Kyoko Miyagi (宮城 恭子 Miyagi Kyōko?, born October 11, 1955 in Okayama, Japan), usually credited as Kyouko Tonguu (頓宮 恭子 Tongū Kyōko?), is a Japanese voice actress who retired for a time in 1992, when her husband was transferred to Milan, Italy.

She returned to Japan and voice work there late in the same decade, now chiefly involved with dubbing of foreign movies and television programs. Her most recent anime work has been for Mermaid Forest and Star Fox: Assault. During her earlier career, she was best known for her voice of Kei in Dirty Pair and Nakamura in Black Magic M-66. Her last regular role before her brief retirement was as the voice of Kikunosuke Abashiri in Abashiri Family. She is still currently active through her agency, Aoni Production. [1]


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