Kenjirō Tsuda (津田 健次郎 Tsuda Kenjirō?, born June 11, 1971) is a Japanese voice actor and actor from Osaka Prefecture. He works at Stardust Promotion as an actor and Mediarte Entertainment Works as a seiyu.



Drama CD




  • He has voiced team-mates alongside Junko Minagawa on at least two occasions.
    • In The Prince of Tennis, with Minagawa as Ryoma and Tsuda as Sadaharu
    • In the PS2 game version of Nana, with Minagawa as Nana Osaki and Tsuda as Yasushi Takagi
  • As the voice actor of Spitfire in Air Gear, he also plays the character in the musical version.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! he plays the voice of Seto Kaiba, and in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX he is the voice actor of Kaibaman, a homage card of Seto Kaiba in the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.



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