Script error Candy Candy is a 1976 to 1979 Japanese anime television series based on Kyoko Mizuki manga series of the same name. The animated series was produced by Toei Animation. The series was first broadcast in Japan by TV Asahi from 1 October 1976 to 2 February 1979. Two pieces of theme music by Mitsuko Horie are used thought the entire series. The opening theme is "Candy Candy" and the closing ending theme is "Ashita ga Suki".

Episode list

# Title Original air date
1 A Pretty Lasso-Wielding Girl
"Nagenawa Jozu no Suteki na Ko" (投げなわ上手のすてきな子)
1 October 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A Pony's Home, an old church and orphanage run by Miss Pony and Sister Mary, young Tom discovers that something is amiss outside. When Miss Pony and Sister Mary go outside to investigate, they find two abandoned babies, Annie and Candy White. Over the next decade, the girls become best friends who try to sabotage visits from possible future parents in order not to be adopted. Meanwhile Candy and Tom often get into verbal and phyical fights. While the dark-haired Annie grows up into a docile girl, the blond-haired Candy has become an incouragable tomboy who climbs in trees, loves misschief and has an excellent lasso throwing skill. The nuns have to scold Candy regularly for her recklesness. When the wealthy farmer Steve adopts Tom, the two girls are reminded of the danger of being separated if either one is adopted. Gradually, Candy also realizes that she will miss Tom. On his emotional farewell day, Miss Pony and Sister Mary reveal to Annie and Candy that it was Tom who had first noticed them all those many years ago. This prompts the girls to see Tom off from atop a cliff, and the episode ends with Anny confessing to Candy in tears that she would like to have parents of her own, but not at the cost of being separated from Candy.
2 Take off! Adventuring Together!
"Tobidase! Futari de Bōken" (飛び出せ!ふたりで冒険)
8 October 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Annie's desire to have parents makes her melancholic, and Candy decides on a plan to lift Annie's spirits: a countryside picnic. They leave on their little adventure, the next morning, leaving a letter for Miss Pony and Sister Mary to inform them about Candy's plan. Candy and Annie enjoy their first taste of wine, slide of hillsides and chase a fawn into the forest. Tomboy Candy takes the initiative and Annie follows. To appease Annie's concern, Candy rigs a rope to a treebranch across the river when they wade in the refreshing water of a stream with a strong current. But the current is still too strong, and they are swept away once the branch breaks off. Luckily Mr. Brighton and his farmhand discover and rescue the girls while they are hunting. At the impressive Brighton hunting lodge they get dry, rich clothes, are welcomed to a barbeque and invited to ride the horse. Annie behaves well in front of these friendly strangers, while Candy is her cheeky self. During the horseriding, Annie suggests Candy they could ask Mr. Brighton to adopt them both so they can stay together forever. The idea of leaving Pony's Home angers Candy. The two girls fight and argue and Candy runs off back to Pony's Home, where she comes upon Sister Mary searching for little John who has disappeared during Annie's and Candy's absence. Candy discovers him sleeping up in the big Pony tree where he waited to be the first to see Annie and Candy return from their outing. While Annie stays the night at the Brighton estate, both girls are unable to sleep, missing each other. Annie returns the next morning, bringing Candy's favorite candy from the Brighton estate. Happy to be together again, they swear never to be separated.
3 A Good-Bye from the Carriage
"Sayōnara o Hakobu Basha" (さようならをはこぶ馬車)
15 October 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The generous Mr. Brighton visits Pony's Home to build a barbeque in their garden, so that all the orphans can enjoy shish-kebabs. Annie is smart enough to realize Mr. Brighton must have ulterior motives: to adopt either Candy or her. Candy believes wrongly that of the two it would be Annie who would be adopted. Although Mr. Brighton spent little time with Candy he warmed to her lively, generous nature and hopes to convince his wife Jane in adopting her during a visit to the orphanage. Annie who listens at the door when Miss Pony reveals Mr. Brighton's wishes to Candy has her worst fears come true. But Candy makes sure she will not be separated from Annie: when Mr. Brighton introduces Candy to his wife during his next visit, Candy pretends she wets her bed every night. Miss Pony try to reason with Mrs. Brighton, but she refuses to consider adopting a girl that either wets her bed or tells lies. Meanwhile the quiet and polite Annie has caught Mrs. Brighton's eye, and the Brightons choose to adopt her. Unlike Candy, Annie wants a family over staying with Candy. Feeling betrayed, Candy runs off at night, in the rain, but Annie searches her and apologizes for having been envious of Candy. Still she asks Candy's permission to go and live with the Brightons. Realizing that it would make Annie truly happy, she gives her blessing and will take care of Annie's pet raccoon Klint, since Mrs. Brighton does not like animals. Eventually the day comes that Mrs. Brighton comes to fetch Annie neatly dressed in new clothes - and warned not to pet the dirty raccoon - back to the Brighton estate in the carriage, and the two girls have to wave goodbye at each other.
4 You're cute when you smile!
"Egao no hou ga Kawaii yo!" (笑顔の方がかわいいよ!)
22 October 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Night and day, Candy dreams of being reunited with Annie and harasses the mailman Matthew daily to check his bag for a letter from Annie. A fortnight, after Annie's departure, her letter finally arrives: Annie is happy at the big mansion, with many servants, kindhearted mother and gentle father; she feels as if living a dream and hopes to invite Candy to her new home after she gets permission. The arrival of Candy's letter in reply prompts Mrs. Brighton to tell Annie that, though people know she was adopted, she does not people to ever find out she lived at Pony's Home. And so, Annie writes her last letter to Candy telling her that she must break all contact with Pony's Home. Distraught, Candy runs off into the hills and forest. A young man dressed in a kilt and blowing bagpipes finds her in the forest. The handsome "prince" plays a song for her and makes her smile. He tells her she is prettier when she smiles than when she cries. When the wind takes Annie's last letter, Candy runs after it, but when she returns the blond prince has vanished. The pendant with a small bell that he dropped by accident is the sole evidence she has that he exists. Back at at Pony's Home, she is as flabbergasted by the car parked there: the hood carries the same sign as the prince's pendant. A representative of the Leagan family from Lakewood has come to inform Miss Pony that the Leagans are interested in adopting Candy as a playmate for their daughter. Lakewood is close to Jasper, where Annie lives, and when Candy learns that the Leagans have a seventeen year old son, she agrees to the adoption.
5 From today, I'll be a princess?
"Kyō kara Ojōsama?" (今日からお嬢さま?)
29 October 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Per her request, Candy and her raccoon Klint depart to her self-chosen destiny Lakewood without the other orphans knowing, leaving some last parting counsel when she kissed them each goodbye in their sleep. Miss Pony gifts Candy her crucifix and Sister Mary gifts a new nightgown she sowed herself. Candy hitches a ride with Tom and his father Mr. Steve on their wagon. But when Tom's father learns the Leagans will adopt Candy he expresses his doubts and tells her to be strong and never cry. Tom gives her his lasso, so she has something to defend herself if people treat her badly. From the very moment of her arrival, Candy ends up being the victim of the nasty pranks by the Leagan children, Neil and Eliza, and she attempts to defends herself physically and fight them. Soon, she learns from Mrs. Leagan that, though she is adopted, she is to see herself as Miss Eliza's playmate rather than a sister, let alone a daughter of the Leagans. The second incident at the Leagan residence involves the servant girl Dorothy whom Candy tries to defend. Because Dorothy is afraid of the repercussions if she backs up Candy's version, Candy is forced to beg for forgiveness on her knees. While the children are cruel, and Mrs. Leagan prejudiced, Mr. Leagan is more neutral and convinced that Candy is exactly the type of friend his children need. However, he is often absent and lets his wife deal with the children. While expecting to see her prince at the house, Candy is confused that he is nowhere to be seen. But then Candy discovers a portrait of her prince in his kilt in the attic where she sleeps. When Candy asks Dorothy about him, the servant girl does not know who he is, but she can tell that he spends his holidays at the Leagan estate. So, now, Candy writes a letter to Pony's Home to assure them she is happy.
6 The person I met at the rose gates
"Bara no Mon de Atta Hito" (バラの門で逢った人)
5 November 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Down in the kitchen where Candy immediately feels at home, the servants praise Candy for her efforts to stand up against Eliza and Neil. Despite the servants' protests, she volunteers to help out with chores. When the cat Sylvia messes up Candy's cleaning of the hallway, Klint gets into a fight with her. He manages to corner the cat, but not without creating a mess. Mrs. Leagan reminds Candy that she is to be Eliza's playmate and banishes Klint. Candy attempts to leave him in the forest and binds him to a tree to keep him from following her, but cannot find it in her heart to leave him. Instead, Candy hides Klint in the barn. But she throws all caution in the wind after receiving a letter from Pony's Home and runs to the barn to share the letter. Dressed to ride, Neil and Eliza witness Klint following Candy out of the stables. They pester her to the brink of tears, first by taking away her letters, then her prince's pendant after she dropped as she reached for the letter. They blackmail her into choosing between the pendant or Klint. Candy is able to retrieve the pendant from Neil before running off, her course set for Pony's Home . . . if not for seeing her prince in a red coat appearing at some grand rose gates. Like on the hilltop, he disappears seemingly into thin air once she's laughing and smiling again, paying her the same compliment as before. When Candy takes a closer look at the gates, she notices the same crest as her pendant: that of the Ardley family. Neil and Eliza's expect "cry-baby" Candy is already on her way to Pony's Home, when Candy skips happily singing back into the Leagan home, pitying Neil and Eliza for their ill feelings.
7 Am I elegant?
"Ojohin ni Mieru Kashira?" (お上品に見えるかしら?)
12 November 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy shares a self-baked loaf of bread with Klint in the stables. Meanwhile Eliza and Neil lead their mother there in the hope that she discovers Klint, but the raccoon can hide successfully into a haystack. Because Mrs. Leagan thinks Candy stole the bread, she confines Candy to the attic. Remembering Mrs. Leagan telling her she still has a lot to learn before being accepted as a true Leagan, she resolves to become elegant. Then she will be worthy to befriend her prince. When Mrs. Leagan and her children return from their outing, Mr. Leagan notices Candy is not amongst them. After an argument with Mrs. Leagan, Mr. Leagan preoccupies himself with Candy and asks her about the bread. Candy takes him to the stables to introduce him to Klint and procures his consent for Klint to live in the stables and garden. While Mr. Leagan is away on business, Candy exercises night and day with a book on her head to walk as elegant as Mrs. Leagan. She makes such headway that even Mrs. Leagan is compelled to take notice and yet puts Candy's efforts down: mimicking elegance like a monkey does not make her elegant. Meanwhile, Eliza points out that Candy constantly seeks out the company of the servants and refuses to be Eliza's playmate. And so Mrs. Leagan decides to downgrade Candy to a servant. When Candy overhears Eliza telling the news to Neil, Candy wanders, distressed, to the gates of the Ardlay estate that are always closed, in the hope to meet her prince. She decides to explore for another possible entrance and discovers two more, all closed. When she pulls the chain of the third portal, a flood gate, she ends up having to rescue a young man. The charming Archibald Cornwell had been sleeping in a rowboat before being swept off by the current. Even if Archibald is not her prince, it seems that the Ardley estate houses plenty of interesting and friendly people.
8 Invitation of happiness
"Shiawase o Yobu Sh?taij?" (しあわせを呼ぶ招待状)
19 November 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Eliza invites Candy to accompany her into town on a shopping excursion with Neil to buy a new ballroom dress. Eager, Candy joins them, only to discover she is to be the porter. Worse, Neil and Eliza leave her behind in town. On her walk back to the Leagan house, she encounters Archibald's brother, Alistear Cornwell, who offers her a lift in his car to repay her for saving his brother. However, Archi's driving and the car are not in the best shape. After several blowtires, they land with the car in the pond, and Alistear suggests a shortcut through the forest. Hopping from tree to tree, Stear discovers that Candy is even a bigger adept at it than he is. Back home much earlier than Neil and Eliza expected, Candy overhears the servants talking about the old Ardley matron who will take her residence in the Ardley estate near the Leagan home and the ball to welcome her. Briefly, Candy daydreams about attending the party and meeting her hilltop prince, but she realizes that nobody would want to invite a servant. However, both Alistear and Archibald send an official invitation for her to Mr. Leagan. Eliza protests against Candy coming with them, but Mr. Leagan has no intention to ignore two personal invitations and orders Eliza to gift a dress to Candy. Eliza gives one that is much too small to fit, and it rips when Candy tries it on. Dorothy soothes Candy's mind by reminding her that her conduct will be of far greater importance than an expensive dress out of Eliza's closet.
9 The dance where I met Him
"Ano Hito to Aeta But?kai" (あの人と逢えた舞踏会)
26 November 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In kilts, Alistear and Archibald Cornwell greet the informally dressed Candy upon arrival. As Alistear and Archibald kiss her hands and wish to lead her inside, Candy's prince who stands aside comments on the scene. He turns out to be Eliza's favorite, Anthony Brown. When Eliza asks him how he knows Candy, he mentions the encounter at the rose gates, but does not seem to remember the hilltop meeting. As the Ardley matron welcomes everybody with a lengthy speech, Archi leads Candy to join him under the table and eat a cupcake. Candy's giggling draws everybody's attention. Archibald's aunt chastices the Leagans for bringing their maidservant Candy in such informal dress if she is Archibald's and Alistear's special guest. The two Cornwell brothers and Anthony, all informally dressed now, intercede on Candy's behalf and toast on their aunt's health to lighten the mood. While the Cornwell brothers discuss which of the two ballroom dresses they bought for Candy is the perfect one, Eliza fakes a headache. When Candy searches a room with a bed Eliza, they lock her inside a dark room in a hallway that fits the description of Archi's ghost story. Anthony searches in vain for Candy, only to be accosted by Eliza into dancing with her. In Candy's panic over the ghost story, Candy manages to break down the door and Anthony finds her. The brothers gift her their ballroom dress and Anthony gifts her some of his late mother's jewelry. When Candy joins the dancing with all three young bachelors, the other guests talk positively about her. As she dances with Anthony, Candy asks whether he knows Pony Hill, but he tells her no, confirmng that Anthony cannot be the hilltop prince after all.
10 The barn princess
"Umagoya no Oj?sama" (馬小屋のお嬢さま)
3 December 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mrs. Leagan banishes Candy to sleep in the barn from now on, which Candy does not mind: though hard work, the horses and she will appreciate each other; plus she gets to sleep with Klint. When Candy encounters Anthony in their garden on business and helps him carry his heavy load, she faints, weak from her daily hard labor. Anthony notices her dirty and bruised hands, but she tries to keep the truth secret to him. Meanwhile, Stear almost hits little orphan John in a car accident and drops him off at the Leagans. The orphan wants to see Candy's new life with his own two eyes as well as celebrate the end of his bed watering. Dorothy helps to keep up appearances by showing John into Eliza's room as if it is Candy's. Eliza returns home sooner than expected, however, and she is none too keen on interlopers. Surprisingly, Mrs. Leagan wants Candy to continue the charade: Sister Mary came to visit Candy (in search of John). After Klint leads John into the stable and reveals Candy's secret, Candy makes him promise to keep her secret for her. But Sister Mary does not need John to know the truth: Candy's hands reveal all. In a private conversation with Candy the next day, Sister Mary confesses she wanted to take Candy back home with her originally, but after meeting the Cornwell brothers who took John aside, she thinks Candy has all she needs to be truly happy: friends. They say goodbye and part. Candy realizes Anthony must have made the same conclusions once he had seen her hands, and she fears he will avoid her from now on. But Anthony enters the barn, apologizing for not being a gentleman the day before and letting her carry his load when he knows she works so hard already. He presents her a rose, promising that he will give her a more beautiful one on her next birthday.
11 A small ribbon connecting hearts
"Kokoro o Tsunagu Ch?sa na Ribon" (心をつなぐ小さなリボン)
10 December 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
When Mrs. Brighton and Annie come to visit the Leagans, it becomes soon clear that Annie pretends not to know either Candy or Klint. When Candy saves Annie from an awkward scene with Klint seeking her attention, Mrs. Brighton recognizes her and requests a private audience with Candy. She explains that if Annie's origin became public knowledge it could mean social exclusion for Annie, and she begs Candy to keep Annie's secret. The unhappy and timid Annie is not interested in playing with Eliza or Neil. Neil and Eliza press the frightened Annie into horseriding and after Annie mounts Cleopatra with Candy's help, Neil frightens the horse into a panicking gallop with a broken spur he found in the stables. Annie calls for Candy's rescue, and after a long persuit Candy manages to ride alongside, grab the reins and halt Cleopatra. Finally alone, Annie admits to Candy that she is unhappy and cannot forget everything and everyone that ever made her happy, though she tries to forget because it hurts. But Neil and Eliza made Mrs. Brighton and their mother believe Candy caused the incident. Candy attacks Neil over his lies and exhorts a promise from him to never hurt Annie again. Yet Eliza perverts the situation in such a way that either Annie or Candy will have to confess the truth. Mrs. Brighton stops Annie in time from speaking up and suggests they all should forget the nasty incident. An apology from Candy will suffice. To prevent being thrown out of the house and never see Anthony again, Candy apologizes with a curtsy. After Annie leaves with her mother, the old gardener finds Candy crying in her barn. He apologizes for his failure to intercede, but he feared the loss of his job if he had spoken up and reveal the true culprit. Candy explains she mourns the loss of her best friend, not Neil's lies. The gardener assures her that Annie is still her friend, and the ribbon Annie tied around the post outside Candy's barn is proof of it.
12 A rose-scented birthday
"Bara no Kaoru Tanj?bi" (バラの薫る誕生日)
17 December 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy wakes to Annie's scented ribbon tied to her bedpost and a surprise bouquet of pink roses. She assumes they are a present from Anthony. But in the rose garden Anthony and the two Cornwell brothers disuss the robbery and savage cutting of Anthony's rose bushes. Intent on stirring trouble, Eliza reveals to them that Candy has a vase full of beautiful pink roses in her barn. Anthony cannot believe Candy stole his roses, but Stear suspects the temptation may have been too great. Full of good intentions, Alistear suggests Candy to apologize to Anthony. Suspecting foul play, Candy confronts Neil at his late breakfast and discovers thorn scratches on Neil's hand. Even Mrs. Leagan is hard-pressed to deny Neil's culpability, until Neil explains them as the result of playing with Sylvia, the family cat. And when Neil notices Annie's ribbon he accuses Candy of having stolen that too. Candy appeals for Anthony's audience, but Stear delivers the mortifying message that Anthony does not want to see her. Devestated now that everybody believes the worst of her, Candy wants to return to Pony's Home with Archi's rowboat and dozes off. Meanwhile, Archi himself found a witness who saw Neil leave the Leagan estate the night before, and the three young men trick Neil into confessing. They start a search party for the now missing Candy and discover the boat is missing, while Candy wakes to the awful realization the river changed into rapid water leading to a huge waterfall. Helplessly she goes over, but luckily the vagabond Albert saves her from drowning and directs her to write him a note in a bottle if she should ever require his assistance in the future before disappearing. Fearing the worst, the three Ardley boys gallop for the waterfall. When she acts happy-go-lucky about her perilous adventure, Anthony slaps her for needlessly endangering herself: does she not realize how much she made them worry? She points out they all shunned her for being a thief. Anthony explains he never believed her to be the rose-thief: he did not want to let her in, because he did not want her to see his birthday gift yet, a new rose called 'Sweet Candy'.
13 The lonesome three
"Hitoribotchi ga Sannin" (ひとりぼっちが三人)
24 December 1976 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Driven by jealousy, Eliza wants to rid herself of Candy once and for all. During Neil's attempt to poison the horses, however, a shadow rushes into the barn and punches Neil, before running out again just as Candy arrives. While Candy guards over the unconscious Neil, Eliza races for help, but blames Candy for Neil's black eye at the first opportunity. Candy reasons with Neil he would be a patsy if a little child like her can knock him out. Torn between his pride, Eliza's wishes and his mother's insistence, he elects to blame Candy. But Candy realizes the shadow must have been Albert, and if she asks he will come forward. She writes him a letter, puts it into a bottle, throws it in the river and follows it from the bank, reasoning it will lead her to Albert. But she loses her way in the dark. Luckily, Albert finds her in the morning and takes her to his home, a large but ruined estate of the Ardley family, which he shares with several forest animals. Candy wants to live with Albert, but he prefers to live by himself. It would be better for her to return to the Leagans: some practical lessons in life need to be learned. When several gunmen arrive at the old house, Albert makes a hasty retreat and leaves Candy to deal with them by herself. They take her with them to the Ardley home, until Anthony meets them and takes over. At the Ardley estate, Anthony, Archi and Stear try to convince their great-aunt to adopt Candy, under the ruse that only she is able to teach "naughty" Candy to behave. Eliza spoils the happy conclusion by declaring Candy has led a vagabond life. Disgusted with Eliza and his great-aunt, Anthony feels as "alone" as Candy and like Candy he starts to see the benefit in leading the life of a vagabond. For that day, they gallop off on his horse together.
14 Springtime Wind on the Big Tree
"Harukaze Ippai ?ki na Ki" (春風いっぱい大きな木)
7 January 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mr. Leagan returns home from a long absence to find Candy downgraded to a servant. After listening to his wife and children's accusations, Mr. Leagan has Candy appear in his office. She fears the worst, but Mr. Leagan thinks she deserves a holiday at Pony's Home. Her return to Pony's Home is a pleasant surprise, but when Candy wants to climb the big tree on the hill a rope barrier and a sign keep her off. Their neighbour, Mr. Cartwright, sold the tree to the excentric Mr. Flannigan from Washington. He wants the tree all to himself, because he believes the comfortable tree with great view would surrender the best business ideas. Candy leads the orphans into an insurgency where they all climb the tree and the farm animals charge against the workers preparing the cutting and transportation of Father Tree. Old Mr. Flannigan surprises Candy with his excellent climbing skills. At a stalemate in the treetop, the two negotiate their options. Candy arguments the outlook from the tree is the most beautiful from the Pony hilltop and that it might die on the moving trip. Agreeing with those points, Mr. Flannigan is willing to let the tree remain, if he can move his home: Candy has to choose between either Pony's Home or Pony's Tree remaining. Pondering the matter at the base of the tree, she gets the idea to make it appear as if the tree is dying by painting all the leaves yellow. The ruse almost works, but for the rain that washes all the paint off. Furious at Candy's deception, he orders his workers into action... were it not for a single orphan high up in the tree crying out to save her "father". Only then does he realize that the tree is like a parent to the orphans and Mr. Flannigan renounces his claim.
15 The decision which took away my happiness
"Shiawase o Ubau Kettei" (しあわせを奪う決定)
14 January 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Upon her voluntary return to her servitude with the Leagans, Candy learns that Dorothy will be sent off to Mexico as an extra hand for the Ardley property. Though Dorothy does not want to go, she has many younger siblings that need to eat. And Mr. Leagan who could otherwise help is not home and will be away for some time longer. While Candy visits Dorothy to give her crucifix as a parting gift, Eliza and Neil chase Cleopatra and Cesar out of the barn. Anthony helps Candy in retrieving Cleopatra and compliments her on her lasso throwing skills. As it turns out, Anthony likes Candy's wild streak. Later, it becomes clear the Leagan children chased off the horses to distract Candy long enough for them to hide jewelry and clothing in the barn and frame her for thievery. As a result, Mrs. Leagan decides Candy will be sent to Mexico in Dorothy's place. Dorothy returns the crucifix to Candy, urging her she needs it to create her own happiness. Candy says she chooses to stay here and will refuse to go to Mexico, but Dorothy reminds her that her honor demands that she indeed goes to Mexico. Torn between remaining and continue to see Anthony, or maintain her honor by going to Mexico, Candy entreats for Albert's advice. Albert gets her message, but is chased off by one of Ardley's overseers and unable to help her. Not having received any news from Albert, Candy returns to the dilapidated and deserted mansion and realizes Albert moved on to new horizons. She is sure she lost a friend, just as she will lose Anthony, Archi and Alistear when she goes to Mexico.
16 Departure to an unknown country
"Shiranai Kuni e no Tabidachi" (知らない国への旅立ち)
21 January 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The day before leaving for Mexico, Candy rushes off to Athony's rose garden to say her farewell, but instead witnesses how Anthony shows his newest roses, Sweet Candy, to Alistear and Archi. The boys tease Anthony for liking Candy so much, when their great-aunt halts their antics and orders them never to play with the "thief" Candy. Livid, Anthony denounces his great-aunt, but after the Cornwell brothers calm him down, Anthony is intent on proving Candy's innocense. It does Candy's heart much good that all three believe in her, but she does not want Anthony to lose his family over her. She will go to Mexico and write him each day. As she runs out of the rose garden, the boys become aware she witnessed everything and run after her in vain. After overhearing the servants talking about the Mexican circumstances, Candy loses her courage with the passing hours. The farewell party thrown by all the servants is a welcome diversion. Before long, however, the servants are weeping, while Candy perseveres and cheers them up. Anthony leaves her a branch of Sweet Candy roses in a pot, along with a note promising he will do everything he can to stop her removal from Lakewood. Suspecting Neil, the three young men make him confess under duress, and Neil promises to clear Candy's name before their great-aunt the next day, before Candy is meant to leave for Mexico. But the Mexican, Mr. Garcia, arrives hours earlier than expected and instantly leaves with Candy. Anthony and the two Cornwell brothers come too late. A last minute rescue now out of reach, Anthony leads Alistear and Archi in a bagpipe chorus to salute Candy on her way to Mexico and swears to himself he will come join her in Mexico. In his heart and across the distance he asks Candy to wait for him.
17 On the distant, dry wastelands
"Haruka Kawaita Kouya de" (はるか渇いた荒野で)
28 January 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As they trek through the canyons, Mr. Garcia turns out to be a cold-hearted man and a brute. He has no qualms in hitting Candy and is unwilling to spare any water for Klint or Candy's rose. If Candy wants to keep the roses and raccoon, she will have to share her own ration of water with them. But water is sparse, as the drought-wasted cornfield of the destitute Walters shows. The Walters are to work the same fields in Mexico alongside Candy because of a debt they could not repay to Mr. Garcia. A rainshower is an invitation to halt the tilt cart, gather the fresh downpour as well as shower in it. If only it had rained earlier for the Walters. The pastures they pass become greener and Candy admires the cowboys driving cattle. When Candy returns the wayward calf she captured to the cowboys, Mr. Walter intervenes as Mr. Garcia beats Candy for it. If they had kept the calf, they could have been hanged as cattle thiefs. When Mrs. Walter's baby Jimmy does not stop crying, Candy searches the cowboy camp and asks them for milk to placate the baby's hunger. Jimmy develops a dangerous fever, however, and yet Mr. Garcia refuses to turn back to the nearest town. While Mr. Garcia inspects the bridals, Candy races off with his tilt cart to the town. The doctor can save the baby, but declares Jimmy will die if they continue their journey into Mexico. To prevent the Walters from being split up, Candy sells her Sweet Candy. She uses the proceeds to emancipate the family from their debt and puts them on the train. She herself returns with the tilt cart to the inebriated Mr. Garcia in the desert. When he asks her why she did not escape, Candy explains she had the impression he needs her help too.
18 Fate-guiding cross
"Unmei o Michibiku J?jika" (運命をみちびく十字架)
4 February 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy saves Mr. Garcia from a snakebite and Klint kills the dangerous rattlesnake. Nevertheless, Mr. Garcia rips her letters to Anthony she is about to post in a Texan town where he wants to pick up some laborers. The local sheriff cautions them against kidnappers that sell children to childless Europeans. Mr. Garcia immediately goes on his way, not even caring about laborers anymore: Candy might render him a lot of money if he sells her to the child traffickers, certainly her cooking skills will be valuable. Not knowing Mr. Garcia's plan, Candy teaches him how to say grace over the dinner she prepared for him and gives him her crucifix. While they sleep, bandits enter their nightcamp. Not finding anything of value, they intend to kill Mr. Garcia, but the coward exchanges his life for the knowledge they could sell Candy to child traffickers and runs off. The farther he runs, the more Mr. Garcia's conscience plays up. He returns for a daring rescue. Not wanting to leave his tilt cart behind, he cuts the saddlestraps of the bandits' horses, before racing off to a nearby forest. The grateful and happy Candy thanks Mr. Garcia for preparing her for the harsh circumstances in life. Feeling he is undeserving, Mr. Garcia returns her the crucifix. Still pursued by the bandits, Mr. Garcia uses a rope to trip the bandits and thereby saves all, for the first time in his life having done something for someone else. But a motorist, who has been following Mr. Garcia and Candy, arrives out of nowhere, seizes Candy and Klint and rushes off at a fast pace into the sunset.
19 At the end of the difficult journey
"Kurushimi no tabi no hate ni" (苦しみの旅の果てに)
11 February 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sam transports Candy to a hotel where he meets his boss Mr. George who is from London. Several times Candy tries to escape, each time unsuccessfully. And even if Sam openly drags her - kicking and crying - back into the hotel, people laugh at her pleas for help. Another strange fact is that Candy is treated well: washed, richly dressed and fed. By the time she arrives at her destination she will have grown into a little lady, Sam says. Admittedly, Mr. George looked like a kind person to Candy, but then again, Mr. Garcia looked mean and yet turned out to be a good man. First appearances may deceive, and they clearly deceive the servants and hotel guests. Eventually, Sam locks her up in the cellar to prevent any more escape attempts. Meanwhile Mr. Garcia arrived at the Ardley estate, interrupting a dance to Eliza's chagrine, and brings the sad news of Candy's abduction. Realizing they cannot afford Pony's Home learning of this, the great-aunt wants Candy saved at all cost. Anthony and the Cornwell brothers set off in Alistear's car, while Candy is being transported eastward to New Orleans. During a sightseeing tour, Sam mentions the Missisipi as a river where people can take a boat towards the Atlantic and Europe. Fearing the worst, Candy escapes once more, this time succesfully hiding in a cartload of hay. Meanwhile, Anthony, Archi and Stear meet Sam who describes Candy to them in his search for her. Candy boards a freight train when she sees Sam's car, unaware that her three friends commandeered it. But the train stops and when Candy is discovered, she runs into a forest. She collapses from exhaustion to wake the next day to the scent of roses - the Ardley rose gates - and into Anthony's arms. Right then Mr. George arrives in Mr. William's car with a letter from Mr. William Ardley who declares Candy as his foster daughter per the request of the three young men who wrote him to adopt her.
20 Happy like in a dream
"Yume no you ni shiawase na watashi" (夢のように幸せ)
18 February 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ecstatic that she has a family at long last, Candy wakes in seventh heaven of her grand room with a view of the rose garden that Anthony cultivated and a closet full of dresses given by great-aunt Elroy. Perhaps the severe looking woman may not be as bad as she feared. Neil and Eliza still try to persist in their lies and accusations, not even realizing they embarrass great-aunt. Anthony and the Cornwell brothers remind Neil that Candy lives with the Ardleys now as a member of the family, and corner Neil into confessing the truth after all. But the matron leaves to prepare Candy's ball before hearing it. Next, they make Neil beg on his knees for forgiveness, but Candy stops them: without their deception, she would not have been sent to Mexico and Grandfather William would not have adopted her to save her. In the rose garden, Anthony asks Candy about the hilltop prince after she accidentally drops his pendant that confirms the prince must be an Ardley. Anthony envies that another stole Candy's heart first. He also believes Candy only likes him because he looks like her prince. Candy boldly declares she does not care who the prince is, and that she likes Anthony for being Anthony. Later, when the three young men fetch Candy in order to accompany her to the festive dinner table, they are stupified by her beautiful appearance in the green dress that matches her eyes. Stear teases Anthony for having his mouth open, while Anthony thinks that Candy reminds him of his dead mother. When Candy deftly repels Eliza and Neil's antics to make her appear without manners, she becomes so ladylike in Anthony's eyes that he starts to daydream about marriage. Meanwhile, Candy hopes to free her friend Dorothy from servitude and introduce her to great-aunt, but Dorothy explains she volunteered to serve Candy at the Ardley estate because it makes her happy; that happiness is something that each person has to build for oneself.
21 A pigeon that carried friendship
"Yuujou o tsutaeru hato" (友情を伝える鳩)
25 February 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy starts to find many of the aristocratic way of living silly and annoying: being dressed, butlers delivering messages, learning all the Ardley names, dates of birth and death by heart. Stear and Archi disrupt Candy's studying with a harmless prank before taking her out for the day. Eliza, meanwhile, lured Anthony on a horseriding trip to show him a new rose she wants him to see. When her claim turns out to be a lie, Anthony is about to turn back home, but Eliza gallops off in a hissyfit. Feeling obliged to pursue Eliza for her safety, both horseriders nearly collide with Tom's cart. Tom blames Athony for the incident and wants to know how they will repay him for the spilt milk. Anthony gives his name, before leaving with Eliza to have her taken care off. Seeing the opportunity, Eliza pleads with Anthony to remain at her bedside until late at night. Upset at being snubbed by Anthony's no-show, Tom seeks out Anthony at the Leagan estate only to end up thrown out. Next, he tries his luck at the Ardleys, accusing Anthony of being a coward and womanizer. When Candy defends Anthony, Tom takes it as a personal insult and thinks her a snob. Fretting over it, Candy cannot find sleep until Anthony arrives back home. Early the next morning, Anthony meets Tom in the forest to own up for his mistakes. They hold a fist fight that ends at stalemate when both are exchausted and agree to be friends. To make amends, Anthony and Candy escort Tom when he delivers the milk, and this inspires the townspeople to gossip. Great-aunt Elroy is so incensed about it that she confines Candy to the house and sends Anthony to live in the dilapidated mountain mansion. Anthony spends his time with Tom, working at the house and training a pigeon to carry a message to the forlorn Candy. In the message he assuring her that he loves his new living situation and freedom.
22 Don't give up, Anthony!
"Akirame naide, Ansonī!" (あきらめないで、アンソニー!)
4 March 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The messaging via pigeon continues, although it is not always easy to avoid great-aunt Elroy's detection during her garden walks. One such day, after being ordered to close the window, Candy sees the pigeon fly away with regret. Instead of flying back to Anthony though, it circles around great-aunt's head and shows its messy disapproval of her, before landing on Alistear's car where the two brother retrieve the message for Candy. Upon delivery, they learn Anthony plans to participate in a rodeo in Tom's village. Stear suggests his latest invention might carry Candy's reply back. The small-scale hot air balloon loaded with roses and letter flies perfectly, but once airborne, it depends on the wind for its direction. After the wind changes direction, the balloon crashes on Eliza's balcony and catches fire. Having learned Anthony's plans, great-aunt Elroy charges Candy with the mission to visit and dissuade Anthony. If she fails she will be held responsible if Anthony gets injured during the rodeo. After Tom puts the risk of injury in perspective, Candy mostly fears that Anthony will never really be able to embrace life under great-aunt's wing. As they discuss the several rodeo contests, including lasso-throwing contest, Candy has the idea to recruit Archi and Stear into joining along with the argument that if they all join the rodeo then great-aunt cannot be angry with Anthony alone. But Great-aunt Elroy sabotages the plans after talking with the organizer who denies them entry into the competitions. But when, per Candy's suggestion - Tom spreads the rumor in town that the Ardleys are cowards and the rodeo becomes a matter of family honor, great-aunt Elroy relents and even cheers on Anthony from her carriage as he attempts to remain in the saddle while bronco-busting and beats Tom.
23 The first date
"Saisho no hi" (最初の日)
11 March 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Alistear's experiment with foreworks ends in a thunderous explosion that scares Anthony's prize calf into wandering into the house in the middle of the night. Great-aunt Elroy orders the calf to be removed from the premises, and since the manservant has no clue how, Candy volunteers to take it to Tom. Alas, Candy cannot find him and Anthony suggests to take the calf into town and look for a new owner there. The sole candidate volunteering is the butcher. At the fair they finally meet Steve, Tom's father, who adopts the calf gladly as long as he gets to buy it. Neither Candy or Anthony ever possessed or used any money before, when their guardians always bought what they needed. The two decide to spend the money on a service. First, they take a horsemill ride at the fair, but since they are the first customers, they get a free ride. When a manservant comes looking for them in town, the twelve-year old Candy and fourteen-year old Anthony hide in a diner and decide to eat hot dogs there. Anthony looks for chairs and cutlery, but Candy explains that in places like this people eat with their hands while standing. Anthony takes his first bite and instantly proclaims it the best food he tasted so far. The owner recognizes Anthony as the winner of the rodeo and gives the hot dogs for free. Still looking for a way to spend the money on a service, they decide to visit a fortune teller. The cards show that Candy will have a happy future full of love, but Anthony's cards end with the death card. While it upsets Candy, Anthony assures her he is no child anymore and he is not afraid whether he comes to harm or not. They end their memorable day at dusk by climbing the church's bell tower and enjoy the view. They have only two coins left of their money, which they keep for memory's sake.
24 My Anthony
"Watashi no Ansonī" (私のアンソニー)
18 March 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Great-aunt Elroy sermons Anthony and Candy for exposing themselves and the family to the town's gossip, until Anthony feigns a headache to escape the litany. In his room, Anthony reveals more about his mother's death and she taught him that the dead live eternally in the memory of loved ones. Later that night, Candy wakes from a nightmare and discovers the roses in the garden are losing their petals, just like before Anthony's mother died. Frightened for Anthony's safety, Candy recites a prayer. Dorothy tells her it will only work if she also sacrifices something for it. Since she loves eating pies the most, Candy decides she will refrain from eating cake that day. But this promise may be hard to keep: great-aunt baked a pie to make her peace with Candy. When Candy does not eat her pie, she not only insults but truly grieves the matron. Anthony explains great-aunt's reasons and that, even if severe and conservative, she is not an evil hearted woman. Meanwhile, Dorothy confesses her part to great-aunt Elroy. Realizing her own folly after Anthony laughs at her superstition, Candy eats the whole pie with great taste. The family holds their annual fox hunt, and Candy gets the honor to welcome the hunters. She improvizes a speech, admitting she knows little and asks her guests to teach her how to behave, but being nervous she also ends up saying she wants to get engaged to Anthony. Once the hunt starts, Anthony and Candy break away and ride to a hilltop precious to Anthony. Candy compares it favorably to her Pony Hill that Anthony would like to visit someday. Anthony talks more about his mother who loved the horses as much as Candy. Finally, Anthony asks Candy who her hilltop prince is, and she tells Anthony he is her prince, irregardless of the other. Anthony has something to tell her, but wants to wait until they visit Pony's Hill. As they continue their ride, Anthony suddenly understands the mystery of the "hilltop prince": when he was a toddler, another boy who looked like him was often together with his mother. It all makes sense to him and he would have told Candy ... if not for the bear trap. Anthony gets thrown off his horse to never wake up.
25 Transcending the sadness for the sake of tomorrow
"Ashita no tame ni kanashimi o koete" (明日のために悲しみを超えて)
25 March 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While the Andrew family buries Anthony, Candy suffers a severe fever and nightmares. Archi and Stear reflect how both Anthony's rose garden and their family have shut down and withdrawn from the world. Neither Candy, nor great-aunt Elroy leave their rooms, let alone the house. In an attempt to brighten Candy's mood, Stear invents a robot squirrel which calls forth memories of Anthony, but eventually the borthers manage to make Candy smile, until Dorothy alarms them. As Candy and the brothers spy through the keyhole they think they see Anthony's ghost. But when they burst into the room, it turns out to be Neil in Anthony's clothing. Great-aunt Elroy gave him the permission to take anything he likes out of Anthony's room. Candy tries to reason with great-aunt without much success, and is horrified when Eliza and the Leagan gardener Mr. Whittman are uprooting Anthony's roses. Candy's passionate argument that Anthony's spirit will return when the roses bloom again makes the servants pause to reflect on their actions. If Eliza wants Anthony's roses, then she can do it herself, just as Anthony grew them with his own two hands. Eliza swears she will have them all fired, but the great-aunt watches the scene from her window without intervening. As Candy wanders through the forest, searching for a way to live with her many memories of Anthony and her sorrow, Annie came to visit per her father's suggestion and meets her. Annie encourages Candy to not only dwell upon memories that sadden her, but to recall Pony's Home. As Annie and Candy return to the house, Annie discovers the sole rose in bloom in the garden, a Sweet Candy. This prompts Candy to try to keep her promise to Anthony as best as she can: she transplants the Sweet Candy on Pony's Hill and visits Pony's Home for a holiday of the sorrowful heart.
26 Father-tree knows
"Chichi no ki o shitte iru" (父の木を知っている)
8 April 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
At Pony's Home Candy wallows in her sorrow over Anthony's death. The smallest thing can remind her of Anthony instantly. The new, bossy orphan Jimmy is fed up with Candy weeping her days away. John always praises her, but he has not seen anything worth praising. Jimmy starts to taunt her and call her cry-baby. Mr. Brown, Anthony's widowed father, visited the family to mourn his son and asks Archi and Stear to gather Anthony's things and give them to Candy. He also expresses the desire to meet her someday. Jimmy's attempts at inciting Candy into action does not have its fully intended success. Whenever Candy starts to chase him, her mind is easily triggered into mourning Anthony. But when she notices Miss Pony and Sister Mary raising money to buy Christmas gifts, Candy realizes she has neglected the orphans around her. Supportive of her, Miss Pony directs her to find her way back to life. When she finds Jimmy missing from his bed, Candy searches him and finds him outside, at the base of Father Tree crying and calling for his mother he lost so recent. The tough boy feels as alone and sad as Candy does. Jimmy challenges Candy to a race and tree-climbing contest to figure out who is the true orphan boss. Candy defeats him along with her anguish over Anthony's death.
27 A present of angels
"Tenshi no purezento" (天使のプレゼント)
15 April 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Christmas day draws near, the Christmass tree is delivered along with the revelation it might be their final Christmas. Candy sets the kids at work to decorate the tree, only to steal off herself and listen into the adult conversation to find out what is wrong: the owner of the land of Pony's Home, Mr. Cartwright, wants to expand his cattle range and wishes to evict everyone from Pony's Home. Candy takes seven-year old Jimmy with her to talk with Mr. Cartwright in person. Before they can enter the rich cattle owner's home, an intimidating cowpoke attempts to frighten them away. They manage to escape his groping hands as well as distract the cowboys, by driving the horses out of the stables on a stampede. Candy investigates the premises and notices a gardener who is making sure the trees will keep warm through the snowy winter. She asks him where she can find Mr. Cartwright. When he asks her why she wants to talk to him, she launches a defaming tirade about his greed and heartlessness, not knowing the gardener is Mr. Cartright. When the intimidating cowpoke appears on the scene, chasing Jimmy after he broke several windows by throwing snowballs, Candy and Jimmy run to return to Pony's Home and find out the gardener's true identity. Candy fears the worst for Pony's Home. In a last attempt to soften Mr. Cartwright, Candy leads the orphans dressed like angels to his home. Each "angel" gifts the rough men a kiss for Christmass. Not even the roughest of the cowboys is able to resist such a confrontation with innocense.
28 Scar on the healed soul
"Sukā chiyu tamashī" (スカー治癒魂)
29 April 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Miss Pony and Sister Mary wonder about the Ardley's silence and what will become of Candy. Matthew the mailman suggests that Candy need not ever return to Lakewood when he delivers an invitation from Tom. It is time for Candy to choose what to do with her life next. Mr. Cartwright wants to adopt Candy. Becoming a cowgirl might fit her better than becoming an Ardley lady. Still, Candy feels it would betray the Ardleys even if she were never to return. With a cart from Mr. Cartwright Candy rides the orphans to Tom's ranch. There she sees Stear and Archi again after months of separation. The meeting opens a whole new venue of emotions, shared memories as well as love and sorrow. When Tom puts on a rodeo for entertainment, he inadvertently reminds Candy of Anthony's performance, as well as the accident. The barely healed wound is ripped open all over again and Candy flees, crying her heart out. Strangely enough, Albert appears and tells her that she has cried enough. It is time to choose her path in life. Candy rejoins the party and rodeo dance, while Stear and Archi inform her they are going to London to be educated. On the drive back, Candy ponders her options and realizes the orphans look up to her. She decides her path is Pony's Home and taking care of the orphans.
29 Setting out on a voyage towards hope
"Kibō ni mukatte kōkai ni shuppatsu no settei" (希望に向かって航海に出発の設定)
6 May 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Jimmy announces and celebrates Candy's decision to become their caretaker and teacher by ringing the bell incessantly. While surprised, Miss Pony and Sister Mary give their consent. Candy takes the kids on a field trip to Mr. Cartwright and come back home with a calf. At Pony's Home, Candy notices the fancy car, thinking it must be Archi and Stear visiting before they leave for London. Instead it is Mr. George who has come to retrieve Candy, not to the estate, but London. Miss Pony and Sister Mary agree it would be the best thing: she must be educated first before being either a caretaker or teacher. Jimmy objects and protects Candy together with the other orphans who do not truly understand the nature of the situation. Upset, Candy runs off with Jimmy in a rainstorm. Wet to the bone, Jimmy develops a high fever and despite her efforts Candy cannot help him. Luckily, the adults catch up, and while George takes the ailing Jimmy in his arms, Sister Mary slaps the panicking Candy. Candy realizes she is a playmate to the other orphans rather than a caretaker and she accepts the trip to London, even if Jimmy swears he hates her for not keeping her promise.
30 Love transcends raging waves
"-Ai wa aranami o koe ta" (愛は荒波を超えた)
13 May 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Klint leads Candy to an injured seagull on the deck that she nurses back to health in her cabin. The Atlantic crossing is Captain Wells' last voyage before retirement, which seems uneventful, until they pick up on an SOS from a capsized fisher boat. The captain orders his ship to the rescue, but Mr. Stafford, one of the richest business men in the world, stands to lose a big contract and threatens to have Captain Wells fired for insubordination. He sends a telegram to the ship's company, but not even his superiors on land can change the captain's course. When they come upon the wreckage, they manage to save all fishermen. Once they set their course back for England, Captain Wells packs his belongings in order to face the music for his heroism. When Candy sees a picture of the captain and his son, she learns his son drowned as a sailor at sea. Candy rushes off to tell her mind to Mr. Stafford, reciting the losses both the captain and she experienced and how his telegram might have cost the lives of several. While Candy releases the sea gull which takes flight to resume its life in the wild, Mr. Stafford - who regrets his actions - arranges a farewell celebration for the captain. A bit tipsy from champagne, Candy heads out onto the deck where the dense fog obscures a mysterious figure watching out into the sea, and for a moment Candy thinks and hopes it is Anthony.
31 A new day in the old capital
"Koto no atarashii hi" (古都の新しい日)
20 May 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy approaches the young man shedding tears at the railing. On closer inspection he does not even remotely resemble Anthony. When he turns, disturbed out of his reverie, he laughs loudly and calls Candy "freckles" teasingly. When George walks onto the scene he explains the retreating young man is the son of the Duke of Grandchester. In Southampton, Stear and Archi welcome Candy to England. On their way to London, the brothers suggest a sightseeing tour into London before going to the Academy, aka the "prison". George wants to make a stop at the zoo first: the strict school does not allow pets and Klint needs a new home. But when the reckless son of the Duke chases the carriage and its horses off the road, honking his horn, Klint makes a break for it. Just as she finds him hiding in the tree and promises they will never be separated, a hunter takes a shot at Klint. George checks the stricken Klint who is only pretending to be dead to fool his predator. This gives Stear the idea that Klint could pretend to be a fur collar around Candy's neck. They test Stear's idea with success during George's guided tour of London. Though George remids them they need to go to Saint-Paul's acadamy, Candy proposes over tea to visit Grandfather William, whom neither has ever seen, at the Savoy Hotel. They burst into his hotel room, only to find the insolent Terry Grandchester who gives "Freckles" a letter by Grandfather William who has already left on his voyage back for the US. Her guardian advizes her to study hard, to grow into a lady, and he promises that someday they will meet. Finally, they arrive at Saint Paul's Academy, where Candy learns the principal has been waiting for her arrival for three hours already. This does not bode well ...
32 Another Pony Hill
"Ponīhiru keimusho de" (ポニーヒル刑務所で)
27 May 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
At the principal's office, Candy is introduced to Sister Gray who chastices Candy for her tardiness. While Klint playing for dead-collar worked in the London centre, the ruse comes to nothing when the assisting Sister Margaret wants Candy to surrender her collar. Klint runs off into the woods in a panic, causing quite a stir at the boy's dormitories. After Sister Maragaret shows Candy to her room, she meets her helpful neighbour, Patricia O'Brien, who seems to know all encyclopedias by heart and takes Candy on a school tour such as the library and the recreational hall. The children talk so softly it reminds Candy of a funeral. To make matters worse, her old enemy Eliza loudly introduces Candy as the "Barn Princess", her former maidservant who was abandoned by her parents, and Anthony's murderess. Even Patty avoids Candy after this. Friendless and Klintless Candy returns to her room for the night. On purpose, Patty misinforms Candy about the required attire for the next morning. Archi and Stear soften the blow by complimenting on her appearance in white, but urge her to change into black. Not escaping Sister Gray's notice though, she has to suffer through the morning prayer in her distinct dress. Then the rebellious Terry Grandchester disturbs the morning prayer by his late arrival and insults, making himself the talk of the school. Candy's thoughts are split between understanding Terry and pitying Sister Gray who surely will run mad if Terry continues in this manner. When classes start, Candy is misdirected by a "kind" note and she loses her way on the large grounds. But then Klint appears and shows her his new home in a giant tree on a hill, similar to Pony's Hill and the Father Tree.
33 A wrinkled transferee!
"Shiwa no yo~tsu ta tenkin!" (しわの寄った転勤!)
3 June 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Rebel Terry breaks into the girls' dorm, waving off Sister Margaret's warnings and assuring his father will pay for the broken window. Meanwhile Patty rejects Candy's attempts to become friends. When Candy returns to her room, she encounters Patricia's grandmother Marsha in her room who picked the wrong room. Terry helped the old woman steal into Candy's room by creating the diversion. Candy shows Marsha to Patty's room. Patty's grandmother who has been hmoeschooled wants to stay a few days to see for herself how a boarding school compares to it. Patty is much too afraid to hide her, so, Candy decides to house Marsha, repaying Candy by playing the violin and aid Candy with her math homework. The sounds of the violin in Candy's room make Eliza challenge Candy into a recital for the girls. Stear comes up with a scheme where Candy could pretend to play the violin, while the true virtuoso hides behind the curtain. But the suspicious Eliza will not be fooled and pulls away the curtain and finds Patricia who pretends to be the "real" violinist. After witnessing a few more pranks from Eliza, Grandmother Marsha fumes over the school allowing for such bullying, but then as Patty and Candy grow to become friends she admits you can also befriend wonderufl people like Candy.
34 The inverted envelope
"Gyaku fūtō" (逆封筒)
10 June 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
When Candy receives a letter from Pony's Home, Eliza and her two friends steal the envelope and mock Pony's Home finances because Miss Pony write their letters on the inside of the envelope to save paper. When Sister Margaret and Patty enter the scene, Patty retrieves the envelope and Eliza hopes to defame Candy for her violent reaction. But Sister Margaret reminds Eliza that a lady would never read another one's mail. With Candy gaining supporters, Eliza involves Neil for harsher measures. The next morning, Neil leads her by force into the forest where two of his friends wait to molest her. Terry intervenes, sending the cowards running after a few whip lashes and punches, but Terry rejects Candy's gratitude. Spellbound, Candy stares at him. The cocky Terry teases her with her puppy love reaction and calls her "little Freckles" just like on the ship. He teases her long enough, until he upsets Candy into disliking him for it. And yet, while she attempts to write to Miss Pony, images of Terry wander around in her mind to Candy's displeasure. Patty passes Candy a note from Archi with morse code on it. From the other side of the park, Archi uses a torch to invite Candy over to his room for chocolate, Klint and Stear's latest invention. Archi dislikes Terry too, after he punched Archi for a minor mistake. Meanwhile Stear teases Archi over writing Annie Brighton once a week. Candy's excitement about Annie's prospective enrollment in the Academy is tempered by the fact that Annie does not want her origin known. The night patrol forces Candy to take cover with Klint and return to her room where Patty is waiting to reveal her admiration for Candy's true heart that can understand the heart of others. But when Candy lies in her bed, she thinks she is incapable of understanding Terry, who is a brute one moment and gentle the next.
35 A wonderful Sunday
"Subarashii nichiyōbi" (素晴らしい日曜日)
17 June 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
On the fifth Sunday of a month the pupils are allowed to leave campus for the day as long as they are accompanied by an adult. When Archi, Stear, Eliza and Neil are picked up to visit with their great-aunt, the Cornwell brothers are shocked Candy did not receive an invitation. They become angry when great-aunt Elroy did not even bring a gift for Candy like she did for them, and Archi condems his aunt's decision. Before the room's temperature can reach the point of freezing, Annie and her mother visit the family. Not allowed to leave the premises, Candy decides to relax on the Other Pony's Hill that renders a great view over London with Klint. She detects Terry smoking and he is his usual obnoxious self: inviting her to smoke along, teasing her about her freckles, calling her "Little Freckles" one moment and "Tarzan" the next, to settle on "Freckled Tarzan." Candy fumes at Terry's jokes and claims the hill as her territory. Then Mr. Brighton, Annie's adoptive father, surprises Candy and invites her for a day into town. Candy hopes to visit Annie in the hotel, but when she learns great-aunt Elroy is there too with the rest of the Ardlay family, she finally understands why she was uninvited. Her next wish is to visit a place where she can shout and hurl, and so, Mr. Brighton takes her to the horse races at Epson. When Candy finds out that Pony Flash, one of Tom's horses, rides in the next race, she and Mr. Brighton go check out the horse at the stables where they meet Terry. He gauds Candy into a bet: if Pony Flash finishes as one of the first three he will never call her "Little Freckles" anymore, but if she loses she will have to serve him. Pony Flash photo finishes as fourth horse, a meter difference from third place. Candy admits her loss, but Terry declares that it looked like third place to him from where he sat and leaves. At the end of the day, Candy thanks Mr. Brighton, while he asks her a favor - he wants her to watch over Annie at Saint Paul's Academy.
36 Revived smiles
"Fukkatsu wa egao" (復活は笑顔)
24 June 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Annie Brighton arrives at Saint Paul's Academy and is introduced into Candy's class. To avoid accidental sentimentality, Annie prefers to sit next to Eliza over Candy. Joining Eliza's clique, Annie must suffer Louisa' gossip about Candy. Stear and Archi hold an Ardlay reunion where Candy is formally introduced to Annie. Meanwhile Archi gifts Candy the blue headscarf he nagged his great-aunt about. Eliza points out how affectionate Archi is towards Candy and, jealous, Annie excuses herself under the disguise of feeling unwell. Stear and Candy push Archi into escorting her, but he inadvertently upsets Annie when he talks admiringly of Candy's happy spirit. Much later, Annie approaches Candy, begging her not to steal Archi. Candy assures Annie they are solely friends. But when Archi witnesses Candy give Terry a harmonic to play every time he wants to light a cigarette at the Other Pony Hill, he confronts Candy and expresses feelings of betrayal and jealousy. As it turns out, Archi has loved Candy for years and does not want to lose her to an undeserving miscreant. Annie who overhears this throws her self-made birthday present at them, and runs off, heartbroken. When Candy runs after her to explain the misunderstanding, Annie accuses Candy of always being everyone's favorite, even at Pony' Home, before running off to hide in a cave. Eliza and Louisa overhear Annie's words and before long Eliza makes sure everyone knows Annie's origin. Candy discovers Annie's hiding place, but realizes it would be better if Archi talks with her. Archi discovers that while he likes and loves Candy, he thinks of Annie all the time, and convinces Annie of his feelings. While Annie recuperates from her fever, Candy and her make peace.
37 A wondrous encounter
"Fushigi na deai" (不思議な出会い)
1 July 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
During a bar fight Terry's leg is wounded after one of the others drew a knife. Albert, who has found a job at the Blue River Zoo tending animals, helps and guides him to the Academy but delivers him at the girls' dorm. Derilious, Terry wanders into Candy's room. She takes his teasing in stride, while trying to patch him up. But Terry needs medicine, and since the school's pharmacy is closed, Candy ventures into town to find a pharmacy. Albert notices Candy pass by as he sabors his pint and calls out after her. Candy barely recognizes him without his beard and moustache. He looks so much younger without them. When she explains her mission, Albert helps her finding the pharmacy and escorts her back to the Academy. Candy promises to visit Albert on her next day off, while Klint declines Albert's offer to stay with him at the zoo. When Candy sneaks back in her room via her balcony, she finds Terry gone. Cursing him, Candy's noise attracts Sister Margaret's curiosity. As Candy pretends to be sleeptalking as she dreams, still fully dressed under the covers, Sister Margaret notices she is wearing her boots, and tells her to undo them with a smile. Stear and Archi invite Annie and Candy to the lab to show Stear's flying boat that works on remote control and can deliver messages. Candy inquires after Terry, not paying attention to the boat anymore resulting in an unfortunate crash. When next Candy meets Terry at the Other Pony Hill, he upsets her again for not showing any gratitude, but teasing her instead and rejectig her concerns. Then when one day Candy visits Albert at the zoo, she discovers Terry there as well and Albert calls them two rebels of Saint Paul's. When the two young men laugh heartily together, Candy starts to see Terry in a different light.
38 Terry's secret
"Terrius no himitsu" (Terriusの秘密)
8 July 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
One night, after Archi signals Candy she can visit, Archi's beacon to identify the correct balcony has gone out while the Cornwell brothers fetch a matrass to soften Candy's landing. Candy chooses wrong and lands in Terry's room. While orientating herself, Candy picks up a picture of the American Broadway actress Eleanor Baker, who turns out to be Terry's mother. Terry enters his room, orders her out and shouts she may never tell anyone about it, while ripping the picture into tiny pieces. She jumps to the other balcony to finally visit Archi and Stear and discovers the two are great admirers of Eleanor Baker and that they own a huge collection of her pictures. While she picks through the pictures, she comes across one of Anthony. The mood now changed for everyon, Candy returns to her room with the picture as a gift from Stear. Meanwhile, Terry realizes Candy meant no harm and that he acted too harsh. He also regrets tearing up his mother's picture. Terry is the illegitimate son born out of wedlock after a romance between the Duke of Grandchester and Eleanor Baker when the Duke was one of her admirers. Though Terry is the eldest son, he is a bastard and maltreated by his stepmother. Terry had traveled to New York in the hope of finding and meeting his mother, but she asked him never to visit her again, while he could hear the laughter of her new male admirers behind closed doors. Remembering all the bad feelings, Terry steals into the barn and gallops off into the woods on his white horse. While Candy reflects on her three sentimental keepsakes in her room, she flashes back to Anthony's accident. When she sees Terry galloping through the parc, Candy rushes down the emergency stairs in a frenzy and trips. Terry dismounts and carries Candy inside for medical treatment, while she calls out to Anthony. He retreats after Sister Margaret fetches Sister Gray to cure Candy and wonders who this Anthony might be.
39 A treasure causing anger
"Ikari no gen'in to na~tsu ta Takara" (怒りの原因となった宝)
15 July 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
When Candy steals away to the Other Pony Hill to spend time with Klint, Neil and his clique are out and about to find out Candy's secret. Terry finds them skulking and scares them off in a fight. Having witnessed the fight, Patty too wonders what Candy's secret might be and seeks out Candy on the hill, where Klint can hide right on time. When Patty asks whether Candy never feels alone, she explains that when she does, she visits this hill that reminds her of Pony's Home. As the two run to be in class on time, Patty reveals she has a secret too and will show it to her one day. Once in class, Candy learns of the annual May festival and that she is elected to be one of the May-flower girls. The festival involves a dance where one is free to pick a partner and invite loved ones. Patty expresses feelings of envy that Candy will not have a problem finding a dance partner: she has two friends, Archi and Stear. Candy promises to convince Stear into dancing with Patty so that she could dance with someone too. Not hardly wanting to admit it to herself, Candy hopes she might dance with Terry. Instead of wishing for what she supposes will never happen, Candy sends her invitation to Albert. Her next outing to the hill in search of Terry, is as unsuccessful except for Terry's red coat. Trying to keep up with Candy, Eliza stumbles into a pitfall that Neil had meant for Terry. Terry jumps out of his tree to help pull Eliza out of the pit. She fumes at having to rely on the troublemaker, but when he puts up his most charming act, she softens to him and daydreams he might be her dancing partner at the May festival. Meanwhile, Sister Gray intercepts Patricia bringing her treasure for Candy to see - a turtle named Yuli and decrees Patty needs to dispose of the turtle and remain in confinement in the contemplation room. Incensed, Candy launches a tirade against the Academy, its rules and Sister Gray, earning her confinement as well as prohibition to take part in the Festival.
40 Freely leaving the contemplation room
"Jiyū ni jukkō no yochi o nokoshi" (自由に熟考の余地を残し)
22 July 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
When Sister Margaret asks Patty to surrender her turtle Yuli before being locked in her contemplation room, Candy uses the nun's goodwill towards her to have the turtle handed over to her. Locked in a separate contemplaton room, Candy ponders what Albert, Grandfather William and great aunt Elroy would think of her current predicament. And while Patricia is set free the next morning, Candy has to stay locked in her contemplation room until the festival. When the girls practice dancing for the festival in the park, Candy dances with Patty's turtle and accidentally stumbles against the attic's window that drops out of the roof. This will be Candy's escape window. Only Annie, responsible for playing the music records, witnesses Candy crossing the roofs and walls to escape. When Candy arrives at Albert's zoo she finds Terry and Albert are laughing up a storm about her nickname "freckled Tarzan". She recovers herself and hands Yuli to Albert. While Albert is called back at work, Terry and Candy are both too self-conscious to talk. As the silence becomes more awkward over time, Terry invites Candy to visit the zoo with him and attempts to satisfy his own curiosity about her. When he asks who Anthony might be, Candy speaks highly of Anthony and mentions his passion for roses. Terry makes fun of her beau and her feelings for him. Hurt, Candy defends Anthony and reveals the circumstances in which Anthony died. Terry realizes his wild horseride caused Candy to relive her fear. And though he feels sorry for speaking so about someone who died, Terry cannot utter the necessary apology. Instead, he runs off. Shocked that Terri would speak ill of the dead, Candy tells Albert she believes Terry is a bad person, but Albert refuses to mingle in their fights. When Candy explains about her prohibition to take part in the festival, Albert is very much disappointed in the academy and invites Candy to live with him. But Candy knows she has to go back and without anyone ever noticing she sneaks back in to the contemplation room where Klint awaits her company.
41 Fairy of the school festival
"Yōsei gakuen-sai no" (妖精学園祭の)
29 July 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy can watch the progress of the festival from her window in the contemplation room and realizes that she could have been on the flower stage along with the other May-flower girls. Neither Annie nor the Cornwell brothers can enjoy the May festival without her. Eliza tries to flirt with Terry when he arrives at the dance and invite him to dance with her. He excuses himself, claiming to be a terrible dancer who steps on his partners' feet. Meanwhile, Patty delivers a package from Grandfather William to Candy: a Romeo and a Juliet costume. Disguised as Romeo, Candy escapes and invites Annie to dance with her, who nearly blows Candy's cover in her excitement. Eliza notices Annie dancing with a beau she has never seen before, and in the hope of catching Romeo's attention for herself, she points out to Archi that another boy is dancing with Annie. Forgetting her male attire, Candy invites Stear for a dance, explaining that Grandfather William has interceded on her behalf. But Eliza interrupts them and invites Romeo for a dance. When he too refuses and walks off, she follows him to findout more about him. While Candy changes her Romeo costume into that of Juliet, Terry informs her that Eliza has detected her true Romeo identity and invites her for a dance on the hill. But when she mentions Anthony, Terry explodes in a tirade that he is not interested in girls that pine after dead boys. Insulted, but not letting it spoil her fun, Candy returns to the festival in her Juliet costume. When she sees Patty standing to the side, alone, she nudges Stear to invite her, and the two discover their mutual chemistry. When, Romeo does not show up as Eliza expected she manages to acquire Sister Gray's approval to visit the contemplation room. Even though Annie and Patty try to detain Eliza to give Candy a head start, Candy is still unable to make it back in time. Luckily, Terry pretends to be her, sleeping in bed to foil Eliza's scheme. Feeling generous at the end of the day, Sister Gray frees Candy and allows her to be there for the bonfire.
42 A midnight picnic
"Mayonaka no pikunikku" (真夜中のピクニック)
12 August 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
With the change of weather the students interchange for their summer uniforms. Candy, Annie and Patty relax at Other Pony Hill, wondering about each other's plans for their summer holiday at Scotland. Then one of the nuns comes upon them and scolds Candy for lying on the ground and eating an apple. Not keen on having the nuns control her every move during her summer vacation, Candy would prefer to return to America and not come back. She proclaims herself a lost cause when it comes to learning manners.Then, Stear alerts the girls of a fight between Archi and Terry over his contempt for the US. Sister Gray stops the fight and wants to know who started the fight. Seeing his opportunity to get back at Archi, Neil accuses Archi. Though some protest, Sister Gray declares that violence is never the way to solve a situation. Archi has to spend a night in the contemplation room, while Terry keeps his freedom. Annie compiles a care package for her love and asks Candy for her expertise and assistance. Not used to night trips - climbing and such - Annie cannot move as stealthily as Candy does, thereby waking Eliza who alerts a patrol to investigate. As of yet unaware of this, the two girls wait at Other Pony's Hill for Klint to give the all-is-clear signal. While talking about Scotland for Annie's holiday, Candy takes heart that Scotland is the country of origin for the Cornwell brother and Anthony. By the time they manage to deliver Annie's package to Archi, Candy's absence from her room has long been detected detected, and head the girls' way. Candy sacrifices herself to be found out, so that Annie can escape without detection. Her nigth walk costs her a summer vacation and that of a servant who will be obliged to remain at the Academy to watch Candy, even though she has not seen her son for over a year. Candy sees no other solution than to beg for Terry's intervention and help to set things right. Stear and Archi are sceptic of Terry's honor, but as soon as he learns Candy is in trouble for what he started by gauding Archi, he immediately runs to the rescue. The servant gets a new position at the Duke's home, much closer to her son, and Candy gets to go on holiday if she attends summer school in Scotland.
43 Summer school at the shore of a lake
"Mizuumi no hotori de natsu no gakkō" (湖のほとりで夏の学校)
19 August 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Summer school is set at a lake, only an hour away from Edinburugh. Candy, Annie and Patty explore the view after their arrival and discover the village holds a local festival, including bagpipe chorus. But her enjoyment of the recital is interrupted by a runaway sheep, which she detains for the young shepherd boy, Marc. Strangely enough he was able to derive who she is because of her freckles, saying his brother told him all about her. And yet, she never saw this Marc before in her life. Before Candy can inquire any further, Sister Margaret reminds the girls to unpack their luggage. The next day, during morning bible class in the garden, Candy seizes the opportunity when the same sheep has escaped again and wandered into the summer school garden to find its owner with Sister Margaret's permission. When she finds Mark he takes her to his home, the Grandchester summer house. Mark is not really Terry's brother, but the servant's son. Terry however takes a liking to the boy and took him under his wing. But on the day of Candy's visit, Terry mopes alone in his room and does not want to be disturbed by anyone. Comparing the environment of the Scottish outdoors with Pony's Home, Candy ends up spending the rest of the day with Mark and his mother, even though the sheep has long wandered back to summer school. Sister Margaret is none too happy for Candy staying away for eight hours, but softens when Candy gives her a piece of Mark's self made cheese. When she goes to her room, Annie and Patty tell her that Archi and Stear are staying in house nearby that great-aunt Elroy rented, and they plan to take the girls rowing the next day. To Candy's frustration, they also confirm that those pests Eliza and Neil must also be staying at the same house. Annie and Patty wonder why Candy seems so little interested in Archi and Stear, and what she stares throug Stear's binoculars all night for. Candy is not eager to inform them either that she spies on Terry's house and room, or even that he is around. And while she spies on him, she discovers Eleanor Baker is visiting him. As the Cornwell beaus row their girlfriends on the lake, Candy ventures back to Terry, coming across a weeping Eleanor Baker along the way. At the Grandchester summer house Terry is all laughter and cheers today. But when Candy talks about Eleanor Baker, he tells her she has an imaginative mind. When he starts to sheer the stubborn sheep though, he talks as if he wants to punish a mother who abandoned her son.
44 The link between a mother and a child
"Haha to ko no ma no rinku" (母と子の間のリンク)
26 August 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
During her early morning outing with Klint, Candy comes upon Terry in confrontation with his mother Eleanor Baker that ends in him rejecting her. Candy is hard pressed to talk to Eleanor Baker, but the schoolbell that rings the breakfast alarm forces Candy to return. On her way back, she finds a scenario book of Romeo and Juliet with Eleanor Baker's initials. Candy is in for a lecture by Sister Margaret, but Mark and his mother Katherine save her by claiming she helped them with milking the animals so early in the motning. When she has the chance to, later on, Candy attempts to give the book she found back to Eleanor Baker and hopes to find her in the hotel. There she meets Archi and Stear who hoped to have her sign a picture for them, but Eleanor Baker supposedly has already left to return to the US. Not able to be of any more help, Candy sets out on a walk together with Annie and Patty who complain they rarely see her at all. It becomes clear even to Annie and Patty, when Candy instantly leaves them to continue their walk by themselves because Terry calls out to her. When he sees the book, Terry says it is his book and that he loves playing drama. When he is holding Candy close, clasping her hands as a result of his acting in his daydreams, Candy brushes him off, afraid that before long he will make fun of her. And so he does. Despite their anxious banter, the two walk back to the summer castle in a friendly mood. But then Terry happens to see his mother again at the gate. As Terry rejects his mother's pleas over and over, Candy shocks Terry into reminding him he should be gratefl to have a mother at all. SHe has neither father and mother, and for years told herself she never cared, that friends and guardians could replace them. But witnessing Mark and his mother together she knows they have something she can never have. After she runs off in tears, a sobered up Terry accepts that his mother did love him, and that while she was hardly ever there, his father also made sure to keep her away from him. He approaches Candy later with the news that he and his mother have reconciled, thanking her for breaking the hate armor he had built for his mother. He intends to return Candy the favor. Before she can do something about it, he drags her onto his horse and races with it through the forest, shocking her into being grateful that she and others do live.
45 White party for two
"2 no howaito pāti" (2のホワイトパーティ)
2 September 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Though Terry brutally raced Candy through the woods on his horse and reminded her that Anthony is dead, he is soft and caring when he notices Candy has a minor wound on her arm. He instantly dresses it with a scarf that scents of his mother's perfume. Meanwhile, the Cormwell brothers row Annie and Patty on the lake and are shocked when they see Candy together with Terry, of whom Archi thinks so ill of. Eliza and Neil appear out of nowhere in their boat, with Eliza forcing Neil to race so hard that she can see Candy's company. Upset to see it is Terry, Eliza makes such a scene it capsizes the boat. Archi and Stear refuse to come to either Neil or Eliza's aid, but Terry instantly dives into the lake to rescue Eliza. And yet, when Eliza refuses Candy's assistance, Terry easily turns his back on her and returns home. Though Eliza expresses a dislike of Candy joining them, Archi and Stear plead with her to come with them for a family reunion. But Candy decides to take a pass on it. At Eliza's suggestion, great-aunt Elroy agrees to hold a white dress garden party to thank Terry for his heroism. Annie and Patty hope to convince Candy to join them, but she feigns a white dress party is a bit too boring for her taste. In reality she recognizes that great-aunt Elroy cannot ever welcome her warmly, certainly not after Anthony's death. Instead, she tries to amuse herself by swinging through the trees, until Terry comes upon her path, all dressed in white. Terry expected Candy to be one of the party as well, but since she will not be going, he will not either. Instead, he invites her to his home, first taking her into an old armor room that makes her jumpy and he has ample opportunity to hold her in his arms. Meanwhile, Annie plays the piano for her admirers, and the Cornwell brothers explain Patty that the Ardley family is not as pristine as it looks from the outside. Meanwhile, Candy and Terry enjoy the fire talking about the last night with his mother, who forgot her dresser and he offer to Candy to keep warm during the rainstorm. Insulted that Terry never showed up, Eliza barges in and smacks Candy before storming off and insulting Annie and Patty over it. But together and with their beaus Annie and Patty acquired strength and confidence, and Eliza cannot hurt them.
46 Excitement at the end of the summer
"Kōfun natsu no owari ni" (興奮夏の終わりに)
9 September 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
They have only one week of holiday left at Scotland. But Terry and Archibald's enemosity is still alive and kicking. Annie races for Candy to help break up the fence fight, and if anything were to happen to Archi, Stear would have to take his place. While Patty and Annie beg the boys to stop their fighting, Candy tries some reverse phsychology, shouting they should find an audience and invite the whole village. Though Terry corners Archi for the kill, he declares the fight stalemate and leaves. When, the next day, Candy finds that Terry possesses and old airplane in a hangar, she has an idea to try and end the fighting. As soon as Stear finds out about the plane, model 17, he drags Archi over to help him fix the plane so he can actually fly. Eventually, Terry and Archi do get into another fight, but when some heavy equipment is about to drop and crush Archi, Terry saves him from certain death. Meanwhile the girls prepare a tasty meal for the hard working boys whie they finishing up on the airplane. With only one summer holiday left, Stear finally manages to take off and fly the plan, until the engine malfunctions and he also learns how to make an emergency landing. Basking in the sunrays at the side of the lake, Terry tells Candy it used to be his father's plane from the days he was in love with Terry's mother. But once he was born and his father recognized his responsibilities of being a nobleman, he let the plane rust. Terry swears that whatever happens he will always be true to himself. Next, he invites Candy to dance. They laugh, they are happy and then he stares at her intently. Candy barely has the chance to ask him what he is doing, before Terry pulls her into his arms, and kisses her. For a few moments earth stops turning for both, but then the stunned Candy slaps him in the face and rejects him for being a bad man.
47 Eliza's trap
"Iraiza no wana" (イライザの罠)
16 September 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Since the kiss, Candy tried to avoid Terry at Saint Paul's Academy, and yet what could have motivated Terry to kiss her preoccupies her mind while she wanders the ground by herself. Terry's father comes to visit his son and inquire about his progress, but before long father and son fight over Terry's mother and their disagreement on what to sacrifice for the family name. Candy receives a letter from Albert, who is in Africa, working in a hospital to treat animals. He praises and advizes her to live naturally and asks her to greet Terry for him, and so she feels obliged to search Terry on the hill and share the letter with him. She keeps her distance and acts abrasive, but even if Terry teases her, he seems happy to see her, and Candy cannot but admit to herself that he tends to make her feel good about herself. Eliza, however, watches the two and, green with envy, attempts to warn Terry about Candy's thieving ways at the first opportunity. But Eliza's defamation backfires into Terry pointing out that Eliza needs to take a good look in the mirror before he rides off on his horse. Terry's harsh words cause Eliza to swear she will have her vengeance. And she gets the opportunity when she spies on Patricia demonstrating how Stear and her use a hollow tree to pass letters to each other in secret. Eliza leavas a fake invitation for Candy from Terry to meet him in the stables, asking Candy to destroy the letter to avoid detection. She leaves somethign similar from Candy for Terry under his door. The two meet that evening in the stables, and just as Candy and Terry start to put two and two together, Sister Gray arrives with a patrol and Eliza and Louisa as witnesses. Sister Gray decides to remove Candy from the Academy, while Terry will be confined for a calendar week. Candy is imprisoned in a tower that she cannot escape from and weeps profusely at the injustice of the whole situation.
48 Within the cold, thick walls
"Tsumetai, atsui kabe no naka de" (冷たい、厚い壁の中で)
23 September 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Terry tries to reason with Sister Gray about the injustice of punishing them differently, accusing her of not explusing him for his father's donations. Next he tries to bluff that his father will make them keep Candy, but Sister Gray knows of the father-son troubles and knows she is safe. Meanwhile, Annie and Patty find the courage to climb down of their balcony and onto that of the Cornwell brothers to discuss the situation. Stear has to keep Archie from puching Terry, who shows the fake letter he received. Stear and Archie recognize Eliza's handwriting, but Terry assures them that Sister Gray will not accept unclear or conflicting evidence. The Cornwell brothers and their girlfriends confront Eliza alone in the park and try to make her confess her part in the whole incident, but she deflects them by pointing out that Sister Gray would deal harshly with them for trying to overpower one person in the park by herself. Terry ponders over the the contrast between Candy and himself: Candy endured a tough life and now risks the rejection of her adoptive grandfather William, while he mismanaged his life, playing the rebel, while making his father solve everything with his money, even if Terry hated his father. He ignores Sister Gray's order of confinement and sits at the other side of Candy's door of imprisonment to play the harmonica for her, meanwhile planning to do right by her.
49 Terry's decision
"Terī no kettei" (テリーの決定)
30 September 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Terry asks his father to intercede on Candy's behalf, but his father refuses, sure that a girl that would go out at night to meet Terry, even if set up, must not be a good girl to be around Terry. His father's decision means it will be the last time he sees his son, who tells his father goodbye forever. There is only one option left for him, but while on his way to Sister Gray he makes a detour at the recreation grounds and approaches Eliza with her clique. Eliza starts to simper and bat her eyes at him, only to be spit into the face. Terry pleads one more time with Sister Gray to lessen Candy's punishment. But by now the whole Academy knows what happened, and she cannot allow for both to remain in Saint Paul's without losing their good name. Terry volunteers to leave the Academy in Candy's place. Sister Gray reminds him his father will never accept that, but he mentions he will go by another name from now on. Terry leaves after saying goodbye to the Cornwell brothers, and Candy is released from the old ruined oven-tower. When Candy thanks Sister Gray and admits she should never have been so naive to believe the letter meant to enntrap her, Sister Gray realizes both Candy and Terry claimed the same story and she may indeed have been played, and yet she lacks the humility to accept her error. Candy has to stay in her room, and not until later that night, when she investigates Terry's room and read his goodbye note, does she overhear Neil telling Archie and Stear that Terry is on his way to the US. Candy still hopes to catch up with him in the carriage, but when she arrives at Southampton port, Terry's ship has already left. She calls out to him with all of her heart, and across the waves the noise reaches him, but he supposes he must be dillusional.
50 Departure shrouded by the morning mist
"Shuppatsu no asa no kiri ga tsutsuma" (出発の朝の霧が包ま)
7 October 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Aside from Annie and Patty, not many welcome Candy. Eliza pushes the matter, protesting against Sister Gray in front of everyone that Terry was sent from school for Candy and that Candy's punishment has been much too light. Her cockiness and insolence earns her a week of confinement. And when Candy walks the grounds by herself on her way to the hill, Neil and his bullies teach her a lesson for causing Eliza to be confined, sure they can do as they want since Terry is not there anymore to protect her. Candy now fully admits to herself that she is in love with Terry, and she recognizes that Eliza acts the way she does out of jealousy, because she too is in love with Terry. But Candy is torn: she misses Terry and longs to be with him, wondering why he did not take her with him, and yet she recognizes what he tried to do, and Candy wants to honor his sacrifice, be strong and become a lady of Saint Paul's. Duke Grandchester is furious that his son has left the school over Candy and warns to retreat his funding of the school if they cannot retrieve Terry. When the duke leaves in disgust, Candy follows him and obliges him to listen to her. She shares Terry's letter with the father, her high opinion of him, her understanding of his feelings of loneliness and longing for his father's acceptance. She manages to appease the broken heart of Duke Grandchester: he will keep funding the Academy and send Terry's sisters to the school. Meanwhile, Louise learns that she will have to leave the Acadmy because her father cannot pay for such tutelage anymore. Candy is disheartened more and more with the type of education she is getting. She does not want to grow up to be a backstabbing lady such as Eliza or Louise. Candy manages to lessen Elizas's punishment so that Louise can spend the last days with her best friend Eliza before leaving. Meanwhile, Candy leaves her school uniform behind and sets off with Klint on a whole new adventure.
51 The long way to the port
"Pōto ni nagai michinori" (ポートに長い道のり)
14 October 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While she intended to steal silently into the fog without a trace, Candy's departure has nonetheless left a huge ripple effect at Saint Paul's Academy. Candy gets a ride from the old sheepfarmer, Arnold, part of the way to the port. Sister Margaret, Annie, Patty and the Cornwell brothers raise the alarm of Candy's departure, storming into Sister Gray's office while sermoning Eliza. While Candy's friends leave by car for Southampton, Eliza tries to convince Sister Gray it is the best thing for the school that Candy has left. But Sister Grey silences her by referring to Eliza's fake letter she has via Candy. Her friends search everywhere on the boat in Southampton, but no Candy White Ardley has boarded under that name. By then Candy found out that there are two ports, and that the farmer thought she needed to go to Dover. But Candy has the time of her life running around with a lasso in hand working for her grub and bed. Meanwhile George makes clear that Candy has not a cent to her name to the anxious Sister Gray. But Candy is resourceful and acquires a job at a bed and breakfast that goes a long way towards building the treasure chest needed to see her way towards Southampton and off the British Isles with Klint.
52 The star I saw from the barn
"-Boshi wa watashi wa naya kara" (星は私は納屋からを見た)
21 October 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Traveling from place to place, doing manual labour wherever they are willing to pay her and provide her food, Candy manages to gather her treasure chest to buy herself passage onto some boat back to the US. At some point a man offers her a ride for Southampton, but in reality he hopes to sell her to the landlady of a tavern for sailors. But Candy overhears the businnes conversation and flees with the man's cart into the forest, jumping into a tree around a corner before the scavenger can see her and then flee to satefy, by climbing in a haycart of Mr. Carson and hiding in the hay. The widower Mr. Carson does not become aware of his extra load until he arrives at his farm, and finds all the apples he bought for his children eaten. He orders her off his premises. Meanwhile Candy discovers she lost her hard earned money during her escape and that she traveled in the wrong direction once again. She is even farther from Southampton than she was before. But Mr. Carson's children - Sam, Jeff, and Susy - sneak Candy into the barn and bring her a midnight snack, while talking about their mother and Mount Rodney. But when Susy falls ill with a high fever, they have to alarm Mr. Carson who would rather murder the doctor than ask him for help, since he blames him for the demise of his late spouse.
53 The dawn at Mount Rodney
"o mi ta Mauntorodonī yoake" (マウントロドニー夜明け)
28 October 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Frightened for Susy's survival, Candy and Sam race into town to beg for the doctor's help. But he is too afraid for his own safety, instead he gives Candy instructions on how to treat Susy if she suffers from the measles. Susy conquers the measles but Mr. Carson thinks it is solely due to Candy's hard work. He is still out on his mortal vendetta against the doctor when he comes to appraise Susy's status the next morning. Both Mr. Carson's sons and Candy explain how they owe their knowledge to the doctor. The vendetta quelled, the doctor can see Susy for himself, declares her being on the recovery and congratulates Candy's aptitude as a nurse. Quickly the children grow fond of Candy, not even expecting her to leave, while Candy continues to care for Susy. But Mr. Carson knows she will not remain and tells her not to delay her departure, unless she wants to hurt the children more than is necessary. Seeing the sense in that, Candy prepares to leave and accepts Mr. Carson's letter of introduction to his friend Juskin in Southampton.
54 Night fog at the Southampton port
"Sausanputon-kō de yoru no kiri" (サウサンプトン港で夜の霧)
4 November 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In Southampton, Candy searches high and low, far and wide for Juskin's seafaring company, not until she meets a boy named Cookie. Candy investigates the rundown business and overhears Juskin with his crew grousing about their sour economic fortunes and making crass jokes about kidnapping pretty girls and selling them for money. Panicking, Candy retreats hastily, but alerts the rough seamen when she stumbles from the stairs. As it turns out, the rough sounding men have golden hearts, and explain they were but joking. After remembering Mr. Carson, Juskin and his crew promise to help Candy travel to the US: once they get a request to load the Atlantic liner Sea Gull they will smuggle her on board. While Juskin and his crew negotiate business with the Sea Gull, Candy wanders around Southampton. When she hears a harmonica playing the same Scottish air Terry used to play, she goes in search of it, sure it must be him. But it is Cookie playing. He met Terry one night and led him to a hotel, where Terry bought him a meal, offered him a bed, and joked that Cookie and Candy would make quite the pair. When Cookie asked whether he could have Terry's harmonica though, Terry refused to hand it over, but promised he would buy him one the next day. And that is how Cookie came to own his harmonica and learned to play a tune on it. And by the end of his story, Cookie does not need to know Candy's name to realize it is she. Growing more conscious of what Candy will attempt to do, Juskin hopes to dissuade Candy from this life threatening attempt to cross the Atlantic trapped in the cargo, without water and food. But Candy refuses to change her mind, and the next day as they load their "fragile" cargo onto Sea Gull's deck they wish her all the luck that Candy may need for the voyage.
55 Two stowaways
"2 Tsu no mikkō-sha" (2つの密航者)
11 November 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Just as Candy climbs out of her cargo box, thinking the coast is clear, Cookie grabs her from behind, pretending to be one of the sailors who caught her being a stowaway. And so, Candy discovers she is not the sole stowaway. In fact, Cookie has tried ten times already, but his success rate so far has been zero. How he came to be captured so often is proven by the bag he leaves in plain sight when one of the sailors comes to inspect the mooring for the cargo. Cookie manages to grab his duffel bag before the man notices, but instead drops an apple. Luckily for the two fifteen-year-olds, the sailor thinks little of it. Captain Nieven is not fooled, though, and orders a search, just when Cookie ventures out in search for food. While she still remains safely downstairs, undetected, Candy overhears how the sailors throw Cookie overboard to teach him a lesson. Her conscience gets the better of her and she rushes to Cookie's rescue. But her decisive manner of giving orders and chasticing the men for their dangerous prank makes them believe she must be the Captain's daughter. While she nurtures Cookie back to conscious and warmth, Captain Nieven visits the two, not at all amused. He inquires with Candy about her backstory. When she volunteers no info, the Captain declares a boat of the same company passing them on their way to the UK will pick them up and repatriate them, in spite of Candy and Cookie's protests for clemency.
56 On the other shore of the stormy sea
"Arashi no umi no kaigan de" (嵐の海の海岸で)
18 November 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Cookie attempts to convince Captain Nieven in at least allowing Candy to continue the journey. But when the captain remains with his decision, Cookie abuses him enough to earn himself a spanking. When they cross the other ship, Candy and Cookie have to board the lifeboat and are rowed towards the other. One of the sailors, Viva, disagrees with Captain Nieven's decisions and his partner mentions a friend on the other ship who could help Candy and Cookie. Meanwhile, Captain Nieven receives a telegram containing a storm warning and he halts the mission. During the storm, everybody is in a frenzy to secure the crates, but one of the mooring snaps and several crates fall on top off Cookie who breaks his leg. While Candy tends to Cookie's broken leg, the crew dredges the water that seaped in via a breech in the cargo hold. Cookie fears his leg sustained nerve damage and that he will be a cripple for the rest of his life. After giving medical aid to another wounded sailor, Candy prepares a hearty soup for the crew and brings the last remainder to Cookie, who escaped his cabin to throw himself overboard: he believes he can never become the sailor he always wanted to be and has no reason to live anymore. Candy holds on to Cookie to dear life, almost being dragged overboard, until the captain pulls both back on board and slaps Cookie. He sermons that true sailors do not run away from difficulty, because there is nowhere to run to and others depend on you. While Candy reflects on Terry having a passion for theater, Cookie for the sea, and she simply plods on her road of life to show everyone how strong she is, Viva runs in her cabin to alert her of their upcoming arrival at the US.
57 The port through the window
"Mado-goshi ni pōto" (窓越しにポート)
25 November 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Upon their arrival in port, Captain Nieven's daughter Sandra shows her dislike when her father, whom she has not seen for six months, rebuffs her demanding attitude gently but surely, because Cookie needs medical attention. The doctor in the hospital confirm that the double fracture can be fully healed in two months thanks to Candy's casing. Meanwhile, Sandra threatens to alert customs of the two stowaways. Candy chases Sandra, but ends up being cornered by Sandra's hoodlum friends. She manages to escape and helps Sandra in keeping the fact that she hangs out with a gang secret. The captain invites Candy to stay with them for a while, but gets called away for business. Sandra lets her friends into the apartment, and they take her to their leader Charlie in a dance club. She immediately notices he is wearing the boys' uniform of Saint Paul's Academy. Him and Terry were childhood friends, and when they met recently, Terry gave Charlie his suit. Somehow having realized that something is seriously wrong, Captain Nieven followed Sandra to the dance club and fights one of the hoodlums, meanwhile forbidding his daughter to socialize with those criminals. When a gang member hopes to knife the captain, Sandra jumps to the rescue and father and daughter make peace. Through the help of the captain, the crew and Sandra, Candy boards the train that will take her through the snow, inland near Lake Michigan. Stepping off the train, Candy shouts after a carriage that passes by to catch a ride, but the driver never heard her. Unbeknowest to her, Terry is on that carriage, deep in thought, looking in her direction but never hearing or even seeing her. Neither of them expect to see each other there.
58 Silvery homeland
"Gin'iro no kokyō" (銀色の故郷)
2 December 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy covers the remaining distance on foot in spite of the blizzard that forces her to hide from the weather in the post office. When the snowdrifts clear, Candy continues her plodding and next encounters Jimmy on a horse. He informs her that a rude young man traveled to Pony's Home. Realizing that Terry must be in Pony's Home as she speaks, Candy rushes home, only to find a still warm teacup he drunk from before venturing Pony's Hill. Candy races onto the hill in a mad dash, but the bird has flown. She can do nothing but accept that they have to follow their own path now and hopes that someday their lives will cross once more. But Sister Mary is anxious for her unexpected appearance. They supposed her to be at the Academy, and what could have caused her to leave it. The next morning, Candy chases after Jimmy for pelting her with a snowball and is led right into a chorus of orphans welcoming her back home.
59 One day as a naughty teacher
"Itazura kyōshi toshite 1-nichi" (いたずら教師として1日)
9 December 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy has taken on the role of organizing the games and animation for the kids while figuring out what she wants to do with her life. Miss Pony charges Candy to supervise the other orphans, when she and Sister Mary have to attend a meeting, and while trying her best to command respect as a "teacher", she discovers a little girl, Daisy, who does not come outside to play. Candy coaxes Daisy outside and coaches her into ascending the tree. Daisy is on cloud nine, having accomplished the climb and shouts to her heart's content, but then faints. Meanwhile the frenzied mailman, passing by to deliver a letter from Annie, cries for Candy to bring down Daisy immediately. Only then, Candy learns that Daisy has hemophilia and could bleed to death even with a minor wound. Candy feels horrible for so recklessly and unnecessarily endangering Daisy's life. But the next morning, the eager Daisy slipped outside and ascends the tree by herself and has taken some damage in the process. Though Daisy has lost quite a lot of blood, the doctor manages to prevent further blood loss. Feeling involved, the other orphans pray for her speedy recovery, and include her more in their adapted games afterwards. In her letter, Annie details how Saint Paul's Academy has become a dull place since Candy's departure and that the Cornwell brothers and herself feel lost and forlorn without her.
60 Determined footsteps that resound in one's heart
"Kokoro no naka de hibiki kettei no ashiato" (心の中で響き決定の足跡)
16 December 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Jimmy works in Mr. Cartwright's pasture on behalf of Pony's Home and brings home milk as compensation. Candy rushes off to accompany him. The weakened Mr. Cartwright is overjoyed to see Candy and has an important request for her -- he wants her to help convince Jimmy to become his adoptive heir. When she asks Jimmy how he feels about Mr. Cartwright during the return trip home, Jimmy says he thinks very well of Mr. Cartwright, but he prefers to always stay alongside Candy and take care of Pony's Home. Candy has quite an imbroglio on her hands: Jimmy works hard to take responsibility for Pony's Home and likes Mr. Cartwright as a person, but is willing to reject his future to spend time with her. Candy involves Tom's aid and counsel. But when they arrive she is in for a surprise. Tom is looking like a young man now, and after Mr. Steave's death he has inherited the ranch. Eventually when Jimmy witnesses how weak from the flue Mr. Cartwright is, Jimmy agrees to be adopted by him. Candy thinks of Albert, Tom, Terry and now Jimmy who have chosen their destiny, and yet she is still looking.
61 Decision time
"Yukinoshita ni musebinaku" (雪の下にむせび泣く)
23 December 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Dr. Lenard needs a substitute nurse for a week, while his wife is visiting family, and asks Candy for her help. She helps out at his private practice with the visitors, joins him on housecalls, including at the city. Dr. Lenard explains to Candy that in the city they find the most numbers of ill people: the rich weakened by having too much, and the poor weakened by having nothing. She learns that nursing is a profession with a stable future, because there can never be enough nurses that are so useful for patient care. When a note begs the doctor to help a woman who is in labor up in the mountains while a blizzard blows, Candy already shows signs of the bossy, stubborn nurse a doctor cannot even dictate. While Dr. Lenard wishes for Candy to remain safely behind, she insists and argues to come with him, and he tells her she could be a great nurse. During the journey to the parturient, Candy remembers that she left Saint Paul's Academy to find her path in life, and how she gained plenty of experience in caring for the sick since then. She starts to doze off, but the doctor wakes her by talking about a legendary nurse of the red cross who worked night and day to ease the suffering of the soldiers in the civil war. The birth of a healthy baby boy is the decisive happy reward for Candy's efforts to comfort the woman in labor. Back at Pony's Home, Miss Pony and Sister Maria are so pleased with what they heard about Candy from the doctor that they tell her that they think she is responsible enough now to become a caretaker at the orphanage. But Candy surprises them: she finally realizes she wants to be a nurse. Luckily, Miss Pony has a good old friend who is head at the nursery school and she is wiling to send her a recommendation letter.
62 Steam whistle towards new frontiers
"Suchīmu wa arata na furontia ni mukatte kuchibue o fuku" (スチームは新たなフロンティアに向かって口笛を吹く)
30 December 1977 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
By springtime, Candy is anxiously awaiting the letter from Merry Jane Nursing School which will either accept her as a pupil or not. Miss Pony tries to assure her, that if they do not accept her it may not be because they just do not have any room for her, but in that case there are other schools she could go to. Meanwhile, Jimmy organized a competition to determine who will become the second in command after Candy now that he is to live with Mr. Cartwright as his adoptive son. The best treeclimber of the other orphans is John. When Mathew the mailman delivers positive news from the nursing school John instructs the orphans that even if they might not like it when Candy leaves, they ought to be happy for her. Candy decides not to postpone her leaving. She will catch the train the next morning. But Klint tries to prevent her from going, by hiding. Candy tells her pet he cannot come since there are no forests for him to reside and scolds him for being so dirty, meanwhile wondering whether he even understands her. Klint proves his intelligence, when he seizes the boys' soap and takes a bath. But when Candy tries to catch him, he runs back into the forest and begs Jimmy Cartwright for some milk the next morning. Jimmy gives the other orphans a ride to accompany Candy to the train station where they say their goodbyes. Jimmy promises to take care of Klint for Candy, and yet the raccoon breaks loose and races after the rapidly-accelerating train in a desperate but unsuccessful bid to catch up with her.
63 The granny in the street
"-Dōri ni o-bāchan" (通りにおばあちゃん)
6 January 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While not quite as majestic as London, Candy's new city is still a busy hustle of traffic. When she meets an old lady on the street, she volunteers to help her cross the street and escort her to Joseph Hospital, which also houses the Merry Jane Nursing school. The sour woman lets on that she knows some of Candy's background and warns her of the hardship of her chosen profession. After being shown to the reception of the school, she learns the headmistress will be with her in an hour. The receptionist urges Candy to take advantage of her freetime and explore the city. On her way out, Candy meets the old lady again who offers to take Candy on a tour through town. The woman becomes truly troublesome with her peculiar demands and critique, when they make a stop in the park. On her way to a burger stand to buy food, Candy cover a vagrant sleeping on a banch with the old lady's shawl, but forgets about it afterwards. As they eat their meal, after Candy washed her hands and offered the old woman her sole bottle of drink, the bothersome woman threatens Candy that the strict school holds severe entrance exams. When she realizes the vagrant is gone, Candy searches for the shawl in the city in vain and arrives much too late at her appointment with the headmistress Merry Jane, who turns out to be the old lady. But Candy passed Merry Jane's test, and Franny - a nurse who directed Candy to the reception in the beginning - gives her a tour of the campus. Candy hopes to make friends with Franny who will be her roommate, but the girl is studious, serious and disapproves of excessive talkers.
64 The angel in white is a dim-wit
"Shiro no tenshi wa usugurai - u~itto desu" (白の天使は薄暗い-ウィットです)
13 January 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy soon experiences her dreams of being a proficient nurse, receiving gratefulness by her patients, are a tad bit unrealistc. Franny and she do not get along well, with Franny being impatient with Candy's late morning sleeping, talkativeness and inexperience as well as lacking knowledge. Meanwhile, the patients play innocent pranks with thermometers to capitalize on her naivete. Candy then tries her fortunes with a timid, weak girl in a wheel chair. While trying to engage the child in extremely kind conversation about where the best scenery is, the girl fears Candy is so nice because she is soon to die, and this fear may have been too much for the girl who has cardiac issues. Merry Jane is displeased with both Franny and Candy, and starts to refer to Candy as "dim-wit". Eventually she manages to outwit one of her prankster patients into eating his meal. Having noticed this, Franny challenges Candy to try her tactics on a recalcitrant boy reading a book and refusing to eat. Believing that only sterness will get her any respect, the boy starts a tantrum, which earns her another stern scolding. As Merry Jane starts to wonder out loud whether she had made the right decision to accept Candy, Candy starts to consider the possibility she is not cut out to be a nurse. But Merry Jane encourages her to get back to work. Candy attempts to have some succes with the trantrum boy, by appealing to his literature taste about cowboys. After orderng her out, the boy starts to eat his meal and asks Candy to teach him how to throw a lasso. Merry Jane compliments Candy for a job well done and reminds her against tardiness to class while she tends to the patients without looking at their case histories.
65 The smiling nurse
"Kango-shi emi o ukabete" (看護師笑みを浮かべて)
20 January 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Despite her clumsy start, Candy is allowed to work by herself from now, since their best student Franny is to take care of a very special guest. Her prankster patients advize her to smile and brighten their day, instead of moping and feeling donwhearted when they tease her. She follows their advice and before long all the patients are talking about Candy and asking for her, so much that it makes the other student nurses envious and spiteful towards Candy. When one night Candy's roommate Franny is softly crying in her bed at night and the frigid girl rejects Candy's friendly questions to make her open up, Candy decides to take a detour towards the special ward where Franny works the next day. And indeed, before long, Franny rushes out of the room insisting she is not a servant. And yet, Franny pretends everything is going splendidly to the other students, and informs them about the social status of her patient: rich, owning a lot of land near a lake and listening to the name William. Candy believes Franny is taking care of her mysterious benefactor, great uncle Williams Ardley. After being scolded for running in the halls and putting her cap on backwards, Candy sets course towards Dr. Frank who explains the room situations and for her to speak softly before stepping out and wishing Candy good luck.
66 Grandfather from dreams
"Sofu no yume kara" (祖父の夢から)
27 January 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Excited at the prospect of finally meeting her benefactor great-uncle William, Candy races into great-uncle William's room, while he is sleeping soundly. When he cringes, Candy panics and fetches Dr. Frank who tells her she needs to learn to stay calm when tending to a patient. Before she truly start her care, Franny calls her to come to class with her. Preoccupied with the recent events, Candy is inattentive to the lesson on how to nurse a baby and makes a spectacle of herself when trying to talk her way out of it. Later, when next she visits her special patient, she finds him awake and instantly introduces herself as his adoptive daughter, talking excitedly and nerviously at the same time. As the old man complains about such a chattery nurse with crazy ideas, Candy starts to insist on her relation with him. But when it turns out that her patient is William McGregor who hates the Ardleys, the two soon have a fight with Candy defending the Ardleys, which causes chest pains with McGregor. Because of Candy's unproffesional conduct, Merry Jane gives the responsibility back to Franny and sends Candy off to the park to catch some sun the following day. There she meets an old woman who talks of the time she was in the hospital for half a year: she treated the staff badly, because she felt alone, and yet she would prefer to be ill in the hospital again, because of the kind nurses. Candy starts to realize that William McGregor may be such a grouch for similar reasons. Forgetting all about sunbathing, Candy runs back to the school to ask Merry Jane whether she can tend to Mr. McGregor again. This is how she learns that if she had continued to bask in the sun, she would have been sent back packing to Pony's Home. As for Candy's request, Merry Jane says it is for Dr. Frank to decide. After Dr. Frank tells her no, Candy happens upon Mr. Brighton, Annie's father, who pays a visit to Mr. McGregor's window to pray for his neighbor's recovery. McGregor who saw her talking with Mr. Brighton from his window, requests for her to tend to him: that is, for now, she has to provide the shade from the brilliant sunset.
67 Where is she?
"Kanojo wa doko desu ka?" (彼女はどこですか?)
3 February 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Even if Candy understands its Mr. McGregor's loneliness that makes him into a grouch, it has not of yet enabled her to open his heart. Mr. McGregor remains ever demanding and never satisfied. Exhausted by nightfall from all the running and racing for Mr. McGregor, Candy is not much motivated to study. But Franny reminds her about their homework and informs her of an upcoming war in Europe, including England, that will require nurses in large quantities. Worried for Annie's safety, Candy realizes that she has noone to talk to. Thinking that may be the key, Candy attempts to open up to Mr. McGregor. But it only repulses hm more. Headmistress Merry Jane directs Candy to her office for a commendation of all the hard work that she has done and gives her several letters from her friends at Saint Paul's Academy. Stear tells her how he lost interest in inventions after her disappearance and that Archi did not change clothes for five days. Archi wishes her well, commending her on her choice of profession, and complains about the rules getting stricter by the day. Patty wrote about her outing with Stear to the zoo and visit with the turtle Yuli, and how she hopes to soon visit the US. Meanwhile, Annie is frightened of the preparation for the possible upcoming war with Germany. She wants to return to America. Mr. McGregor's turn for the worse demands Candy's attention. And while he endures crisis after crisis, the old grouch keeps calling for Miena. Candy thinks it might ease Mr. McGregor's anxieties while battling his crisis, and request to go in search for this Miena at his home. Franny argues it is not a nurse's responsibility, while Merry Jane allowes it on the reasoning that Candy is not a nurse yet, but a student, and that she is leaning that medicine may not always be found in a bottle. While the doctors and nurses are in a frenzy to keep Mr. McGregor alive, Candy arrives at Mr. McGregor's old mansion and can encounter Miena at the back porch: Miena is a saint bernard.
68 Scattering blossom petals
"Haru no hana no hanabira o sanran" (春の花の花びらを散乱)
10 February 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Miena refuses to board the carriage that would take them to the hospital. So, Candy can do nothing but escort Miena on foot, while Mr. McGregor's condition continues to deteriorate. Along the way, Candy notices Miena barks at every carriage passing by, but one in particular she blocks. More, Miena climbs in the carriage on her own accord and is unwilling to getback down, to the coachman's despair. It turns out that Mr. McGregor was driven to the hospital in that particular carriage. Seeing her opportunity, Candy asks the driver to carry them to the hospital. Once there, Candy takes over from Franny again and accepts with patience Franny's reproof of her being so irresponsible to chase after relatives that cannot be found. Once Franny is out of the way, Candy smuggles Miena into Mr. McGregor's room. But Miena's barking alerts Merry Jane and Dr. Frank. Luckily, Candy managed to hide Miena right on time under the bed. Once the coast is clear again, Candy softly wakes Mr. McGregor who makes a speedy recovery after seeing, petting and talking to Miena. Before long, Candy can take Mr. McGregor for a tour in the garden to admire the trees blooming with blossoms. He is happy, feeling well enough to return back home, and now regards Candy as a friend. Having found his peace, Mr. McGregor draws his last breadth while Candy gathers the blossom petals, only to discover his passing away much too late to do anything about it.
69 White rose of memories
"Howaito wa omoide no bara" (ホワイトは思い出のバラ)
17 February 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While Candy grieves and mourns the loss of Mr. McGregor, Franny disapproves of her sentimentality and opines that she will never be a professional nurse on account of her emotionality. Her mind only partly at the tasks at hand, Candy does her nickname "clumsy" honor. Merry Jane's advice is not as cold as that of Franny, but she does tell Candy that a nurse cannot let the loss of one patient affect her work: some patients die, others go back home, and Candy needs to find a way to deal and internalize it. In the case of Mr. McGregor, it was known beforehand that he could never cure from his illness. But Merry Jane understands that this was the first patient Candy lost, and she sends Candy back to Pony's Home. Before leaving for Pony's Home though, Candy decides to take a detour to Mr. McGregor's house. At arrival, she discovers that Miena attacked the overseer who was dividing Mr. McGregor's possessions, and that they are hunting after Miena to shoot her for posing a danger to them. Candy tries to explain that Miena only is doing her task - protecting her master's property - but to no avail. However, Candy knows something the others don't: the secret lake where Mr. McGregor used to take Miena fishing with him. Indeed, there she encounters Miena and before anybody can do her harm, she leaves with the dog to take her to Pony's Home. As she searches for the main road, she comes across a villa with a rose garden, and she discovers a Sweet Candy growing there, because the old gardener of the Leagans now works here and took one of Anthony's roses with him in memory of him. However, the villa turns out to be owned by the overseer bitten by Miena. And he is still out on vengeance for Miena's attack. When the gardener explains that Candy is the girl his favorite rose was named after, the man relents to Candy's wish and lets her take Miena with her to the orphanage.
70 A cute bride
"Kawaii hanayome" (かわいい花嫁)
24 February 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
When Matthew comes to deliver a letter for Ms. Pony from Mr. Steave, Tom arrives and attempts to retrieve the letter back, to no avail. The letter turns out to be an invitation to Tom's engagement banquet. The problem is that it is an arranged marriage, and Tom does not want to marry at the age of seventeen, let alone the girl he's promised to. Candy is sure she can talk some sense and understanding in Mr. Steave, until she meets the fiancé at Tom's ranch: Tom's prospective bride, Diana, is certainly not older than eight years. She is cute and sweet, and hopes to do everything to please Tom, but as a child, she cannot fathom yet the impact of uch a decision at such an early age. When Candy has not yet talked to Mr. Steave by the evening meal, because she rather disbelievs the seriousness of the engagement, Tom takes matters into his own hands: he declares he loves Candy, not Diana. As a result the child is hurt, Mr. Steave loses a friend and the family name is now a laughing stock. Worse, now Mr. Steave wants to celebrate Candy's engagement with Tom. But then Candy finds out the reason behind Mr. Steave's eagerness to marry off Tom: the man believes he is dieing, though he has not seen a doctor yet. Mr. Steave's fear for being ill, reminds Candy of the hospital and her studies as a nurse there. She misses it.
71 Mr. Sailor on the hill
"Misutā Sērā oka no ue ni" (ミスターセーラー丘の上に)
3 March 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Galvanized by the euphoria of successfully resolving a prospective no-win wedding, Candy returns to Pony's Home to have it explained that everybody is over at Governor Cartwright's place being a good neighbor. Candy soon finds that she is not without company, though; Cookie has decided to hide out at Pony's Home on shore leave after becoming a true-blue sailor on the Sea Gull with Captain Nieven. Cookie quickly enthralling the kids with tall tales of his nautical adventures is tempered a great deal when Matthew explains to Candy that Vida and his partner Vokado are searching around for Cookie who has been mistreated by the other sailors. Incensed by Cookie's prologue, John and Jimmy lead the orphans in a retaliatory assault on Vida and Vokado who decide to abandon Cookie to his fate and depart. After Mina's »Stop right there, you two!!!« interception, Candy has it explained that Captain Nieven and his crew are frustrated about Cookie's obliviousness to the catastrophic consequences of a careless mistake he made while working aboard the Sea Gull. As Candy ultimately decides to return to the hospital and continue being a role model for the younger orphans, Tom arrives on the scene with Cookie who has a new perspective on his situation along with the apprehensive Governor Steve who is admonished against excessively imbibing intoxicants.
72 The young lady at the Special-Care ward
"Tokubetsu na kea byōtō de wakai josei" (特別なケア病棟で若い女性)
10 March 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Merry Jane reads Candy dexterously and jovially prosecuting the daily chores charged her by Dr. Frank as an indication that Candy has put the whole episode of Mr. McGregor in perspective. One of the patients decides to play a harmless prank on Candy who takes it in stride and decides to prosecute a short meganekko comedy skit that instigates a stern »Pipe down and act civilized!!!« reproof from Franny before Merry Jane delivers a letter to Candy from the Cromwell brothers who later come crashing onto her to explain that the Adley family leader has recalled all her child relatives back to America along with Annie out of fears for their safety. Alistear and Archibald interject their own ulterior motives for leaving Saint Paul's Academy when a car racing onto the Joseph Hospital grounds forces Candy into action. Charged the stewardship of the incoming patient who is being housed in the Special-Care Ward, Candy realizes Merry Jane's volition and renews her resolve to demonstrate only her best. As she begins to piece together the prologue of her young charge Catherine, it is not long before Candy lands in hot water for her attempts to append a euphoric epilogue -- the only obstacle thereof being Catherine's mother who cannot bring herself to accept her culpability in the situation. The deus ex machina lies in Catherine pulling some strings to ultimately convey her frustration and the necessity of an alternate course.
73 Rumors about Terrius
"Terrius nitsuite uwasa" (Terriusについて噂)
17 March 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Merry Jane interjects into Candy's reverie about the coming summer with news of a letter and a care package -- the latter whose proliferation with the other practice nurses ignites Franny's ire. The practice nurses' dysphoric analytical concourse over Franny's outburst on Candy's behalf offers cold comfort to Candy as she computes how to deal with Franny along with the inception of World War I in her midst. After daydreaming about spending another summer with Patricia and the Cromwell brothers, Candy encounters a news article endowing rave reviews upon Terry as a rising star while venturing into the city and reminiscences about her collaborative prologue with Terry who shrugs off the euphoric publicity after reading the news of World War I starting as he worries for Candy's safety when he can do the least to intercede. Candy finding that nobody in Joseph Hospital is discussing the war does little to obfuscate Candy's difficulty in putting things into perspective -- especially when England's war declaration on Germany unnerves Candy about Patricia's safety and that she is being sent to Chicago in order to learn surgical techniques that she might have to use as a war nurse.
74 Heading to the hospital in a big city
"Byōin ni ōkina toshi no midashi" (病院に大きな都市の見出し)
24 March 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Having her sentimental reverie interjected into while writing a letter explaining the upcoming trip to Chicago sets the stage for Candy to realize the tempestuous labyrinth within Franny whose mastery of the covert academic and administrative aspects of being a nurse is a poor substitute for the overt social aspect that comes naturally to Candy who is at a loss for how to help Franny. The next morning finds that the other three nurses are anxious about what they will encounter at Saint Joanna Hospital and it does not help matters that Candy's happy-go-lucky attitude has drawn Franny's ire on multiple occasions. Frightened for their academic and professional survival upon Franny frostily repulsing their nervous entreaties for her assistance, the three nurses decide to freeze out Candy who finds that the patients have detected that change is in the air even if the cause has not been explicitly defined. While Merry Jane watches from afar, Candy has it demonstrated through resolving the messy aftermath of Franny forcing her hand that medical treatment is a collaborative exercise for the patient that requires both tactfulness and honesty. Impressed by the architecture but disgusted with the cold bureaucratic ambiance, Candy cries foul after seeing how Saint Joanna Hospital deals with minor emergencies before leading Franny in taking matters into their own hands. It is ultimately demonstrated that Candy and Franny both need each other even if their personalities clash.
75 Grandfather's mansion
"Sofu no teitaku" (祖父の邸宅)
31 March 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As they are unpacking, Candy and Franny have it explained to them that they have two days of down time to ready themselves for their surgical training. Candy's classmate Judy suggests spending time together downtown unaware that Candy really wants to see the Cromwell brothers who arrive to warmly greet Candy. A malfunctioning invention and some flirting later, the Cromwell brothers drive off with the five nurses to adventure. After giving the Cromwell brothers a »Rein it in, fellas!!!« elbow nudge, Candy begins to reflect on her experiences in Lakewood while staring out at Lake Michigan. The Cromwell brothers' explanation of the Adley family's opulent prologue in Chicago along with why Governor Leagan spends most of his time away from his family inadvertently causes a misunderstanding with Franny who decides to sit out the rest of the tour along with Judy, Natalie, and Elanor. Crestfallen that her life is being decided for her, Candy makes her way to Grandfather William but finds Neil and Eliza who explain Elroy is in a bad way that becomes even worse when Candy explains that she is studying to become a nurse and wants to abdicate her adoption. Even after being happily reunited with Annie, Candy is uneasy about enjoying herself considering the medical aftermath of Elroy's low-grade stroke. Archibald reads Eliza's deception as his signal to intercede on Candy's behalf. Elroy ultimately realizes her debt to Candy who is overjoyed to spend time with Annie once more.
76 The cabin of old memories
"Mukashi no omoide no kyabin" (昔の思い出のキャビン)
7 April 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Adley Grand-Aunt Elroy no longer a concern, the Cromwell brothers' exhortation for Candy and Annie to stay the night becomes the preamble for Alistear explaining that he has a special hideaway for the quartet to spend time together and Archibald teasing him about Patricia who is safe in London for the moment. Neil and Eliza's interjection upon the quartet's euphoria with their insults about Candy and Annie angers Archibald who would have fought Neil if not for Candy's intercession. While Eliza fumes and plots revenge, the Cromwell brothers lead Candy and Annie to a tree-house that is of sentimental importance to them from their childhood where they reminisce about the old childhood days when life was more straightforward. While she is anxious that she might have to participate in the war, Candy extinguishes the anguish with an admonition to live in the moment and lightens the ambiance unaware of Eliza's plotting. Undaunted by Neil's prank backfiring on her, Eliza decides to wield Governess Leagan in her counterstrike to drive Candy out of the house along with Annie. Amid the Cromwell brothers' intercession efforts on her behalf anguishing Annie, Candy cannot hold her frustrated disgust for the Adley family politics any longer before ultimately demonstrating that ambiance is far more important than abode.
77 A dangerous garden party
"Kiken na gāden pātī" (危険なガーデンパーティー)
14 April 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The euphoric morning concluding Candy and Annie's nocturnal slumber abruptly sours upon Annie's discovery of the rope ladder having been taken away and thus marooning the girls in the tree house -- a problem easily conquered thanks to Alistear's foresight. While Neil and Eliza fume at their prank backfiring, the Cromwell brothers have brunch with the girls and decide to spend Candy's last day of vacation at the lake only to find that the Adley Grand-Aunt has decided upon the same idea. Archibald's gallows humor regarding Alistear's invention gives way to the four adolescents enjoying themselves at the lake and deciding to end the day with a party. Eliza accosts the quartet with the volition of their presence at a dinner party of her design -- a dinner party the Cromwell brothers suspect is another of Neil and Eliza's pranks. Never having backed down from a challenge, Candy agrees to attend the party and leads Annie through a lesson in emotional integrity. One of the guests, the military physician Michael, agrees with the Cromwell brothers' casual attire and thinks well of Candy as a practice nurse. Thanks to Alistear and Michael's collaborative intercession during her dangerous descent down the tower with Annie's suitcase, Candy ultimately defeats Neil's treachery and returns to Saint Joanna Hospital with an even more formidable resolve to become a consummate nurse.
78 Terry's melody
"Terī no merodī" (テリーのメロディー)
28 April 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy has barely entered the building after her inverse-Rapunzel adventure before she encounters a frenzied hen convention instigated by a bus having collided with several cars. Unfortunately for Candy, the casualties in surgery or otherwise taken care of does very little to quell Franny's perspective of Candy as an aristocrat who thinks of being a nurse as a hobby. Franny prosecutes an adversarial divergent concourse with Candy over how to have best spent the two days of down time and delivers a searing »Grow up and get serious, Candy!!!« admonition before resuming her studies. Candy soon finds that Franny's reproof along with Natalie and Judy collaboratively freezing her out the next morning only serves as the preamble for the political obstacle course she has to successfully prosecute if she wants to go see Terry in action. While Candy resolves her anguish over her first attempt being foiled and computes her next move, it becomes apparent that the starstruck Terry is prosecuting his own battles during the train ride to Chicago. The inattentive Candy and Terry making clumsy mistakes on their respective jobs obfuscates Eliza's retaliatory subterfuge during her search for Terry who is disgusted at the hypocrisy of »charity shows« whose tickets are priced out of the plebeian's reach as he explains to Susanna the prologue behind the harmonica. The deus ex machina comes when Candy is forced to intercede for a patient against her will only to discover that Natalie is willing to prosecute the shift interchange because of her disgust for Eliza's attempt to buy her cooperative goodwill.
79 The shadow under the spotlight
"Chūmoku o abite kage" (注目を浴びて影)
5 May 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The office politics that Candy has had to prosecute for the nocturnal outing to even be possible are the least of Candy's worries during the mad dash to Elmore Theatre who has zero tolerance for stragglers. Even with Terry's passive recalcitrance inhibiting the schedule in his disgust at the upper-level spectator booths going unused, Candy's troubles take on another dimension when the Adley Grand-Aunt's frostily repulses her from sitting with Annie and the Cromwell brothers -- the latter attempting to intercede on Candy's behalf. Disgusted with being the subject of Adley family politics, Candy races off alone to search around for an alternate observation perspective. While watching him in action, Candy sentimentally reflects upon her collaborative prologue with Terry and decides to catch up on old times with him after the show. Between the austere »Halt your advance and be on your way!!!« repulsion from a stage hand and the frenzied hen convention as Terry egresses the Theatre, Candy soon finds that approaching Terry is easier said than done. Her demeanor as damaged and shaken up as her evening gown, Candy walks the streets alone in defeat. The deus ex machina is the handkerchief that Terry had used in London to aid Candy who left it behind in her haste after seeing him in action from the upper-level booths; after putting two and two together, Terry races off in search of Candy.
80 A moment of reunion
"Saikai no shunkan" (再会の瞬間)
12 May 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While Susanna tries to wrap her mind around the rationale behind Terry's affinity for Candy, Terry berates himself for his earlier error as he desperately searches for Candy. It is not long before Terry encounters Annie and the Cromwell brothers who are also searching for Candy where it is explained that Candy is a practice nurse at Saint Joanna Hospital whose architecture has glaring parallels to Saint Paul Academy. Terry has it demonstrated that Candy has indeed wasted no time in making her mark when Franny arrives to discover Natalie prosecuting Candy's shift before attempting to frostily repel Terry from awaiting Candy's return only to discover that he gives as good as he gets. While Terry reflects on his collaborative prologue with her in London and laments the disadvantages of his young age, Candy begins to realize the folly and futility of continuing to aimlessly wander the streets alone before deciding to search around for the hotel Terry is residing in. It is during this search that Candy and Susanna encounter each other for the first time as respectful rivals -- the latter acknowledging her feelings for Terry while the former leaves behind a commendation for the excellent exhibition before returning to the Hospital to find that her nocturnal odyssey has placed Franny and Natalie in an awkward position that nearly jeopardizes her employment. The deus ex machina sees its roots in an altruistic coachman that is well-versed in the route Terry's train will avail out of town so that Candy can catch one final glimpse of Terry.
81 Faceless Terrius
"-Gao no nai Terrius" (顔のないTerrius)
19 May 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Upon returning to Saint Joanna Hospital, Candy quickly finds that not being able to see Terry for a long time is the least of her worries as Dr. Bobson angrily orders her out of class for her tardy arrival before being frostily repulsed from volunteering her assistance with a patient who has fallen from a moving train. Upon having the patient described to her, Candy concludes that it has to have been Terry that fell from the train and races to the operating room only to have Natalie hefted unto her along with Franny barking administrative orders along with a blistering reproof. Just as Candy's inquisitive entreaties of Terry are starting to bear fruit, Eliza arrives to explain that she will be taking responsibility for Terry since his troupe did not come to see about him. Candy quickly finds that her perversion of Eliza's rejoinder is the preamble of Eliza's coercive subterfuge -- the scope of which Natalie and Judy are having demonstrated upon them. Alistear's arrival at the Hospital the next morning prompts Candy to set the ball rolling to investigate the matter while Eliza continues to throw her weight around: the »Terry« in the Hospital is actually Charlie Sanders hiding in plain sight after having broken out of prison to join the army. Candy tries to dissuade Charlie from his deception unaware that Eliza is fuming over her confrontation with Franny and has decided upon her next counterstrike after learning the truth: Candy's departure from Chicago for Eliza's silence. Candy again tries to reason with Charlie only to ultimately find that Eliza has forced her hand; the police take Charlie into custody while Candy herself finds her future in jeopardy for aiding and abetting a fugitive thanks to Eliza.
82 Flowers from the heart
"Kokoro no soko kara hana" (心の底から花)
26 May 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Things rapidly go from bad to worse as Charlie's accusations of Candy of betraying him make a huge hullabaloo while the police transport him back to prison . . . or at least they would have if not for Dr. Bobson's timely intercession which Candy capitalizes upon to begin her redemption. Unfortunately for Candy, Charlie's epiphany that Candy herself is an ally that has a couple of devious adversaries does nothing to quell his frustration at the whole situation of his uncertain future while Eliza confirms her subterfuge and appends an additional element -- Charlie's medical bill whose default will unleash the Adley family's wrath upon Pony's Home. After demonstrating that destructive repulsion attempts are ineffective alongside Dr. Bobson, Candy rushes to intercede for a patient that has made an income engine of synthesizing artificial flowers and decides to try her hand only to find that it is of much greater difficulty than initially meets the eye. Charlie confronting Candy during one of her failed attempts makes very apparent his guilt over Candy's imperiled future and that the synthesis of artificial flowers is a significant element of his prologue. His suspicions confirmed by Neil's arrival the next morning to exacerbate Eliza's earlier subterfuge and Candy trying to play it down drives Charlie to take vengeance on Candy's behalf after concluding that he has nothing left to lose. Candy and Charlie finally being honest with each other inspires the deus ex machina of Terry sending a check to resolve Charlie's medical bill along with an exposition of Terry's recent venture along with his collaborative prologue with Charlie who has been taken back to jail.
83 The ghost who played cards
"Kādo o pureigōsuto" (カードをプレイゴースト)
2 June 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After having her professional future jeopardized because of Charlie's subterfuge and hysterics, one would think that Candy would have smooth sailing from that point on now that Charlie is back in custody. Candy is writing a letter back to Pony's Home while prosecuting the night shift when she encounters a little boy named Tony Charles whose volition of her is a seemingly innocous game of poker to help pass the time only to have it demonstrated after several hands that Tony is a consummate card shark when it comes to poker. Left with a debt of 15 cents and a lot of questions, Candy begins searching around the Internal Medicine Department for information about Tony the next morning only to find that the only Tony that has been documented has been deceased for a month along with an admonition for greater vigilance from Franny who has detected her recent passtime. Unwlling to accept that he is a ghost that thinks nothing of forcing her to offer her employment as a gambling stake, Candy confronts Tony with the data she has learned that day and insists upon the truth which she has explained to her when Tony leaps to the tree and then the fence as if he has a long history of such acrobatics. Unfortunately, Candy's newfound data about Tony as an interloper is not enough to stave off the »Shape up and act your age!!!« admonition for her investigation efforts. Shocked to find that Candy is not as sweet as her name suggests during his third visit because of the foregoing aftermath, Tony confesses his prologue that confirms the data Candy already has but is forced to take shelter when Dr. Bobson shows up with the volition for Candy's company. Tony's true objective is acquiring expensive medicine for his infirm mother to avoid a stay in the hospital . . . a noble volition if not for the political aftermath it causes Candy and that the stolen medicine becomes dangerous with doses in excess of a half-gram. The deus ex machina lies in a security guard whose insight that helps quickly locate Tony's mother so that she gets the care she needs after having her stomach pumped along with Dr. Bobson's necessity-driven professional philosophy regarding medical care.
84 Angels under the shadow of war
"Tenshi sensō no kage no shita de" (天使戦争の影の下で)
16 June 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A panicking Judy rushes in on Candy and Franny prosecuting routine administrative commerce with the news that Saint Joanna Hospital has been ordered to contribute some nurses to the front line before Franny frostily explains that nothing definite has been decided yet before departing. Making a note to later take up the issue with Franny, Candy is charged an aesthetic stewardship of a former nurse named Marsha that lost a leg in the war and is upset that there are more soldiers that need the very medical attention she is having done unto her; reflecting upon the expository concourse later that night, Candy has difficulty sleeping unaware that the same can be said of Franny. The next morning, Candy races off to class to compensate for having overslept only to encounter Merry Jane whose reproof for running in the halls gives way to explicit orders for a nurse to be sent to France. Candy reflects upon Marsha's prologue from being on the battlefield along with the history she has built up with everybody important to her and decides to volunteer; just as Candy announces her decision, Merry Jane has decided upon Franny to leave for France in two days. Candy volunteers to interchange night shifts to give Franny time to resolve things with her family and friends -- something that Franny either does not understand or detect any utility for. Candy decides to have a heart-to-heart with Franny whose nuclear family of origin is a dysfunctional liability that will not mourn her if she is killed in action. The ultimate deus ex machina is that Franny begins to understand Candy's »meddling« as genuine concern for her safety while Candy realizes that Franny frostily repulsing her sympathy is an admonition that there is a point at which keeping one's family near and dear to the heart becomes counterproductive; despite Franny being too proud to embrace Candy as a friend, it becomes apparent that Franny and Candy have a cohesive professional relationship that will help them to become consummate nurses.
85 The family that bore love and hatred
"-Ai to nikushimi o un da kazoku" (愛と憎しみを産んだ家族)
30 June 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy lying awake at night unnerved at the proximity of the War as she reflects upon her collaborative prologue with Franny gives way to having it demonstrated that she is not the only one frightened for Franny's safety. Candy recalls the previous divergent concourse she prosecuted with Franny about her family prior to her departure and decides that it is wrong of Franny to not give her family the choice to be anxious for her safety; a brief database query later, Candy sets course for Franny's home. Alistear has been left the odd man out and is driving around to kill time when he encounters Candy; upon having the situation of the necessary travel distance being not at all insignificant explained to him, Alistear offers to transport Candy only for the car to malfunction. The car now ready to go, Candy has it explained that Patricia has written Alistear with the volition of nostalgic convergent concourse with her; after another layover, Alistear and Candy arrive in Franny's hometown just in time to have demonstrated for them the wild antics of Franny's brother and Governor Hamilton's inebriated shenanigans landing him in hot water with Governess Hamilton whose anguish about Franny deciding things on her own is greatly amplified when a newly-arrived care package explains Franny's war nurse deployment. Candy quickly capitalizes on the care package to refute Governess Hamilton's imputes of Franny's heartlessness. Governess Hamilton ultimately comes to understand the significance of her daughter's actions while Candy walks away with insight about Franny's nuclear family; unfortunately, Candy's intercession for Franny does little to prepare her for Albert being among the first war casualties she personally has to care for.
86 The man who forgot his past
"Kare no kako o wasurete shima~tsu ta otoko" (彼の過去を忘れてしまった男)
7 July 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After finally rousing herself from her bewilderment, Candy races off after Albert only to have the tame skunk Poope flung her way and for Dr. Leonard to explain that Albert will be housed in an unpleasant ward of the Hospital because of the suspicions of being a spy. Candy cries foul as she tries to explain her prologue with Albert which contains none of the data that helps to resolve the administrative logistics nor the political tempest caused by Charlie Sanders as evidenced by Judy and Natalie enjoining Candy's neutrality in the matter; a layover to deposit Poope later, Candy has it explained to her that Albert is collateral damage from a train in Italy being bombed when he was trying to protect Poope. Because of the limited data about Albert, Judy suspects that Albert is a spy and again enjoins Candy for her neutrality who angrily shrugs it off as she sets to her duties only to find that Albert has quickly become St. Joanna Hospital community discourse as a pariah and that there is little anybody can do unless Albert wakes up. The ambiance lightens a bit when the Cromwell brothers lead Annie through pretending to be patients in order to deliver Patricia for a visit -- that is, if their subterfuge is not first extinguished by the other nurses. Patricia's remarks about the quiescence that is America and its vast contrast of war-torn Europe get Alistear to think about offering himself for military service when Candy breaks down crying as she explains Albert's plight. Unfortunately, Alistear fuming about the injustice of the whole situation while Archibald offers his future assistance along with Annie and Patricia yields no straightforward solutions other than playing things from ear; galvanized by this conviction, Candy gathers some clean linen along with some sustenance and walks into an astonishing deus ex machina -- a wide awake but perplexed Albert that has not repudiated both Poope and her on the spot.
87 Two people's trial
"2-Nin no saiban" (2 人の裁判)
14 July 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Albert regaining consciousness enough to refrain from repulsing her compassion on the spot is cold comfort to Candy who is left with little choice but to play things by ear -- a choice that attracts Dr. Leonard's attention. While Dr. Leonard is computing how to broach the issue, Candy finds Albert hard at work trying to recall his prologue with Poope squeaking encouragement and wonders if Terry could help jog Albert's memory as she recalls the prologue the two built in London. The situational logistics thereof are easier contemplated than conducted when Terry has explained to him that there will be an audition for »Romeo and Juliet«. Susanna is galvanized at the prospect of playing Juliet with Terry as Romeo oblivious to that epilogue's high-precision nature as Terry races off to verify Susanna's advisory with thoughts of entertaining Candy while playing Romeo. Candy's euphoria at learning of this volition is tempered by having to navigate the office politics necessary for a leave of absence -- easier said than done considering Dr. Leonard's caustic reproof of Candy's subterfuge in defiance of the rules. Reeling from Dr. Leonard's »Pass the test -- or else!!!« admonition, the aggrieved Candy fiercely sets to her studies only to find that Albert has fallen into melancholy from her absence. Be it the nurse qualification or the prominent Romeo role, Candy and Terry ultimately find that they have no choice but to exert their utmost effort without regard to the ensuing epilogue.
88 The day we fly towards the sky
"-Bi wareware wa sora ni mukatte tobu" (日我々は空に向かって飛ぶ)
21 July 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy exerts her utmost effort to do her job amid the ambiance of the nurse qualification test as she acknowledges her anxiety for both Terry's professional future along with her own. Meanwhile in New York, Terry is elated that he has secured the Romeo role with Susanna as Juliet but is shocked to learn that his mother Eleanor Baker has sat in on the audition and possibly polluted the politics. Terry inquiring the director about this prospect is the preamble for having it explained that there is no potential for any subterfuge in showbiz and that an actor's career expires when his talent does. While Terry reiterates his resolve for a professional career that rivals his mother's, Candy's elation at Terry attaining the Romeo role is enhanced by having it explained that all the students of the Merry Jane Nursing School have successfully conquered the nurse qualification test including Franny, as an unexpected bonus, Merry Jane has even arrived to personally award the competency certificates to Candy along with Natalie, Judy, and Eleanor with the admonition that their real professional journey begins in earnest from that point forward. While Merry Jane reads Candy the riot act for her conduct and enjoins the best of her as Pony's Home is celebrating the milestone, Alistear has decided to congratulate Candy by conscripting her into the maiden test flight of a biplane of his own design. Candy naturally panics into running away but to no avail as Alistear is not taking no for an answer; while the test flight starts off well, Alistear's biplane is not immune to malfunctioning at the most inopportune moment as is usually the case with Alistear's other inventions. Candy's aerial adventure ultimately does very little to prepare her for a big surprise when she returns to St. Joanna's Hospital -- Albert gone without a trace.
89 The vanished Mr. Albert
"Misutā Arubāto kie ta" (ミスターアルバート消えた)
28 July 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Bewildered but more so frightened for Albert's safety considering his melancholy, Candy rushes off to thoroughly search the Hospital before reasoning that not enough time has passed for Albert to have traveled very far on foot. Archibald is bawling out Neil for his clumsy driving when the panicked Candy races onto the scene; upon having the situation explained to them, Alistear and Archibald acknowledge their culpability as they accompany Candy in her search. Things look up when Candy remembers Albert's affinity for natural areas and sets course for the city park where she finds Albert reflecting on his recent prologue after the clouds clear from the moon. After she finishes her »Do not ever repeat this!!!« tantrum, Candy explains her prologue with Albert who is grateful for her help and postpones his journey upon remembering how he felt when near Candy who finds that housing Albert is easier said than done thanks to Dr. Leonard's conversion of the ward into a storage room. Candy ultimately learns that the rehabilitation a patient undergoes is far more about the resolute perseverance of the patient rather than where he is housed.
90 A small castle in the outskirts
"Kōgai no chīsana shiro" (郊外の小さな城)
11 August 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy gets a smoky demonstration of very mercenary capitalism as she is refused yet again while searching for a place to house Albert so that he can concentrate on getting his memory back. After being harshly refused by Mr. Thomas who appears to be a sympathetic and reasonable landlord, Candy recalls how Albert used to sleep outside and suggests spending the night in the park -- the folly thereof demonstrated when a pair of hoodlums accosts for money. Albert deftly repels the hoodlums while Candy recalls his intercession for Terry back in London and unsuccessfully tries to coach him through recalling Terry. The hoodlums driven into a panicked retreat, Candy has explained to her the Cromwell brothers' intercession on her behalf with Mr. Thomas. Albert having a residence is cold comfort to Dr. Leonard becoming suspicious of Candy's decision to reside with Albert as a house nurse; even with Dr. Leonard in the dark, the cohabitation proves to have many complex logistics -- one of which takes the form of a jealous Susanna Marlowe deciding to keep from Terry a letter Candy wrote explaining the whole situation with Albert. Unfortunately for Candy, Susanna's conscience eventually winning out and Terry not being hostile to the cohabitation ultimately does very little to compensate for Dr. Leonard bringing things to a head with the dangerous opportunity he gives her.
91 Far from reach but near at hand
"Kyokutō han'i ga chikaikara te de" (極東範囲が近いから手で)
18 August 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Even as Candy tries to shrug it off, Dr. Leonard's ultimatum continues to be the elephant in the room as she returns to find that Albert has happily prepared dinner for the two and decides to embrace the moment. The next morning, Candy races off to St. Joanna's in a desperate bid to exhort clemency from Dr. Leonard who references a war nurse named Catherine in his refusal to reinstate her. Dr. Leonard quickly detects Candy's subsequent subterfuge and is none too pleased with the attempt; fortunately, Candy sees her deus ex machina in the charge nurse rushing in with the news of Catherine's battlefield demise and makes a hasty retreat to the nurse's station where she finds reinforcements for her subsequent attempt. Now back on the Hospital payrolls and her diurnal workload reconfigured, Candy decides to surprise Albert with the good news -- or would have if he were not nowhere to be seen. While prowling the streets in search of Albert, Candy intercedes for Neil against a trio of street thugs who is not exactly appreciative but has been given pause to reflect on his conduct. While Susanna realizes her love for Terry, Candy ultimately finds that the irony of the situation is that she had only to await Albert's return home from work.
92 A love-shock therapy
"-Ai shōgeki ryōhō no" (愛衝撃療法の)
25 August 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Susanna bolsters her protests against Candy being invited to New York with examples of her prologue with Terry starting back from when he was searching around for Strasford Theatre up to when she deceptively sent Candy away when the Troupe was in Chicago. While Terry tries to put into perspective Susanna's feelings about him along with his feelings for Candy, Candy is bootstrapping herself for another workday at the hospital when Albert spots Patricia out in front anguished that Alistear has decided to join the army and go to war. Alistear's car noisily malfunctioning in front of the Hospital sets the stage for Candy to unsuccessfully object Alistear's enlistment and decide upon availing shock therapy to help Albert regain his memory; several practical jokes on Candy's part along with a disruptive train accident simulation on Alistear's part later, Candy has it explained that Alistear wishes Albert's assistance in convincing Elroy to support his enlistment. Patricia weeps as the situation continues to deteriorate and is hardly thrilled about going on a picnic with everybody; still, even with the van malfunctioning and Alistear's invention malfunctioning, the ultimate irony is that it is this very picnic that becomes the deus ex machina for Candy learning the prologue of her landlord along with Alistear finally understanding how Patricia feels and Albert continuing to recover.
93 A Cupid with wrinkles
"Kyūpiddo o to shi wa" (キューピッドをとしわ)
1 September 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A vivacious divergent concourse extinguishes Patricia's euphoric nocturnal engagement with her friends Annie and Candy when Patricia finds that her grandmother Marsha has taken up an iconoclastic hobby. Marsha wielding Patricia's intercession as the deus ex machina to make a hasty egress gives way to Patricia having the whole situation explained to her while being entrusted with Marsha's compensation; a delicious meal later, Patricia's relief at Alistear having sworn off going to war quickly dissipates when she sees Marsha laboring on the road. Along with discovering the next morning that Marsha is also a custodian at the Hospital, Candy is shocked at Marsha's aristocratic childhood prologue and how Marsha plans to play Cupid with both Candy and Terry. Unfortunately, as per Murphy's Law, Marsha's plan ends up with Patricia on a train that has broken down in Pittsburgh and Marsha at the point where she no longer has the choice about how to live her life. While the Cromwell brothers retrieve the marooned Patricia with the news of Marsha being in a bad way, the ultimate silver lining lies in all of Marsha's co-worker friends rallying together for her swift recovery and that Patricia has brought back a poster of Terry.
94 A fellow traveler
"Tabi no michizure" (旅の道連れ)
8 September 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Despite their sour collaborative prologue together, Dr. Leonard charges Candy the delivery of some important documents to Dr. Kreis in Florida before she can have her leave to New York. Albert encouraging Candy to have a good journey tomorrow before teasing her in fun gives way to an escort stewardship of a little boy named Gilbert whose anguishing prologue has spawned a vendetta against all medical personnel. When pressed for more details, Gilbert explains that Dr. Leonard once treated his father to resolve a cancerous tumor that was allowed to fester into a mortal phenomenon and decides to get even by stealing the documents that Candy is responsible for. Now guilty for what he is forcing Candy to do, Gilbert tries to stop her and only succeeds when the conductor exhorts medical assistance on behalf of an infirm child named Carrie. Even as Candy does what she can, Carrie's medical emergency requires far more than what is available on a train. The ultimate irony is that the layover proves to be the ideal opportunity for Candy to search for a doctor to help Carrie; an agonizing operation later at the local clinic, Carrie's survival is secured and Candy meets an old rival of Dr. Leonard that acknowledges her prowess along with Gilbert that has a new perspective of his father's final days.
95 A beautiful rival
"Utsukushii raibaru" (美しいライバル)
15 September 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Carrie now having made headway on the road to recovery after her operation, Candy resumes her southward journey with Gilbert whose grousing about not having the choice to stay in Florida prompts Candy to interject a more comprehensive perspective on the matter -- especially when the train goes through a tunnel. While searching Dr. Kreis, Candy's reverie of admiring the Florida scenery and of the seventh heaven experienced by the Pony's Home orphans should this scenery be before them abruptly gives way to the shock that her delivery trip is not going to be a quick in-and-out operation if Dr. Kreis and his child relative Karen have their way. It seems that Karen is quite upset that Susanna is a far better politician than actress -- and that Candy has done her job as confidante a bit too well as Karen has decided to detain Candy until the conclusion of the New York show. While Candy assists Gilbert in delivering the morning newspapers, the deus ex machina that ultimately emancipates her from Karen's confinement is Susanna's selfless intercession for Terry against some falling stage equipment that costs Susanna her right leg and the »Juliet« role that Karen has been coveting.
96 An invitation with a one-way ticket
"Katamichi kōkū-ken de shōtai-jō" (片道航空券で招待状)
22 September 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Deviating from the standard fare between them, Dr. Leonard commends Candy for courier commerce well done before teasing her about her payload of oranges as he sends her on her way home where Candy has it explained that Terry has sent the invitation to the Broadway exhibition of »Romeo and Juliet« along with a train ticket. While Candy is in seventh heaven as she muses over her prologue while she does some housework, Terry is in the doghouse with Susanna's mother as he struggles to resolve his guilt for Susanna's intercession on his behalf. If that is not enough, Terry also has demonstrated before him the showbiz proverb »The show must go on« as he watches the preparatory stage work for another rehearsal. Candy is in such excitement over her upcoming journey that she overlooks the Cromwell brothers following her along with Patricia and Annie who want to have a farewell dinner for her. Eliza derides Candy enjoying an ice cream cone as she shares her volition for the same Broadway show only to find that it has no effect as the two Leagan siblings depart. While Candy has a wonderful evening with her friends, the ultimate silver lining is Neil finally has respect for Candy and Terry is finally able to resolve things with Susanna only to find that she has lost her human spirit along with her leg.
97 The long awaited reunion
"Taibō no saikai" (待望の再会)
29 September 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While resolving the aftermath of the farewell party, Albert teases Candy for thinking about Terry before he sends her off to bed while volunteering to finish the dishes. While Candy prepares herself for a good night's sleep, Alistear is working on a music box when Archibald inquires him about whether Candy will return to Chicago from her trip. The next morning, Candy hastily sets course for the train station where she finds Alistear who presents her with the music box he has been working on. Alistear is frightened that Candy will discard everything for proximity to Terry in New York considering what he knows of her human fallibility; in spite of an awkward silence between the two adolescents, what needs to be said gets said as the train pulls out of the station. During the train ride, Candy splits her energies between speculating on her reunion with Terry and marveling the sunrise that greets her when she wakes up from her nap on the train; a comical scavenger hunt later, Candy finds Terry hiding in plain sight as she is hastily led out of the station. Although Terry is genuinely happy to see her and has even taking to conducting himself like a gentleman in spite of some playful derision that goes a bit too far, it is not long before Candy ultimately detects that something is seriously amiss with Terry who is still grappling with his guilt for Susanna's intercession.
98 Heart-racing curtain rising
"Hāto rēsu kāten no jōshō"" (ハートレースカーテンの上昇)
6 October 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After a brief visit for nostalgia's sake, Terry escorts Candy to her hotel room before he sets course for his final rehearsal. There is no question that Candy suspects that there is something bothering Terry who has gotten into a divergent concourse with his colleagues who have made the same observation; still, Terry has his own reasons for the deception as he turns his steps homeward while resolving to exert his best efforts in the play tomorrow -- and would have if not for a note reproving his failure to visit Susanna that day. The next morning, Candy sets course for the theater with some flowers for Terry when she encounters Neil along with Eliza and Governess Leagan who are unwilling to accept that she has been invited as a guest fair and square; a frenzied but fruitless search to collect the halves of her ticket later, Candy finds to her shock that excuses and rational explanations come a dime a dozen when she is denied admission. Candy's attempt to sneak in the back door almost succeeds on its own; the deus ex machina that perfects it is Karen's intercession. Now inside the theater, Candy acquires clues leading to what Terry is keeping from her and ultimately decides to resolve things with Susanna woman to woman.
99 Separation on a snowy day
"Bunri-setsu no hi ni" (分離雪の日に)
13 October 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After a pit stop to the hotel to interchange her clothes, Candy's mad dash to St. Jacobs Hospital obfuscates Susanna coming to the realization that she loves Terry far too much to guilt-trip him into foregoing his romance with Candy; an awkward moment of hysterics on the part of Susanna's mother when she detects the wild goose chase later, a frenzied search finds that the suicidal Susanna has made her way to the roof. While Susanna imagines herself as Juliet when she finds that Romeo has poisoned himself as she prepares to throw herself off the roof, Candy rushes in on the scene just in time to dissuade her. The ultimate silver lining in this struggle is that both Susanna and Candy are truly understanding each other's aversion for Terry suffering any more than he already has; Candy acknowledges Susanna's dedication to Terry is far greater than hers and decides to excuse herself from the resultant love triangle as she prepares herself for the train ride back to Chicago.
100 The platform of sorrow
"Kanashimi no purattofōmu" (悲しみのプラットフォーム)
20 October 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The return trip back to Chicago on the train proves more stressful in more ways than one as Candy begins to wonder why she even came to Broadway as she feels a fever setting in and decides to take a nap. After yielding her seat on the train and playing the music box to placate a baby, Candy goes off alone into the vestibule to reflect upon her recent break-up with Terry before her fever becomes too much for her to stay conscious. Candy recovers herself somewhat only to find that her near-successful contraction of pneumonia stands shoulder to shoulder with Alistear's enlistment in the army whose possibly fatal aspects have Patricia beside herself in anguish; if that is not enough, Grand-Aunt Elroy arrives to visit unto Candy her anxiety for Alistear's safety as she charges Candy eternal exile from the Adley family estate and calls a family meeting upon the Leagan siblings' return. The irony in this is that while he gets right to the heart of the matter when he remarks that Candy would not have been happy with Terry abandoning Susanna, Albert ultimately ends up adding to her anguish when he wanders into the path of a hit-and-run motorist.
101 A thread of subtle recollections
"Bimyō na omoide no sureddo" (微妙な思い出のスレッド)
27 October 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Upon being awakened by a hysterical neighbor with the news that Albert has been hit by a car, Candy rushes over to Happy Clinic where she is dismayed to find that Albert is being cared for in a rather substandard medical facility administrated by the carefree but knowledgeable Dr. Martin who does not think that Albert's non-cranial injuries are very serious; while asleep, Albert recalls the details of the train accident that took his memory away. While Albert recognizes Candy right away as he offers his sweater to help resolve her bad cold as he accompanies her home, Candy's psychological needs to help her get over Terry are not as straightforward; still, Candy is not shy about obfuscating her worries through a heavy workload that even a stern taskmaster like Dr. Leonard cannot ignore as he wonders what has come over Candy. Archibald paying a lunchtime visit with Annie and Patricia to deliver a letter from Alistear of military life being more demanding than he expected sets the stage for stumbling upon the heart of the matter with Terry much to Candy's anguish; the ultimate irony is that Dr. Leonard has somehow reasoned that Candy could use an opportunity to broaden her horizons away from St. Joanna's Hospital -- if Candy heeds Albert's counsel to keep her head in the game.
102 The cross on Pony's Hill
"Ponī no oka no jūjika" (ポニーの丘の十字架)
3 November 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While riding en route to the Graytown construction site, the train is forced into a quarter-hour layover because of Tom guiding his bovine herd back to his farm on the other side of the tracks; Mina's slobbery greeting gives way to Tom's earnest but unsuccessful injunction against going to Graytown because of the criminals and difficult conditions there. Frightened for Candy's safety, Tom explains that Sister Pony is in a bad way as he takes Candy to get a horse so she can ride to Pony's Home; Candy cresting Pony's Hill and seeing Pony's Home quickly gives way to encountering a wooden cross with Sister Pony's name on it. Upon Sister Lane explaining the cross as a coping mechanism on the part of an orphan named Bob, Candy composing her own rave review becomes the preamble for learning Bob's prologue of illiteracy along with Tom's deception; after some computation, Candy wields Bob's iconoclastic coping mechanism to her advantage with a commission to construct a signboard for the Graytown Clinic. Sisters Pony and Lane are frightened for Candy's safety while in Graytown but ultimately realize that a ship is not built to sit in the harbor.
103 A long and life-risking journey
"To seimei o kiken ni sarasu nagai tabi" (と生命を危険にさらす長い旅)
10 November 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In spite of the Pony's Home community injunction against traveling to Graytown, the divide between Candy's personal safety and her professional career of humanitarian service at Pony's Home does nothing to change the necessity or nature of the situation in Graytown. Candy sets off once again towards Graytown only to find that Kurin has stowed away and that there is an elderly gentleman called Kurin that explains the necessity of Candy moving toward the front of the train if she wishes passage to Graytown. It is not long before Candy and Kurin find that the journey to Graytown stands shoulder-to-shoulder with their previous adventures when they discover a wanted criminal on the train and no conductor to help them; if that was not enough, the stationmaster inadvertently endangers Candy's life by taking her into an active blasting zone administrated by a foreman that cares more for the equipment than his workers and has similar contempt for nurses. The ultimate silver lining in the hostile welcome Candy gets is the »wanted criminal« Dr. Kerry taking Candy under her wing to capitalize upon the deus ex machina of a worker being injured in a blasting accident.
104 A clinic that doesn't need angels
"Tenshi o hitsuyō to shi nai shinryō-sho" (天使を必要としない診療所)
17 November 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Even after a successful surgery, Candy finds that there is much in Graytown that raises some red flags such as the men automatically assuming that accidents are always fatal and that a doctor is always fed much better than a nurse; while the foreman fumes at his persecution being thwarted as he computes his next move, Candy discovers that Dr. Kerry has a prologue of her own involving her brother Arthur being declared a criminal for challenging an unjust termination. Even though Arthur has not broken any laws, Dr. Kerry wants to explain to him that being a fugitive will only aggravate the problem that quickly ends up taking a back seat to finding that all the workers have decided to avail themselves of the TLC that Candy has somehow been known for the next morning. Unfortunately for the prankster workers, Candy has learned how to detect this kind of subterfuge; perverting the workers' practical joke to their detriment with the help of the foreman gives way to Candy's euphoric account of her adventures in Graytown so far. While Dr. Kerry being galvanized into rushing to the rescue by Archibald and Annie's encounter with Arthur in Chicago during their home commute is not exactly according to the Foreman's plan, it ultimately isolates Candy into an ambush in the tunnels where she is captured.
105 A kind fugitive
"Shurui tōbō-sha" (種類逃亡者)
24 November 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In spite of the overwhelmingly dystopian epilogue of her continued recalcitrance, Candy obdurately refuses to capitulate to the Foreman's departure demands; while the complacent Foreman divides his energies between gouging himself and gloating about his victory, Kurin somehow senses something amiss with Candy whose emancipation ignites a frenzied chase sequence -- the zenith of which is the Foreman's dog McKinley cornering Candy. Even with Arthur's intercession abating the Foreman's vendetta with her for the moment, Candy promises to not blow the whistle on him oblivious to the fact that she may soon have the choice taken away from her if Eliza has things her way. In an absolute twist of irony, McKinley falling ill forces the Foreman to eat humble pie as he entreats Candy a medical intercession for McKinley -- the wages thereof a hearty breakfast for both Candy and Arthur the next morning compliments of the very grateful Foreman. While the medical intercession to catalyze McKinley's recovery has helped him to fit in at the Graytown construction site, Arthur ultimately cannot extinguish the declaration of a fugitive murderer nor the fate of souring the professional and personal fortunes of any good Samaritan that tries to help him -- especially Candy who is an authentic philanthropist with devious enemies.
106 Yet another murderer
"Shika shi,-betsu no satsujin" (しかし、別の殺人)
1 December 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While still having a ways to go, McKinley has no qualms about repaying Arthur's medical intercession on his behalf by alerting him to the presence of his injured sister -- an emergency that the Foreman and the other workers are eager to assist in resolving. While the workers compute a perspective of Dr. Kerry's true gender before Kurin growls a »Keep that sexism in the barn, boys!!!« admonition, Arthur is shocked to have explained to him that a pair of tithingmen is on its way to capture him; if that is not enough, the Foreman is enraged at this data being kept from him and orders Arthur's capture much to Dr. Kerry's anguish. The deus ex machina that ironically works in Arthur's favor is that Graytown is a dead end; neither the tithingmen nor Arthur can go anywhere unless the tunnel is finished -- a task completed in record time. Arthur and Dr. Kerry's successful escape from being arrested for their criminal conduct obfuscates the ultimate irony of Arthur not being the only fugitive in Graytown who accidentally killed somebody; the cook Margot killed an inebriate while trying to protect her daughter Belle.
107 A special menu for one hundred people
"100-Nin no tame no tokubetsu menyū" (100人のための特別メニュー)
8 December 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While Candy tries to compile compassionate counsel for her, Belle is distraught at Margot being arrested for protecting her as a baby; if that is not enough, Graytown is left without a cook even if Belle does her best to put on a brave face. Meanwhile back in Chicago, Eliza is shocked to find that the joke is on her when her subterfuge has backfired on her as she finds herself facing a very upset Archibald; unfortunately for Belle, Eliza facing the music does nothing to change the fact that she cannot stay in Graytown with no guardian to take responsibility for her. In spite of her best efforts in this arena, Candy's inability to do both Margot's job and hers even with Belle helping her quickly extinguishes any prospect of productive recalcitrance against the Foreman charging transportation of Belle into the city to find a foster family for her along with a replacement cook; the next morning, Candy divides her energies between grappling with her conscience and keeping a happy face for Belle who thinks that she is going to Margot. The train out of Graytown being behind schedule ultimately becomes the ironic deus ex machina for Candy to follow her conscience in taking Belle back home and solving the problem of feeding the workers when Annie and Archibald offer their assistance undaunted by the large number of people to be fed; even with the workers feasting happily on the fruits of their labor, Belle is not as easily appeased as she sneaks away.
108 Sounds of joy roar in the valley
"Yorokobi no gōon no tani no oto" (喜びの轟音の谷の音)
15 December 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A session of clumsy trial and error with the train controls quickly gives way to the train driving the terrified Belle on a wild chase through the construction site until Candy counsels Belle through safely bringing the runaway train to a halt; while Annie feels guilty about living the good life while Candy is working, Eliza is none too pleased to have explained Annie and Archibald's subterfuge as she initiates her counterstrike. Annie is shocked at being ordered back to Chicago with Archibald whose immediate detection of it as Eliza's treachery does little to prepare Candy for the dangerous opportunity the Foreman gives her: Alaska or the unemployment line. The return of the exhausted but exonerated Margot ignites the ultimate deus ex machina of Belle being able to stay in Graytown and Archibald's constructive office politics on Candy's behalf; as an unexpected bonus, Candy is asked to do the honors of blasting out the final wall before being thrown a farewell party where she is given amended transfer orders complete with a week's vacation.
109 The tears of the little cowboy
"Chīsana kaubōi no namida" (小さなカウボーイの涙)
22 December 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After the adventure in Graytown, one would think that Candy would have a nice relaxing vacation at Pony's Home prior to her return commute back to Chicago as Sisters Pony and Lane explain Candy the fruits of an exercise to illustrate future ambitions exhorted of the kids; unfortunately as is usually the case, drama proves to be an inseparable traveling companion to Candy wherever she goes. Governor Cartwright approaches Pony's Home with the news that Jimmy has taken a fancy to being a soldier that has left a lot of the chores on the farm undone in favor of leading the other orphans through games of trench warfare not unlike that being done in Europe during World War I; while Candy turns her steps to confront him, Jimmy decides to demonstrate his prowess with handling a rifle but ends up instigating a cattle stampede that ignites the epiphany within Jimmy that he has been making sport of a serious phenomenon that kills people if properly utilized. Unfortunately for Jimmy, extreme guilt is not enough to inspire any clemency from Candy who finds that Jimmy's ignorance is a far more difficult repair job than the property damage of the stampede; an obdurate »Do not toy with me!!!« slap across the chops later, Candy explains the bruised Jimmy the data he lacks about warfare's brutal aftermath along with that of all the cattle injured from the stampede.
110 The troublesome love
"Yakkai na ai" (厄介な愛)
29 December 1978 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Upon arriving back home in Chicago, Candy is overjoyed at the prospect of seeing Albert and her co-workers at Saint Joanna Hospital where she hopes to hit the ground running the next morning such as Neil driving recklessly through town prior to causing a scene when he wrecks the car. Candy's good Samaritan intercession throws Neil off guard and raises some questions about his long-standing »vendetta« with Candy who ends up the grudge of a cranky bulldog that chases her all over the place. In an attempt to resolve his conflicted feelings, Neil tries to court Candy on her job the next morning not realizing that the endeavor being repulsed is the repercussion of his childhood persecution; unfortunately for Candy, Eliza is frightened of losing her partner-in-crime and cares nothing that Candy has nothing to do with why Neil feels the way he does as she tries to compute an apparatus for wrecking Candy's micro-economy. Capitalizing upon Grandfather William's ill health and reasoning that Candy's legal status as an Adley family citizen will expire when Grandfather William does, Eliza first tries to play matchmaker for Neil before exhorting Governess Leagan's assistance to ultimately threaten the Hospital's micro-economy which will throw everybody out of work unless Dr. Leonard unjustly purges Candy from the payrolls -- an action that will obliterate Candy's micro-economy since no other hospital will employ her because she has such vindictive and bloodthirsty adversaries.
111 The memories come back
"Kioku ga modotte kuru" (記憶が戻ってくる)
5 January 1979 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As the shock begins to subside, it becomes apparent that Dr. Leonard is not acting of his own volition as he gets right to the heart of the matter: Candy's dysfunctional relationship with the Leagan family. Albert collapsing at work from the shock of fully recouping his lost memories at long last, Candy lashing out at Neil while computing what to do next, Neil finally seeing the light as to the monsters Eliza and Governess Leagan have become . . . none of this is any preparation for things to come to a head when Dr. Martin somehow figures out the truth prior to an anxious lion lashing out at Albert. Candy's employment problems a thing of the past, Candy is shocked when Neil waylays her with the news of Terry abandoning his acting career that ultimately gives way to Albert accompanying Candy to a picnic lunch after having acquired a better-suited job; as an additional unexpected bonus, Candy also acquires an opportunity to see Terry again.
112 Their own love
"Jibun no ai" (自分の愛)
12 January 1979 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy's excitement at the prospect of again seeing Terry turns to disgust as she finds that isolating her in the lakeside villa is by Neil's intentional design as an attempt to »win« her love to avoid an arranged marriage. As has been demonstrated in the past, Candy repulses Neil's overture as she bellows him his childhood persecution of her in an explosive tirade that causes Neil to hold her prisoner in the villa thinking that he holds all the cards; a harrowing plunge to the lake later, Candy defeats Neil's coercion as she swims away to make her way back home when she encounters Albert en route complete with motor transportation along with a change of clothes and a compassionate ear. Albert's internal worries and Dr. Martin teasing Candy the next morning quickly gives way to an elderly couple with some disturbing observations that inspire a »not quite adding up« sensation that compels Candy to investigate the Animal Institute where the workers have no idea who Albert is; Candy continuing to compute this data as she works obfuscates the real truth: Albert being a secret agent of the Grandchester family. The ultimate zenith of this subterfuge is when Albert is shocked to find Terry in a saloon where he has been drowning away in alcohol his anguish of having broken up with Candy; several »Get a grip on yourself right now!!!« cranial jolts later, Albert demonstrates Terry the fruits of Candy's optimistic perseverance that inspires Terry to return to the theater.
113 A man leaves
"Otoko wa ha" (男は葉)
19 January 1979 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Candy sleeps after a particular harrowing day at work, Albert computes how to interpret the complete recovery of his memories and concludes that he must take responsibility for himself instead of continuing to rely on Candy's goodwill; in spite of a small mistake on Poope's part, Albert successfully steals away in the middle of the night with Poope after leaving behind a letter relaying his gratitude for everything she has done. Candy's feverish but fruitless search for Albert obfuscates the fact that the adversarial divergent concourse in the Leagan family over whether Candy should be forced to marry Neil or completely driven from the Chicago macro-economy like what Governess Leagan and Eliza are after has never been more prominent. A chance encounter with Patricia puts things into perspective when a letter from Alistear describes his newfound enlightenment about war along with how a fellow soldier died in his arms. As per the available data and Patricia's fears, Alistear being slain during an aerial dogfight ultimately inflames the Adley family politics of hating Candy who is mourning Alistear alongside Annie and Archibald; in an attempt to honor Alistear, Patricia boards a southbound train to her parents in Florida with her grandmother Marsha.
114 The day to meet the Uncle
"Hi ga ankuru o mitasu tame ni" (日がアンクルを満たすために)
26 January 1979 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sitting alone in her now-empty apartment, Candy reflects upon the injustice of the circumstances as she grapples for some kind of satisfactory perspective when she comes upon an advertisement in the newspaper about how the elusive Grandfather William is interested in coming above-ground. While Candy reflects on the adventures that she has had as an Adley family citizen since her adoption along with the fact that she has never met her benefactor, Governess Leagan's searing reproof of her son's poor judgment in choosing to marry »that girl« becomes the forum for Eliza to define the contemporary social mechanics that govern the aristocrats; unfortunately for Neil, Candy seems to have sensed this dynamic when she repulses yet another overture for her hand in marriage. Bristling at Candy successfully defeating every act of subterfuge she could muster and that she has attracted Neil's attention away from her as her partner-in-crime, Eliza appeals to her family government to make Candy's marriage to Neil a direct order from Grandfather William. Candy's personal perspective of Grandfather William's behavior toward her over the years proves to be the ultimate skeleton key to accurately illuminate this as yet another of Eliza's traps on Neil's behalf; a couple of car rides and a handful of sympathetic allies later, Candy finds herself in Lakewood with her mysterious benefactor Grandfather William who she hopes will see the light of his folly.
115 The flowers bloom on Pony's Hill
"Ponī no oka ni hana ga saku" (ポニーの丘に花が咲く)
2 February 1979 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Candy is thunderstruck to have it demonstrated that her benefactor »Grandfather« William Albert Adley has been hiding in plain sight before her the whole time back from when she was in anguish over Annie being adopted away from Pony's Home. Albert explains Candy his prologue of the purgatory of Albert being too young for the desperately-needed role of the Adley family heir which led to the dexterous application of the principle »Deceive your allies to fool your adversaries« while Candy recalls her white-water misadventure attempt to return to Pony's Home that landed her right into Albert's arms for the first time. It seems that Alistear, Archibald, and Anthony did not want to put all their eggs in one basket by leaving it up to the Grand-Aunt whether Candy is treated as a person or a pariah in the Adley family; as an added bonus, Albert notes how closely Candy resembles Anthony's mother as the two prosecute a father-daughter concourse that is an effective digest of the entire series. Candy's arranged marriage annulled and the »prince on the hilltop« mystery solved, Albert enthralls the kids with his Scottish attire and his bagpipes while Candy leads Archibald and Annie in a race to Pony's Home where a banquet has been prepared that ultimately demonstrates the lesson that the best way to honor the loved ones that have died or are otherwise unavailable is by leading a productive and ethical life.


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