Kasper Austin requesting that he investigate Moon Light island. On the island, they discover that Kasper was a famous pianist and has been dead for twelve years. They believe the client wanted them to investigate Kasper and so they decide to question the Mayor. They learn that Kasper's piano is in the community hall and that the previous mayor was discovered dead with the song Moonlight Sonata playing in the background. Moonlight Sonata was the same song Kasper played on his piano during the fire that killed him. During the funeral for the previous mayor, Moonlight Sonata is heard from the piano room and they find another man murdered there. Conan interprets the letter as indicating that the murders are just starting. Conan and the others spend the night near the piano along with Dr. Nadia Adams. The police interrogate everyone the next day who where at the funeral but another man is murdered.
11 The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (Part 2)
"Piano Sonata "Gekkō" Satsujin Jiken" (ピアノソナタ「月光」殺人事件)
April 8, 1996 June 10, 2004[22]
Music notes left by the killer reveal that he is avenging Kasper Austin. From further investigation of Kasper's music sheet Conan realizes the killer is Dr. Nadia Adams. Conan, through Richard, reveals that she has been creating alibis by reporting the wrong times of death. Conan also deduces that Dr. Adams is Kasper's son, Simon Austin. He disguised himself as a woman to get revenge on those who murdered his family. Simon escapes to the community hall where his father's piano is and sets the building on fire. Conan tries to convince him to escape from the building by showing him Kasper's dying message. Simon, grateful for Conan's attempt, throws him out the window. Simon then plays Moonlight Sonata as the building burns down around him, just like his father.
12 Kidnapped: Amy
"Ayumi-chan Yūkai Jiken" (歩美ちゃん誘拐事件)
April 15, 1996 June 14, 2004[22]
While playing hide-and-seek in the park, Amy Yeager hides herself in the trunk of a car and falls asleep. When she wakes, the car has left the park. Amy finds the head of a girl wrapped in newspaper in the trunk with her. Conan uses a new radio transmitter received from Professor Agasa to gather clues as to where the car is heading. Riding Conan's new solar powered skateboard, they are able to catch up with Amy. They confront the men and Conan kicks a bicycle helmet, knocking out one of the men. The Junior Detective League realize that the men are actors and the decapitated girl was a prop. Since the actor was knocked out and the prop damaged the Junior Detective League were forced to participate in the play.
13 Mystery Mastermind
"Kimyō na Hito Sagashi Satsujin Jiken" (奇妙な人捜し殺人事件)
April 22, 1996 June 15, 2004[22]
A woman named Michelle Hamlet shows up at Richard's Detective Agency and asks him to find Kent Hamlet, her father. Rearranging Kent's cat's name, they realize it's the name of a racing horse. They find him at a horse track but the next day, Kent is found dead and Michelle missing. Conan remembers that he accidentally placed a tracker on Michelle but the batteries in his glasses run out. Another detective is discovered who is tracking Michelle down for his client Aaron Hamlet. After Conan's glasses are recharged, they head to Michelle's location and find Aaron dead. Conan realizes that the Hamlets are connected to a billion yen robbery and that a disguised Michelle passed them in the hall. Conan follows her and finds her with her boss, O'Brian. O'Brian plans to remove all evidence of his involvement and prepares to shoot her but is knocked out by Conan. Michelle confesses that she left the money at the hotel and thanks Conan for his help.
14 The Shooter
"Nazo no Messēji Sogeki Jiken" (謎のメッセージ狙撃事件)
April 29, 1996 June 16, 2004[22]
The Junior Detective League watch as a sniper shoots a balloon by the river. Later Conan sees the sniper held at gunpoint by other men. When the Junior Detective League gets there, the gunmen have left, but Conan finds the numbers 3540405162 on a calculator the sniper left behind. They call the police and find out the sniper, Charles Mulligan, and his wife, Erin Mulligan, were recently reported missing. The message is broken when Conan turns the calculator upside down to discover the actual code. The code reveals that Charles is going to shoot someone on the Shoho train on the 29th at 1:00pm. Conan and the police manage to track the sniper down and rescue him and his wife. The men holding Charles hostage were part of the Tiger Dragons gang and wanted to assassinate the prosecutor, for arresting their leader.
15 The Two Faced Brother
"Kieta Shitai Satsujin Jiken" (消えた死体殺人事件)
May 13, 1996 June 17, 2004[22]
While searching for a missing cat, the Junior Detective League find it covered in blood. Backtracking it they find a corpse in a house. They call the police and investigate the house but the corpse is now gone. Hamilton Timberman, the inhabitant of the house, claims there was no dead body. As Hamilton Timberman goes to his bedroom his brother, Hadrian Timberman, returns home. Conan returns that night to discover that Hamilton Timberman was the corpse. Conan realizes that Hadrian, disguised himself as his brother in order to convince the police that Hamilton was alive. Conan gets Hadrian's confession on the phone and gives it to the police and Hadrin is arrested.
16 A Loan Repaid
"Kottōhin Korekutā Satsujin Jiken" (骨董品コレクター殺人事件)
May 20, 1996 June 21, 2004[22]
Damian Maru, an antique collector, asks Richard to investigate his wife's affair. Maru is later found pinned to a wall with a katana. The crime scene has been shredded with a sword and clues point to different people who had scheduled meetings with the collector. Conan notices that scratches on the dresser drawers do not match up; so he photographs the drawer and re-arranges them. He discovers the murderer and through Richard, Conan reveals that the drawers spell out the name of the murderer when arranged in their original positions. It spells Suuwa in Kanji revealing Jacky as the murderer. Jacky confesses to the crime and explains that Maur sold a family heirloom sword that Jacky had put up as collateral on a loan.
17 The Case of the Hi-Jacked Department Store
"Depāto Jatsuku Jiken" (デパートジャツク事件)
May 27, 1996 June 22, 2004[22]
The Junior Detective League are accidentally locked inside a department store after hours. They were returning to retrieve George's autograph Yaiba, a fictional super hero. They decide to visit the security room to ask to be released. They find robbers have tied up the two security guards and an elevator girl. The robbers spot the Junior Detective League hunted them down. Finally, the League apprehends the robbers. Conan goes to free the guards but on the way discovers that the elevator girl freed herself. He discloses that she is an accomplice and apprehends her. Later, Conan and his friends receive awards for capturing the robbers and do not have to pay for the food they ate and the objects they broke during their stay.
18 Wedding Day Blues
"Rokugatsu no Hanayome Satsujin Jiken" (6月の花嫁殺人事件)
June 3, 1996 June 23, 2004[22]
Catherine Mclaughlin, Rachel and Jimmy's old homeroom teacher, is getting married but is poisoned before the wedding even starts. Several suspects are caught on video, including Catherine's father, Kiyonaga McLaughlin and Tony, the groom. Fingerprint analysis show that some prints are missing from the can. Conan, through Serena Sebastian, identifies Tony as the culprit. Tony discloses that Kiyonaga indirectly caused of his mother's death. Catherine's friend reveals that Catherine was aware of this past but chose to marry him anyway, because he was her childhood love. A message from the hospital announces Catherine's surgery to be a success and Tony cries with happiness. Tony is sent to prison where he marries Catherine three years later.
19 Fashion Sense
"Erebētā Satsujin Jiken" (エレベーター殺人事件)
June 10, 1996 June 24, 2004[22]
Rachel is invited to model for a fashion design company. One of the company's employees, Megan, is killed in the elevator. Conan is certain that the company's owner, Ms Hallorin is the one who killed her. But he is unable to prove it as Megan's body was found in the elevator on the 8th floor and Ms Hallorin was on the 15th floor. Through Richard, Conan reveals that Ms Hallorin called Megan to the 15th floor and killed her, then placed Megan's body in the elevator with her back leaning on the door and then sent it to the 8th floor. Ms Hallorin confesses that she murdered Megan in vengeance for stealing her clothing designs and selling them to her rivals.
20 The Disappearing Act
"Yūreiyashiki Satsujin Jiken" (幽霊屋敷殺人事件)
June 17, 1996 June 28, 2004[22]
Amy is walking home when she sees lights on in an old abandon house where an unsolved murder occurred several years ago. She convinces the Junior Detective League to sneak in and explore the house. George and Mitch suddenly disappear. Conan and Amy follow an old woman down a hidden stairs and find a caged man. Conan's postulates that the man is the son of the murdered man and is being held against his will by his mother. She refuses to let him confess to the police. Conan manages to persuade the mother that her son, Abraham, wants to confess for his crime rather than live with the guilt. Abraham turns himself in the next day along with his mother. George and Mitch are found sleeping outside. Later, the Junior Detective League decides to investigate another haunted house which actually belongs to Conan.
21 Lights, Camera... Murder
"TV Dorama Roke Satsujin Jiken" (TVドラマロケ殺人事件)
June 24, 1996 June 29, 2004[22]
Yoko Okino is starring in a television drama and invites Richard, Rachel, and Conan to watch the filming. The camera man, Mario, is murdered and his dying message in kanji spells "Shrinegod". Conan observes that some of the words are dry while others are wet. The dry strokes spell "Ringo", the name of one of the actors. Ringo confesses that he changed the message, but only to avoid suspicion for murdering Mario. Conan further realizes that the name was altered before Ringo changed it. The real name is under Ringo's. Through Richard, Conan reveals that the real message left behind is "Tina". He claims that when Tina killed Mario, she did not notice the dying message. When her husband, Jerumia, spotted the message while searching for her and changed it to frame Ringo. Tina confesses that she murdered Mario because he blackmailed her. She had indirectly caused the robbery of her grandfather's shrine and the Shrine's supervisor commited suicide.
22 Smooth Sailing (Part 1)
"Gōka Kyakusen Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (豪華客船連続殺人事件(前編))
July 1, 1996 June 30, 2004[22]
Richard, Rachel, and Conan miss the boat home after a vacation and accept a ride with the rich Hannigan family on their private ship. Joseph, the head of the Hannigan family, is murdered and the evidence points to Theodore Zimmers who has vengeance as a motive. Theodore's father committed suicide when his company was taken over by the Hannigan family. Theodore is locked in a cabin as he is suspected of the murder. Everyone in the family is interested in the Hannigan inheritance. They are shocked to find out that the will gives the inheritance to Susanna, Joseph's granddaughter. Another Hannigan family member, Shannon, is found dead and Theodore is missing from the storage room.
23 Smooth Sailing (Part 2)
"Gōka Kyakusen Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (豪華客船連続殺人事件(後編))
July 8, 1996 July 1, 2004[23]
Conan finds Joseph's crime scene strange and believes Theodore is being framed. The boat suddenly loses power and Lucus, Joseph's grandson, is stabbed in the dark. Everyone is suspicious of each other and accusations are made. Searching the rooms for Theodore, Conan finds the evidence to prove Theodore's innocence. Conan, through Richard proves Lucus is the murderer. He was in love with Susanna, and she was engaged to Theodore. Lucus confesses that Joseph rejected his proposal for marriage with Susanna and humiliated him. When Lucus learned about Theodore's past he murdered Joseph and framed Theodore. Theodore tells Susanna he planned to avenge his father but fell in love with her instead.
24 Better Off Forgotten
"Nazo no Bijo Kioku Sōshitsu Jiken" (謎の美女記憶喪失事件)
July 15, 1996 July 5, 2004[23]
Richard reads the newspaper and discovers that Yancy, a criminal he convicted, has escaped from prison. A woman leaving the horse track stumbles and falls into Richard, Rachel, and Conan. At the hospital, the woman named Mia is diagnosed with amnesia. Conan suspects that a bearded man is trying to kill Mia. He also thinks that Mia is acting strange. Mia regains her memories and recalls that she has a duty to kill Richard. Conan realizes that the bearded man is Yancy, who is trying to kill Richard. Yancy hired Mia to kill Richard. Mia leads Richard to an abandoned warehouse and she attempts to strangle him with a wire but Conan manages to stop her. Mia and Yancy are arrested by the police.
25 The Counterfeit Ransom Kidnapping
"Itsuwari no Mino Shiro Kin Yūkai Jiken" (偽りの身代金誘拐事件)
July 22, 1996 July 6, 2004[24]
Mr. McMullin's daughter, Nikki, is held hostage by a kidnapper demanding 500 million yen. The first meeting fails when the kidnapper finds out McMullin called the police and he escapes. During the escape, the van drives off a cliff and into the river. Conan overhears a conversation between McMullin and his assistant Elizabeth. He discovers that McMullin is hesitant to pay the ransom for his daughter. McMullin decides to use counterfeit money to deceive the kidnapper. When he goes to meet the kidnapper with Elizabeth, Elizabeth discloses that she is the kidnapper. Elizabeth shares that when McMullin sent her father's company into bankruptcy, her father murdered her mother and brother before killing himself. Conan, who was hidding in the trunk of the car, persuades Elizabeth to spare McMullin or she will cause Nikki to suffer the way she has. Nikki is released and Elizabeth is arrested.
26 Jack Attacks!
"Aiken Jon Satsujin Jiken" (愛犬ジョン殺人事件)
July 29, 1996 July 7, 2004[24]
Conan is coming back from a restaurant with Rachel and Richard when they hear a man scream. They enter the house and find Ted has fallen off the stairs and died. He was pushed by a dog named Jack. Conan suspects Charles Peterson, Jack's owner, trained him to murder the man. Ted caused Charles' son, Micheal, to kill himself several years ago. Conan gives Richard subtle hints allowing him to solve the crime. Richard concludes that the dog was trained to attack when he hears nine chimes from a Longcase clock and Charles' voice. Charles confesses that he had forgiven Ted for Micheal's death at the funeral. But several years later Ted had forgotten Micheal, so Charles devised a plan to murder Ted. Jack is spared and placed with one of Charles' relatives.
27 Richard's Class Reunion (Part 1)
"Kogoro no Dōsōkai Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (小五郎の同窓会殺人事件(前編))
August 5, 1996 July 8, 2004[24]
Richard, Rachel, and Conan are out for a walk when a robbery occurs. Conan and Richard apprehend the robber. A crowd gathers to watch and Richard sees his old friend Jamie in the crowd. They talk about the Judo class reunion that is to take place later that day and she leaves. The police arrive to take the robber away and ask for the gun. Conan and Richard realize the gun that the robber dropped is missing. At the reunion that evening the Judo club plan to go out and watch the fireworks. Richard, Rachel, and Conan are the only ones who attend the fireworks. At dinner, the Judo club members decide to wake Jamie up from her nap. When they enter her room, she is holding the robber's gun and has a gunshot wound to her head. Richard sees no burn marks on Jamie's wound and realizes meaning that it was a murder and a member of the Judo is the suspect.
28 Richard's Class Reunion (Part 2)
"Kogoro no Dōsōkai Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (小五郎の同窓会殺人事件(後編))
August 12, 1996 July 12, 2004[24]
Conan identifies two things strange facts about Jamie's body; the finger was not on the trigger and she was naked under her robe. Conan realizes who the murderer is and plans to tranquilize Richard in order to solve the case. Conan instead decides to drop subtle hints and let Richard solve the case. Richard solves the case, identifying that Jamie died later than originally estimated, exercise from table tennis caused her body to undergo rigor mortis much earlier. He identifies Craig as the murderer. Craig confesses that he has dated Jamie for eighteen years and he proposed to her multiple time but she always turned him down. When he became engaged to another woman, Jamie terrorized them both. He confesses that he picked up the gun from the robbery earlier. He saw it as a sign to murder Jamie.


Script error

  • ^Jp. The episode's numbering as followed in Japan
  • ^Eng. The episode's numbering as followed by Funimation Entertainment
  • ^1 hr. The episodes were aired as a single hour long episode in Japan
  • ^A These episodes are part of the second season of Case Closed


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