Kyoko Ariyoshi
Born (1950-09-14) September 14, 1950 (age 66)
Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Mangaka
Nationality Japanese
Genres fiction
Subjects shōjo manga, ballet manga.

Script error Kyoko Ariyoshi (有吉 京子 Ariyoshi Kyōko?, born September 14, 1950) is a Japanese shōjo manga artist. She was born in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. She debuted by publishing her work Kitty and a Girl (Koneko to Shōjo) in Shukan Margaret in 1971.

Ariyoshi is well-known for her works of the ballet stories. SWAN (Part 1, 1976–1980, and Part 2, 1980–1981), SWAN -The Prayer of Swan- (1982–1983) and Applause are the representative works. These are all stories of ballet and ballerinas.

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