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Kill Time Communication (キルタイムコミュニケーション?) is a Japanese publishing company focused on adult material, such as light novels, artbooks,[2] adult magazines, manga. The company was established in November 1995. As of 2009, it is among top 5 ero-manga publishers in Japan after Core Magazine, Akane Shinsha, TI Net and Kubo Shoten.[3]

Magazines published

2D Dream Magazine

2D Dream Magazine (二次元ドリームマガジン?), also known as Nijigen Dream Magazine[4], aimed at adult males, started in 2001 as a special issue of PC-DIY magazine. It went independent in 2004.

Comic Unreal

Script error Comic Unreal (コミックアンリアル?) is a bi-monthly pornographic manga magazine, debuted in 2006.

Comic Valkyrie

Script error Comic Valkyrie (コミックヴァルキリー Komikku Varukiri?) is a science fiction and fantasy seinen manga magazine.[1] In 2007 the company launched Comic Valkyrie Hard, a special issue of Comic Valkyrie.[2]


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