This article is about Slave Doll II. For Kowaremono I, see Slave Doll.

Kowaremonon II (こわれものII?), also known as Slave Doll II, continues the erotic adventures of Aki, the android maid who's capable of collecting sperm for species preservation. In part one, Aki is kidnapped and altered after boarding a train chartered by her master. She is then altered and turned into a fighting android for a competition. However, this is actually an excuse to have the poor android sexually abused.


In part two, Aki's sperm collecting days are over, and rather than being scrapped, she serves an excentric professor as his maid. The professor then gives Aki a bracelet that changes the maid into a super-crimefighter (in the mold of the magical girl). However, on her first mission, Aki is once again sexually molested... and the ringleader turns into a real surprise!

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