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The following is a list of episodes from the Nickelodeon TV show, All Grown Up!. In the United States, the first episode aired on April 12, 2003 and the final episode aired on August 17, 2008.

Pilot: 2001

# Episode Original Airdate (USA)
0. Rugrats: All Growed Up August 11, 2001

Season 1: 2003-2004

(NOTE: These episodes are in production order and order in which they aired in the United Kingdom and Australia. The order of these episodes has been taken from the official ‘Klasky Csupo’ website. The American order of episodes was different, but being different it did not tell the series of events in the correct order as it aired ‘Golden Boy’ last whereby Tommy is still going out with Rachel, even though she left him in ‘All Broke Up’.) Dil Pickles is absent for two episodes Kimi Finster is absent for one episode Lil DeVille is absent for one episode Angelica Pickles is absent for one episode Susie Carmichael is absent for one episode

# Episode Original Airdate (USA) Short Summary
01. Susie Sings the Blues November 29, 2003 After meeting a woman from a talent agency, Susie begins to believe that she has the talent needed to become an international pop star. The woman tells Susie that she has many perspective clients ready to meet her, provided she pays $1,000. Unable to come up with the money on her own or ask her parents for it, she turns to her older sister, Alisa, who has been saving up for a house. Alisa agrees to give her the money, however, when Susie arrives at the building she was told to meet at, she discovers it is deserted. Completely devastated, Susie goes home and tells her sister about the lost money. Alyssa is understanding, but angry that Susie put her life at risk. Despite her setback, Susie goes onstage at Chaz and Betty’s café, the Java Lava, for a talent night and is a huge success.

Meanwhile, after seeing a group of students getting punished for a school prank Chuckie decides that he is tired of playing it safe and decides to reinvent himself as Chuck - a boy who is not afraid of taking risks. With the reluctant help of Tommy, Chuckie superglues all of the basketball team’s sneakers to the bathroom ceiling but doesn’t get caught for the prank. So Chuckie and Tommy rig the soda and ice cream machines to explode all over Vice Principal Pangborn and replace his diploma with a photocopy of Chuckie’s butt. When they go to his office, the boys discover the Pangborn is a closet poet and inadvertently encourage him to read some of his works at the Java Lava. Inspired by Chuckie’s daringness, Pangborn only tells the boys to clean up their mess, much to Chuckie’s disappointment.

02. Coup DeVille April 12, 2003 Lil is invited to a party with all of the popular kids from school, provided her brother doesn’t come with her, as the kids believe he is “socially inept” and “hygienically challenged”. Lil begins to pull away from Phil, even though he tries to remain close to her. When Phil and Lil are partnered together for a science project, Lil freaks out and angrily remains everyone that she and Phil are separate individuals and not a single person, much to Phil's embarrassment. When their parents, Betty and Howard, arrive home excited for their family vacation trip to 'Nick & Dick’s Twin Canyon Resort' Lil refuses to go. Betty, upset that Lil is unhappy, allows Lil to move into the family’s office/workout room to give her a space of her own. However, Phil struggles to deal with the changes and misses having Lil in his life, despite Dil’s attempts to become Phil’s new twin. When Lil goes to her party, her new friends begin to make fun of Phil, which makes Lil realise how close to her brother she really is and she leaves the party after telling off the popular kids. In the end, she agrees to go to ‘Twin’s Canyon’ with Phil.

Meanwhile, Chuckie struggles to complete the ‘President Fitness Test’ and resents the embarrassment of gym class. The next day, Chuckie refuses to attend gym class (by pretending to be sick) to take a stand against the ‘Presidential Fitness Test’, despite Tommy’s objections. The day after that Chuckie hides out in the boy’s bathroom, but breaks one of the pipes in an attempt to see out the window. The bathroom becomes flooded but Chuckie is able to hold the pipes together for over an hour, which impresses Panghorn, however, he still expects Chuckie to take the test in a few days.

3. Bad Kimi November 29, 2003 In Science class, while building grapefruit batteries, the school bad-boy, Z, explodes his causing bits to become lodged in Chuckie’s nose. When Chuckie has to go to the nurse, the teacher, Mr. Beaker, partners Kimi with Z for the experiment. Kimi hits it off with Z, whom she admires for being an individual. Chuckie, however, is horrified at the thought of Kimi hanging around with a “bad-boy”, however the rest of the gang encourage him not to judge a book by its cover. Chuckie is not convinced and encourages them to help him spy on Z. When they look in his locker, they find it full of electronics, which Chuckie believes to be stolen. Chuckie later skips class and follows Z to the arcade and records him telling a sketchy guy to meet him at the alley behind the warehouse on 10th. When Chuckie learns that Kimi plans on meeting Z that night, he lets her listen to the tape of Z’s mysterious plans. Kimi pretends to be heartbroken and goes into the bathroom, but sneaks out the window to meet him. When Chuckie and the boys arrive in the alley, Chuckie catches Z and Kimi entering a truck with a lot of merchandise. Scared for his sister, Chuckie swerves his bike in front of the truck causing it to stop. When he confronts Z he finds out that the merchandise is for charity to help raise money for inner-city schools and that the sketchy man is Z’s dad. Kimi is angry and says she will never forgive Chuckie, but Z encourages her to cut her friends and brother some slack since they only did what they did because they cared about her.

Meanwhile, Angelica wants to attend a new accessory store’s opening at the mall, but she has her online advice chat at the same time. Reluctantly, she agrees to let her friend, Harold, take over her chat for the night. Harold realises he enjoys helping people and is hurt when Angelica comes back the next day to resume her duties. Susie helps Harold set up his own advice column called “Hey Harold!” much to Angelica’s disapproval. Although, when Harold gets his own column, he realises that he can’t take the pressure of trying to help everyone and tells Angelica she can have her own column back.

4. Tweenage Tycoons November 29, 2003 To earn money to buy concert tickets for the ‘Sulky Boys’, the gang sell products based on Dil's ideas. First Dil invents ‘Belt-quariums’ (a belt with a fish inside), but this idea is soon stolen by Angelica, who is also trying to earn money for the ‘Sulky Boys’ merchandise and goes out of fashion because Vice Principle Pangborn has one. Then Dil invents ‘Shades with a View’ (glasses with changing scenery) but they go out of fashion once a cheerleader is wearing them and accidentally hugs a chess clubber. The gang get Dil to come up with a new invention to which he invents ‘Shillows’ (shoes with pillows), after spying Angleica and Harold make copies of the shoes, but Harold calls them ‘Poos’ (another mixture of ‘pillows’ and ‘shoes’), but the school news paper writes a reports saying that ‘Shillows’ aren’t ‘cool’ anymore. The gang need Dil to come up with a new invention so that they can get enough money for all of them to go to the concert, but he has a breakdown and can’t come up with anything. After the gang try to come up with ideas themselves Nicole tells them that the ‘Belt-quariums’ are back in and they manage to sell enough stuff to go to the concert. Angelica decides to stick one of the band members faces from the ‘Sulky Boys’(JT) on all of the things that she copied from Dil and gets enough money for the ‘Sulky Boys’ merchandise.
5. Truth or Consequences November 29, 2003 Tommy becomes excited when he learns about an upcoming film contest that is going to be judged by his favourite director, Martin Costomiris. His parents, Didi and Stu, encourage him to enter, but Tommy is unsure of what kind of movie he wants to make. Eventually he decides on a sci-fi thriller about aliens, staring his friends. However, he quickly becomes frustrated by his friends constant bickering and unprofessionalism. He realises that filming his friends’ secret conversations is more film worthy than his sci-fi thriller. When reviewing the footage, Dil tells Tommy he doesn’t think that entering the footage about their friends’ secrets would be a very good idea. Angelica comes over one day demanding to see the tape when Tommy is not home. When Angelica sees the tapes she calls over the whole gang to watch it, who except for Chuckie and Dil, are all outraged that Tommy would consider entering their private moments into the competition. Tommy refuses to destroy the tape and his friends storm out and give Tommy the cold shoulder for the next couple of days. The film Tommy enters for the competition, ‘A Day before the Day of the Life of My Friends’, features bloopers from his earlier attempt at making a movie and clips of the gang as babies. Tommy didn’t win the competition but he got a picture of him with his favourite director and he got his friends back.

Meanwhile, Vice Principal Pangborn wants to spend more time observing Dil’s behaviour as he finds it disturbing. However, his attempts to delve into Dil’s mind using traditional methods are frustrating. Pangborn calls Stu and Didi into his office and tells them that he recommends Dil have some counselling. Didi is outraged that Pangborn would consider changing her son into a generic boy without any originality. She praises Dil for seeing the world differently and storms out, leaving Pangborn cowering behind a file shelf.

6. Chuckie's in Love December 6, 2003 Chuckie has a crush Nicole Boscerelli, but he is afraid to talk to her because she doesn’t notice his existence. Desperate, he goes to Kimi for help on changing his image to get Nicole to notice him. She agrees with the condition that Chuckie takes her shift at the Java Lava so she can go to a concert with Lil. With the confidence he receives from his new disguise he develops an alter ego as foreign exchange student, Chongo, when he introduces himself to her. Tommy tells Chuckie he doesn’t need to become a different person to impress Nicole and that Nicole doesn’t really like Chuckie but the fictional Chongo. Chuckie is convinced that he can keep the charade going. One afternoon when working at the Java Lava Nicole comes in for a smoothie and spends time talking about Chongo to Chuckie and tells him that she appreciates his great listening skills. With his success in talking to her Chuckie decides to tell Nicole that he is really Chongo, but when he arrives, Nicole insists that Chongo meet her new friend Chuck… from the Java Lava. Chuckie tries to keep switching between Chongo and himself but is caught by Nicole who is angry at him for lying to her but stills wants to be friends with him regardless.

Angelica becomes a reporter on the school newspaper and decides to write a story about the weird school cafeteria food. Angelica’s article is widely received by the students, causing them to avoid the school’s cafeteria food. Pepe, the school’s head chef, agrees to make normal food in exchange for a positive article about him in the school paper. Angelica agrees, but when Pepe attempts to make the food blindfolded he accidentally puts egg shells, dish soap, and other unusual items into the food. When the students taste it the next day, they agree the food is weird free and they eat it, until later when they are all sick. They all agree that the weird food never made them sick and kick Angelica off the school newspaper. Absent: Dil Pickles

7. Thief Encounter December 6, 2003 There is a thief who has been stealing things from gardens, so Betty DeVille sets up a neighbourhood watch to catch the thief. Tommy and the gang think that the thief is Dil after Tommy finds Susie’s bike in their garage and the Deville’s garden gnome in Dil’s room. Dil keeps denying that he is the thief, so Tommy holds a sleepover inviting Chuckie, Phil and Lil to stay over and help him catch Dil. As well as catch Dil in the act Tommy, Phil and Lil are studying for the ‘Standardised Test’ and are freaking out. It turns out that the thief was Tommy, but only because he was sleepwalking due to the amount of stress that he was under from studying for the ‘Standardised Test’.

Meanwhile, Angelica becomes a mentor to a toddler with a similar personality to herself at that age.

8. River Rats December 13, 2003 Betty and Chas take Tommy, Chuckie and Phil white-water rafting. It is discovered that Tommy is not the big brave hero that everyone thinks he is as he has a fear of water, but he confronts his fear when he saves Phil from drowning. Absent: Dil Pickles, Kimi Finster, Lil DeVille, Angelica Pickles and Susie Carmichael
9. Brother, Can You Spare the Time? January 17, 2004 Tommy wins the ‘National Junior Director’s Chair Award’ for his short film, ‘Kaleidoscope Lunch’. However, Dil is saddened by Tommy’s success because he feels that he and Tommy are growing apart and that he will be forgotten when Tommy becomes famous. So he decides to spend as much time with Tommy as he possibly can, much to Tommy annoyance. Finally Tommy cracks and tells Dil that he is acting ridiculous and that nothing between them as brothers was going to change. Despite this, Dil can’t help but feel that he will eventually be forgotten, so he decides to begin preparing for a life without Tommy. He attempts to hang out with the other 4th grade kids, since he usually hangs out with Tommy and his friends, but they think that he’s too strange. Tommy begins to get groupies, who obsessively follow him around. When he is in the back room of the Java Lava with Chuckie they see that Dil is a guest on the new hit show, ‘What’s Your Tragedy?’ Tommy and Chuckie go to the studio and Tommy publicly apologizes for his behaviour. The conniving talk show host tries to convince Dil to dump Tommy and he almost does until Tommy drags him backstage to talk. Dil admits that he is ashamed of being different and that he fears losing Tommy being as Tommy is the only one who understands him. Tommy reminds Dil that it is the different people in the world that make the biggest difference in life. They leave the talk show and go to Tommy’s surprise party at the Java Lava.

Meanwhile, the adults and the rest of the gang are planning a surprise party for Tommy to celebrate his win. This is hard for Chuckie who has a hard time lying so the gang attempt to teach him how to lie without much success. So they enlist Angelica’s help to teach him how to do so. Chuckie succeeds and actually becomes a decent liar however he decides that he prefers telling the truth to lying.

10. The Old and the Restless January 24, 2004 Grandpa Lou chaperons Tommy's class field trip to the ‘Human Body Museum’. Tommy becomes embarrassed, because Grandpa Lou is quite slow as he is a lot older now than he used to be, so they don’t get to do everything there is at the museum and he keeps telling old stories, which no ones finds interesting. Sean, his friend and Tommy sneak off and Sean makes them go to a part of the museum that is out of bounds. They get trapped and Grandpa Lou saves them in a way that reminds Tommy of some of the war stories that Grandpa Lou had told him. Tommy then forgives Grandpa Lou for embarrassing him.

Meanwhile, Dil has to go to hospital with a burping disorder.

11. It's Cupid, Stupid February 14, 2004 There is a Valentine's Day dance. Dil makes friends with the new boy Lil’ Q, guest star Lil' Romeo, who is a hacky sacker, but his hacky sacky turns out to be cupid’s arrow. Chuckie is planning to ask Nicole to the dance, but while Dil is helping Lil Q with his hacky sacky aiming Lil’ Q goes to hit Nicole’s book, but he accidentally hits Nicole making her fall in love with Tommy. Chuckie gets angry with Tommy and they fall out.

Angelica is scheming to get the boy of her dreams, Sean Butler, into asking her to the dance, but while she’s talking to him Nicole, Tommy and Chuckie are walking passed, so Lil’ Q tries to undo his mistake earlier, but this time instead of hitting Nicole with his hacky sacky he hits Sean on the head and he falls in love with Susie (who is sitting on a bench). Later at the Java Lava Angelica warns Kimi to keep Susie away from Z, because Susie is a boy stealer. Kimi tells Angelica that there isn’t anything to worry about because she, Susie and Z are just friends. Lil’ Q and Dil are practising throwing the hacky sacky around the Java Lava and when Lil’ Q throws it he hits Z who is carrying smoothies back to their table. He immediately falls in love with Susie and he and Sean argue over who is taking Susie to the dance and Kimi gets upset because she likes Z. Eventually at the dance Lil’ Q and Dil fix all of their problems, so Nicole asks Chuckie to dance and Z asks Kimi, but when they hit Sean with the hacky sacky nothing happens, but Angelica orders him to dance anyway.

12. Tommy Foolery March 27, 2004 The kids prank Dil into thinking aliens have contacted him and they are speaking to him through Tommy. Angelica schemes to be paired with Sean at the Spring Fling school dance.
13. Lucky 13 August 28, 2004 Angelica is turning 13 and having a big bash to celebrate. But she does not want any 'pre-pre teens' there, and that includes Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil. But, Savannah (the coolest girl in school, who is already thirteen) holds a party on the same day as Angelica’s birthday party to ruin Angelica’s big day, because they both know that everyone would go to Savannah’s party. Tommy and the gang trick Savannah into holding her party on a different day so that everyone goes to Angelica’s. Angelica phones Tommy and the gang up inviting them to her birthday party to thank them for making Savannah cancel.

Season 2: 2004

From this season and on, the show has different looks/styles of the kids, the places and other things. Lil, Kimi, Angelica, Tommy, Phil, and Susie have new hair styles and clothes. Dil and Chuckie have new clothes. (NOTE: These episodes are in production order and order in which they aired in the United Kingdom and Australia. The order of these episodes has been taken from the official ‘Klasky Csupo’ website. The American order of episodes was different, but being different it did not tell the series of events in the correct order as it aired ‘Golden Boy’ last whereby Tommy is still going out with Rachel, even though she left him in ‘All Broke Up’.)

# Episode Original Airdate (USA) Short Summary
14. Bad Aptitude June 4, 2004 Tommy and the gang take an aptitude test to get a clue as to what they want to be when they grow up. After Tommy’s film does badly at the showing in the Java Lava he decides to give up his dream of film making and become a business man, like the aptitude test told him. Chuckie's a dare devil. Lil's a wedding planner. Phil's a male model. Dil's a public speaker. Kimi's a film critic. Everyone’s career plans don’t turn out according to plan, but Tommy is becoming quite successful in being a business man with the school’s business group, BLEK. But all becomes clear during Tommy’s marketing scheme of ‘Lightning Chuck’, where Tommy takes his camcorder back and leaves the BLEK club.
15. Fools Rush In June 5, 2004 An older girl, Francine, publicly humiliates Tommy. At first he doesn’t know why, but then Lil and Kimi convince Tommy that Francine has a crush on him. When he finds out that Francine didn’t have a crush on him, she humiliates him even more. In the end it becomes apparent that she was only humiliating him because he had cut her scene in one of his films. Once they discuss the misunderstanding they become friends.

Meanwhile Angelica tries to increase her website's popularity with embarrassing and humiliating pictures of people.

16. Memoirs of a Finster June 12, 2004 On being given a family tree project Chuckie and Kimi are excited that they only have one piece of homework between them as they are brother and sister. However Kimi discovers her Japanese heritage and decides that she and Chuckie should work on separate projects, because she is studying all of her biological family’s side, not her half father’s side (Chuckie’s dad). At first Chuckie is supportive of his sister, but after she drags the Finster family into a charade for the schools culture festival, which humiliates them, Chuckie becomes annoyed and wants his old sister back.

Meanwhile Tommy meets a new kid called Trevor who behaves a lot like him.

17. Miss Nose it All June 17, 2004 Angelica has been invited to one of Savannah's parties, and must find a dress that she has not already worn. While working at the hospital she trips and breaks her nose. Not wanting to be seen by anyone, because she has a cast on her nose she fakes having a crazy illness after seeing it on a drama on the hospital television. She then meets a small boy in the hospital, who has greater problems than herself and sees that she is being selfish by pretending to be ill so that she can stay in the hospital and not be seen by Savannah and her friends.

Meanwhile Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Kimi help Miss O’Keefe to make a tranquillity garden.

18. Interview With a Campfire (Part One) June 26, 2004 Camp Everwood seems like the perfect opportunity for Tommy's horror movie to take flight, especially when they learn the curse of Camp Everwood.
19. Interview With a Campfire (Part Two) June 26, 2004 When people start to go missing Tommy and the gang go into the woods to figure out just what happened on that same soil, over 100 years ago. Their new friend Bean turns out to be a ghost/zombie of the people who where there over 100 years ago.
20. Runaround Susie July 17, 2004 Susie is forced to choose between singing at the TV Talent Show, and leading her language team to victory in the language bowl, which is held on the same day.

Meanwhile, Lil makes Phil pose as her to tell a nerdy boy, Geoffrey, that she doesn't like him.

21. Saving Cynthia October 2, 2004 Angelica gets a new design for her room. Her mother, Charlotte, accidentally misunderstood her when she said, "All the toys." Now that Angelica realizes that she misses Cynthia, she goes out to find her. After getting in trouble, Tommy and Chuckie have to water Pangborn's plant, but end up destroying his PDA.
22. The Science Pair November 6, 2004 Tommy’s school have a Science fair and Tommy has an idea to create a machine that can sort socks by colour so that you never end out wearing odd socks. After asking his dad, Stu, for a little advice Stu becomes a little too helpful and takes over. Stu takes over so much that Tommy has to admit that the project is no longer his design at the prize giving event.

Meanwhile Lil has a crush on a guy called Nicholas, who asks to work with her on her Science project.

23. Izzy or Isn't He? November 27, 2004 Chuckie runs for School Safety Commissioner. Dil has an imaginary alien friend, Izzy. Izzy becomes popular with the kids in school, despite him being imaginary. Someone then nominates Izzy for Safety Commissioner too. After Izzy becomes more popular than Chuckie, Chuckie relies on his friends to help him win, but even they are backing Izzy. Chuckie becomes annoyed that his friends would rather have an imaginary Safety Commissioner than him. While mowing the lawn Chuckie accidentally runs over Izzy and everyone holds a funeral for the imaginary alien, but Dil announces to the school that Izzy would have wanted Chuckie to be the new Safety Commissioner. Once everyone is gone Dil secretly tells Chuckie that Izzy isn’t really dead.
24. Project Chuckie November 27, 2004 Angelica tries to help Chuckie become more popular for a school project, but it backfires when he takes her advice, and he becomes more popular than her.

Meanwhile Tommy has written a play for the school’s History assembly and has cast Phil, Lil, Kimi and Dil to play people in history.

25. The Finster Who Stole Christmas December 7, 2004 As the holiday season approaches, Chuckie is dreading another forgettable Christmas. In order to liven things up, he mistakenly steals a great tree (to replace the lame one his dad has picked out). When he discovers that the whole community is after the thief, he hatches a plan to rectify the situation.

Tommy and Dil write a Hanukkah song.

Season 3: 2005

(NOTE: These episodes are in production order and order in which they aired in the United Kingdom and Australia. The order of these episodes has been taken from the official ‘Klasky Csupo’ website. The American order of episodes was different, but being different it did not tell the series of events in the correct order as it aired ‘Golden Boy’ last whereby Tommy is still going out with Rachel, even though she left him in ‘All Broke Up’.)

# Episode Original Airdate (USA) Short Summary
26. Fear of Falling February 12, 2005 On a trip to a mountain resort, Tommy develops his first crush on a girl named Olivia, another guest at the lodge. Chuckie becomes a third wheel, and feels alienated when Tommy prefers spending time with Olivia to helping him overcome his fear of heights. And Tommy has his very first kiss.

Meanwhile Angelica tries to impress a guy who works as a hiking leader at the resort and tries to impress him.

27. Blind Man's Bluff April 11, 2005 When Susie gets a gig singing at Slosh Mountain, "the world's coolest water park", she gives free tickets to Tommy and his friends. The kids are thrilled, not so much about the show, but about getting the chance to go on the mother of all rides, ‘Whiplash Gorge’. Unfortunately, Tommy and Dil soon learn they have to look after Grandpa Boris after cataract surgery on exactly the same day. Dil convinces Tommy to take Grandpa Boris with them to Slosh Mountain, but they lose him.

First Appearances By: Grandpa Boris

28. Yu-Gotta-Go April 12, 2005 The whole school has caught Yu-Gotta-Go (A parody of Yu-Gi-Oh) fever, a role playing card game, except Chuckie. When he finally starts playing, it becomes an obsession, and he's hired by Angelica to do her chores in exchange for more cards, and he becomes overwhelmed by the hope of finding a rare card called "The Red Mirror Dragon" (A parody of Red Eyes Black Dragon a card in Yu-Gi-Oh).
29. Curse of Reptar April 13, 2005 After Stu sells an invention, he tells the kids that he's planning to buy them a swimming pool in the backyard. While digging up the yard, the construction crew unearths the Rugrats' old mechanical Reptar toy. The kids fondly remember it (all of them but Dil), but decide to throw it away, until, during an electrical storm, they become convinced that they've angered Reptar. They ultimately decide to rescue the toy, and realize that, although they're growing up, they can't forget their past.

Note there is a flashback from Tommy that shows the characters as they were in Rugrats.

30. It's Karma, Dude! April 14, 2005 When there is a talent show coming, Angelica signs up. Tommy tells her to let Susie know, but she doesn't. Angelica's face breaks out in zits and comes to Dil's advice. Dil tells her to do good deeds, but the zits get bigger and she ends out letting Susie sing in the talent show instead.
31. The Big Score April 15, 2005 It's soccer season, and as per usual, Phil has soccer-on-the-brain. But when Lil casually joins the team, she surprises everyone, including herself, by instantly becoming a super star.

Dil becomes the new mascot.

32. Rats Race June 21, 2005 Tommy and the gang decide to put together a boxcar to compete in the upcoming derby against Angelica.
33. Wouldn't it be Nice? June 24, 2005 Susie thinks that Angelica doesn't think much about the future. While Angelica worries about getting a navel piercing, Susie tries to get a scholarship to a good college. The girls are on a school trip and get lost and Susie loses her laptop with all of her work on that she needs to show to a college.

Meanwhile Tommy, Phil, Lil and Dil skip school so that Lil can get an autograph from her favourite soccer player.

34. Dude, Where's My Horse? (Part One) July 16, 2005 As babies, the Rugrats used to dream about being cowboys, and they get to live out their dream.
35. Dude, Where's My Horse? (Part Two) July 16, 2005 When the gang is invited to spend a week at a dude ranch, Tommy and his friends try to adapt to country life.

Season 4: 2005-2007

Nickelodeon aired a new episode of All Grown Up each weekday morning from November 12, 2007 to November 30, 2007, minus Thanksgiving Day (November 22). These episodes make up most of seasons 4 and 5. (NOTE: These episodes are in production order and order in which they aired in the United Kingdom and Australia. The order of these episodes has been taken from the official ‘Klasky Csupo’ website. The American order of episodes was different, but being different it did not tell the series of events in the correct order as it aired ‘Golden Boy’ last whereby Tommy is still going out with Rachel, even though she left him in ‘All Broke Up’.)

# Episode Original Airdate (USA) Short Summary
36. R.V. Having Fun Yet? (Part One) October 10, 2005 Susie gets chosen to sing at a giant parade in New York City. The gang opts to travel to New York cross country—by R.V.
37. R.V. Having Fun Yet? (Part Two) October 10, 2005 After some unfortunate events happen after time on the road, the kids begin to crack.
38. Rachel, Rachel November 25, 2006 Despite his objections, Didi forces Tommy to attend Hebrew school to prepare for his bar mitzvah. While there, he meets Rachel, who is there studying for her bat mitzvah, and Tommy is instantly smitten. In a series of flashbacks, we learn that Tommy's affection for Rachel parallels the courtship of Boris and Minka.

First Appearance of: Rachel

39. Separate But Equal November 12, 2007 As Phil and Lil's birthday nears, the twins realize that they are more different than they think. Phil is getting to like girls, and Lil is wearing a Training bra. Realizing this, they decide to have separate parties for the boys and the girls as they try to out-prank each other. Meanwhile, Dil is worried that he might turn into a vampire after getting bit by a vampire bat.
40. Ladies Man November 13, 2007 Susie trains fat Harold to help him get a date with Angelica. He soon becomes the most wanted boy in school.

Meanwhile, Dil tries to play Cupid himself as he helps Vice Principal Pangborn woo Miss O'Keefe.

41. Lost at Sea November 14, 2007 Angelica falls for Darryl, but she gets too nervous to talk to him whenever he's around. Her mom loses her CEO job and decides to become a full-time mom. Then, they get stranded together on a sail boat on the same day as Darryl's rock concert.

Meanwhile, Tommy decided to invite Rachel for dinner with his family, he was afraid it will go wrong and she will dislike his family.

42. O Bro, Where Art Thou? November 15, 2007 Tommy is getting annoyed by Dil's eccentric behaviour, and he wants more space. When the gang visits the Cirque Extravaganza Day Camp, Dil meets a family who are just as eccentric as he is who invite him to join their troupe permanently.
43. Rat Traps November 16, 2007 When the gang sneaks into a PG-13 movie at the mall "Labyrinth Guy" (A Parody of the Video Game The Matrix: Path of Neo), Angelica catches them, and she has excellent blackmail fodder. The mall then closes with them locked inside with two robbers. Chuckie saves the day.
44. In the Family's Way November 19, 2007 After Charlotte has dinner with the Carmichaels, she decides that Angelica could use a bit more discipline, so she has her staying with Susie's family for a week. Tommy then bets the gang that the spoiled princess can handle all the Carmichael family rules for seven days.
45. A DeVille House Divided November 20, 2007 Vice Principal Pangborn asks Dil, Tommy, and Chuckie to hang around with his nephew, who turns out to be irritating and annoying.

Season 5: 2007-2008

(NOTE: These episodes are in production order and order in which they aired in the United Kingdom and Australia. The order of these episodes has been taken from the official ‘Klasky Csupo’ website. The American order of episodes was different, but being different it did not tell the series of events in the correct order as it aired ‘Golden Boy’ last whereby Tommy is still going out with Rachel, even though she left him in ‘All Broke Up’.)

# Episode Original Airdate (USA) Short Summary
46. Susie Goes Bad Lite November 21, 2007 Tired of being considered a "goody goody" by the popular kids, Susie tries desperately to prove that she can be a bad girl. Meanwhile, Phil discovers that he has a talent for cooking.
47. Trading Places November 23, 2007 When Chuckie discovers that Kimi is upset, he gets the gang to help him redesign her room. It is then discovered that she is homesick for Japan and her biological father.
48. TP+KF November 26, 2007 When the gang looks for Halloween costumes in the Finster's garage, they find TP+KF carved on the wall. Chuckie believes that Tommy has a crush on Kimi. Dil goes trick-or-treating the day before in order to beat the rush, but only gets money and becomes annoyed. The argument between Tommy and Chuckie escalates to where their friendship falls apart. The gang tries to bring the two back together. Chas has a new security system to scare away anyone who might want to T.P (“toilet paper”) his house.
49. Super Hero Worship November 27, 2007 When the comic book starring Chuckie's favourite superhero gets cancelled (Armadillo Dave), he is too depressed to help Tommy with his science fair project. Tommy has to buy a rat for his project, but the last rat available is a mean one. It scares everybody. Tommy made a simple one lane track for his rat, but needs Chuckie so he can get a good grade on it since Chuckie has done it before. The gang tries to find Chuckie a new hero to worship.
50. What's Love Got to do With It? November 28, 2007 Angelica's teacher is having a baby so she brings in a hot handsome sub teacher that Angelica falls in love with. She tries to "date" him by failing her assignments. Meanwhile, Tommy, Phil, and Chuckie are part of the tennis club run by Pangborn. Chuckie is trying to avoid showering at the boys' locker room, but when he takes the chance, he realizes he has nothing to worry about.
51. All Broke Up November 29, 2007 Rachel is moving away and Tommy is cool with it, but his friends think otherwise, they think he's in denial so Dil tells Tommy to go along with the plan so his friends will leave him alone. Also, after losing her job, Aunt Charlotte tries to get on track, with Dil's creative game of "Impatience".
52. Petition This! November 30, 2007 Kimi leads a petition drive to ban cell phones in school. Angelica hoodwinks Chuckie into helping her keep cell phones in school in her petition drive. Kimi gets busted for wanting a cell phone for Christmas.
53. Brothers Grimm August 3, 2008 When the gang's parents feel that they are spending too much time watching TV they ban it from the house. So in order to get their televisions back, they do something dare-devilish. They make a tree house with a zip-line in the backyard, to scare their parents into giving them their TV back. But they soon learn that TV isn't everything and once they get it back are bored with it.
54. Bad Blood August 10, 2008 With Stu and Didi away at an Invention Convention, Dil wants to host a viewing party for a "real" alien autopsy video. But when both Grandpa Lou and Grandpa Boris show up to babysit the kids, they start to have a feud. This gets even more difficult when Phil, Lil and Chuckie show up and Dil invites 10 other kids come see it.

Broadcast History

Every episode of All Grown Up! was shown in the United Kingdom, Australia and Latin America by 2006. However, it was 2008 before every episode was shown in the United States.

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