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  1. Just Plucking Off Love “mogitate no koi” (Kawauchi Rie) [OP] 3:20
  2. Scorching Paradise “shakunetsu paradise” 1:22
  3. Seaside Dream “Seaside yochi Dream” 2:55
  4. Summertime Triangle 2:52
  5. Kimagure Angel “Kimagure tenshi” (Kawauchi Rie) 4:21
  6. de Maimu que 2:21
  7. Beating Summertime Graffiti “tokimeki natsu-iro graffiti” (Kawauchi Rie) 1:44
  8. Jealous Beat “beat de shitto” 4:14
  9. Island of Forbidden Love “kinjirareta koi no shima” 3:10
  10. Love Chase at the Beach “nagisa no Love Chase” 4:36
  11. 'Heart' o Nice Catch (kawauchi rie) 3:23
  12. Waku Waku Island 2:30
  13. Telepathy Scramble 1:20
  14. Marine Paadise 1:21
  15. Escape 1:46
  16. ABCB 2:21
  17. Don't Make Me Get Lost, Madonna “mayowasenaide Madonna” 1:14
  18. Secret Command “himitsu shirei” 1:16
  19. My Darling Love “itoshi no My Love” 1:18
  20. Carrying Summer Memories... “natsu no omoi o nosete...” 1:11

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