Koji Aihara (相原 コージ Aihara Kōji?) is a manga artist, born in Hokkaido in 1963.[1] He grew up reading the works of Osamu Tezuka.[2]

Aihara made his debut with Hachigatsu no Nureta Pantsu in 1983, which ran in Weekly Manga Action Magazine.[1] He is one of the authors of Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, a satiric look at the manga industry.[2] Aihara's other best-known works include Bunka Jinrui Gag, Koujien, Mujina and Manka.[1] Manka has been described as being similar to tanka in that it shows the breadth of human emotion within the short space of a yonkoma.[1] He has also drawn a yonkoma parody of a Japanese dictionary. His work has been described as breaking new ground for themes in comedic manga, and as showing "meticulous detail".[1]


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