Kōryū no Mimi (黄龍の耳 "Huanglong Ear"?) lit. "Ear of the Golden Dragon" is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up video game originally released by VAP exclusively in Japan. This video game is based on the anime/manga of the same title.

The storyline is involving, with lots of different allies and villains running around. There are a wide variety of moves and combos that the player can pull off, and he can also get plenty of weapons to wield, and passive-looking objects to throw around. If the player can fill up his meter to wield the power of his Ring of the Golden Dragon’s Ear, he can heal some of his damage and also briefly harness the power of the Dragon. This allows him to become faster and more powerful.

Plot and gameplay

Natsume Kiroemon, the 45th leader of the Natsume family, is due to inherit the Kōryū no Mimi, a tool which gives its bearer easy access to wealth and women. As a result of his father's death, he left the Italian monastery where he'd been training and rightfully took the name "Natsume Kiroemon" as well as the power of the Kōryū no Mimi. Upon his return to Japan, Natsume fell fatally in love with Kanako, one of the members of the rival Mina family. However, the evil hand of the Mina family attacked Natsume constantly and abducted Kanako. Now Natsume has unlocked the seal, making the Kōryū's power surge, and he's striking back at the Mina family. Both Koryu and Kanako's fate are in the player's hands.

Instead of limiting all the player's attack with a weapon, he has the option of attacking normally then firing with a separate button. Much like The Ninja Warriors or Kung Fu, each stage takes place on a single movement level. While the player is not allowed to fight the same amount of enemies all at once, he is often kept pretty busy. To make things harder, the player only get a single life before being sent to the continue/game over screen. There is part-time from a computer controlled partner in the airplane (third level) but there is no way to get a full-time partner for the rest of the stages.

Players will also find gaming similarities to Final Fight and River City Ransom throughout the game.

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