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The following is a list of episodes for Blassreiter, which had been released on Japanese television and on to three internet video providers including BOST, CrunchyRoll and Youtube on 5 April 2008 by GDH.[1][2][3] It is directed by Ichiro Itano and written by Yasuko Kobayashi.[4] The show had aired 24 episodes from April 5 to September 27, 2008. Blassreiter had been previously aired on TV by AT-X, Chiba TV, Sun TV, TV Kanagawa and TV Saitama.[4] A North American release by Funimation Entertainment has been announced.[5]

Set in the near future Germany, it portrays hideous demonic being called Demoniacs or Amalgams on the prowl on German soil attacking civilians and were said to be from the dead. The Bundezpolizei establishes an anti-Demoniac unit called the Xenogenesis Assault Team, armed with military-grade weapons and equipment to protect the German populace from Demoniacs and to spearhead anti-Demoniac operations. Individuals who are able to control the Demoniac powers and use them to fight against them on their own terms or to destroy the world are called Blassreiters.

Prior to airing of the show, GONZO Studios and Nitro+ had posted a promotional movie of Blassreiter on their website.[6][7]

GRANRODEO announced on their website's information page entry dated on April 4, 2008 that the OP song of Blassreiter, "Detarame na Zanzō", would be included in their upcoming album Not for Sale, which would be released on May 14, 2008.[8] On Aki Misato's website on 29 February 2008, she announced that she would be doing the ending song of Blassreiter, "sad rain", with a planned release of a Blassreiter ED soundtrack on May 14, 2008.[9]

Minami Kuribayashi's song "unripe hero" is used as the opening theme from episode 15 to 24[10] with Kanako Itō's "A Wish for the Stars" is used as the ending theme after episode 13 right up to the end.[11] For the final episode, the opening uses scenes from the previous episodes and the song plays the second verse and chorus instead of the first.


# Episode Name Original air date English Airdate[citation needed]
1 Prelude to Despair
"Zetsubō no Hajimari" (絶望の始まり)
5 April 2008 August 27, 2010
A few years ago in a motorbike race, a Demoniac attacks German policeman stationed at the racing track before it took control of an ambulance and attacked several of the competitors. Motorbike star Gerd Frentzen faces off against the Demoniac before armed XAT officers cordon the area. An unknown being in his Blassreiter form appears and kills the Demoniac. In the process, Gerd was injured and was paralyzed down from his waist. Most of his team was forced to disband due to the attack, making Gerd depressed. However, a mysterious doctor offers Gerd a pill which restored his ability to walk and gave him Blassreiter abilities. He killed his first Demoniac during an XAT-led operation to track down a Demoniac hiding from an industrial complex.
2 The Price of Glory
"Eiyo no Taika" (栄誉の対価)
12 April 2008 August 30, 2010
XAT begins to conduct surveillance on Gerd after discovering that he has Blassreiter powers, despite being popular with the German public over his recovery and his elimination of Demoniacs two nights ago. While heading back to meet with Jill Hoffmann, an old flame of Gerd's from his motorbike days, he finds out that she had an affair with his manager Matthew Grant. He transform to his Blassreiter form over his rage in seeing Jill with another man, but was pursued by XAT and the same being appeared before Gerd. But due to the lack of control over his power, Gerd crashes off a cliff and his bike is destroyed in an explosion.
3 The Infection Spreads
"Kansen kakudai" (感染拡大)
19 April 2008 August 31, 2010
Despite efforts to locate Gerd's possible corpse, all efforts have so far failed aside from locating his ruined motorbike. XAT had isolated Jill and Matthew after they came into contact with Gerd's Blassreiter form. However, the latter had turned into a Demoniac after he had been exposed to some of Gerd's blood when he had stabbed him the other night. He had been killed by Joseph Jobson, the one who had appeared in the racing circuit and killed a Demoniac before he had killed Matthew. He was able to escape XAT pursuit after being declared as a high priority target by Wolf Göring.
4 Under Siege
"Hōimō" (包囲網)
26 April 2008 September 1, 2010
XAT is mobilized into action when multiple Demoniacs appeared in several town blocks and attacked armed German policeman, which forced Joseph to intervene in his Blassreiter form when some of the XAT operatives hold him responsible for massacring some of the policemen. His actions brought Amanda Werner to question whether Joseph is really XAT's enemy. Meanwhile, Gerd had survived the crash and was seen killing a motorcycle-possessed Demoniac. Jill's condition after making contact with Gerd's blood becomes worse, forcing Wolf to issue orders on having her heavily sedated.
5 The Disdained
"Utomareshi mono" (疎まれし者)
3 May 2008 September 2, 2010
Gerd confronts Igor, with the latter attacking him before he was temporarily incapacitated. Jill had been transferred under XAT escort as precaution before she turns into a Demoniac and attacks the escort team. Gerd confronts and kills the Demoniac Jill, while being under the eye of the media before he takes out the media chopper from above. When Hermann Saltza tries to give Gerd the letter Malek Yildrim Werner wrote to him, Gerd angrily takes off, knowing that he isn't the hero that some people think of him anymore.
6 The Song that Pities the Demon
"Akuma o awaremu uta" (悪魔を憐れむ歌)
10 May 2008 September 3, 2010
Gerd confronts Joseph, both in their Blassreiter forms when Gerd asks Joseph to do him a small favor. Tensions between Amanda and Malek develop over the latter's bullying problems and his constant absence from school when Hermann comes to Amanda's apartment and pleads with Malek to come with him and see his racing idol. After Gerd meets up with Malek and Hermann, his Demoniac powers were out of control when he recognized them as Demoniacs and tried to kill them. Joseph appears and executes Gerd in his Blassreiter form as the latter pleaded with him to give him a mercy killing should he not control his Blassreiter powers.
7 At the End of Hatred
"Zōo no hate ni" (憎悪の果てに)
17 May 2008 September 6, 2010
Johann, Malek's friend, dies by committing suicide over peer pressure from the time he went to beat Malek. An unknown disc provided by Beatrice Grese revealed Joseph's actual identity to XAT. Meanwhile, the principal from Malek's school bribes Johann's mother to keep things quiet in order to preserve the establishment's reputation. While German policeman and XAT are on the hunt to arrest Joseph, Beatrice appears to Malek and offers him the same pill she gave to Gerd before he was cured of his paraplegic problems.
8 Weak No Longer
"Boku wa mō yowamushi ja nai" (僕はもう弱虫じゃない)
24 May 2008 September 7, 2010
After taking the pill from Beatrice, Malek turned into a Blassreiter and confronted and killed his bullies with his Blassreiter powers. Wolf has been told by Beatrice that he came in contact with Demoniac blood and is going to become one too. Beatrice also revealed why the existence of Demoniacs had been going on in Germany. Joseph appears in the school and tries to confront Malek, but is wounded when he defends Malek from a .50 caliber shot by Bradley "Brad" Guildford. After realizing that the Demoniac is Malek, Amanda defends him with her own body. Thanks to that, Malek escapes from XAT alive while taking the wounded Joseph with him. The entire XAT team is shocked when they realize that Malek was the Blassreiter that they fought in the school grounds.
9 The Price and the Meaning of Power
"Chikara no kachi, chikara no imi" (力の価値、力の意味)
31 May 2008 September 8, 2010
Amanda was taken off from active duty by Wolf due to Malek becoming a Demoniac. She decides to break orders and tries to find Malek first with Hermann. Malek and Joseph are hiding in an old church but are found by Magwald Xargin. He attacks and nearly kills both of them without even changing to his Demoniac form. Amanda and Hermann were able to find them and just as Xargin leaves, they arrive at the church and find them both lying on the ground. Malek regains consciousness long enough for him to tell Amanda that he regrets killing the bullies. Joseph and Hermann are both shaken when they see Malek loose consciousness again.
10 Inside the Conspiracy
"Inbō no naka de" (陰謀の中で)
7 June 2008 September 9, 2010
Malek and Joseph were put in an experimental facility at the XAT. When Joseph had reactions of a nightmare showing Malek killing him, Hermann and Amanda was looking at what was wrong. They later discovered the information of Blassreiter. Victor Stachus feared that the information would get out and had captured Amanda and Hermann before he locked them in solitary confinement. Meanwhile, Alvin "Al" Lutz and Brad saw the new machines while battling Amalgams and the former found out Clavier was part of the XAT team that they discovered. It is revealed that Wolf was having sex with Beatrice and asked him if he would have power.
11 Prelude to Apocalypse
"Mokushiroku no josō" (黙示録の序奏)
14 June 2008 September 10, 2010
Victor had been in contact with Mei-Fong Liu, having been a double agent for XAT and Victor's. A mysterious outbreak of Amalgams had the Paladin-equipped XAT officers dispatched to a public swimming pool. Later on, infected XAT personnel turned to Amalgams and began to lay siege on XAT headquarters with communications being cut off from the outside world. The surviving XAT operatives are devastated when Wolf reveals that he had been partially responsible for the outbreak in the city. Beatrice confronts Joseph and tells him that even the Bundeswehr wouldn't be able to defeat Amalgams. Mei-Fong reports back to Victor that most of XAT had been killed, forcing Victor to disband them.
12 Judgment Day
"Shinpan no hi" (審判の日)
27 June 2008 September 13, 2010
The remaining XAT operators break out of XAT headquarters, despite having most of them turn to Amalgams after coming to contact with contaminated drinking water. Al and Brad assist their uninfected comrades in escaping by fighting off the other Amalgams after they were infected. Wolf appears and kills Al and Brad when the two fought against his Blassreiter form, but Mei-Fong on board a plane-like mech drop a bomb that destroy XAT headquarters and a part of the city to prevent further Amalgam contamination. Hermann dies when their Aérospatiale Puma chopper was damaged during the bomb blast, forcing him to crash the chopper in a deserted street before Amanda evacuates in a Paladin as the city's citizens had turned to Amalgams or were killed by them.
13 Distant Memories
"Tōi kioku" (遠い記憶)
5 July 2008 September 14, 2010
Amanda and Joseph are in an abandoned church several miles from the deserted city where Joseph tells Amanda that he was an Outsider, a class considered inferior in German society and was orphaned when he was a baby. He had endured hardship when he experienced discrimination from the upper class due to his heritage. But when a flood hits the nearby town, Joseph assists the church's only priest in assisting the refugees before a young Xargin arrives with humanitarian assistance.
14 A Saintly Decision
"Seija no sentaku" (聖者の選択)
12 July 2008 September 15, 2010
Xargin arrived to help people at the church when it was torched by anti-Outsider rioters. Xargin was visited by Joseph later and by Alexandra "Sasha" Jobson, when she revealed to Joseph that they were siblings separated at birth. Xargin and Joseph try to break into the university for medicine, but were caught by guards before Sasha arrives to help them be released. With Sasha's apparent death by anti-Outsider hooligans and the deaths of Outsider children due to lack of medicine, Xargin used Sasha's research to become a Blassreiter despite Victor's objection for him not to use it to eliminate mankind. Back to the present, Amanda and Joseph were standing at the graveyard then two machines appeared, piloted by Mei-Fong and by Sasha with a different look and looking alive.
15 The Millenary Knights of God
"Kami o tataeru sen nen no kishi" (神を讃える千年の騎士)
19 July 2008 September 16, 2010
Amanda and Joseph were taken into custody by a paramilitary organization called Zwölf, formerly the Templars in the Middle Ages. While Joseph undergoes surgery to increase his Blassreiter powers, Amanda undergoes Zwölf training after being requested by Victor. Meanwhile, the Apocalypse Knights were launched by Zwölf after the Bundeswehr and German police couldn't contain the rise of Demoniac outbreaks. Meanwhile, Wolf tries to make Al, Brad and Lene into Blassreiters by applying blood transfusions.
16 Reunion
"Saikai" (再会)
26 July 2008 September 17, 2010
Hermann, now a Demoniac converted by Beatrice, infiltrates the Zwölf castle in order to see Amanda. Meanwhile, Wolf leads a Demoniac force to attack a Luftwaffe air base in order to draw attention of the Apocalypse Knights. Demoniac-manned Eurofighter Typhoons were used to intercept the Knights with Beatrice coming close from behind. Hermann later turns to an Amalgam and escapes with a Paladin motorbike, killing Zwölf defense personnel in his wake.
17 Bellow of the Beast
"Kemono no hōkō" (獣の咆哮)
2 August 2008 September 20, 2010
The Apocalypse Knights take on the Demoniac Eurofighter Typhoons and Beatrice, while Amanda confronts Hermann in his Blassreiter form and helps him realize what he is supposed to be fighting for. He and Amanda arrive near the Luftwaffe airbase, now damaged by a bomb to kill off the Amalgams and prevent them from attacking nearby towns and cities. The two of them face off against Wolf and his Amalgam cadre.
18 The Fourth Apocalypse
"Dai yon no mokushi" (第四の黙示)
9 August 2008 September 21, 2010
Amanda and Hermann engage Wolf and his Amalgam cadre until Joseph enters the scene in his upgraded Blassreiter form, making him attack both friend and foe. Wolf retreats due to casualties, but not before luring Joseph to attack Amanda and Hermann. At the United Nations, the ambassadors have been concerned about the inability of German security forces to handle the Amalgams and agrees to send in UN peacekeepers to eliminate the Amalgams after being told of the elimination of XAT and the capture of the Luftwaffe base. Victor communicated with surviving members of the German government after the country has fallen to a near state of anarchy. Amanda encounters a young Blassreiter named Snow while trying to locate Hermann.
19 Quondam Affections
"Kako kara no omoi" (過去からの想い)
16 August 2008 September 22, 2010
Snow confronts Joseph and gets him out of his berserk state. Hermann and Amanda confront Wolf and the remaining Amalgam cadre at the former besieged XAT Headquarters before an Amalgam Al attacks the two surviving XAT officers. But seeing his name on Amanda's Paladin brings Al back to his senses as he attacks Wolf. With Amanda and Hermann teaming up, Wolf had been defeated and was killed for good. Al killed himself afterward with his sniper pointing at his chin because he doesn't feel that coming back to life was normal.
20 Legion from the Netherworld
"Yomi no gunzei" (黄泉(よみ)の軍勢)
30 August 2008 September 23, 2010
A horde of 30,000 Demoniacs head towards Zwölf under the command of Xargin with Beatrice following him. Zwölf sends Joseph out to delay his advance towards Zwölf headquarters, wounding Beatrice in the ensuing fight between them and was about to end her life when Xargin interfered despite the modifications given to him on Victor's orders. Amanda and Hermann infiltrate the Zwölf castle to rescue Malek in the midst of the fight.
21 Phantom Rider
"Sōhaku no kishu" (蒼白の騎手)
6 September 2008 September 24, 2010
Armed Zwölf defense personnel were mobilized to ward off the Demoniac invasion on Victor's orders. Victor heads down to the server room to secure computer data during the invasion when Xargin encounters him in the room and kills him for good. Amanda and Hermann escape from Zwölf HQ with the wounded Joseph and Malek in tow in the midst of the Demoniac fight against the surviving armed Zwölf forces in the castle HQ.
22 Drifting Hearts
"Todokanu omoi" (届かぬ想い)
13 September 2008 September 27, 2010
Amanda and Hermann take refuge in a small compound managed by Amanda's aunt, a nun who took charge of an unconscious Malek. Sasha hands Amanda the Isis data, which contains the information needed to defeat Xargin's Demoniac forces after deleting the data at the Zwölf castle since Xargin was able to penetrate it. Malek, after realizing that he could do good with his Blassreiter powers, revives from his coma and attacks Beatrice to give Hermann time to fatally wound her. Hermann dies in the fight, being glad that Malek accepts him as an older brother. Meanwhile, United States Air Force B-2 Spirit bombers are being deployed as part of the UN's mission to eliminate the Demoniacs in German soil.
23 Scorched Earth
"Gōka no daichi" (劫火の大地)
20 September 2008 September 28, 2010
Sasha, Mei-Fong and Shido work together once more to defeat United States Air Force B-2 Spirit bombers and F-35A fighters from conducting a bombing sweep of Germany to clear out Demoniacs. Xargin confronts Malek and the two engage each other in their Blassreiter forms. Shido, promising that he will not let the United States do to Germany what it did to Japan and declarings "no more Nagasakis, no more Hiroshimas"), sacrifices himself by destroying his Sword Rider unit, defeating the last F-35As and the launched missiles with help from Sasha and her Bow Rider. Joseph, now recovered, confronts Xargin and swallows the Isis pill as the two men engage one another in their Blassreiter forms after getting a tired Malek out of Xargin's way. Sasha and Mei-Fong were busy preventing a missile orbital bombardment on German soil from space as a last means of preventing Demoniacs from crossing German land borders to other European countries.
24 Promised Land
"Yakusoku no chi" (約束の地)
27 September 2008 September 29, 2010
Sasha and Mei-Fong are the only remaining Zwölf personnel to counter the ICBMs being fired on towards Germany. Joseph and Xargin engage each other in their Blassreiter forms with Gerd and Hermann assisting the former by using their powers on his body. Sasha dies when her Bow Rider explodes from overheating while Mei-Fong is killed after engaging a spacecraft over the Earth. Joseph, after the Isis pill is used, dies with its particles killing Xargin and his Demoniacs by making them solid for good. Five years after the events of Blassreiter, Germany was able to rebuild from scratch and the federal government reformed XAT with Amanda as a leading officer. The reformed XAT was given a new mandate to protect people who have the ability to turn to Blassreiters. Malek is indoctrinated into XAT due to his abilities as a XAT special agent.

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