Kilico is manga series written and illustrated by Kiba Koichi, published in Kodansha's Morning magazine. It ran for 41 chapters and was compiled into 4 volumes.


Detective Yusa Akira saw Shinichi his brother killed before his very eyes. While investigating the crime scene he spots a young girl, Sakaki Kilico. He instinctively knows that she did it. After a deadly fight, Akira arrests her. He finds out that she is trained as a professional assassin by her stepfather, Sakaki Toshio. Kilico is disguised as an ordinary college student. Her arrest is treated as a mistake when she manages to hide all evidence of Shinichi's murder. Akira's subsequent investigation of Kilico runs into difficulty when he finds that it's too big for a police detective to handle. Her encounter with Akira makes Kilico remember her terrible past and have doubts about being an assassin. Kilico goes to Taiwan to train as a jewel connoisseur, the Sakaki family's legitimate business, behind which they hide all their illegitimate business. Fired for taking his investigation too far, Akira follows Kilico to Taiwan. The two meet again and become very close, as they get involved in the internal conflicts within the Tenrenban gang, Taiwan's biggest Mafia group.

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