The Legend of Kunai (クナイ伝 Kunai Den?) is a Japanese shōnen manga by Tabasa Iori. The manga is ran in Shōnen Sunday from 2007's volume 46 through 2008 volume 32.


The story follows Kunai Komori, a junior high school student who is also a ninja. Upon his father's retirement and his inheritance of his father's sword, he is charged with hunting down other blood-sucking vampire ninja.


Kunai Komori (幸守クナイ Koumori Kunai?)
A young boy who inherits his father's sword, Jakoto, on his fourteenth birthday. He comes from a family of vampiric ninja. When he drinks the blood of others, he transforms into a taller version of himself. He has a crush on Itzuna.
Izuna Ninomiya (二ノ宮いづな Ninomiya Izuna?)
Kunai's classmate and house guest. She is also descended from a long line of vampire hunters.
Sagiri Komori (幸守狭霧 Koumori Sagiri?)
Kunai's father, who has retired and let his son inherit the family's responsibilities.

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