Kazato Tomizawa (冨澤 風斗 Tomizawa Kazato?) (born 17 May 1996) is a Japanese child actor and seiyū, born in Tokyo. He is represented by Gekidan Nihon Jidō.

In 2001, he made his debut with the film Kishiwada Shōnen Gurentai. In 2007, he made his first significant role in an anime series with Code Geass, appearing as V.V., and also portrayed the title kappa character Coo in Keiichi Hara's anime film Kappa no Coo Natsuyasumi, which was shown across Japan and numerous other theaters and festivals around the world.[1][2]


TV programs

  • Ponki Kids 21 (Fuji TV)
  • Doremi no Terebi: Doremi no Kodomo (NHK Educational)
  • Watasha ga Kodoma Datta Koro (NHK BS-Hi)

TV anime


Net cinema


Live action
  • Kishiwada Shōnen Gurentai
Anime films
  • Kappa no Coo to Natsuyasumi (Coo)


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