Kazushige Nojima (野島 一成 Nojima Kazushige?, born January 20, 1964 in Sapporo) is a Japanese game scenario writer and is the founder of Stellavista Ltd.. He is best known for writing parts of Square Enix's Final Fantasy video game series—namely Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2 and the Kingdom Hearts series. Nojima also wrote the original lyrics of Liberi Fatali for Final Fantasy VIII and both Suteki da Ne and the Hymn of the Fayth for Final Fantasy X. He was the scenario writer for the adventure mode of the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Nojima worked for Square Enix until October 2003 and was credited on the following video games during his time as a Square-Enix employee:

Since working as a freelancer, he has been credited on the following projects:

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