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Last Inning (ラストイニング Rasutoiningu?) is a baseball manga written by Ryu Kamio, supervised by Kiyosi Kato and illustrated by Yu Nakahara.


Saitama High School went to the first round of the koshien 36 years ago. Now with Keisuke on the team, the school has another shot at going to the national championship.


Keisuke Hatogaya (鳩ヶ谷圭輔?)
A lazy loser through and through, Keisuke doesn't begin to shine until he steps onto the field.
Yutaka Moroyama (毛呂山豊?)
The origin of his name is Moroyama, Saitama.
Yuriko Misato Yuriko (美里ゆり子?)
The local beauty.
Naoya Hidaka (日高直哉?)
The origin of his name is Hidaka, Saitama.
Sota Yasio (八潮創太?)
Yasio dreams of being a professional ballplayer and making a name for himself. He is a catcher who throws right-handed.
Touru Kamifukuoka (上福岡徹?)
The origin of his name was Kamihukuoka, Saitama.
Tomohiko Kawaguti (川口智彦?)
Oi Katutomo Oi (大井克豊?)
A second basemen who bats and throws right-handed.
Masasi Iwatuki (岩槻雅司?)
A tenth grader who plays as an outfielder. Masasi bats and throws right-handed.

Parents' Association

Omiya (大宮?)


Kiryu (桐生 Kiryū?)
Shinnosuke Akeshi (明石慎之助?)
Koichi Warabi (蕨耕一?)
Natsuko Hiki (比企夏子?)
Tsurugashima (鶴ヶ島?)
Juzo Momotani (桃谷十三?)

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