The Big Bang Bladers arc (ビッグバン・ブレイダーズ編?) is the first arc of the Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion anime series. The episodes are directed by Kunihisa Sugishima and produced by TV Tokyo, Tatsunoko Pro, Synergy SP and co-produced by Nelvana.[1]

The episode count doesn't reset back to 1 like in the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade series by Takao Aoki. This is a direct continuation of the last season of Metal Fight Beyblade, which the episode count starts off here at episode 52.

This story arc started on April 4, 2010.

Currently, these episodes use two pieces of theme music: one opening theme and one ending theme. The opening theme is "Galaxy Heart" by YU+KI.[2] The ending theme is "Oozora wo koete yuke" by Odoriba Soul.[2]

Episode List

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
52 Exploring a Legend
"Densetsu wo motomete" (伝説を求めて)
4 April 2010
Masamune Kadoya: The boy who could never take part in Battle Bladers. Returning to his country in order to defeat Ginga, who has put himself down in becoming Champion, he interrupts a tournament in which Tsubasa and Yuu are battling in the finals. Meanwhile, Ginga, who lost Pegasis during the battle against Ryuuga, has lost his vigor. Ryuusei, like Ginga, talks about a certain legend and questions over it.
53 The Persistent Challenger
"Fukutsu no charenjaa" (不屈の一角獣(チャレンジャー))
11 April 2010
Finally locating Ginga's whereabouts, Masamune puts forward a challenge. Ginga accepts his challenge simply because it'll be his first battle using the new Pegasis. Pegasis' terrible power literally blows away Masamune and Unicorno, quickly reaching victory, but Ginga doesn't experience the joy of winning. From this victory, Ginga is unable to fully control Pegasis at all. Afterwards, Masamune persistently challenges him to a match despite being beaten at his own game and Ginga, unable to find a key to solving this problem, racks his brains out...
54 A New Challenge
"Aratanaru chousen" (新たなる挑戦)
18 April 2010
Having absolutely nothing to do with their Beys being at Madoka's shop, Ginga and Masamune compete with each other. Kenta, Madoka and Benkei watch the two with a stunned look. Rushing to them, a girl named Mei Mei arrives, carrying an invitation. Experiencing the invite to Chinatown, Benkei and the others are filled with the expectation to extremely-high class Chinese food. It was Chi-Yun Li of the Chinese representative Bey team "Wang Hu Zhong" who awaited Ginga and the others, who immediately confront him at a specific location. What really is his goal?
55 Ticket to the World
"Sekai he no kippu" (世界への切符)
25 April 2010
The meeting for the world tournament "Big Bang Bladers", sponsored by WBBA, has concluded and Ginga and Masamune are enthusiastic about being the selected Japanese representatives in the tournament. However, as the Champion of Battle Bladers, Ginga has been made an unofficial offer to be a representative and is unable to participate in the tournament.
56 Decisive Battle! Leone VS Aquila
"Kessen! Reoone VS Akuira" (決戦!レオーネVSアクイラ)
2 May 2010
The match between Tsubasa and Kyouya begins to determine the final person to be a Japanese representative. Following his fighting instincts, Kyouya unleashes countinous attacks and Tsubasa reacts with his accurate perception and sharp moves.
57 Rise, to the World
"Shouke, sekai he!" (翔け、世界へ!)
9 May 2010
Kyouya declares himself as a rival to Ginga and leaves. Despite Ginga receiving the shock, he sits in the Japanese representative's seat which has become vacant and the intense battle between Tsubasa and Yuu progresses.
58 The Celestial Bey Temple
"Tenkuu no Beirinji" (天空のベイ林寺)
16 May 2010
59 The Third Guy
"Daisan no otoko" (第三の男)
23 May 2010
Ginga and the others discuss the order in which they'll battle in China, but completely disagree and end up breaking up for the time being. Masamune, who decides to take a stroll for a change, discovers a Bey Park and begins battling the local kids. Although he does well, with four consecutive victories, a Bey suddenly hurls in, flipping Unicorno. The challenging contender is none other than the Chinese representative, Zhou Xing.
60 Opening! World Tournament
"Kaimaku! Sekai Taikai" (開幕!世界大会)
30 May 2010
Masamune has the opportunity to do some intensive training in order to defeat Zhou Xing, but saves an old man who has collapsed due to hunger. In gratitude, he is taught a technique from the old man on how to focus his energy. The next day, Masamune enters the stadium, and despite being exhausted from the intensive training, his face is full of self-confidence.
61 Lacerta's Stubbornness
"Racheruta no iji" (ラチェルタの意地)
6 June 2010
The second match is Chi-Yun vs Tsubasa. With Zhou Xing's seriousness in front of him, Chi-Yun is eager to do well. Meanwhile, Tsubasa bears uneasiness to his own dark side which he glimpsed at during his battle against Kyoya. Just before the battle, because of Chi-Yun, Tsubasa questions why he was defeated by Kyoya and became a representative, becoming disturbed.
62 The 4000 Year-old Secret Move
"Yonsennen no ougi" (四千年の奥義)
13 June 2010
The Last Battle which will commemorate one victory and one defeat. Putting the Bey Forest Temple’s 4000 year history at stake, Da Xiang vows to win. As the Japanese team is away, the huge support along with that long history weigh Ginga down. In order to overcome it, Ginga starts off with a Special Spin Move from the beginning. However, Da Xiang’s Rock Giraffe effortlessly stops Pegasis’ attack and his counterattack is intense. Furthermore, when he starts defending, he takes advantage of his iron wall and is always on the alert. Will Ginga, who is slowly being emotionally driven into a corner, have a second chance?
63 The Bey with a Hero's Name
"Yuusha no mei wo motsu Bei" (勇者の名を持つベイ)
20 June 2010
In the Middle East, Ginga and Co. encounter the local representative team, Desert Thunder and become friends with them. The group goes to support the first match of the Middle East representatives, but the European representative opponent is only one person, a guy named Julius Caesar and he proposes an uneven 1 vs 3 match.
64 Russia, Land of the Cold
"Goukan no chi Roshia" (極寒の地ロシア)
27 June 2010
Ginga and Co. head to Russia, which is the place for their second match. En route of their trip, Madoka takes the opportunity to talk to a boy named Aleksei and then Ginga and Co. meet Dora, a strong-minded girl and Nowaguma, a boy dressed in a space suit. They are studying space science at the Russian SK Space Training Center and it is said that they are working on Beyblades as part of their study.
65 Sublime! Cage Deathmatch
"Souzetsu! Kanaami Desumacchi!" (壮絶!金網デスマッチ!)
4 July 2010
By unexpected coincidence, Ginga and Co. get separated from Masamune. In a strategy meeting just before the second match, despite Yuu being pleased at possibly being Masamune's substitute, Ginga and Co. set their eyes on the match which revolves on after Masamune's turn. Meanwhile, with the opposing Russian Team, Puten, the manager, takes measures against the Japanese Team's Beys
66 Libra Takes the Field!
"Ribura shutsujin!" (リブラ出陣!)
11 July 2010
67 Warriors Festival
"Senshi no saiten" (戦士の祭典)
18 July 2010
68 Reunion! Wang Fu Zhong
"Saikai! Wanfuujon" (再会! 王虎衆(ワンフージョン))
25 July 2010
69 The Scorching-hot Lion
"Shakunetsu no shishi" (灼熱の獅子)
1 August 2010
70 Impact of The Wild Fang
"Shougeki no Wairudo Fangu" (衝撃のワイルドファング)
8 August 2010


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