Justin Lee Brannan (b. October 14, 1978) is a musician, businessman, entrepreneur, fundraiser, donor, not-for-profit volunteer and community activist from Brooklyn, New York. He is the founding member Indecision and Most Precious Blood, two well-known hardcore bands from Brooklyn, New York.

Brannan studied journalism at Fordham University and also attended The College of Staten Island. Outside of music, he worked for Bear Stearns,[1][2][3] Bank of New York, and Bankers Trust. He has also worked as a commercial announcer for WNEW-FM.[4]


Both Indecision and MPB have collectively traveled to 40+ countries throughout Europe as well as North America, South America, Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand[5][dead link]. Indecision was the first American band to play Croatia (Zagreb) after the War of Independence in 1995.[citation needed] In addition, Most Precious Blood was the first American hardcore band to ever play in South Africa.[citation needed]

Brannan was a touring punk rock musician before he landed at Bear Stearns[6][7] working his way up as a clerk in their wealth management division[8]. He later worked as a financier[9] in the venture capital space; raising money for start-up alternative energy companies based in Silicon Valley. He now works as fundraiser for a 102-year old non-profit Zionist humanitarian foundation.[10]. Brannan sits on several boards and belongs to a number of fraternal and community organisations.


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