Kiyokazu Chiba (千葉きよかず or 千葉潔和 Chiba Kiyokazu?, born April 16, 1961 in Gotenbashi, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese mangaka. In 1981 he was worked as an assistant to Motoka Murakami, and by 1988 he had won the Monthly Young Jump "Rookie of the Year" award. That same year in Shonen Sunday, his debut serial Akai Pegasus II Sho, the sequel to his master, Motoka Murakami's 1970s Akai Pegasus series. At the beginning of his career he signed his name with kanji, and later changed it to hiragana.


(written under the name Kiyokazu Chiba (千葉きよかず?) (hiragana)

(written under the name Kiyokazu Chiba (千葉潔和?) (kanji)

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