Kinnikuman Second Generation: The Great All Out Chōjin Assault (キン肉マンⅡ世~オール超人大進撃~ Kinnikuman Nisei ~Ōru Chōjin Dai Shingeki~?) is a manga series by Yudetamago. It was an alternate retelling of their series Kinnikuman Nisei (Ultimate Muscle).


Serialized in Shueisha's game magazine V Jump from 2002 to May 2007.

Like Yudetamago's other work, Kinnikuman Nisei (currently running in Weekly Playboy), it is a sequel to their earlier work Kinnikuman (serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1979 to 1987), however the story develops differently than in Kinnikuman Nisei.

Playboy Version Differences

  • The big Chojin fighting tournament is not the Chojin Olympics but rather the Chōjin Ittō-sai (超人一等祭, Top Choujin Festival?). Whereas the Chojin Olympics was basically a Seigi Chojin Tournament (with the exception of Akugyo Chojins who sneak in), the Chōjin Ittō-sai mixes both good and evil Chojin to decide who is the "Top" Chojin amongst them.
  • In the Playboy Version, the character Kevin Mask has so far never lost, but in this story he has one loss.
  • Female Choujin like OKAN and Fiona participate in the fights.
  • The character Gazelleman appears more frequently and prominently. Whereas in the Playboy Version he is never shown winning a match, in this story he is shown winning two matches.


d. M.p Arc

Kinniku Mantarou (キン肉万太郎?)
The protagonist of the story. The prince of Planet Kinniku and son of the original Kinnikuman, Kinniku Suguru. He is sent to Earth in order to help fight the d. M.p. He is quite stupuid and lecherous and dislikes baths. Choujin Kyoudo: 930,000 Power.
Trademark Techniques: Kinniku Buster, Kinniku Driver, Muscle Millennium.
Alexandria Meat (アレキサンドリア・ミート?)
Homeland: Planet Kinniku. He originally served the first Kinnikuman, but after meeting Mantaro who is Kinnikuman Nisei, he joins up with him. In addition to Mantaro, he supports all of the New Generation. He is typically referred to as just Meat. Choujin Kyoudo: 500,000 Power.
Terry the Kid (テリー・ザ・キッド?) 23x15px
Homeland: Amarillo, Texas, United States. Choujin Kyoudo: 1,050,000 Power. Son of the Legend Terryman.
Trademark Techniques: Spinning Toe Hold, Sleeper Hold Suplex.
Kevin Mask (ケビンマスク?) 23x15px
Homeland: London, England. Choujin Kyoudo: 1,170,000. Son of the Legend Robin Mask. He was originally an Akugyo Choujin, but after denouncing his allegiance to the d. M.p he is released from the Akugyo Choujin Correctional Facility. From then on he is a free agent Choujin.
Trademark Techniques: Tower Bridge, Big Ben Edge, ORAP (written as OLAP in the Playboy version).
Seiuchin (セイウチン?) 23x15px
A walrus New Generation Choujin (seiuchi is Japanese for walrus) from Ireland. Choujin Kyoudo: 910,000 Power. He admires Mantaro, whom he refers to as Aniki. Favorite food: Raw fish.
Trademark Techniques: Salmon Splash.
Gazelleman (ガゼルマン?) 23x15px
A New Generation Choujin from Tanzania. Choujin Kyoudo: 1,000,000 Power. He is the Hercules Factory valedictorian graduate. Because of a traumatic experience from his past he is a lone wolf does not try to make friends, but he is softened by the kindness of Mantaro and the others.
Trademark Techniques: Antler Fist, Savannah Heat.
Puripuriman (プリプリマン?) 23x15px
A d. M.p Akugyo Choujin from Cameroon. Choujin Kyoudo: 970,000 Power. When he was young, he admired the Akuma Choujin and trained in professional wrestling in order to become one of them. His face is a human butt. He defeats Seiuchin, Gazelleman and Terry the Kid, but is defeated by Mantarou.
Trademark Techniques: Gas Explosion, Oketsu Driver.
The Cyborg (ザ・犀暴愚?) 23x15px
A d. M.p Akugyo Choujin. Choujin Kyoudo: 1,140,000 Power. He defeats Gazelleman and then takes a child hostage. He then challenges Mantarou to a fight at Tokyo Tower but is defeated. He originally appeared as a fan submission in Kinnikuman. He also appeared in the first Nisei movie. Laugh: Gomomomomo (ゴモモモモ?)
Trademark Techniques: Cyclone Back Breaker.
Shumokun (シュモクーン?) Template:Country data Tahiti
A d. M.p Akugyo Choujin based on the hammerhead shark. Homeland: Tahiti. Height: 203 cm, Weight: 125 kg, Chōjin Power: 740,000 Power. He sneaks into and hides in Kinniku House in order to defeat Mantaro, but he blows his own cover when he breaks up a fight between Mantaro and Kid and is ultimately defeated by their M&K Connection tag technique. Despite his fearsome appearance, he has a softer side. Shumoku-zame (撞木鮫) is Japanese for hammerhead shark. Trademark Technique: Conflict Arbitration (ケンカの仲裁).
The Fax (ザ・ファックス?) 23x15px
Homeland: Tanzania. Laugh: Gurerere~ (ゲレレレ~ッ?). Gazelleman's former best friend, he was saved from falling down a ravine by Gazelleman when they were children, but then he abandoned Gazelle in the ravine and ran away. A living fax machine; he can fax other chojin to and fro. He was eventually recruited by the d.M.p. He takes some children hostage and attacks Gazelleman, but at the last moment Gazelleman defeats him.
Trademark Techniques: Paper Shooter.
Toilet Paper Mummy (ペーパーミイラ, Paper Mirra?) 23x15px
Homeland: Egypt. A Choujin who is literally summoned by fax. He frequently says Pepapepa~n (ペパペパ~ン?). He and The Fax attack Gazelleman, but he is defeated by an interfering Mantaro.
He shares the same name with a fan submission from the original Kinnikuman, but looks very different.
Henachoko Mask (ヘナチョコマスク rookie mask?) 23x15px
Homeland: Osaka. Choujin Kyoudo: 30,000 Power.
Shimaou (屍魔王 corpse demon?) 23x15px
The president of d. M.p and head of the Zangyaku Choujin. In the end he is sent to Choujin Prison with Kirinman. He originally appeared as a fan submission in Kinnikuman.
Kirinman (麒麟男 qilin man?) 23x15px
d. M.p adjutant and head of the Perfect Choujin. In the end he is sent to Choujin Prison with Shimaou. He originally appeared as a fan submission in Kinnikuman.
Yashamu (夜叉夢 yaksha dream?) 23x15px
Homeland: Japan. Choujin Kyoudo: 1,200,000 Power. One of the "Night Watchmen" of the d. M.p's headquarters the Dungeon Hand (迷宮の手(ダンジョン・ハンド)?). He uses his long hair as a weapon and is defeated by Gazelleman. He originally appeared as a fan submission in Kinnikuman. Back then, his name was written as 夜叉.
Rex King (レックス・キング?) 23x15px
One of the "Night Watchmen" of the Dungeon Hand. A dinosaur Choujin from United States. His weakness is coldness. He is defeated by Terry the Kid (with help from Mantaro's "cold" jokes). He also appears in the Playboy version.
Trademark Techniques: Jurassic Hand, Kill The 1/2.
Check Mate (チェック・メイト?) Template:Country data Monaco
The last of the "Night Watchmen" of the Dungeon Hand. Homeland: Monaco. Choujin Kyoudo: 1,210,000 Power. The star pupil of d. M.p Akuma Choujin head Sunshine. As with the Playboy version, he fights and loses to Mantaro and afterwards becomes a Seigi Choujin.
Trademark Techniques: Stallion Style Honor Driver, King Style Brilliant Throw.
Jade (ジェイド?) 23x15px
Hercules Factory Second Year Student. Homeland: Berlin, Germany. Choujin Kyoudo: 1,160,000 Power. He was trained by the Legend Brocken Jr.. He is abducted and brainwashed by the d. M.p and fights Mantaro in the Oden Tower's Konnyaku Ring. During the fight, he overcomes his brainwashing and is defeated by Mantaro.
Trademark Techniques: Red Rain of Berlin, Helm Schwantz.
Bath the Shower (バス・ザ・シャワー?) 23x15px
A Hercules Factory Second Year Student brainwashed by the d. M.p along with Jade. Homeland: Finland. Choujin Kyoudo: 900,000 Power. Laugh: Shawa-shawa (シャワシャワ?). He fights Seiuchin in the Oden Tower's Daikon Ring.
Captain Makkou (キャプテン・マッコウ Captain Sperm Whale?) 23x15px
A Hercules Factory Second Year Student brainwashed by the d. M.p along with Jade. Homeland: Denmark. Choujin Kyoudo: 1,050,000 Power. He fights Check Mate in the Oden Tower's Yudetamago Ring. He refers to himself in the first person as Wagahai (我輩?). Laugh: Guha-Guha (グハグハ?). While traveling the Seven Seas he captured a large whale and implanted it onto his body, giving him a Whale Body (ホエールボディ?). He defeats Check Mate's Stallion Style Honor Driver and almost wins, but at the last moment Check uses his King Style Brilliant Throw and ends the match in a Double KO.
Trademark Techniques: Tatsuta-age Drop, Whale Twister

Choujin Ittō-sai

Ikemen Muscle (イケメン・マッスル?)
Homeland: Planet Harabote. Chairman of the Choujin Ittō-sai tournament and son of Harabote Muscle.
Fiona (フィオナ?) 23x15px
Homeland: Romania. Choujin Kyoudo: 870,000 Power.
Trademark Techniques: Braid Sensation
The Doomman (ザ・ドゥームマン?) 23x15px
Homeland: Zan. Laugh: Zao-zao (ザオザオ?).
Trademark Techniques: Meteor Slicer
OKAN 23x15px
Homeland: Russia. Choujin Kyoudo: 1,070,000 Power.
Naankeeman (ナンキーマン?) 23x15px
Homeland: Sri Lanka.
A Naan-masked Keema chōjin.
Trademark Techniques: Red Chili Pepper Tornado
Tteok (トック?) 23x15px
A tteok Choujin from South Korea.
Trademark Techniques: Tteokbokki Press
Tentacles (天タコルズ Tentakoruzu?) 23x15px
An octopus Choujin from Italy. Choujin Kyoudo 1,200,000 Power.
Absorption Snake Template:Country data Democratic Republic of the Congo
Anubi Crea 23x15px
Baby Face 23x15px
Candleman 23x15px
The Commando Template:Country data Albania
Cube Rickerson 23x15px
A Kubrick chōjin.
Dead Bone Crusher 23x15px
Death Phantom 23x15px
Dentaman (デンタマン) Template:Country data Sudan
Don Tequila 23x15px
Ice Creature 23x15px
A dMp Ice Cream Cone chōjin.
Jekyll 23x15px
King Dam 23x15px
A dam chōjin.
Locomoman 23x15px
A steam locomotive chōjin.
Plesioman 23x15px
A Plesiosaurus chōjin.
Power Walker 23x15px
An excavator chōjin.
Sabotenja Néyo (サボテンジャ・ネーヨ "not a cactus") 23x15px
Scorpion (スコーピオン) 23x15px
Slotman 23x15px
A slot machine chōjin.
Senpūki (センプー鬼 Fan Demon) 23x15px
Trap the Jack (トラップ・ザ・ジャック) 23x15px
Turtle Man 23x15px
Ueki Bachi 23x15px
A flowerpot chōjin.
Wooljin 23x15px
A sheep chōjin.
Wu-Wei 23x15px


Characters from the original Kinnikuman (excluding Meat)

Kinniku Suguru (キン肉スグル?)
58th King of Planet Kinniku. The original Kinnikuman and father of Mantaro. He comes to Earth to watch his son participate in the Choujin Ittō-sai.
Trademark Techniques: Kinniku Buster, Kinniku Driver, Muscle Spark.
Kinniku Bibinba (キン肉ビビンバ?)
58th Queen of Planet Kinniku and mother of Mantaro. She comes to Earth to watch her son participate in the Choujin Ittō-sai.
Ramenman (ラーメンマン?) 23x15px
A Kenpo Choujin from Henan, China. He is a trainer at the Hercules Factory and acts as Seigi Choujin moderator for the Choujin Ittō-sai.
Trademark Techniques: Camel Clutch, Flying Leg Lariat, 102 Choujin Attacks.
Sunshine (サンシャイン?) 23x15px
A sand-brick Choujin from Peru who first appears as the d. M.p's Akuma Choujin head. He trained Check Mate and the "Night Watchmen" and later acts as Akugyo Choujin moderator for the Choujin Ittō-sai.
Trademark Techniques: Sand Hell, Cursed Roller.
Robin Mask (ロビン・マスク?) 23x15px
An British knight Choujin and father of Kevin Mask. He is the headmaster of the Hercules Factory.
Trademark Techniques: Tower Bridge, Robin Special
Buffaloman (バッファローマン?) 23x15px
A Charging Bull Choujin from Spain. He is a trainer at the Hercules Factory.
Trademark Techniques: Hurricane Mixer, Choujin Cross Slam, Buffalo Bomb.
Wolfman (ウルフマン?) 23x15px
A former Choujin Sumo Yokozuna from Tōhoku, Japan. He is a trainer at the Hercules Factory and tries to save Jade and the other Second Year Students as they are being abducted.
Trademark Techniques: Gasshou Hineri, Rubik's Cube Harite
Terryman (テリーマン?) 23x15px
An American Choujin modeled after Terry Funk. He is the father of Terry the Kid and best friend of Kinniku Suguru.
Trademark Techniques: Spinning Toe Hold, Texas Clover Hold, Calf Branding.
Brocken Jr. (ブロッケンJr.?) 23x15px
A Nazi-themed Choujin from Germany. Trainer of Jade.
Trademark Techniques: Red Rain of Berlin

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