Kazurou Inoue (井上 和郎 Inoue Kazurō) is a Japanese mangaka.

Born May 1, 1970, he received recognition for his manga Dream Security Mao (Dream Security マオ?) at the 40th Rookie Comic Awards. After training under Kazuhiro Fujita, he published Heat Wave in Shōnen Sunday Super for a short while.

He is most known for Midori no Hibi (美鳥の日々?, Midori Days) series which was adapted into a 13 episodes anime series by the studio Pierrot.[1]


  • Heat Wave (2001, serialized in Shonen Sunday Super, Shogakukan)
  • Midori Days(2003–2004, serialized in Shonen Sunday, Shogakukan)[2][3]
  • Ai Kora (2005–2008, serialized in Shonen Sunday, Shogakukan)[4][5]
  • Haru Ranman! (2007, one-shot published in Young Animal, Hakusensha)
  • Aoi Destruction (2007, collection of short stories, Shogakukan)[6]
  • Undead (2008, serialized in Big Comic Spirits, Shogakukan)[7]
  • Ane Comi (2009-ongoing, serialized in Young Animal Island, Hakusensha)[8]
  • Mahou no Iroha (2009-ongoing, serialized in Shonen Sunday Super, Shogakukan)[9]
  • Full-Scratch Eiji
  • Koshoten Yakou Funsenki
  • Otone no Naisho


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