Kumiko Oguro (小黒久美子 Oguro Kumiko?), whose maiden name is Noma (野間 Noma?), is a Japanese female opera singer whose voice is in the soprano range.[1] She is known among anime fans for having sung "Lilium", which is the opening song of the anime series, Elfen Lied.

In 2005, under her married name, she competed in the 74th Music Competition of Japan 日本音楽コンクール in Tokyo, known as a springboard for new talents.[2] She passed the first round and was one of 25 that competed in the second round. She sung Mozart's Die Entführung aus dem Serail for her second round entry,[3] but was not one of the 12 finalists.[4]

She participated in a charity concert for food security organisation Second Harvest Japan.[5]



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