Kanae Itō (伊藤 かな恵 Itō Kanae?, born November 26, 1986) is a Japanese voice actress and singer who was born in Nagano Prefecture. She is affiliated with Aoni Production[1] and music publisher Lantis.


After graduating from high school, Kanae enrolled at the Amusement Media Academy, a vocational school for voice actors and artists, and graduated in 2007.[2] Prior to graduating she was a member of two voice acting groups called こえっち (Koecchi?) and りらちっち (Rirachicchi?) before both groups disbanded in December 2005 and January 28, 2007 respectively.

Her first major role came in 2007 when she played the lead heroine, Amu Hinamori, from the anime Shugo Chara!. The show became a hit and Kanae was praised by critics. Since then, she has voiced Amu in other Shugo Chara! franchises including radio serials, drama CDs and video games.

Despite being a relatively new voice actress, she has voiced a variety of characters ranging from tsundere teenagers (Fumino Serizawa of Mayoi Neko Overrun!) to sexy, mature characters (Airi from Queen's Blade). Her versatility has gotten her major roles in some recent anime.

She and fellow voice actress Aki Toyosaki are good friends who worked together on several anime including Shugo Chara!, To Love-Ru and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (both also hosted the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun web radio show, Radio no Railgun[3]). She was also nominated for "Best Rookie Voice Actress," at the 4th Seiyu Awards.

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