In Neon Genesis Evangelion, the anime written and directed by Hideaki Anno, Keel Lorentz is the leader of the mysterious organization, SEELE. In the anime only his voice is made known, shown in the discussions of the SEELE council as a gray monolith with the words SEELE : 01 Sound Only. He is sometimes identified by fans as the Wandering Jew, although photos show him aging.

According to The End of Evangelion : Theatrical Program's Glossary, which was distributed at theaters at the release of the film (compiled by Studio Yuu and accepted as canon by director Anno), Keel Lorentz is "The chairman of the Instrumentality Committee, and also the leader of SEELE. His body is completely cybernetic from the spine down. He issued orders for the direct occupation of Special Agency NERV, and planned complementation using Eva-01. "