The following is a list of episodes for the Adult Swim animated television series Assy McGee.

A total of 20 episodes of Assy McGee have been aired over two seasons.

Series overview

Season Episodes Original airdate DVD release
1 6 20062007 TBA
2 14 2008

Episode list

Season 1: 2006-2007

Episode # Title Airdate Production code
1 "Murder on the Docks" November 26, 2006 101

When a dead hooker shows up near the docks before a parade commemorating President John Adams, Assy shows up on the scene and shoots every nearby cop. Despite being suspended by the chief for doing so, Assy investigates the case of the hooker anyway. What he fails to realize throughout the investigation is that the hooker was killed by none other than John Adams in 1799. He falsely accuses Actor John Adams in the parade as the John Adams that murdered the dead hooker. Coincidentally, the man Assy shot was wanted in 28 states, so the chief ends up reinstating him. It is revealed during the episode that the chief's actual name is Greg.

2 "The Flirty Black Man" December 3, 2006 102

When the priceless self-portrait of Lamont Dakota's "The Flirty Black Man" is stolen, Assy decides to take the case, even though he's been ordered not to. The thief turns out to be Paddle Nine, an art thief, but Assy is unable to apprehend him. Assy also destroys the painting in his attempt by accidentally shooting out his eye. Assy's artistic talents are revealed in this episode. This episode also marks the debut of Bill W's Bar.

3 "Game of Death" December 10, 2006 103

A Cuban dignitary is visiting the city for a soccer match and Assy is assigned to bodyguard him. However, Assy's history with the game of soccer and his alleged Cuban heritage complicate his assignment. In the end, Assy, after saying "Adios... Blimp!", takes down a blimp which he assumes is for terrorist use, which puts the dignitary in a body cast when it comes down. Assy nearly loses his badge for his actions. Assy's singing talents are revealed in this episode.

4 "Busted" December 17, 2006 104

The start of the episode shows two criminals robbing people on a bus, but they get more than they bargained for when Assy shows up and shoots one of them. Assy then goes to track down the criminal that escaped and finds out who the mastermind is, Baby Steps. The episode ends with Assy trying to get the boss convicted, but they end up going free on a technicality as the raid on the robber's home was done illegally, and because Assy roughed up Baby Steps' employee in order to get the answers. At the end of the episode, Assy shows off more of his musical talents by playing the harmonica inside Bill W's.

5 "Mexican Rain" December 24, 2006 105

Detective Sanchez has a heart attack due to Mexicans falling out of his kid's pinata. The chief announces that a man known as "El Coyote" is responsible for smuggling these Mexicans into America. At the hospital, Sanchez tells Assy that the Mexicans are being smuggled in via cheap knick knacks. Later, Assy hitchhikes with a person who may or may not be El Coyote and kills him. At the end, Assy tries to sing with a mariachi band at the bar, but passes out before he sings.

6 "Conviction" January 7, 2007 106

Assy inadvertently becomes the model for Conviction Cologne, which is being used by a group of priests, headed by "The Archbishop", to make teenagers into addicts. Assy smokes the cologne through a hookah pipe which, consequently, causes him to hallucinate. Sobered up by Detective Sanchez, Assy foils the priests' plan, having a baby shoot the archbishop (which he thought would be funny).

Season 2: 2008

Episode # Title Airdate Production code
7 "Ring of Fire" April 6, 2008 107
Several boxers in Exeter die in the ring from self-induced beatings, leading Assy to discover that the next door deli has been contaminated with radioactive waste and that the deli workers are responsible for the deaths of the pugilists. This episode marks the debut of Assy's humor based in-show Scion advertisements, which would also be featured in subsequent episodes.
8 "Pharmassy" April 13, 2008 109
Assy must abandon his five-year-in-planning ice fishing vacation to resolve a dangerous hostage situation. Things become even more complicated when a slip-of-the-tongue from Officer DiLorenzo reveals to the gunman (Jasper) that one of his hostages is in fact the Mayor of Exeter. Jasper, the gunman, is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.
9 "Mile High Mayhem" April 20, 2008 110
Assy the Air Marshall investigates air-borne drug smugglers.
10 "Murder On The Midway" April 27, 2008 111
A rogue, infamy-seeking fire-fighter terrorizes carnival rides in Exeter and surrounding cities.
11 "Pegfinger" May 4, 2008 108
After a series of violent assaults, Detective McGee must rely on an unlikely ally; a criminal he put behind bars years ago.
12 "Irish Wake" May 11, 2008 114
When Glen the bartender gets killed, the police force looks to avenge his death. So, Sanchez gets a new partner, while Assy is off grieving and drinking. The episode references The Departed , The Wire and The Godfather many times.
13 "Vowel Play" May 18, 2008 113
A foreign crime syndicate's extortion scheme causes chaos at the annual Exeter Spelling Bee.
14 "Hands Up" May 25, 2008 115
Assy considers switching careers before a disaster.
15 "Bikes for Bombs" June 1, 2008 112
Assy uncovers a rogue government organization intent on destabilizing foreign regimes while trying to track down his stolen bicycle.
16 "Showdown in Magic City" June 8, 2008 117
Assy must preserve the peace when thugs infiltrate a local sports arena.
17 "The Ballad of Blind Anthony" June 15, 2008 116
McGee finds himself locked in a battle with a familiar foe when an entertainer is assaulted.
18 "Johnny Arson" June 22, 2008 118
When a serial arsonist targets Exeter, McGee's internet lover is the number one suspect.
19 "The Assy Diaries" June 29, 2008 119
Assy must make difficult decisions in the face of corruption.
20 "Squirrels" July 6, 2008 120
Assy must confront his fear of squirrels.

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