Kita may refer to one of the following:

In language

In people

  • Ikki Kita, Japanese philosopher
  • Shuhei Kita, Japanese singer
  • Hideki Kita (born 1952), Japanese long-distance runner
  • Michal Kita - Polish mixed martial artist
  • kita (Sampsa Astala) is a member of the Finnish band lordi
  • Jonathan Kita, Classically Trained Guitarist, Berklee Music Production & Engineering Graduate, & Lead Guitarist for Boston Based Metal Band "Diecast."
  • Kita St. Cyr is a New York based burlesque dancer and pinup model.
  • Kita Tran Cukita is the cutest BAB in the world.

In geography

Places in Japan

In company names

KITA is the abbreviated name of the Korea International Trade Association

In music

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