Kekko Kamen (けっこう仮面 Kekkō Kamen?, sometimes romanized as Kekkou Kamen, Kekko Masked, Mask of Kekkou or Mask the Kekkou, and translated as Splendid Mask) is originally a shōnen manga series from Japanese creator Go Nagai, which spawned an OVA series and several live-action films. The manga series is about the misadventures of a student named Mayumi Takahashi who attends a boarding school called Toenail of Satan's Spartan Institute of Higher Education that is run by sexual predators. The teachers are constantly looking for ways to torture or humiliate the students, and from this the teachers derive sexual satisfaction. Takahashi's only protection is from a mysterious figure known as Kekko Kamen.


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The main character lurks around a corrupt, misogynistic "high education" high school called the Sparta Academy (スパルタ学園 suparuta gakuen?), where the penalty for any student (usually girls) making the slightest mistake is being sexually humiliated by the perverted teachers running the school, the mastermind being a demonic, jester-like villain named "Toenail of Satan". Before the teachers take their sexual advances too far, Kekko Kamen breaks in and beats up the bad guy before performing a finishing attack by jumping into the air and landing crotch-first onto the opponent's face, breaking his neck with her legs. In death, the villain has a smile on his face.


  • Kekko Kamen (けっこう仮面 kekkō kamen?)

A mostly nude female superhero dressed only in a red, rabbit eared mask, with matching gloves, scarf, and boots. She uses her body to distract the usually male enemy teacher that she fights in order to protect the young student Mayumi Takahashi. She fights with a graceful and acrobatic martial arts style, as well as often using weapons to aid her, such as Nunchaku and a bow staff. Kekko Kamen's finishing move, the Pubic Hair Jump (おっぴろげジャンプ - Oh Piroge Jump) , involves her leaping high into the air, and spreading her legs wide, exposing her groin, thus mentally paralyzing her enemy and allowing her to crash into him, smashing her crotch into his face, and filling the villain with such euphoria, that he loses consciousness. Despite many young women being suspected of being the heroine, her true identity has never been revealed.

  • Mayumi Takahashi (高橋真弓 takahashi mayumi?)

A young, first year student at the Sparta Academy. Mayumi is an innocent and good natured, yet somewhat dimwitted girl, whose bad grades often land her in the school's torture chamber, where she is subjected to humiliating punishments. However, before the teachers are about to completely violate her, Kekko Kamen always manages to burst in and save the day. Her hero's constant rescuing of her has filled Mayumi with a deep amount of affection for her, and she often wonders whom the masked heroine could really be.

  • Toenail of Satan (サタンの足の爪 satan no ashi no tsume?)

The main villain, the wicked principal of the Academy, who dresses in a fearsome white demon mask and jester hood. He is extremely perverted and obtains satisfaction from sexually humiliating the female student body, especially Mayumi Takahashi. This often brings him into conflict with Kekko Kamen, whose secret identity he wishes to uncover. To accomplish this, he brings out various punishment councillors to publicly humiliate Takahashi, using her as bait to bring the naked warrior of justice out in the open. However, he always manages to be defeated by her.

  • Chigusa Yuka (結花千草 yuka chigusa?)

A shy, introverted second year student. After Mayumi sees her bare body as part of a plan to catch Kekko Kamen, she believes that this girl is in fact her hero. However, what Mayumi and the rest of the school doesn't know is that she is actually hiding a different secret - that she is actually a pair of twins named Chigusa and Yuka, who mysteriously enrolled in the school under the identity of one student.

  • Keiko Natsuwata (夏綿けい子 natsuwata keiko?)

The tough, masculine Physical Education teacher who is an expert at various styles of fighting techniques, sports, and with many types of weapons. For this reason, the principal suspected that she was actually Kekko Kamen, and began to humiliate her. However this theory was disregarded when Kekko Kamen jumped in to rescue her.

  • Koichi Omote (面光一 omote kōichi?)

A supposedly first year male student, who is in the same class as Mayumi. However, another student uncovered that he was actually a female in disguise. This prompted the Principal to believe that she was Kekko Kamen. When her true gender was unveiled, Keiko suddenly rushed in to save her, and confessed that she was Koichi's older sister. Both sisters were then captured and tortured until Kekko Kamen came to their rescue. After this revelation, Koichi continues to be a valuable friend and ally to Mayumi.

  • Ai Sakai (酒井愛 sakai ai?)

A young student who is positively infatuated with Kekko Kamen, and is inspired to become a heroine of justice herself. So, armed with a rapier, she becomes the mostly nude, caped, swashbuckling hero with a ribbon covering her crotch known as Ribbon no Shishi (リボンの獅子). However, on her first attempt to combat the evil of the school, Ai finds herself in danger. Fortunately, Kekko Kamen comes to her rescue. After this incident, Ai continued to appear sporadically throughout the manga as a supporting character.

  • Kaori Wakatsuki (若月香織 wakatsuki kaori?)

The very attractive school nurse. After Kekko Kamen's thigh is injured in a battle, the villain traces her to the infirmary, and confronts Kaori, ripping off her clothing in an attempt to find the scar, only to realize it wasn't there. Kekko then appeared with a bandage on and rescued her.

  • Kei Kurenai (紅恵 kurenai kei?)

Red haired, chain smoking, tough as nails third year student and gang leader. However, beneath her brash exterior, she may be concealing something.


Kekko Kamen is a female superhero whose costume consists solely of red boots, gloves, scarf and a mask with long bunny-like ears. Her fighting style is graceful, and her finishing move involves driving the opponent to the ground with a flying headscissors takedown which presses her groin into the victim's face. While regularly considered as a hentai series, it doesn't have many explicit sexual situations, neither in the manga, anime or live-action series, though there is abundant female nudity in all of them.

Kekko Kamen is a parody of Gekko Kamen. It was originally a joke that Nagai sent to his editor expecting him to reject it. His editor, however, loved the idea and that started Kekko Kamen.[1] As well as the similarity in name, both Kekko Kamen's and Gekko Kamen's true identity is never revealed. Even the name of the main antagonist is a parody: in Gekko Kamen it's Claw of Satan (サタンの爪 Satan no Tsume?) while in Kekko Kamen it's Toenail of Satan (サタンの足の爪 Satan no Ashi no Tsume?).

Ten live-action films have been made of Kekko Kamen, along with one OVA series. A photobook has also been made, featuring a martial artist as Kekko Kamen. A sequel photobook featuring Kekko Kamen's daughter, Kurenai Kamen, has also been made.

The theme song for Kekko Kamen (used in anime and tokusatsu adaptations as well as the original manga) uses the same lyrics for the theme song to Moonlight Mask, but with changes.



Kekko Kamen was originally serialized in Shueisha's magazine Monthly Shōnen Jump, from September 1974 (1974-09) to February 1978 (1978-02).[2][3][4][5]

The series has been compiled several times by Shueisha and other publishers.[6]

  • Shueisha (Jump Comics, 1976–1978)
Vol. Release date ISBN
1 April 30, 1976 (1976-04-30) 978-4088526515
2 January 31, 1977 (1977-01-31) 978-4088526522
3 July 31, 1977 (1977-07-31) 978-4088526539
4 January 31, 1978 (1978-01-31) 978-4088526546
5 July 31, 1978 (1978-07-31) 978-4088526553
  • Shueisha (Jump Comics Deluxe, 1990)
Vol. Release date ISBN
1 August 15, 1990 (1990-08-15) 978-4088583358
2 October 15, 1990 (1990-10-15) 978-4088583365
3 December 9, 1990 (1990-12-09) 978-4088583372
Vol. Release date ISBN
1 April 25, 1996 (1996-04-25) 978-4041978016
2 April 25, 1996 (1996-04-25) 978-4041978023
3 April 25, 1996 (1996-04-25) 978-4041978030
  • Kodansha (Kodansha Comics Deluxe, 2003)
Vol. Release date ISBN
1 July 4, 2003 (2003-07-04) 978-4063347449
  • LEED (SP Comics, 2004)
Vol. Release date ISBN
1 April 27, 2004 (2004-04-27) 978-4845828067
2 October 21, 2004 (2004-10-21) 978-4845828173

The series is also available in ebook format, published by ebookjapan.[7]

Releases outside Japan

The manga is being published in Italy by d/visual.

  • d/visual (Go Nagai presents, 2006-ongoing)
Vol. Release date ISBN
1 December 22, 2006 (2006-12-22) 978-4862370808
2 July 30, 2010 (2010-07-30) 978-4862370815



# Title Original release date
1 Here I am: The messenger of love and justice!! / Crash!! Kekko Kamen vs Muscular Monster
"ai to seigi no shisha sanjō!! / kekitotsu!! kekkō kamen vs kinniku monster" (愛と正義の使者参上!! / 激突!!けっこう仮面VS筋肉モンスター)
August 1, 1991 (1991-08-01) {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
2 Mystery! The legend of the evil android!! / Crisis! Kekko Kamen only lives twice!!
"kaiki! akuma no jinzōningen densetsu!! / kiki ippatsu! kekkō kamen wa nido shinu!!" (怪奇!悪魔の人造人間伝説!! / 危機一発!けっこう仮面は二度死ぬ!!)
March 1, 1992 (1992-03-01) {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}

Staff & cast

  • Distributor: Nippon Columbia
  • Animation work: Studio Signal
  • Production: Nippon Columbia, Dynamic Planning, Studio Signal
  • Original work: Go Nagai
  • Director: Nobuhiro Kondo (vol. 1), Kinji Yoshimoto (vol. 2)
  • Scenario: Masashi Sogo
  • Art director: Mitsuharu Miyamae
  • Chief animation director/character design: Satoshi Hirayama
  • Sound director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Music: Keiju Ishikawa
  • Theme songs:
    • Kekko Kamen no Uta (けっこう仮面の歌 kekkō kamen no Uta?, The song of Kekko Kamen)(lyrics by Go Nagai, composition and arrangement by Keiju Ishikawa, sung by Emi Shinohara)
    • Morodashi Heroine Kekko Kamen (モロダシ・ヒロインけっこう仮面 morodashi hiroin kekkō kamen?, Naked heroine Kekko Kamen)(lyrics by Hiroshi Koenji, composition and arrangement by Keiju Ishikawa, sung by Emi Shinohara)
  • Cast: Emi Shinohara (Kekko Kamen), Arisa Ando (Mayumi Takahashi), Kikuko Inoue (Chigusa Yuka), Joji Yanami (Satan no Ashi no Tsume)



The OVA series was initially released by Nippon Columbia in VHS format.[8][11]

# Release date Standard number JAN
1 August 1, 1991 (1991-08-01) COVM-5024 4988001134466
2 March 1, 1992 (1992-03-01) COVM-5089 4988001148463

It was released in DVD also by Columbia.[8][13][14]

# Release date Standard number JAN
1 April 21, 2001 (2001-04-21) COBM-5126 4988001939900
2 April 21, 2001 (2001-04-21) COBM-5127 4988001940005
Releases outside Japan

The OVA was released in the US subtitled in English in VHS format by ADV Films.[15][16] [17][18]

# Release date Catalog number UPC
1 February 7, 1995 (1995-02-07) VHSKK-001 702727002533
2 April 4, 1995 (1995-04-04) VHSKK-002 702727002731

ADV films also released the OVA in a single DVD which, beside the subtitles, also included dubbed audio.[19] This version has also been re-released in bundled packages with other anime.[20][21]

Name Release date UPC
Kekko Kamen February 15, 2005 (2005-02-15) 702727114427
Cutey Honey/Kekko Kamen April 1, 2008 (2008-04-01) 702727195426
Puni Puni Poemy/Kekko Kamen April 21, 2009 (2009-04-21) 702727193323

The OVA was also released in a dubbed version in Italy in VHS by Dynamic Italia in 2000 under the name Kekko Kamen: La maschera libidinosa.[22][23]

Live-action films

There have been ten live-action films dedicated to Kekko Kamen. Go Nagai has been intricately involved in the production of the films.

The titles and order of the ten live-action Kekko Kamen films are as follows:

  • Kekko Kamen (けっこう仮面)(1991)
  • Kekko Kamen 2: We'll be back... (けっこう仮面2 We’ll be back・・・)(1992)
  • Kekko Kamen 3 (けっこう仮面3 aka Kekko Kamen in Love)(1993)
  • Kekko Kamen (けっこう仮面 aka Kekkou Kamen, Mask of Kekkou, Kekko Kamen New)(2004)
  • Kekko Kamen: Mangriffon no Gyakushu (けっこう仮面 マングリフォンの逆襲, also known as Kekko Kamen: The MGF Strikes Back)(2004)
  • Kekko Kamen Returns (けっこう仮面 RETURNS)(2004)
  • Kekko Kamen Surprise (けっこう仮面 SURPRISE)(2004)
  • Kekko Kamen Royale (けっこう仮面 ロワイヤル)(2007)
  • Kekko Kamen Premium (けっこう仮面 プレミアム)(2007)
  • Kekko Kamen Forever (けっこう仮面 フォーエバー)(2007)

Note that in both 1991 and 2004 films were produced under the simple title Kekko Kamen. In the West, the 2004 film is often differentiated from the original by the title Kekko Kamen New!. The first three and the last three films were released in direct-to-video format, while the four films of 2004 were theatrically released in Japan.

Staff of Kekko Kamen (1991)

The role of Kekko Kamen is credited as ?, to keep it as a secret as in the series. However, it is known that it was played by actress Chris Aoki.[24]

Staff of Kekko Kamen 2: We'll be back... (1992)

The role of Kekko Kamen is credited as ?, but it is known that it was played by actress Chris Aoki.

Staff of Kekko Kamen 3 (1993)

The role of Kekko Kamen is credited as ?, but it is known that it was played by actress Chris Aoki.

Staff of Kekko Kamen (2004)

The role of Kekko Kamen is credited as ? in the Japanese credits, but it is known that it was played by actress Shino Saito.[25][26]

Staff of Kekko Kamen: Mangriffon no Gyakushu (2004)

The role of Kekko Kamen is credited as ? in the Japanese credits, but it is known that it was played by actress Shino Saito.[27][28][29]

Staff of Kekko Kamen Returns (2004)

The role of Kekko Kamen is credited as ? in the Japanese credits, but it is known that it was played by actress Misaki Mori (credited as Misaki).[30][31][32]

Staff of Kekko Kamen Surprise (2004)

The role of Kekko Kamen is credited as ? in the Japanese credits, but it is known that it was played by actress Misaki Mori (credited as Misaki).[32][33][34][35]

Staff of Kekko Kamen Royale (2007)

Staff of Kekko Kamen Premium (2007)

Staff of Kekko Kamen Forever (2007)

Short stories and sequels

Kekko Kamen P

Kekko Kamen P (けっこう仮面P kekkō kamen p?) is manga written by Shigemitsu Harada and drawn by Seiju Minato, originally published by Kodansha in Weekly Young Magazine from 2003 (2003) to 2004 (2004). It's a sequel of the original series, where several years have passed since the events depicted in the first manga. Momoka Nogami discovers the legend of the original Kekko Kamen and decides to emulate her actions donning a similar costume, adding a peach motif, and so she becomes Kekko Kamen Peach. Other Kekko also appear, Kekko Kamen Lemon and Kekko Kamen Melon, and even a male version called Kekko Kamen Banana.

<tr style="border-bottom: 3px solid #CCF"><th style="width: 4%;">No.</th><th style="width: 48%;">Release date</th><th style="width: 48%;"> ISBN</th></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol1">1</td></td><td> May 6, 2004 (2004-05-06)</td><td>ISBN 978-4063612356</td></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol2">2</td></td><td> July 6, 2004 (2004-07-06)</td><td>ISBN 978-4063612493</td></tr> </table>



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