This is a list of episodes for the show "2 Stupid Dogs". "2 Stupid Dogs" was produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons and Turner Program Services and was aired from September 11, 1993 to January 21, 1995, totaling 45 episodes.

Season 1 (1993)

2 Stupid Dogs Super Secret Secret Squirrel 2 Stupid Dogs Airdate
1 "Door Jam" "Goldflipper" "Where's the Bone" 1993·Sept·05
2 "Cornflakes" "Greg" "Home is Where Your Head Is" 1993·Sept·12
3 "Love in the Park" "Quark" "Vegas Buffet" 1993·Sept·19
4 "At the Drive-In" "Queen Bea" "Show and Tell" 1993·Sept·26
5 "Pie in the Sky" "Hot Rodney" "Space Dogs" 1993·Oct·03
6 "A Quarter" "Egg" "Red" 1993·Oct·10
7 "Substitute Teacher" "Chameleon" "Seeing Eye Dogs" 1993·Oct·17
8 "Sheep Dogs" "Agent Penny" "Spooks-A-Poppin" 1993·Oct·24
9 "Hollywood's Ark" "Scirocco Mole" "Trash Day" 1993·Oct·31
10 "Family Values" "Platypus" "Red Strikes Back" 1993·Nov·07
11 "Stunt Dogs" "Doctor O" "Return of Red" 1993·Nov·14
12 "Far Out Friday" "One Ton" "Let's Make a Right Price" 1993·Nov·21
13 "Cat!" "Voodoo Goat" "Love Doctors" 1993·Nov·28

Season 2 (1994-1995)

Only one new "2 Stupid Dogs" segment per each episode; the other two segments are reruns from season 1.

2 Stupid Dogs Airdate
1 "Jerk" 1994·Sept·05
2 "Las Pelotas" 1994·Sept·12
3 "Post Office" 1994·Sept·19
4 "Day Dream" 1994·Oct·24
5 "Love" 1994·Oct·31
6 "Inside Out" 1994·Nov·07
7 "Spit Soup" 1994·Nov·14
8 "Fun!'" 1994·Nov·21
9 "The Rise and Fall of the Big Dog" 1994·Dec·5
10 "Cookies, Ookies, Blookies" 1994·Dec·19
11 "Cartoon Canines" 1995·Jan·30
12 "Bathroom Humor" 1995·Feb·6
13 "Hobo Hounds" 1995·Feb·13


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