Kobo, the Li'l Rascal (Kobo-chan (コボちゃん?) in Japanese) is a manga created by Masashi Ueda.[1] Kodansha published the book in a bilingual Japanese-English edition, and Kodansha America distributed the book in the United States.[2]

Kobo-chan began publication in the Yomiuri Shimbun on April 1, 1982. Beginning in November of that year, Soyosha published the series in book form. NTV began airing the Kobo-chan strip on television on September 15, 1990. The weekly anime series ran on that channel from October 1992 to March 1994. Yomiuri had published 6,000 Kobo-chan strips by March 1999. Soyosha published Volume 52 in October 2000.[3]


  • Kobo Tabata (田畑 小穂 Tabata Kobo?, Kobo コボちゃん Kobo-chan) - The namesake of the series.
  • Sanae Tabata (田畑 早苗 Tabata Sanae?) - Kobo's mother.
  • Koji Tabata (田畑 耕二 Tabata Kōji?) - Kobo's father.
  • Iwao Yamakawa (山川 岩夫 Yamakawa Iwao?) - Kobo's grandfather and Sanae's father
  • Mine Yamakawa (山川 ミネ Yamakawa Mine?) - Kobo's grandmother and Sanae's mother
  • Takeo Omori (大森 竹男 Ōmori Takeo?, タケオ Takeo) - Takeo is Iwao's nephew
  • Sakiko Omori (大森 咲子 Ōmori Sakiko?)
  • Pochi (ポチ?)


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