Kira Buckland (b. July 16, 1987) is an American voice actress.

Kira graduated from University of Alaska, Anchorage, majoring in Japanese[1]. Since winning the Anime Expo 2007 AX Idol Voice Acting competition[2] she has been working professionally with Bang Zoom! Entertainment. Prior to that, she has voiced roles in over 1,000 flash animations, radio dramas, and computer/video games and was the founder of the first Alaskan anime convention Senshi-Con based in Anchorage, Alaska.[3][4]. She started voice acting in 2004 on various online websites, under the well-known alias of "Rina-chan,". In February 2009, Kira returned to Senshi-Con as a guest.


The following list contains some selected roles[1][5][6]; a longer list is located here.

Anime, TV and Film Roles

Video Game Roles


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