Lily Hoshino (星野リリィ?) is a mangaka known for her boys love works, but she sometimes draws seinen and dojinshi.[1] Her boys love style is known for the extremely feminine character design and clothing of her ukes, to the point where they look like girls.[2][3] Her stories are regarded as humorous,[4][5] but are also considered generic.[6][7]


  • 奥サマは女子高生!? (July 2000)
  • 抱きごこちはいかが? (September 2001)
  • ほしいほしい君がほしい (November 2001)
  • あいしちゃったの (September 2002)
  • 都立魔法学園 (three volume series, August 2003 - May 2007)
  • ミックス・ミックス・チョコレート (November 2003)
Released as Chocolate Surprise by Aurora Publishing
  • かわいがって下さい (December 2003)
  • 花嫁くん (February 2004)
Released as Mr Flower Bride by Yen Press
  • ハレムでひとり (June 2004)
Released as Alone in My King's Harem by Digital Manga Publishing
  • ボクだけの王さま (August 2004)
Released as My Only King by Digital Manga Publishing
  • ナースがお仕事 (September 2004)
  • スーパーダブル (February 2005)
  • 花ムコさん (August 2005)
Released as Mr Flower Groom by Yen Press
  • 魔法細工 (March 2006)
  • 私と王子様 (August 2006)
  • ラブクエ (August 2006)
Released as Love Quest by Yen Press
  • おとめ妖怪ざくろ (two volume series, January 2008-September 2008)
  • 夢見る古都 (August 2008)


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